I was the replacement judge at Retford Premier Open Show as Brenda Hutchison was unable to attend due to her husband being ill, so firstly we all hope your husband is on the road to recovery Brenda and you both keep well,secondly thank you to Retford committee for asking me to step in the shoes, I had a great day plus a very able steward , and finally to the exhibitors who allowed me to go over the dogs, I had to make some difficult decisions at times as there was some lovely dogs that went card less. There was a lot of absentees due to this awful virus but it was to be expected, the dogs who there was of top quality.

Irish Setters Puppy.
Mrs K & Miss G Sloane. Gwendariff The Purple Star. B. Pretty baby of 8 months. Good eye long lean head with correct ear, muscular neck leading on to correct shoulder placement, just enough body for age, lovely angulation's and moved well when settled should have a bright future. BEST PUPPY

P/G. 1st. Mr C & Mrs C E, Turner. Gwendariff I Wont Forgetu D. A handsome boy that takes the eye, best of heads correct ear shape lovely head and expression with a look of mischief about him,great body shape with good top line , correct front good bone nice turn of stifle well muscled lovely colour, moved sound with lashing tail looking as though he was enjoying himself. One I would be proud to own BOB.

2nd. Ms R. Richardson ,Gwendariff I'm Fool Proof D. Got in my notes .another cracking lad and much applies as 1, Nice head piece with ears of good length not over done in any way Deep chest well sprung rib correct front good lay of shoulders gentle slope of the top line, muscled all round and moved with drive around the ring. RBOB

3rd.Mr L.& Mrs J. Weller. Bardonhill A Kind Of Magic With Juldeane.

1st. Mr & Mrs. Turner. Glennlokhen Bruichladdich. D. Although stood alone he is a boy of good substance, correct eye shape, nice head muscled neck correct shoulder placement good bone, nice spring of rib ,deep chest, nice feet. Moved well.

Val Harley (Judge)


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