Critique - Judge: Mrs Angela Roberts (Polmennor)

A lovely entry for my first time judging in Scotland.  A well run show at a lovely venue and smashing hospitality from the committee. 

Braidmount Midnight Lady JW

Braidmount Midnight Lady JW

Best Bitch and BOB and Group/BIS 4

(PD) 3 (0 abs)

1 Christie’s Drumwhaur Irish Gold

11 months, presented a pleasing picture standing, dark coated and a medium size with a pleasant balanced head, dark eyes and raised brows and a good finish to his muzzle.  Good length to neck, well angulated shoulders and upper arm and shapely hindquarters.  Could be better over the croup but more weight might improve that.  Short from hock to heel and tight feet.  Moved OK. 

2 Sturrock’s Arenzano Liberato De Forfarian

3 Williamson’s Karjaru Lovely Jubbly

(JD) 4 (0 abs)

1 Sturrock’s Forfarian Catch Me If You Can

17 months, quite big and substantial but with good confirmation and everything in proportion which makes him look very balanced.  Liked his head and ear set.  Lovely front, forechest and depth of chest.  Well ribbed.  Good over the croup and correct tailset, carried well on the move.  Very good feet and stood well up on his toes when he was cooperating but he gave his handler a hard time.  Lovely coat coming.  Covered the ground in the space available, back movement was untidy but the best in this class.

2 Christie’s Drumwhaur Irish Gold

3 Sturrock’s Arenzano Liberato De Forfarian

(GD) 3 (0 abs)

1 Ross’s Kettlehills Star Trouper

Fell in love with the handsome head on this dog, plenty of work, long and lean with lovely dark eyes and raised brows. Good finish to muzzle.   Lengthy neck leads smoothly into well laid back shoulders and upper arm angulation pleasing.  Shapely hindquarters.  Standing well up on good feet.  Lovely coat and feathering, well muscled and went better each time he moved.  He appealed more each time I looked at him. 

2 Rance’s Mayfred Mr Magnifico

3 Rowan’s Lotushill Masterclass

(PGD) 5 (2 abs)

1 Vallance’s Braidmount Midnight Roue At Concencone

Liked his head, and arched neck, clean over the shoulders into beautiful topline and tailset.  Lovely bend of stifle and definition at the hocks.  Good bone but nothing exaggerated about him.  Forechest and upper arm angulation not his fortune but this did not seem to affect how he covered the ground in this ring.  He took some time to settle on the move but got better the more he went.  Apparently not his usual handler but he won the class on his type. 

2 McNeil Gwendariff Rock Dee Jay Over Glenlokhen

3 Davie’s Lochfrae Aviator

(OD) 6 (1 abs)

1 Hunter & Brown’s Shenanagin Scholar With Braidmount JW

A lovely class of dogs but 1st standing away from the rest for quality.  Eyecatching standing as he is refined and elegant.  Most handsome head with lovely expression and ears well set on and neatly folded.  Good length of neck and angulations fore and aft and his height to length ratio makes him so well balanced.  Deep in the chest and well ribbed. Lovely over the croup and tailset.  Thigh and second thigh wide and well muscled.  He is such a lovely colour and it extends down into his thick lustrous feathering.  Moving OK but not able to perform at his best in the space available.  He was an easy winner of Best Dog.

2 Sturrock’s Forfarian Goodfella

3 Deighton’s Balintyne Once In A While

(PB) 3 (1 abs)

1 Watt’s Shenanagin Softly Softly

7 months of lovely type. Feminine head just needing to break at this stage.  Lovely soft expression from her dark eyes.  Reach of neck and front angulation all pleasing  with straight front and neat feet.  Well ribbed body.  Topline and finish over the croup will improve when she learns to relax.  Strong hindquarters with good width to thighs and moved ok if a bit erratically.  Best Puppy In Breed.

2 Wark’s Drumwhaur Good As Gold

(JB) 5 (0 abs)

1 Sturrock’s Forfarian Caught You Lookin

‘Lookin’ I couldn’t take my eyes off her.  This was a good class but this bitch stood away right from the start.  Her confirmation is text book but she excels with her arched neck and extremely good angulations, especially in upper arm.  Her head is pretty and feminine.  For me a perfect size and with such a lovely dark chestnut coat colour which was gleaming with condition.  Her movement sound and ground covering.  Standing she is right up on her toes and appeared so easy to show and didn’t put a foot wrong here or in the challenge, where despite her youth she pushed the Best Bitch very hard.  Shown without her recently gained JW, congratulations, very well deserved.

2 Wark’s Drumwhaur Good As Gold

3 Munro’s Fetteresk Snow Business

(GB) 9 (0 abs)

The largest but not so pleasing class where I came across 3 suspect mouths and not very good movement.

1 Stephenson’s Drumwhaur Summer Song

This bitch was an easy winner of this class.  Out of a larger mould than my other class winners but she has substance and elegance.  Pretty head, long and lean with long low set folded ears.  Length of neck and body and height is all proportionate.  Well angulated throughout, good in topline, over the croup and tailset and moved the best of the class. 

