Thank you to the ISAE for my invite to judge at their 2019 Open Show, my lovely stewards Suzy and Colin, and to all of the exhibitors who kindly entered their beautiful dogs. It was a very hot and sunny day and I tried my hardest to keep everyone out of the direct sunshine as much as possible.

I feel that we are very lucky in our breed as not only was there a tremendous depth of quality in the dogs being shown but I also noticed how everyone supported each other and were genuinely happy for others success.
There were some truly stunning dogs and bitches entered and I had to split many hairs when making decisions. Temperaments were joyful, the dogs being mischievous and the bitches being much more demure about proceedings. I am not a great ‘watcher’ of judging while I am at a show so it was nice to see some of these exhibits up close. I judged every dog on how it was presented to me on the day
Minor Puppy Dog (1, 1abs)
Puppy Dog (1, 0abs)
1st – Williamson - Bluesprings Picture This
What a great start to the day to be presented with this fabulous 11 month boy. He is a wonderful combination of elegance, substance and breed type. Masculine yet still refined in head with the correct unshelled almond eye. He has a muscular neck and a great layback to his shoulders with plenty of fore chest. He is already so correct in his topline. I loved his overall balance and this, combined with his strong hindquarters allowed him to drive and power around the ring. BPD
Junior Dog (1, 0abs)
1st – Lucas - Kerryfair Love On The Rocks Amberlight JW
Very promising 16th month old dog who I seriously considered in the final line up. He is just what a Junior boy should be, full of quality, so sound and elegant throughout, strong boned and well muscled. His is clean through his shoulders, his chest has good depth and he has a great spring of rib. He has the desired gently sloping topline and he is strong in his loin. His rich, chestnut coat completes the picture. Such a happy disposition, he moved with his head held high and is a real little showman. The more I looked at him the more I loved him.
Yearling Dog (4, 0abs)
1st – Lucas - Kerryfair Love On The Rocks Amberlight JW
2nd - Bailey - Danaway Desert Song
Another smashing young man with a great depth to his qualities. Lovely clean lines, he manages to be a proper male but be overdone in any way. I liked the strength of his shoulders and length of his loin. Very strong in hind quarters, with a good sweep of stifle. He really excels on the move, striding out with a good tail action. Dark, glossy, flat coat that really compliments the rest of his virtues.
3rd – Tye - Braidmount Come To Me

Maiden Dog (1, 0 abs)
1st – Crossman - Braidmount One More Day
I was interested to see who this young dog was when I looked in my catalogue. He has a glorious head with a wonderful raised brow and correct eye shape. He has a balanced overall shape and moved well around the ring showing drive from his rear quarters. I thought he was full of potential but just needs some more condition on him to complete the picture.
Novice Dog (1, 0abs)
1st – Bailey - Danaway Desert Song
Graduate Dog (2, 0abs)
1st – Russell - Lynwood Hocus Pocus at Settesoli JW
Oh what a handsome boy, my notes say ‘proper Irish Setter!’ A mature dog with so much quality throughout. Wonderful, raised brows that help form his gentle, kind expression with a hint of mischief in the twinkle of his eyes. I really liked how balanced he was in his body and quarters with no exaggeration at all. He has a wonderful depth to his chest and strong hindquarters with short, straight hocks. He is a real boy, but maintains the desired raciness and elegance. I loved his relationship with his owner/handler, they make such a great team. Delighted to award him RBD.
2nd – Fitzmaurice - Harreds Trooper
This dog has such a glorious head and expression with soft, dark eyes of the correct shape. He is clean through his neck and into his topline and is wonderfully angulated fore and aft. He was in great coat, dark chestnut and gleaming in the sun.
Post Graduate Dog (4, 1abs)
1 and 2 had great fun in the ring today, just how setters should be!
