North East of England Irish Setter Club 21 October 2017

First article kindly supplied by Diane Stewart-Ritchie

A few weeks ago I was approached by Marita and Ian about a new idea they had for their very successful website, which I know we all enjoy. The site is full of useful information, is right up to date with results and current photographs of dogs, has the latest critiques available for all to see, has various lists of forthcoming show dates and who is judging and of course they have a section for breed specific news. is very much about Irish Setters . It gives us the opportunity to enjoy the photographs from the many slideshows, and fun competitions throughout the year. I know we all enjoy the 'who's who' competition often held in January - fun to see how people and fashions change over the years.

We are a community of Irish Setter enthusiasts. Some of us like to attend the majority of the shows, others the ones in their general area, others just one or two per year and of course there are many enthusiasts here in the UK and abroad who just like to see what's going on and enjoy looking at the pictures. Hopefully this new column ' Show Scene' will provide an interesting, written overview of the shows and the results of each show. Not everyone subscribes to the weekly canine press - with this in mind Marita and Ian had the vision to create another link to shows through this new Section. We want this to be inclusive for all. We hope to keep right up to date with the show news and results and in the quiet season we will bring interesting articles for you to read and enjoy. If there is anything that you particularly would like mentioned herein, please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We hope you enjoy this modern way of keeping you informed of the amazing Irish Setter 'Show Scene' we have all become engaged in.

To get us up and running we have decided to start our new venture at The North East of England Irish Setter Club held last Saturday, 21st October. The North East Club was first established in the late 70's early 80's. Founder members included Peter Armstrong, Gordon Hogsflesh, Carolyn Hogsflesh, June & Brian McAvoy, June Coates, Judy Russell, Val Albertis, Jim McKenna, Reg Gaston, Bobby James, Tricia Higginbottom and Carol Gill. Peter Armstrong tells me that the driving force behind the formation of the Club was Tricia Higginsbottom who was then showing stock from Val Lockhart (Chetruda). The initial Club Secretary was Peter Armstrong, who held this position from about 1979 until 1995. Peter tells me that he remembers the first open show he attended in the area where Gordon Hogsflesh was the judge elect on the day. Gordon had 120 Irish Setters to judge! What a change from todays climate where at times we are lucky to see 120 at a Championship show. The first Open Show held by the North East Club was judged by Mrs Ray Furness (Raycroft). The first Championship Show, held in 1983, was judged by Mrs Gwen Broadley (Sandylands) who had 187 Irish Setters to assess. Judging commenced at 10 am and the show closed at 6 pm. CC and Best in Show that day was Miss Judy Russells bitch, Sh Ch Ballywestow Pawneese .The Dog CC was awarded to Mr & Mrs David Bells Sh Ch Chugerra Christmas Cracker of Bradking.

NEEISE First Show 1983
NEEISC First show 1983

Current secretary Terry Dodds attended his first AGM in the late 80's and became a Committee member . Terry has since held the position of Secretary since 1996, again a long innings of 21 years. Terry tells me that he feels one of the Clubs great strengths is that they have great continuity within Committee. Many of the current Committee have served the Club and its members for many, many years. The Committee members are also great friends and often have social evenings together. Terry recognises that the Club is one of the smaller regional Clubs here in the UK and in the Committees quest to bring exhibitors to both the Championship and Open shows, he tells me that they pride themselves in creating a uniquely friendly, warm and helpful atmosphere. I can honestly say, I really do think they have achieved this. Having attended 'The North East' as we all affectionately know it, for many years the Committee have definitely achieved their goal. A warm friendly Northern welcome always awaits.

This years ' North East' was held once again at Peterlee. Consideration is currently being given to an alternate venue . The Club are always looking for new ways to encourage exhibitors and the current thinking of another venue with all the essentials of great parking, good catering, plenty of space and a good indoor venue is one that is being looked at. Good venues welcoming to dogs and their owners are difficult to find. I have every confidence that we will have many more happy and fun events hosted by the North East Committee wherever they choose for us. A nice sensible start time of 10 o'clock saw Mrs Lynda Macaulay (Stylersetts) take centre stage. Lynda's co-judge on the day was Mrs Jean Walters (Deneil), who was starting to judge a half hour later. This was Jeans first appointment at this level and she certainly appeared to enjoy her day. Jean had 56 dogs to officiate over and Lynda, 57 bitches. A short lunch break of around 40 minutes gave us all time to gather breath before the senior classes.

The large main hall of the Leisure Centre was divided into two sections. One section which had been made available for the comfort of exhibitors and their dogs, many having brought crates as this is an unbenched show . The other section made into two large rings with seating all around, the Secretarys table and of course the Raffle area. All in all, well thought out and enough room for dogs and exhibitors to view all that was going on around them. Committee members Enid Hinslea and Carol Gill did a sterling job selling raffle tickets through the day, with one of the days raffle proceeds being honoured to a very worthy Charity, The Unicorn Centre, Riding for the Disabled in Middlesbrough championed by Joan Northend. Our Irish Setter exhibitors were indeed very generous, and Joan saw her lovely charity benefit by almost a hundred pounds on the day. Diane Bridgwater had kindly offered a very plush dog bed as the main prize. A very happy Gwendariff old lady (not me!) is now safely lying snuggled up on it - a super prize to win and a super Charity to support.

