Critique - Judge: Mrs Hilda Stephenson


Best of Breed


Beaton's Kettlehills Love me Tender.Sh.CM



No Entries

Yearling (3,2)

1st Rance’s Mayfred Mr Magnifico – Classic head with mischievous glint in his dark eyes; low set ears, good skull shape and finish of muzzle; gleaming coat of correct texture; excels in forehand construction, but needs to let down and strengthen through the quarters.  Rather unsettled on the move going away and coming back, but some lovely, scopey, driving strides in profile.

Postgraduate (7,0)

Various ages and stages of development in this class, but all exhibited good temper-ament and moved happily.

1st Glendinning’s Kerryfair Born Romantic at Ardarrroch – A racy, refined bitch with pretty head and soft expression; good reach of neck, well-proportioned, balanced outline and strong quarters.  A little erratic on the move at times, but when she settled, she showed well and won the class on overall balance ahead of a promising young dog who pushed her hard.

2nd Rowan’s Lotushill Masterclass

3rd Beaton’s Kettlehills  Star Performer

4th Wilson’s Danaway Tonya

Limit (4,1)

Three dogs of different types and stages of maturity – I preferred the head and over -all balance of my winner, the steady movement of 2 and the gleaming coat of 3!

1st Bryson’s Glencarron Kentucky Blue – Masculine dog with substance; balanced skull shape, good reach of neck and layback of shoulders; strong quarters.  Not in best of coat today and a little subdued, but presented a pleasing overall picture nevertheless.

2nd Deighton’s Balintyne Once in a While

3rd Davies’ Lochfrae Aviator

Open (3,1)

Two sound, happy bitches.

1st Beaton’s Kettlehills Love Me Tender SHCM – Elegant, balanced, feminine bitch. Pleasing head, good finish of muzzle, gentlest of expressions; excellent spring of ribs and strong quarters; good sweep of stifle; firm feet. Correct coat texture. Movement a little erratic up and down but settled into a happy, positive stride in profile.  B.O.B.

2nd Borthwick’s Lotushill Manhattan


Hilda Stephenson




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