Critique -Rebbecca Danks-Kemish (Alolfrana)

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge at their show, and I would also like to thank the exhibitors for entering their dogs under me, and also for bringing them in the heat, and keeping them cool throughout the day. It was very refreshing to see exhibitors in great spirits at the ringside, and within the busy committee, which kept my ring and the show running very smoothly.

Irish setter

Puppy (2,0)

1st M & W Hunter & Brown’s Braidmount In My Life, a pretty 9 month old puppy bitch with a lovely rich chestnut coat. Beautiful head with correct planes, dark eyes giving a melting yet intelligent expression, and well set on ears. Deep chest and correct topline with good angulation fore and after. BP

2nd Miss C Green’s Braidmount Dreamed A Dream For Glencarron, litter sister to first and similar comments apply here. Slightly leaner in head than 1, beautiful outline with correct topline and tailset. Not as true on the move today as the  class  winner but I’m sure these two will exchange places on different days, albeit her sympathetic handler really  did her best to try and get her sorted, there will be plenty of time for her to mature.

Yearling (2,0)

1st I & J Mcneil & Boyd-Mcneil Glennlokhen Deveron. This girl also made her handler work hard today. A pretty bitch with a clean, racy outline and sound movement. Long and Lean skull with a lovely dark eye of correct shape and well set on ears. Good forechest and well angulated shoulders, leading to a gently sloping topline and well set on tail, good hind angulation.

2nd  Miss C Green’s Braidmount Dreamed A Dream For Glencarron. Repeat from puppy, moved better in this class, and kept getting better as she went on.

Post Graduate (7,4)

1st I & J Mcneil & Boyd-Mcneil Gwendariff Gonna Go for Gold At Glenlokhen. This boy just oozes quality. Lovely shape.  Beautiful masculine head with enough work, Darkest of eyes and well set on ears. He flows from head, to tail with a gently sloping topline, allowing elegance and breed type to just fill your eye. Presented in good body condition, turned out to perfection, with   some more  maturity, I think this this boy will continue to go far. RBOB

2nd Mr & Mrs M & C Brady’s Pawsword Play With Fire Joins Amberlight. Just loved this bitch for breed type and elegance. Just beautiful. Beautiful head with the  darkest of eyes, and the most delightful expression that only an irish possesses, Correct angulation fore and after, shame she   left her coat at home today, but what a stunner.

3rd Mrs L Murchison’s Pawsword Paperback Writer

Open (3,0)

1st  Lucas’ Bardonhill Eternal Flame Among Amberlight JW. A 3yr old male in the most fabulous condition. This dog possesses the most exquisite masculine head, with a kind, intelligent, dark eye, and low set ears. He flows from head to tail with the best of toplines. Good bone and well-muscled. Nice tidy feet. Movement was sound and true with plenty of drive. A completed picture with a beautifully presented dark coat. BOB, never gave up in the group, even in the soaring heat, what a good boy!!!!

2nd Lucas’  Shandwick Magic Moments Via Amberlight. 5 yr old dog who is also from the above kennel, he too was  in excellent body/coat condition. Very similar comments to first apply here, quality throughout. Built on a slightly larger frame than 1st, but still retaining the balance and elegance of the breed.  Prefer head of  1.

3rd Mr & Mrs M & C Brady’s Amberlight Guinevere

Gordon setter

Post graduate (2,1)

1st P Gray’s Birniehill High Flyer. This 4 yr old bitch has a nice shaped head with a good square muzzle and lovely tight dark eye. She has good body proportions and lovey clean tan markings. Moved well.

Open (3,0)

1st Mrs S Graham’s Clohass Killiecrankie. I really fell for this boy. 6yr old male in fab condition. Beautiful head, with a slightly rounded skull and a clearly defined stop. Dark eyes and low set ears. You can feel the quality of this male as you put your hands on him, he just flows from head to tail giving a pleasing outline finished with a well presented coat of correct texture. Moved with drive. BOB

2nd MR W H Mcavoy’s Laurelhach Bemm. A 5 yr old male who was carrying a little too much weight today. Lovely head and body proportions, with correct tan markings. Moved well.

3rd P Gray’s Birniehill High River

English setter

Open (3,1)

1st Mrs K Thomson’s Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd. 4 yr old blue belton male in fabulous condition. Clean in outline and elegant in appearance and movement. Beautiful head with well-defined stop and correct dark eye. Long, lean and muscular neck, leading to well set back shoulders and deep chest. Forearms straight with good bone and short strong pasterns. Level topline with well sprung ribs. Good angulation behind. A very happy boy with a slashing tail and tremendous movement covering the ground well. BOB

2nd Mr & Mrs A & E Graham’s Niddbeck Blue Diamond. 2yr old blue belton and tan bitch who possesses a lovely head of correct planes with correct eye shape and colour, with low set ears. Good body, although slightly immature. Beautiful, sound movement with a slashing tail action. Handled well.

Irish red and white Setter

Open (2,1)

1st B & S Pilmer’s Anisbrig Tobermory. 4 yr old beautiful male in fabulous condition. Beautiful outline with an athletic appearance. Broad head in proportion to body with good stop, and a fairly square clean muzzle. Dark round eyes and well set ears. Long and muscular neck flowing to well laid back shoulders to wide and powerful hindquarters. Well set on tail. Completed his picture with a well presented coat with plenty of feathering. Effortless movement with drive. BOB

Rebbecca Danks-Kemish (Alolfrana)



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