My thanks to the exhibitors for a quality entry and the privilege of going over their dogs. Such a shame that the floor is so slippery at this otherwise very good venue. Just a few managed to cope with it better than others.

 PUPPY 12, 4ab)

1) R Danks-Kemish's Glimmer Noblesse Diamond is Forever Lofty with Alolfrana NAF TAF. A very pretty little girl with a sweet expression, good eye shape and colour with raised brows and low set ears. Correct length of neck flowing smoothly into well laid back shoulders. Lovely gentle sloping top-line into good tail set. Well coupled. Good angles front and rear with a good bend of stifle. Chest deep and nicely sprung. Neat feet. A well balanced and very eye-catching elegant outline. Presented well and in gleaming coat. BP

2) Naylor & Morrison's Romarne Errol Flynn. Loved the head on this baby boy that has such a soft expression with low set ears. Another with a good length of neck that fits cleanly in to very good shoulders also with a lovely appealing top-line. Balanced front and rear angulation. Deep chest, well coupled. Neat feet. Another who really took my eye with his overall elegant make and shape. Coat in lovely condition.

3) Milligan-Bott's Oakdene Show Me The Money Thendara TAF.

  JUNIOR (4, 1ab)

 1) Randle's Alolofrana Lady Million at Rionore (AI). This little bitch has a very nice appealing balanced outline when she stops fidgeting! Pretty well proportioned head with kind eyes and expression with ears.nicely set ears. Good length of neck slightly arched and set nicely into good lay back of shoulders and gently sloping top-line. Chest deep with spring of rib. Nice front angulation with good pronounced sternum, good angles at the rear with stifles well bent. Neat feet. Pretty coat in good condition.

2) Bell & Barker's Balintyne Let It Be. Another pretty bitch with low set ears and an appealing expression, Nice spring of rib and depth of chest. Good hindquarters with lovely bend of stifle. Good reach of neck but at this stage I felt 1 had the slightly better lay of shoulders. Best of feet. Coat in good bloom.

 3) Marlow's Zakhan Dream Girl


 1) Milligan & Bott'sThendara Crystal Ice JW. Good neck, shoulders and outline, tail well set. Straight front, good sternum, stifles well bent, short from hock to heel.Well balanced front and rear angulation. Depth of chest deep. Neat feet, topped off with a very good balanced head and expression and well placed ears. Presented well In good coat and condition.

 2) Harris, Bridgewater & Hoeksema's Blazing Bronze Happy Clappy sings Konakakela JW (IMP NLD). Such a fidget to start but settled down. Apparently a dog had gone for him outside the ring. Head of good proportions with raised brows and kind soft eyes. Good length of neck into good lay of shoulders, gently sloping top-line. Balanced fore and aft. Good sweep to stifle. Good coat and condition.

 3) Fitzmaurice's Harrods Trooper.


 1) Hart's Gwendariff In The Limelight With Gilliegrae JW ShCM. Eye catching young man with a very lovely handsome well balanced head who has kind expressive eyes and low set ears. Good return of upper arm. Elbows well tucked in. Good length of neck sweeping cleanly into very good shoulders. Well balanced throughout. Lovely top-line, croup and tail set. Stifles well bent. Short from hock to heel. Good depth and spring of rib. In good coat and condition. Good feet. Moved well. Really appealed, close up for RBOB.

 2) Hylop's Gwendariff On A Rollercoasta. What a really pretty girl she is with a soft sweet expression and raised brows. Eyes of correct colour and shape. Ears well placed. Good depth and spring of rib. Nice reach of neck but was beaten by 1 on lay back of shoulders. Good hindquarters and sweep of stifle. Good neat feet but left her best coat at home today.

 LIMIT (4, 1ab)

 1) Randle's Forfarian's Hidden Secret With Rionore. Very nice dog stacked. Correct length of neck flowing into good shoulder placement. Good top-line, and tail set. Good front and rear angulation with nice bend of stifle. Well coupled. Deep chest and well sprung. Neat feet. Topped of with a handsome head, low set ears and nice expression, Presented well in good coat.

 2) Naylor & Morrison's Anlory Carighnan JW. Pretty head with a lovely expressive eyes. Correct length of neck fitting nicely into good shoulders with a gentle sloping top-line to correct tail set. Good sweep of stifle, good sternum, another with nice feet. Nice outline stacked with good spring and depth of chest. In good coat andcondition.

 3) Weir's Kerrimere Irresistable.

 OPEN (8, 1ab)

 1) O Danks-Kemish's Rappatty Starlight Over Alolofrana JW ShCM. I was delighted to get the opportunity to get my hands on this lady since first setting eyes on her almost 3 years ago. A stunning bitch from any angle from the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail. Lovely to go over. She has a pretty head and melting expression from correct shape and eye colour. Ears are low set. Elegant reach of neck slightly arched flowing smoothly into the best of shoulders. Gentle sloping top-line, nicely coupled. Excellent sternum. Well balanced front and rear angulation. Good body length super depth of chest sprung nicely. Good width to thigh. Straight front, neat feet. Well muscled, moved very well on the slippery floor. Presented to perfection in great coat and condition. BOB

 2) R Danks-Kemish's Sh Ch Alolofrana Hotter Than U'Know JW. A lovely well presented dog with clean lines with a handsome head, low set ears and soft expression. Well constructed throughout from his lovely reach of slightly arched neck flowing cleanly into well laid shoulders into gentle sloping eye-catching top-line and good set of tail. Chest is deep and well sprung. Balanced fore and aft with good sweep of stifle. In lovely coat and condition. Neat feet. Strong wide well muscled quarters used to advantage on the move well. In lovely coat and condition. RBOB.

 PATRICIA MORGAN................Judge


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