Critique - Judge - Jim Cuddy

This Critique has a slideshow of the show

Minor puppy dog (3.1)

1 . Naylor and Morrison .Anlory Barossa.
A very attractive youngster, well balanced and coordinated on the move, lovely soft texture coat, skull and foreface in proportion, long ears set on low, held his topline and used his tail strongly. Developing nicely for his age.BEST PUPPY DOG

 2 . Naylor and Morrison. Anlory Barola.
Very similar to  but preferred head of 1 .He gave his handler plenty of work to do .Good rear quarters making strong active movement but needs to steady himself to perform at best.well laid shoulders ,sloping topline ,correct tailset.3 .

Puppy dog (7.3)

1 . Naylor and Morrison. Anlory Barossa
2 . Naylor and Morrison. Anlory Barola
3 . Nicholls.Cordarragh Panama Jack

Junior Dog (8.3)

1 . Ceichonska .CoppersChampagne on Ice at Aoibheanne.
Set down in terrific condition with gleaming coat. Well proportioned head, wonderful Irish expression ,dark eye, strong neck into well laid shoulders.lovely topline and strong tailset.Good angulation with real drive on the move. Undoubtedly one for the top.

2 . Pullen and Atken. Harvancourt Harlem of Jacingail.
Balanced head, dark eye, and lovely low set ears. deep chest ,plenty of rib room ,nicely arched loin, well developed stifle ,short hocks ,well coordinated on the move.

3 . Gilbert&Willis.Thendara Dizzie Rascal Raps Clanoventa

Special Yearling Dog (9.3)

1 . Ceichonska .  Coppers Champagne on Ice at Aoibheanne.
2 . Pullen and Atken.Harvancourt Harlem of Jacingail .
3 . Wood.Reddins Falcon

Novice Dog (5.3)

1 . Axon.Brinara Back in the Running.
Balanced head,still some work to come, deep chest, strong neck set on well laid shoulders, level topline and correct tailset. Moved well using rear quarters to good effect, tight feet.

Undergraduate Dog (4.2)

1 . Walters.Deneil Breakfast in Bed.
Lovely irish expression with dark attractive eye and raised brows. low set ears, deep chest, well sprung ribs flowing into strong loins ,well angled quarters providing powerful driving movement.

2 . Axon.Brinara Back in the Running.

Graduate Dog (2)

1 . Needs.Danceset the Boyfriend.
Attractive balanced head ,refined chiselling and soft wistful expression. Good ribs with plenty of room, well laid shoulders into nicely sloping topline, well bent stifle, short hocks, expressive movement, correct tailset.

2 . Cooper.Corranroo Magic Trick with Hugared.
Preferred head of 1 but sound dog maturing nicely. Muscular quarters providing good coordinated movement, good bone ,straight front ,firm topline.

Post Graduate (7)

1 . Baldry. Scarletti Razzle Dazzle at Derryveagh.
Beautifully presented,lovely balanced head with wistful irish expression, dark eye and  raised brows, low set ears. Strong neck going smoothly into well laid shoulders, sloping topline held well on the move with strong movement from muscular quarters ,well bent stifle and short powerful hocks. Balanced and coordinated, loved him. RESERVE BEST DOG

2 . Needs. Covarney Mocha.
Preferred the shapely chiselled head of 1 but similar comments and put down in lovely coat and condition. Well angled quarters, deep chest, well sprung ribs, muscular loin, strong mover, another beauty.

3 .Gladwish. Glenlaine The Best Man

Limit dog (7.1)

1 . Bott. Bardonhill Ginger Whinger.
Very attractive and well proportioned head with beautiful dark eye giving lovely masculine Irish expression. Straight front, outstanding bone, deep chest, well sprung ribs. Strong neck into well placed shoulders, powerful quarters holding his topline on the move. Superbly balanced throughout.

2 . Brown.Caskeys Hazard.
Second to a very good dog today, preferred coordination and movement of 1 otherwise similar comments, will go on to do well, really liked him.

