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Breed Clubs

Breed ClubDetails   Irish Setter Breeders Club Irish Setter Association, England South of England Irish Setter Club North East of England Irish Setter Club Irish Setter Club of Wales Irish Setter Club of Scotland Midlands Irish Setter Society Belfast and District Irish Setter Club


Overseas Breed Clubs

Breed ClubDetails Irish Setter Club of Sweden

Dog Show Printing

Show PrintingDetails Fossedata Higham Press Arena Print Pitalpin Print Dog Show Entry Ireland Print Matters (formerly PenneyPine) Dog Show printers
Cavalier Impressions cavalier impressions web site for shows and downloads for the North TDP Digital Printers

Kennel Clubs

> The Kennel Club The Scottish Kennel Club The Welsh Kennel Cub The Irish Kennel Club

Research Pedigrees

Web SiteDetails Search for pedigrees with Hooley Irish Setters

Canine Health Information

Web SiteDetails Look up when your litter is due on Whelping Due Chart Resource for Canine Epilepsy Extensive Information about Epilepsy in dogs Click-Pet Library for extensive information about health problems Extensive Library of Health Information Veterinary Information
Kennel club Health Kennel Club Health Information Mate Select- The Kennel Clubs Health Test Result finder Links to Bones and Raw Food (BARF) Diets Canine Genetics for Breeders Animal Health Trust - To order DNA test kits for PRA rcd-1 & 4 & CLad  Genomia - Czech Republic - PRA rcd 1 & 4 testing for UK  PRA rcd-1 Testing for UK dogs  CLAD & rcd-1 Testing for UK dogs

Social Networking websites

Web SiteDetails
Exclusively Setters Home for Irish Setter Lovers Around the World  Lost and Found Dogs and dogs for Adoption.

Name Your Litter

Web SiteDetails Hundreds of thousands of names for your puppies.  The history and meaning of Christian names

Dog Training and Psychology

Web SiteDetails Cesar Milan - using dog psychology to train.


Web SiteDetails  Fine Leather Show Leads - Premium Quality Leather at Affordable Prices.  Equafleece Cosy  Fleece Dog coats and Jumpers Jewlnick Leather Hand-made bespoke leather collars & leads - Swarovski crystals Hyperdrug Animal Drug supplies Diamond Edge Grooming equipment,scissors and sharpening service Animal Drug supplies Plush Puppy Great range of shampoos and conditioners etc Head to Tail  Dog Groomers - South Wigston, Leicestershire
Agents for Plush Puppy Products Collars & Woofs - Beautiful patterned  Collars from the House of Zed Jubilee Leather - Hand made leather show leads and collars and leads The Critter Casual - Designer Collers-  Ship worldwide

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