Now on to the main prize winners from the day. Best In Show was awarded to Sandra Nevitts young girl, Aoibheanne's Stay With Me, winning her first CC on the day from the Graduate class. Katie, as she is affectionately known, is bred by Ms Eva Chiechonska . Whelped on 21.02.15 she is the second CC winner from this combination for Eva from Sh Ch & Ir Sh Ch Gwendariff Whippersnapper JW x Sh Ch Coppers Champagne Bubble at Aoibheanne JW (Imp Swe). Mrs Adrienne Callister (Redleven) was utilised in her role as referee and ultimately chose the Bitch as winner of Best in Show. Interesting to note that Katie's father was also a Best in Show winner here in the year she was born! Reserve Best In Show, having gained a 4th CC was awarded to Marita Botts newly crowned boy, Sh Ch Gwendariff D'ya Know My Name By Bardonhill JW (Covarney Flapjack x Gwendariff Whipsa Daisy JW). Maxim, to his friends, is the youngest CC winner ever for the Gwendariff kennel and also for the Bardonhill kennel - a true history maker. Reserve CC in dogs was awarded to Pam Mitchells Limit boy Amblin's Sweet William winning his 11th Limit class on the day. William has also collected a CC on this lovely journey too. He is a son of Sh Ch Coppers Champagne on Ice at Aoibheanne JW (imp Swe), his dam is Amblin Acquiescence. In the girls, the Reserve CC winner saw a very delighted Susan Morris-Begg achieve a fifth such award to go with her CC for her girl Judi, Thendara Chasing Cars to Sumaric. Judi is co-owned with her breeders Dee Milligan-Bott and Jeremy Bott and is a daughter of ShCh/Int /Multi Ch Sumaric Shadow of Mr Jingles and Thendara Capriati. The referee was required for the Best Puppy in Show award, with Adrienne choosing the male, Teresa and Gemma Gisbys Suteresett King of Hearts JW. These ladies had a super day, also winning Best Veteran in Show with another big winning boy from their kennel , Sh Ch Suteresett Milky Way JW. The Club now give really nice gifts for Best in Show, Best Puppy in Show and Best Veteran in Show. These rectangular plaques are etched with a photo of the winning dog on it - something very personal to keep and to treasure. Such a lovely refreshing idea. Winning Best Puppy Bitch was Sandra Corless with her new baby Swiftlark Second Nature. Laura Kolbachs full Champion Coppers Wine N Roses was the winner of Veteran Bitch. Show Manager Carol Gill, along with Colin Wheeldon, did an excellent job in keeping things running smoothly in both rings, and that the day overall, ran like clockwork. Each ring had two very capable Stewards who although Irish Setter admirers are not members of the Club but who kindly gave up their time to help the small hardworking Committee. It was also really nice to have a chat with one of the Clubs founder members June McAvoy who had come along to enjoy the atmosphere, enjoy a bit of company and of course enjoy the beautiful red boys and girls whom she so adores.

This small but very capable committee did yet another sterling job in spite of their limited numbers, which just goes to show that with planning, co-operation, enthusiasm and commitment you can put on a show...... a show that is professional, well organised, fun and enjoyable to all who attended whether in a exhibitors capacity or simply just to have a day out. Well done the Committee of the North East of England Irish Setter Club!

When thinking about this article, I enquired about the Best In Show winners over the last ten years. It makes very interesting reading. I have compiled a list for your perusal.

2008   Sh Ch Caskeys Concept At Aoibheanne
2009   Bardonhill Ginger Whinger (now Sh Ch)
2010   Ir Sh Ch Glennara Coeur de Lion (now a full Champion UK and Ireland and Multi Champion)
2011   Shenanagin Scholar With Braidmount (now Sh Ch)
2012   Sh Ch Gwendariff Rockin Robin
2013   Sh Ch Meadway Morrisey
2014   Bardonhill Singing Skies Over Anlory (now Sh Ch)
2015   Sh Ch Gwendariff Whippersnapper
2016   Forfarian I'm Sexy An I Know It (now Sh Ch)
2017   Aoibheanne's Stay With Me

Years 2008 - 2011 saw the winners in Caskeys breeding, with Concept being the Sire of three of them as well as being the winner himself in 2008. Another son won Best In show in 2013 making it 4 sons out of the 10 years. Dom Perignon has some influence through his son, winner in 2012 and grandson winner in 2015 and then Whippersnappers daughter being the winner this year. The last three winners compiled are all Coppers decendants, first generation. Quite interesting to see the close family connections over 10 years of this show. No owner has won the award twice in this time and 3 winners have been by owner as well as breeder. The boys have dominated the award, winning it 8 times compared with the girls winning twice.

One thing's for sure, to win such a coveted award is very special - well done to all who have their name in the Clubs Roll of Honour. It will be interesting to see how the next 10 years unfold genetically.

Diane Stewart-Ritchie


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