Critique - Judge - Patricia Morgan

My thanks to exhibitors for braving the cold weather as our ring was outside. Many thanks to Pam Byrne for the special rosettes and engraved glasses for BOB and BP. On the down side I came across 2 cases of suspected entropian.


1.Edward's Gwendariff Its Numero Uno at Bonhomie.  Lovely headed 9 month puppy bitch, good eye shape and colour with soft expression, nice finish to foreface, ears set low. Nice reach of neck into very good shoulders. Stunning top-line good depth of chest, ok sternum. Tail well set on, would like a little more bend of stifle but I'm sure it will come. Promising coat in good condition.  BP

2. Ferrol & Murrays Gwendariff Whirlind.  Much to like about this puppy as well, pretty head, low set ears, good reach of neck and shoulder placement. Nice topline deep chest, promising coat in good condition.

3. Russell's Lynwood Hocus Pocus at Settesoli.

JUNIOR (5,1ab)

1. Randal's Forfarian's Hidden Secret with Rionore.  Upstanding young male who caught my eye. He has a nice head and expression with low set ears. Good depth to chest and spring of ribs, ok sternum, good sweep to stifle , correct length of neck into good shoulder placement and top-line. Neat feet and in good coat and condition. Moved ok. Impressed enough to give him the next class as well.. 

2.  Hall's Glennara Cilleigne Dervia (IKC) JW. Pretty head and expression, low ear set. Good sternum, depth of chest and bend of stifle. Neat feet. Nice coat. Unfortunately rather dippy in top-line today.

3. Silwinska's Don't Fear Amber Wind (IMP POL).


1. Repeat, Forfarian's Hidden Secret with Rionore

2 Hoskins Sandstreams Just an Breeze. Handsome headed dog with good shoulders and reach of neck with a gentle sloping top-line. Chest deep, in good coat and condition, neat feet.

3. Russel's Strathmead Huckleberry of Settesoli.

OPEN (4,1ab)

1. Waterton's Sandstream Welcome Breeze JW. Pretty head with nice shaped eye, colour and expression. Ears are low set and has a good finish to foreface. Balanced fore and aft with good reach of neck and shoulders into a nice top-line. Good depth to chest with ok sternum, ribs well sprung. Such lovely neat feet, pretty coat finished the picture. Moved ok, BOB this win gave her her ShCM. Well done.

2. Mapie's Siochanna Celtic Sapphire.  What a shame this pretty girl was nervous and apprehensive. Has super neck and shoulders and top-line when she relaxed, good depth and spring of ribs and front angulation, another with lovely neat feet in good coat and condition. Hope she can get her act together as I loved her but had to pay the price. R BOB.

3.  Andrew's Millcroft Moon Riot

Patricia Morgan


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