3 . Pullen&Atkin. Shanoah Jump To It

Open Dog (5.2)

1 . Needs and Condron.Covarney Brings Verdi to Stourford.
As a type not normally my personal preference but he would not be denied his place today.A straight slightly lighter coat extremely well presented .Attractive balanced head and lovely Irish expression,strong quarters,long muscular thighs,short hocks,really energetic strong mover.very well coordinated.

2 . Webb and Ramsey.Reddins Dazzler.
It was a real pleasure to go over this dog as I have seen him and admired him from the ringside .Strong rangy type with lovely refined chiselling to the head ,masculine expression,straight front ,deep chest,well laid shoulders,good topline and strong quarters,sound mover.

3 . Weller&Spencer.Strathmead Snow Leopard

Veteran Dog (4.2)

1 . Harrison.Caskeys Voyager.
8 years young and still got it all.Wonderful balanced  head and lovely wistful expression.Super quarters,muscular neck set into correct lay of shoulder .Great topline ,croup,and correct tailset. Long muscular thighs through to powerful pasterns and short hocks.In superb coat,marvellous mover,drive and enthusiasm which showed many younger dogs how to do it.BEST DOG & BEST VETERAN IN SHOW                 

2 . Edwards.Barleydale Lumiere.
One I have admired for so long but just unfortunate to meet 1 today.not quite the verve of 1 but still going superbly .Lovely expression,straight front,wel let down,deep chest and plenty of rib room,strong loins,well developed long thighs,tight feet.Balanced movement.

Minor Puppy Bitch (3.1)

1 . Bott.Bardonhill Granny Mae.
Simply beautiful.The sweetest melting expression set off with a lovely dark eye and raised brows.Well placed shoulders and gently sloping topline.A baby but she knew her business.Developing very nicely and moved with that lovely puppy bounce achieved from good conformation.

2 . Gilbert and Willis.Jonola Dancing Queen of Clanoventa.
More mature but not quite as together as 1 at this stage.Straight front,good lay of shoulder,level topline and strong croup.well developed quarters and sound on the move.

Puppy Bitch (3.1)

1 . Catling.Shandwick Star shine at Teleri.
A beautiful young lady all round. Very pretty head with sweet expression, long low ears, arched neck, great topline and correct tailset.well bent stifles and short hocks,small tight feet.Superbly balanced on the move ,expertly handled. BEST  PUPPY BITCH & BEST PUPPY IN SHOW Puppy

2 . Berry and Morris.Brinara Briet.
Preferred the head of 1 and will need time to come together  in her development but excellent topline and carriage,strong quarters,and good driving movement.

Junior Bitch (11.3)

1 . Gardner.Carnbargus Confetti.
Another outstanding youngster from this sire.Good bone,straight front,very feminine head with lovely quizzical expression,straight coat in soft texture,well developed quarters,strong muscular stifles,powerful and vivacious on the move,really well balanced .

2 . Heron.Caskeys Fabulous Feebee.
Not quite as developed as 1 at this stage nevertheless a very pretty bitch,beautifully proportioned giving a well balanced appearance,attractive soft dark coat,good angulation,energetic mover showing off her excellent topline and tailset.

3 . Abbot.Anlory Pussy Galore

Special Yearling Bitch (5.2)

1 . Gardner.Carnbargus Confetti.
I understand she gained her JW at this show – very well deserved.

2 . Botland.Highclare Moulin Rouge.
Well structured but needs time to develop and mature into her best.Very pretty soft expression,deep chest and plenty of rib room with shapely outline into loins,good angulation and sound on the move.

Novice Bitch (8.1)

1 . Abbott.Anlory Pussy Galore.
Nicely proportioned feminine head,good bone and straight front ,clean lay of shoulder to firm topline and strong set on which was used to advantage on the move.Well muscled quarters.

2 . Kennedy-Sloane.Twoacres Sweet Charity.
Sweet expression but preferred the balanced construction of 1 ,good deep chest flowing to nicely developed rear quarters through strong loins.Lacking some energy on the move today but possibly down to the very hot conditions.

