Critique - Judge Mrs Julie Carr

Puppy (3)      

1. Gilbert and Willis Jonola Dancing Queen of ClanoventaThis was this young lady's first show, she did everything that was asked of her . A very sweet little bitch with a lovely dark eye and pretty head. I liked her outline and finish of croup. Pleased to award her best puppy. And Group 3 Well done                        

2. Nicholls Cordarragh Panama Jack                            

3. PewseyDanaway Monet     

Junior (4) 1     

1. Weller -  Sutersett Wispa at Juldeane   The breed standard says must be racy,full of quality and kindly in expression.She fitted the bill. She oozed quality and has the prettiest of heads with the lovely soft expression that seems to be vanishing from our breed..  She excelled in top-line and finish of croup.  She moved very well, tended to be a bit worried about her noisy surroundings, but could not be denied Best of Breed

2. Gisby - Sutersett  Black Magic   

3. Gilbert and Willis - Thendara Dizzy Rascal Raps Clanoventa   

Graduate (5)1 

1. Ede -  Edentop Jazz    A clear winner of this class I liked her head and finish of croup.  Moved well. Not in her best coat   Reserve Best of Breed

2. Doyle - Settaside Surprise  

3. Collins - Seefin Rory         

Open (3)  

1. Whittingham-  Margaretwoods Copy Cat    This boy moved well, covering a lot of ground, I would  prefer a darker eye. He was not looking as good as I have seen him.

2. Collins -  Highclare Hedge Hunter    

3. Settaside Surprise

Julie Carr


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