1st – Nicolls - Romarne Under Orders
Just as the class started this boy became very interested in the small grass cutting tractor on the cricket pitch. This worked in his favour as it put him on his toes and made him drive around the ring with purpose. He is such an elegant dog and was shown in fabulous condition. Lovely head planes, low set ears and a muscular, but moderate neck which flowed into his topline. Good muscle through his loin and strong quarters. Rich chestnut coat and he was turned out to perfection.
2nd – Russell - Strathmead Huckleberry with Settesoli
Another cracker who decided to make life as difficult as possible for his handler, what a lovely naughty boy. A muscular dog who has real strength and depth to him. So very handsome he is deep chested, well ribbed and ‘all male’ throughout. He is very strong in his hind quarters with strong short hocks which he puts to effect on the move.
3rd – Gilks - Danwish The Lion King at Gochmawr


Limit Dog (5, 0 abs)
Oh what a class, full of absolute shining stars.
1st – Greenan - Anlory Aidan JW
This dog entered the ring as if he owned it – and today he did. Presented in perfect condition, a vision of elegance, beauty and strength. He is well made throughout, there is no fussing when you see him stood, what you get is what you see. Handsome, kind head, I liked the depth to his muzzle and length of his foreface. He is so good in his shoulder, has a great layback of upper arm and depth to his chest with well sprung ribs. He is clean through his neck, topline and croup and has strong rear quarters. He comes alive on the move, full of drive and forward extension. His rich, dark coat gleamed and shone in the sun. He was perfectly presented by his handler today and I just could not stop looking at him. Won this very hotly contested class and continued to power around the ring for top honours today. Loved him. BD and BIS
2nd – Lucas - Bardonhill Eternal Flame Among Amberlight JW
Another splendid dog, shown in magnificent condition. Full of quality and so elegant whilst maintaining a great soundness to him. He flows without a break from the tip of his nose, along his muscular neck and sloping topline, through his croup, to the tip of tail. He has such a gentle kind expression with correct eye shape and colour. His movement was a joy to watch and he was presented to a very high standard.
3rd – MacAulay - Caskeys Mischief of Stylersetts JW
Open Dog (1, 1abs)
Veteran Dog (2, 0 abs)
1st – Foster and Walsh - Millcroft Chase The Moon to Shanoah
A super dog who makes a stunning picture when you see him, he was on good form in this class. There is nothing fussy about him, clean lines, strong quarters and the most loving of expressions from his classic head. He has a good foreface and muzzle, elegant neck and correct forequarter angulation. The look in his eye when he glances up at his owner is a joy. He has such a rich, dark chestnut coat that is not too profuse. BVD
2nd – Axon - Brinara Back In The Running
A striking 10 yr old dog, in fabulous condition who is so sound. Handsome, refined and still in tip top form. Nothing fussy about him, a kind expression, lovely slope to topline and a lashing tail on the move.

Minor Puppy Bitch (2, 0abs)
Two six month old little ladies who were kindly and gently shown by their owners.
1st – Randle - Alolfrana Lady Million at Rionore
A very promising puppy, so sweet, the dearest of heads, lean with raised brows and low set ears. She is already very elegant and has good bone and neat feet, a slightly arched neck that flows into her correct shoulders, a good spring of rib and nice self-carriage for one so young. She really did move well with a real confidence, holding her topline and wagging her tail. A lush, dark chesnut, silky coat completed the picture.
2nd – Coleman - Clonageera Irish Dream
Another pretty baby who did her owner proud today. She took everything in her stride and has the makings of a real show off. She has good body and condition and is strong in bone. Well angulated hind quarters and she propelled herself around the ring, it was nice to see her enjoying herself on the move. She was presented very well and already has a nice coat coming along.
Puppy Bitch (6, 2abs)
Such an exciting class of puppies, what lucky owners you all are.
