Critique - Judge - Mrs Susan Begg

Thank you to the committee for the opportunity to judge at this well run show... Many thanks go to my efficient Stewards and for taking photos for me...

Gordon Setters

P (2)

1st Roberts, Cairacailie Spice of Life, Gorgeous balanced head on this 6 1/2 month elegant young boy, straight front, enough rib at this stage, good angulations, good strong bone having plenty to progress on with... All legs and wings at the moment and all over the place but still well behaved on the move... BP.

2nd, Roberts, Balanced strong head, more mature and well covered for a young bitch, really good bone, lovely spring to ribs for one so young. A bit erratic on the move but as with the 1st, she's a baby and good to see them both outgoing and bold...

PG (3)

1st Crowther, Hernwood Stella Firework, Attractive feminine bitch, elegant in profile, good length to neck clean across shoulders and has good strong bone all through, good spring of rib, good angulations fore and aft, moved with style and drive off strong hocks. RBOB...

2nd Davies, Hernwood Athena at Herrera, heavier headed bitch than 1, compact body, with good bone, good spring of rib, shorter coupled than 1, strong hindquarters, moved ok...

3rd Hudson, Longrow Bohemian Rhapsody at Robvale.

O (1)

1st Burkes, Ecameadow the Explorer. Stood alone, however an extremely striking impressive boy... Well balanced throughout. Pleasing head with good eye shape and ear set. Correct length of neck fitting into well shaped shoulders. Deep chest, firm level topline strong positive hindquarters. Excellent bone, good strong feet, strong hocks used to advantage on the move... BOB.

Irish Setters

P (1)

1st, Heathers Sixoaks Leading Lady,

Gorgeous well balanced head on this feminine 9 months old girl... Excellent bone and construction, standing on good feet, clean neck with enough sternum, good depth of chest...

Well bodied up for her age, firm topline, well angulated fore and aft... Excellent breed type, oozes quality, playing up a bit, but I managed to see her movement which was sound. BP

JNR 2(1)

1st, Heathers Sixoaks Leading Lady,

PG (4 3)

1st GILKS, Danwish the Lion King.

Pleasing balanced head, clean neck, good sternum, straight front, good layback of shoulders, well sprung ribs. Beautifully presented with glossy flowing coat... Moved ok, BOB

2nd Weir, Kerrimere Irresistible, Loved this boys head piece, balanced masculine yet with soft kind melting expression, good clean neck, straight front, good lay back of shoulder, good spring of rib, sloping topline, movement was surprisingly close behind. Presented a lovely picture when standing.

L (2)

1st Fox, Millcroft Bubbling Moon,

Pretty balanced headed bitch...Coat could be in better condition... Liked her overall compact size, good angulations, moved well RBOB

2nd Corless, Swiftlark First Knight, I'm so sorry I could not give this boy the 1st and more, but he would not cooperate enough when I tried to go over him to assess his front... I liked him very much, pleasing balanced head, good breed type... Good sound movement with good width of hindquarters, driving off strong hocks I hope the owner perseveres because he's worth the time and effort...

O (3)

1st Weir, Deevonville El Condor Passa

Substantial boy, Masculine all through, strong bone, I liked his balanced head with soft expression, rich coat colour, even though a little unruly... Good spring of rib, strong hindquarters, well angulated fore and aft...Movement as OK...

2nd Corless, Swiftlark First Edition, elegant yet compact girl, pleasing head, clean over neck and shoulders, good topline, good well bent stifles... Moved soundly...

3rd Gilks, Suteresett Mr Uppity...

Mrs Susan Begg (Morriss-Begg)


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