Critique - Judge - Jim Richardson

A lovey venue, the dogs had plenty of room to stride out in the large rings, it was a sunny day and the dogs were glad of the breeze to keep the heat away.

IRISH SETTER P (1;0) Sloane’s Ferasheen Jindea Pretty baby, has gained in confidence since last I saw her, Feminine head with lovely expression, dark eye, long neck, leading to sloping topline well angulated fore and aft, excellent depth of chest. BPIB. 

J (4;1) 1. Wheeldon’s Colemist Take a Chance on Me, Well balanced bitch shown in immaculate condition, dark coat with plenty of feathering for her age,  well chiselled head with dark eyes, good stop, long neck flowing into well laid shoulders, well sprung ribs, well bent stifles. Moved well

2. Wheeldon’s Colemist The Name of the Game Dark shiny coat but lacking the feathering of his sister, masculine head with oval skull, strong topline, well bodies with good spring of rib, not as well bent in stifle at the moment but I am sure ths will develop as he matures. 

3. Gardner’s Danwish Nessarose.

 Y (3;0) 

1. Gardner’s Danwish Nessarose Lighter, wavier coated bitch but plenty of feathering, feminine head with dark eye and low set ears. Long arched neck leading to sloping topline. Good depth of chest and well bet stifle. 

2. French’s Diervilla Zen Power Nice head, quizzical expression, strong neck, good spring of rib, sloping topline, correct tailset, Bit erratic on the move. 

3. Sloane’s Ferasheen Fire Emblem 

PG (7;2) Lovely class 

1. Holehan’s Loganrish Jacquhart Pretty girl showing super balance, really well presented in excellent coat and condition, feminine head, kind eye and low se ears, good reach of neck leading to well laid shoulders, correct front and rear angulation, good tailset, moved with drive and animation.BOB.

2. Wheeldon’s Bardonhill Jealous Guy for Colemist Masculine young boy, Nice oval skull with low set ears, arched neck, well laid back shoulders, straight in front and rear, strong topline, good depth of chest, well bent stifles, dark coat. 

3. French’s Balintyne Just you Just Me 

O (7;5) 

1. Wheeldon’s Bardonhill Carrie Anne for Colemist Mature well balanced bitch feminine head, correct shoulders, shown in full coat, correct tailset, slightly sloping topline. Well sprung ribs. Moved very well. RBOB. 

2. Holehan’s Ferasheen Primrose Lass; Another lovely girl, Feminine head, full coat, well laid back shoulders. Good depth of chest and spring of rib. Preferred croup of 1.

Jim Richardson 


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