Critique - Judge - Helen Stevens

A quality entry. 

Puppy (2,0 abs))

1st Anthony & Hopewell's Staratlanta's Out A Time. Dark coated dog puppy of 11 months. Masculine head and good angulation front and rear, excellent set and carriage of tail. A promising prospect but a little unsettled today. Showed much better later in the group to take PG2.

2nd Heather’s Sixoaks Leading Lady Pretty bitch but a little uncooperative on the move, balanced outline when stacked, preferred the bend of stifle of the dog.

Junior (5,1abs)

1st Mutch’s Romarne Galway Girl at Astleyview    Well made bitch with dark coat, well laid shoulders and good depth to chest. She is strong through the loin with good bend of stifle and neat feet. Overall presents a picture of balance with nothing overdone.

2nd Hart’s Gwendariff in the limelight with Gilliegrae  Striking dog with dark coat and sweet expression. Good reach of neck leading to well angulated shoulders correct sloping topline and good rear angulation. The bitch is more finished at this stage but certainly one to watch.

3rd Heather’s Sixoaks Leading Lady

Special yearling (5,1abs)

1st Mutch’s Romarne Galway Girl at Astleyview. I understand this win gives her her JW. Well Done.

2nd Hart’s Gwendariff in the limelight with Gilliegrae 3rd Savage’s Brabrook Masterpiece at Firefall

Graduate (5, 2abs)

1st Prangle’s  Heathclare American Dollar JW. Quality dog, Masculine head with good stop and square muzzle.  Flowing outline with good angulation fore and aft. Well off for bone, good depth of chest & spring of rib.

2nd Mcdonald’s Delsanto Miss Freya very pretty dark coated bitch, balanced with no exaggerations. Gently sloping topline and correct angulation, hocks well let down and neat feet. Not a flashy bitch but everything in the right place Liked her very much, just unfortunate to come up against the dog in such good form.

3rd Corless’ Swiftlark First Lady

Post graduate (5, 1abs)

1st  O’Connor’s Romarne Lady Chatterley Of Caispern. Dark coated bitch, beautiful shape when sacked which won her the class, dark eye matching her coat, good straight front, well angulated and good depth of chest. Good rear assembly with correct croup, straight hocks & neat feet.

2nd Cohen’s Aoibheanne’s Rough Diamond with Shushana JW   balanced head with well-defined stop and sweet expression, well made throughout with good deep chest & strong quarters. Just lacked the elegance of the bitch.

3rd  Corless’ Swiftlark First Knight

Open Dog (8, 4abs)

1st Savage’s Gwendariff The Ringmaster Well coated dog in excellent condition, masculine head and racy in outline with good depth to chest, strong over the loin and quarters.

2nd  Cohen's Caispern Lorenzo with Shushana JW, powerfully built dog, balanced head with square muzzle and expressive eyes, well laid shoulders, good depth of chest and spring of rib. Lovely dark coat but lacked the condition of the winner.

3rd Mather’s Hazelbeck Dizzy Diamond of Soulglas

Open Bitch (9,4abs) The class of the day; I was spoilt for choice.

1st  Dale & Wyer's Aubanjon Royal Symphony Presented a picture of strength without coarseness. Racy in outline with good depth throughout, pretty head & soft expression, good angulation fore and aft, firm topline, excellent spring of rib and strong over the loin, wide powerful thighs giving precise movement which couldn’t be matched today. BOB

2nd   Prangle's Heathclare Que Sera Sera

Close decision,  such a pretty bitch with raised brows, good stop & low set ears, good angulation to front and rear quarters & so feminine and racy in outline. In excellent coat and condition. RBOB 3rd Sheldon’s Delsanto Snow Belle JW

Helen Stevens


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