Critique - Judge - Michelle Kavanagh (Witherdale/Kupolas)

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all the exhibitors for a quality entry and to all the kind people who offered sponsorship, prize money and specials. Thanks also to my wonderful steward who really looked after me on the day.

Puppy (4,1a)

Three nice babies all at different stages and all with their naughty heads on!

1. Cooper’s and Armstrong-Roger’s Wikenberry Sirius

Handsome young dog who wouldn’t stop smiling at me! When he did I could see he had a masculine head with no hint of coarseness and lovely dark eyes giving him a wicked ‘all irish’ expression. Good outline, (when he stood still), well off for bone and good depth to his chest. Correct gently sloping topline with a good finish over his croup. Very raw but I’m sure he’ll be worth the wait. Like the other puppies here his sheer exuberance for life made his movement rather erratic today. Preferred his head and front assembly over the forward and balanced girl placed 2nd. BP.

2. Harvey’s Jubliana Sorraia

3. Withy’s Whistling Jack

Post Graduate (10,1a)

1. Bridgwater’s Bridgella’s Winnie the Witch

Won this class on her overall maturity, balance and soundness over 3 very nice young ladies. Everything is in moderation with this girl – no exaggerations whatsoever. Pretty head with lovely raised brow, dark eyes with good shape giving her a mischievous expression. Good neck and shoulders leading smoothly into a gently sloping topline. She has ample bone and spring of rib and a good depth of chest with adequate angulation fore and aft. Her feet needed tidying up. Moved soundly. Pushed hard by 2nd , a beautiful girl who just needs more body to complete the picture.

2. Leach ‘s Irishpearl Of The Trav’lin Star

3.Heppell’s Deevonville Santa Lucia

Limit (4)

2 quality girls headed this class.

1. Armstrong’s Atron Romance

I really loved this girl’s racey and balanced outline. She is feminine and elegant but with the power and substance to do the job she was designed for. Pretty head with plenty of work and good expression. Beautiful neck, clean over shoulders leading into an excellent topline. Good bone and depth of chest with good front and hind angulation and powerful hindquarters. She moved effortlessly with reach and drive. Wish she were mine as she possesses super type and quality in spades. No hesitation in awarding her BOB, I just wish her owner would get her out more so she can be appreciated by a wider audience!

2. Smith and Parker’s Brabrook Connemara

3. Bridgwater’s Bridgella’s Party Politics

Open (7,2a)

A good class.

1. Lennox’s Hartsbourne Hyacinth

A girl who I have done well before and my opinion of her has not changed. Almost a veteran now, a quality bitch who is so sound and totally honest, such a lovely old fashioned type that really appeals to me. Feminine head with good eye and expression, she is balanced all through with excellent body properties and super forechest. She moved well with enthusiasm and drive. RBOB. Close up was 2nd, a very nice young man who was just a tad strong in head for me.

2. Withy’s Bridgella’s Northern Lights

3. Hopewell’s Davset Little Eva


Michelle Kavanagh



Results and Catalogue kindly supplied by Mag Withey


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