It was a pleasure to judge at this show again after many years, thank you for the invitation and to the exhibitors for their entries.
I found no wrong mouths and was generally pleased with a quality entry.

Puppy 2:0
1. Bridgwater’s, Bridgella’s Don’t Push It, 7mth quality; feminine puppy bitch with pleasing head, stop and eye, straight front, good spring of rib, of good length, well defined stifles, correct tailset, moved well and true for a youngster. BPIB
2. McDowell & Stewart’s, Gwendariff Back Off Baby, 8 mth bitch, similar qualities to 1 with a little less substance and maturity, otherwise another promising puppy.
Junior 3:1
1. Longbottom & Stewart-Ritchie’s, Gwendariff Smart Red Jacket, liked this boy, striking 14 mth quality dog with lots of promise, well balanced head with masc. expression, well arched neck onto good shoulders, straight to front, well ribbed , correct front and rear angulation, of good length with correct tail-set. Moved well holding his topline and using his tail. Shown in good coat. Res BOB
2. Holehan’s, Loganrish Diamonds in Pearls, 14mth B, pleasing head and expression, correct eye, well sprung ribs, strong quarters with well angled stifles, lost on movement to 1.
Novice 2:0
1. Gwendariff Smart Red Jacket
2. Loganrish Diamonds in Pearls
Grad 5:3
1. Richardson’s, Gwendariff I’m Fool Proof, 19mth masculine boy, balanced in head with well defined stop, straight front, good reach of neck into correct shoulders, good depth and spring of rib, gently sloping topline, good length of loin with correct set tail, short hock to heel, moved well.
2. Holehan’s, Loganrish Lets go Crazy, 14mth D with masc head, good front and shoulders, of good length with good depth and spring of rib, good quarters, moved well.
Post Grad 2:1
1. Bridgwaters, Blazing Bronze Eye candy (IMP NL), 3yr B, feminine well balanced head with correct eye, good front, well ribbed, good topline and tailset, strong quarters, moved soundly.
Open 6:2
1. Holehan’s, Ferasheen Primrose Lass, took my eye as she came in the ring, 6yr B of overall balance and quality, beautiful head with melting expression, straight to front with correct shoulders and front angulation, well arched neck, well sprung, deep ribcage, of good length, strong well angled quarters, short hock to heel, moved true and well using her correct set tail to advantage. Just not quite in her best coat but her overall qualities gave her a deserved BOB.
2. Cohens, Aoibeannes Rough Diamond with Sushana JW, 6yr masculine quality dog, balanced in head, pleasing eye and stop, good front, correct topline, well angled quarters, not quite as true on the move as 1.
3. Byard’s, Oakdene Phenomenal with Thendara (IMP BEL).

Jim Sharman (Judge)


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