3 . Brown.Harvancourt Confetti

Undergraduate Bitch (5.1)

1 . Gardner.Carnbargus Confetti.
2 . Abbott.Anlory Pussy Galore.
3 . Barnes.Highclare Enchanted

Graduate Bitch (9.4)

1 . Naylor and Morrison.Anlory Crianza.
she stood out as soon as she came into the ring,quite the showgirl.Good bone,straight front ,very feminine head,soft expression,lovely arched neck,great topline,deep chest,such a powerful mover ,just couldn,t be denied.

2 . O,Callaghan.Bardonhill Almost Heaven at Merryborne.
The sweetest of expressions ,lovely balanced head,smaller in structure than 1 but a really lovely outline.Deep chest and well developed ribcage,tight feet.Very well coordinated mover,soft dark coat,really liked her.

3 . Bott.Bardonhill Mimi Seeku

Post Graduate Bitch (10.3)

1 . Hopewell.Davset It’s now or Never.
Great construction,nothing exaggerated.Pretty head with soft wistful expression,arched neck into well laid shoulders,gently sloping topline,muscular loin, and good croup.Strong quarters providing driving movement,good use of her tail,tight feet,really well balanced.

2 . Durant.Kirkavagh Iliona.
Presented in really outstanding condition with a gleaming coat.Pretty feminine head,Good bone,staright front,deep chest,longer coupled but she carried her topline well and moved with drive from well developed muscular quarters.well handled.

3 . Berry&Morris.Brinara Mercedes

Limit Bitch (9.2)

1 . Evans.Brabrook Titanias Dream at Neathamill.
Gourgeous attractive lady in lovely bloom,sweetest expression,dark eye.clean lay of shoulder ,well developed ribcage and strong in the loin.Good angulation and very well balanced on the move using her tail to good effect.RESERVE BEST BITCH

2 . Curtis.Wyldfire Colleen.
Very pretty feminine head,a favourite of mine but unfortunately not in the same bloom as 1 today.Very sound construction all  round,lovely arched neck,strong topline,deep chest,well developed quarters,arched toes and tight feet,great stride on the move.

3 . Naylor&Morrison.Anlory Carmenere

Open Bitch (7.2)

1 . Hall.Glennara Lehana.
What a stunning girl,showing at her best now with maturity.Soft melting truly irish expression,very refined head structure,arched neck,well placed shoulders,gently sloping topline and correct tailset.Lovely deep chest and loads of rib room flowing smoothly into her strong loins.Terrific angulation without exaggeration,strong quarters and absolutely owned the ring as her energetic stride swallowed the ground.Loved her.BEST BITCH & BEST IN SHOW

2 . Evans.Brabrook Marbela.
Very appealing expression,dark eye and pretty head.Nicely balanced throughout,sound construction,put down in lovely condition.she showed off in her movement coming from the well developed thighs ,strong pasterns and short hocks.Carried her topline well.

3 . Barnes.Highclare Catchfly

Veteran Bitch (6.2)

1 . Heron.Caskeys Vivacious.
Her vivacity won her the class amongst this group of stars.She put on the style with her lovely flowing movement and confident Irish character.Deep chest flowing into strong loins ,good angulation,sound structure ,small tight feet,very appealing head.

2 . Martin.Ixia Tabitha.
Refined head,low set ears and long arched neck,straight front ,well placed shoulder,firm topline and good croup,free striding movement.Balanced in outline .

3 . Hall.Glennara Fleur De Mai

Special Beginners.(2)

1 . Cooper.Corranroo Magic Trick with Hugared.

Brace. (2)

1 . Barnes. Highclare Catchfly/Highclare Enchanted.

2 . Fox. Satlas Bleau Eyes/Settaside Jelly Bean.




Irish Setter Breeders Club Open Show 18 July 2010

Judge: Mr Jim Cuddy (Balbriggan)

Irish Setter Breeders Club Open Show 18 July 2010

Best Bitch and Best in Show:Mrs K A  Halls Glennara Lehana JW Sh.CM (left)

Best Dog, Reserve Best in Show and Best Veteran in Show:

Mrs R L & Mrs B A Harrisons Caskey’s Voyager Sh.CM (right)


Irish Setter Breeders Club Open Show 18 July 2010

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Irish Setter Breeders Club Open Show 18 July 2010



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