1st – Ciechonska - Gwendariff Smart Move Back To Aoibheanne
This girl totally stole my heart, she really is very special. She possesses such a strong and striking outline, full of breed type with no hint of any exaggeration anywhere. The sweetest of heads with a dark eye and well set on ears. She has such flow to her outline, is very clean through her neck and shoulders and has the correct length to her loin. Her hind quarters are well muscled and she has a great sweep of stifle and short, neat, strong hocks which she used to advantage on the move. Every time I looked at her I thought she was simply fabulous. BPB and BPIS
2nd – Holly - Gwendariff Look This Way To Wynjill
It was such a close call between 1, 2 and 3 today. This puppy is so feminine, she has a classic chiselled head and a great finish to her foreface. She is well off for bone, has laid back shoulders and upper arm and neat, tight feet to finish up her completely correct front assembly. A slight sweep of her topline flows into her strong hind quarters. Moved with drive and a happy, wagging tail.
3rd – Williamson - Bluespring Sunday Girl

Junior Bitch (6, 2abs)
1st – Roberts - Jetsetter Cristalle to Polmennor JW
Such a well-constructed, smart, refined bitch, a real eye catcher. Long, lean head, dark eyes and while she looks so completely elegant and graceful, she also has that mischievous look about her which is so individual to our breed. Her construction flows, she has a good spring of rib and she has strong bone. On the move she carries her topline perfectly, with great drive from her strong, straight hindquarters, I could see her bounding across the fields all day. She was definitely in contention for the top spots today.
2nd - Holley Gwendariff Look This Way to Wynjill
3rd- Kennedy Slone - Twoacres Destiny
Yearling Bitch (4, 0abs)
Another superb class, with so much quality to choose from.
1st – Bougen - Gwendariff Hot Ticket JW
What a smart young bitch, I thought she was absolutely wonderful. At first look she is a great example of ‘racy’ as described in the standard, there is nothing fussy or over exaggerated about her and that is exactly what I was looking for. Her head has a fantastic length of foreface with a lean but square muzzle giving the refinement of expression that is essential. She has a good length to her body and is so sound, with strong bone and hard muscle. She came alive on the move and she strode effortlessly around the ring without a care in the world showing great front extention and drive from behind. Fabulous fuss free handling allowed her to do the same in the challenge and I could not deny her RBB.
2nd – Catling - Teleria Indian Summer JW
Oh what a beauty, an exquisite lady, she is perfectly refined in looks with an angelic expression that suggests she can do no wrong. She has a muscular neck, deep chest and is strong boned with well angulated quarters. Slightly shorter in body to 1, she has a flowing topline with no coarseness anywhere. Presented in lovely condition, a real show girl.
3rd – Heather - Sixoaks Leading Lady
Maiden Bitch (1, 1abs)
Novice Bitch (3, 1abs)
1st – Holley - Gwendariff Look This Way to Wynjill
2nd – Bentley - Tredura Roselyn – A very sound bitch who looked like she was just coming back into full condition. She has a dark, smooth coat and a was well off for bone. Well sprung ribs, with correct front angulation combined with well muscled hind quarters.
Graduate Bitch (5, 1abs)
1st – Hall - Glennara Cilleigne Dervla
A very feminine bitch with soft, expressive eyes, raised brow and a nice length to her foreface, what could be described as a classic Irish Setter head. She has an elegant neck and well angulated fore quarters with good layback of upper arm. She was slightly longer cast than the bitch in second but maintains balance and keeps her topline when stacked. She has very well muscled hind quarters and used these to advantage when moving around the ring, she was also very true on the away and back. Presented a really lovely picture and she won a very nice class today.
2nd – Walters - Bardonhill Poetry In Motion with Deneil
A bitch in top condition, presented in immaculate coat, it was gleaming, rich, dark chestnut, very striking. I really liked her overall size and she has a great depth to her chest and well sprung ribs which are carried well back. She is a pretty girl with a little hint of hooligan in her lovely dark eyes, she made me smile every time she gave me a slight sideways glance, always watching what I was up to. She went great gusto around the ring propelling herself along with her constantly wagging tail. Very close decision between 1 and 2 today.
