Critique - Judge -  Mr Anthony Gardiner (blaysdell)

Puppy (5)

Roberts jetsetter cristalle to polmenor (imp rus) 8 month old bitch puppy with the most feminine 0f heads. Dark eye with low set ears. Straight front with nice neck into shoulders. Deep well sprung ribs giving her length. Well muscled rear quarters which she used to full advantage on the move. Promising youngster. Bp/pg3.

Pikes redclyst princess in china. 6 month old bitch puppy with pleasing head and outline. Moved well for one so young.

Special yearling (6)

Pike redclyst boris 16 month old junior dog. Good shape and in good coat. Pleasing head with kindly eye. Long neck, shoulders could be laid better. Good forchest, well ribbed with strong hindquarters.

Poole teleri summer nights 14 month old puppy dog. I actually preferred this boy over winner, who is just better balanced at present. This boy is longer cast and needs time, he is still only a baby.  Will watch his future with interest.

Post graduate (6,2)

Jones hunnicote handyman 31/2 year old dog. This boy has the most handsome of heads. Built on classic lines seldom seen today. Lovely sloping topline giving desired shape. He has a straight front and well angulated upper arm. Chest is deep with good rib. Well muscled with good angulation. Moves well.

Meadows gwendariff d'ya like me best jw 3 year old bitch. Close decision, feminine girl with dark expressive eyes. Lovely shape and outline, particularly liked her length and strong rear quarters and nice tight feet.

Open dog (5,1)

Roberts & cormack sangarah shared romance with polmenor (imp hun)     4 year ol dog. This boy is my type of setter. He has the most handsome of heads, with dark, kindly eye, raised brows which give that true irish expression. Well placed neck into shoulder. Lovely straight true front. Deep chest, ribs well sprung into loin. Rear quarters strong and good rear angulation. Tail well set on impressive topline. Just getting some feathering. Rbob.

Pym thendara the watchmaker 3 year old dog. Fine example of his type. Stands true  and square with plenty of coat and feathering.

Open bitch (7,3)

Pike redclyst aura 5 year old bitch. This girl has the most feminine of heads with kindly eye and correct shape skull. Raised brow giving lovely expression. She has good length of neck into well laid shoulders. True front with deep chest and well sprung ribs. Rear quarters strong and powerful with good second thigh, gives her free flowing movement which gave her bob. Her coat is dark and of good texture with adequate feathering, giving an overall pleasing picture. Pleased to award her bob.

Andrews millcroft scarlet moon 4 year old bitch. A favourite of mine. She is very feminine and so true of her breeding lines. Just did not show her best today. Could do so much better.

I would like to thank newton abbot canine society for their invite to judge at this very well run show. The hospitality was lovely. Also many thanks to my steward dave for keeping the ring running smoothly, and a big thank you to all the exhibitors for their entries of their lovely dogs.

Anthony Gardner

Irish Setter
Judge Anthony Gardner Blaysdale
Puppy 5
1. Robert's Jetsetter Cristalle To Polmennor (Besr Puppy)
2. Pike's Redclyst Glenury  Princess of China
3. Beldham's Redclyst Charlie Brown At Bowimglee
4. Mac Donalds Redclyst Head Full of Dreams
5. Langley's Redclyst Mylo Xyloto
Special Yearling 6
1. Pike's Redclyst Boris
2. Poole's Teleri Summer Nights
3. MacDonald's Redclyst Maximus
4. Lippett 's Clongeera Sage
5. Hadfield's Staratlanta Get A Wiggle On To Marzannie
Post Graduate 6 (2)
1. Jones' Hunnicote Handyman
2. Meadows' Gwendariff D'Ya Like Me Best JW
3. Clifford's Swiftlark First Light Over Coppersheen
4. Partridge's Kerrydown One Man
Open Dog 5 (1)
1. Robert's & Cormack's Sangarah Shared Romance With Polmennor (Res BOB)
2. Pym's Thendara The Watchmaker
3. Andrew's Millcroft Moon Riot
4. Pike's Redclyst The Piper
Open Bitch 7 (3)
1. Pike's Redclyst Aura (BOB)
2. Andrew's Millcroft Scarlet Moon
3. Partridge's Kerrydown Octavia
4. Hadfield's Marzannie China In Your Hands

AV Graduate Stakes 45
Judge Jan Underwood
1. MacDonald's Redclyst Maximus
Results kindly supplied by David Pike


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