Puppy (4;2) Promising puppies
1 Coleman’s Clonageera Irish Dream; Pretty girl, very well balanced with with clean outline. Well defined stop, dark eyes and low set ears, muscular neck cleanly set into shoulders, sloping topline. Super depth of chest and well sprung ribs. Strong hindquarters with well bent stifles. Straight, dark coat with good feathering for her age, Moved well. BPIB.
2 Henderson, Szwowkowski & Pike’s Redclyst Pershing; Just a baby at 7 months, taller boy coming into a good coat. Handsome head, dark eye, low set ears, muscular neck, strong sloping topline. Moving well for his age. Preferred the overall balance of the winner.
G (10;2) Super class.

1 Fauvrelle’s Oakdene Remy Martin (imp) stood out to me in the initial line up, Handsome boy with super outline and balance, dark eyes under expressive brows and low set ears, long muscular neck leading cleanly over well set shoulders to sloping topline. Plenty depth of chest and well sprung ribs. Well angulated rear. Moved well, driving around the ring. In super dark, well textured coat and condition. RBOB.
2 Robert’s Jetsetter Cristalle to Polmennor JW (imp rus) Pretty bitch full of quality, feminine, well chiselled head with kind, dark eyes and low set ears. Long muscular neck, well angulated in front, sloping topline, well sprung ribs, longer cast than winner, well bent stifle. Carried herself well on the move with super head and tail carriage.
3 Beldham’s Redclyst Charlie Brown at Bowringlee

PG (3;1)
1 MacDonald’s Redclyst Maximus; Handsome upstanding dog, clean in outline. Masculine in head, dark eye and raised brows. Long lean neck, strong sloping topline, super depth of chest and well sprung ribs,Well bent stifle, strong straight hocks, which he used to move well. Just make sure that his back feet are back far enough on the stack.
2 Penford’s Orlanset Philomena; Feminine bitch, dark eyes, would prefer more finish to foreface low set ears, muscular neck. Well angulated front, sloping topline, well sprung ribs, well bent stifle. Carrying more weight that I would prefer.

OD (6; 2)
1 Pike’s Redclyst Boris Such a honest boy, Clean cut head, dark expressive eyes, raised brows,Long lean neck, well angulated in front, with plenty of forechest and good depth of brisket, strong sloping topline leading cleanly to well set tail. Well angulated through rear with plenty bend to stifle. Moved well driving around the ring. Dark, shiny, flat coat. Please to award him BOB and see him shortlisted in a strong group.
2 Roberts & Cormack’s Sangarah Shared Romance with Polmennor (imp) Another lovely dog showing balance. Super dark eyes and raised brows showing kind expression. Low set ears, long muscular neck set cleanly into shoulders, stong sloping topline. Well angulated rear and well bent stifle.
3 Watt’s Anlory Ben Nevis

OB (9; 3) Strong class with some lovely girls
1 Robert’s Lynwood Full of Grace at Polmennor; It was a joy to watch this girl, she so enjoyed her time in the ring, dark eyes, raised brows and low set ears, long lean arched neck. Sloping topline, well angulated in front plenty depth of chest, good forechest strong through well angulated powerful rear . Moved well driving around the ring. BOS.
2 Hawke’s Lynwood Laced with Love; Feminine bitch with pretty head and low set ears althougdid prefer the winner in stop and muzzle, long arched neck, sloping topline. Well sprung ribs, good depth of brisket. Well angulated rear. In super coat which was lovely and dark.
3 Fauvrelle’s Clonageera Walk in the Sun

 V (5;3) Super to have a breed veteran class.
1 MacDonald’s Redclyst Kearney; Handsome masculine head, clean, well chisseled, dark eyes, low set ears. Long, muscular, arched neck set cleanly into well laid shoulders, strong through body with plenty depth of chest. Strong sloping topline. Well bent stile and neat feet. Moved well.
2 Robert’s Polmenor For Fun; 10 years old and such a credit to her owner, pretty girl not showing her age and enjoying her time in the ring, feminine head, dark eyes, low set ears, Well angulated front, well sprung ribs, good depth of chest, sloping topline and well bent stifles. Dark coat.

 Linzie Richardson(judge)


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