3rd – Kennedy-Slone - Twoacres Spring Blossom
Post Graduate Bitch (5, 1abs)
1st – Humphreys - Crimpington Flirtini to Henaleas JW
Mature bitch who was in fabulous condition, a real eye catcher. I really fell for her, she has such a classic head, wonderful raised brows that form the quizzical and gentle expression that is so desired in the breed. I also liked the depth of her muzzle and correctly shaped eyes. Muscular, slightly arched neck which flows, without a break into her shoulders. Well sprung ribs and muscular through the loin, a great sweep of stifle and short, straight hocks. She moved with drive and a lashing tail, what a beauty.
2nd – Watertons - Sandstream Summer Breeze JW
Another mature bitch who was also on top form today. She is so refined, with flowing lines throughout. She has a demure expression, lean head, and an elegant neck which then flows into her well placed shoulders. Her graceful lines continue through her topline right to the tip of her tail. There is nothing course about her and she makes a striking and very pretty picture when stacked. Moved with her head held high and tail wagging.
3rd – Roberts - Polmennor Spinning Moons
Limit Bitch (5, 1abs)
1st – Halls - Riverbrue Ophelia at Glennara JW
This bitch is full of quality, soundness and a vision of breed type. She looked an absolute picture when stacked with a classic Irish Setter outline, proportionate, completely balanced and ultra-feminine. She is very well made with great layback of shoulder, excellent forechest, the ideal topline and croup and a strong sweep of stifle with short hocks. She remains refined and elegant while also having a deep chest, sprung ribs and the perfect length of muscular loin. Her pretty, lean, chiselled head finishes the picture. She moved exactly how you would expect with her construction with good forward extention and drive. She was just what I was looking for and in superb form today in full coat. BB and RBIS – I would happily put her in my car and taken back to Essex with me!
2nd Elkins - Twoacres Promise of Spring with Avacet
Another bitch who is looking her very best, such a pretty girl with kind, correctly shaped dark eyes and low set on ears. She is moderately proportioned throughout, with a pleasing amount of bone and real refinement in her construction. Slightly shorter in loin that 1 she remains balanced and has well angulated quarters fore and aft. Dark straight coat, she was well presented without a hair out of place.
3rd – Stevenson - Lochlorien True Detective Is Andley
Open Bitch (3, 1abs)
Two very different bitches who were both in top condition today.
1st – Stevenson - Lochlorien Scully Foxes Andley ShCM
This girl is sound, correct and such an honest bitch, which when combined with being in full bloom creates a wonderful picture both stacked and on the move. Her construction is spot on, no coarseness, straight limbs and strong, well muscled quarters. She has a great depth and quality to her body, deep chest, fantastic length and muscle to her loin and powerful hind quarters which she uses to great effect on the move, she strides around the ring and never puts a foot out of place. Her positive movement and showmanship won her this class and the next and she continued to shine to take BVB and BVIS.
2nd - Waterton Sandstream Welcomer Breeze JW
An elegant bitch who was presented in immaculate condition, a real head turner. She has such grace and elegance, her lines flow effortlessly from head to tail. She has a delicate, demure expression, as if she has never done wrong her whole life, with the kindest of eyes. She epitome of ‘refined’ with no heaviness or coarseness anywhere. Her topline flows smoothly and without exaggeration and she is very soundly constructed.
Veteran Bitch (3, 1abs)
1st – Stevenson - Lochlorien Scully Foxes Andley ShCM
2nd – Waterton - Sh Ch Lynwood Kissed By An Angel at Sandstream JW ShCM
It is very clear to see where this wonderful ladies progeny (2nd in PG and 2nd in Open) inherited their grace and refinement from. She looked an absolute picture today, her coat was full of condition, her eyes sparkled and she showed her flowing lines when stacked. She has a classic outline and is very feminine with a lean head and an oh so pretty head and expression. She is absolute credit to her owner who you can tell she loves dearly the way she looks up at her with complete devotion.



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