2 Borthwick’s Lotushill Misdemeanor

3 Cameron’s Balnagown Ruby Tuesday

(PGB) 6 (2 abs)

1 Hunter & Brown’s Braidmount Midnight Lady JW

Here I found exactly what I was looking for.  This bitch appealed immensely.  She is eyecatching when stacked because she is so well made, not because she is flashy.  Feminine head, dark eyes and lovely expression.  Ears perfectly folded and set on correctly.  Good forechest, depth of chest and front angulation.  A strong substantial body with the best of toplines.  Hind angulaions and short hocks enable her to move with a free and easy gait reaching well in profile and very sound when viewed moving up and down.  All of this together with a gleaming richly coloured coat and good feathering won her BOB today and later 4th BIS. 

2 Stephenson’s Drumwhaur Heart Of Gold

3 Davie’s Lochfrae Affinity


(OB) 7 (0 abs)

1 Watt’s Shenanagin Suga Babe JW

Another quality bitch who is now coming back into coat after her litter.  Long lean head with dark eyes. Good reach of neck, straight front and has good bone with substance, good angulations fore and aft without exaggeration. Good definition at the hocks and lovely feet.  She didn’t make the most of herself standing and movement was sometimes erratic but she is the type I prefer.  The BP was her daughter and I think them very similar.

2 Stephenson’s Lyngor Wisdom

3 Richardson’s Tatterslee Bon Affectueux Avec Montgreenan


Mrs Angela Roberts



Puppy Dog: 1st Mrs & Miss D&L Christie- Drumwhaur Irish Gold
Junior Dog: 1st Misses N & J & Mrs S Sturrock - Forfarian Catch Me If You Can
Graduate Dog: 1st Mrs M Ross - Kettlehills Star Trouper
Post Graduate Dog: 1st Ms K Vallance - Braidmount Midnight Roue At Concencone
Open Dog: 1st Mrs M & Mr W Hunter & Brown - Shenanagin Scholar With Braidmount JW
Puppy Bitch: 1st Mr JA Watt - Shenanagin Softly Softly
Junior Bitch: 1st Misses N & J & Mrs S Sturrock - Forfarian Caught You Lookin JW
Graduate Bitch: 1st Mrs HR Stephenson - Drumwhaur Summer Song
Post Graduate Bitch: Mrs M & Mr W Hunter & Brown - Braidmount Midnight Lady JW
Open Bitch: Mr JA Watt - Shenanagin Suga Babe JW
Best Dog: Shenanagin Scholar With Braidmount JW
Best Bitch and BOB and Group/BIS 4: Braidmount Midnight Lady JW
Best Puppy: Shenanagin Softly Softly

Irish Setter Puppy Dog (3,0)


1. Christie's Drumwhaur Irish Gold

2. Sturrock's Arenzano Liberato De Forfarian

3. Williamson's Kerjaru Lovely Jubbly


Irish Setter Junior Dog (4,0)


1. Sturrock's Forfarian Catche Me if you Can

2. Christie's Drumwhaur Irish Gold

3. Sturrock's Arenzano Liberato De Forfarian

4. Hannah's Fetteresk Snow Patrol


Irish Setter Graduate Dog (3;0)

1. Ross's Kettlehills Super Trooper

2. Rance's Mayfred Mr Magnifico

3. Rowan's Lotushill Masterclass


Irish Setter Post Graduate Dog (5;2)

1. Vallance's Braidmount Midnight Roue at Concencone

2. McNeil's Gwendariff Rock Dee Jay over Glennlokhen

3. Davie's Lochfrae Aviator


Irish Setter Open (6;1)

1. Hunter & Brown's Shenanagin Scholar with Braidmount Best Dog

2. Sturrock's Forfarian Goodfella

3. Deighton's Balintyne Once in a While

4. O'Donnell's Sabrejill Classic Rock from Rain Valley

Irish Setter Puppy Bitch (3;1)


1. Watt's Shenanagin Softly Soflty Best Puppy

2. Wark's Drumwhaur Good as Gold


Irish Setter Junior Bitch (5,0)

1. Sturrock's Forfarian Caught You Lookin

2. Wark's Drumwhaur Good as Gold

3. Munro's Fetteresk Snow Buisness

4. McNeil's Gwendariff In with a Band


Irish Setter Graduate Bitch (9,0)

1. Stephenson's Drumwhaur Summer Song

2. Borthwick's Lotushill Misdemenor

3 Cameron's Balnagown Ruby Tuesday

4. Barnes' Fetteresk Double Charm


Irish Setter Post Graduate Bitch (6,2)

1. Hunter & Brown's Braidmount Midnight Lady JW Best Bitch & Best of Breed

2. Stephenson's Drumwhaur Heart of Gold

3. Davie's Lochfrae Affinity

4. Paterson's Heathclare Muirs Magic

Irish Setter Open Bitch (7,0)

1. Watt's Shenanagin Sugababe JW

2. Stephenson's Lyngor Wisdom

3. Richardson's Tatterslee Bon Affectueux Avec Montgreenan

4. Cameron's Balnagown Ballroom Blitz JW



Results kindly supplied by Sandra Sturrock, Linzie Richardson and Hilda Stephenson


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