Setter And Pointer Club Championship Show  - 4 November 2017

A 'Family Connection', 'Seeing Double', 'A Mirror Image', 'A Double Take' or just simply 'Nancy & Nolan do the double for the Twins!' - these are many of the exciting headlines one could have used after the excitement of the Sturrock twin sisters, Nicola and Jenna achieving such a fantastic result with their litter brother and sister team at Setter and Pointer last weekend. This really is a first for this long established show to have twins winning both CC's in Irish Setters under two different judges and I believe so well received.  This lovely duo have been at the forefront of the Forfarian kennel in recent years and both dog and bitch are owned by the twins, Nicola and Jenna along with their mum Sandra, who on the day, must have been both a very proud breeder and more importantly a very proud mum all at the same time! Many Congratulations!  
sturrocks sP 2017
Nancy, Sh Ch Forfarian Hey Sexy Lady JW and Nolan, Sh Ch Forfarian I'm Sexy An I Know It JW, now have 9 CC's and 5 CC's respectively along with a large number of Reserves each.   They are by Sh Ch Coppers Champagne on Ice at Aoibheanne JW (Imp Swe) out of Forfarian Caught You Lookin JW and are the first Champions for the Forfarian ladies. Both were made up in the same year, 2016. Nolan was Best of Breed at Crufts this year under judge, Mick Howes. Nancy had some time out to have her litter and has returned to the ring this year in such super form having collected the last three CC's in a row.  Jolly good going indeed!

This was a second appointment in recent weeks for Lynda Macauley (Stylersetts), this time officiating in the dog ring, whilst her co-judge Brenda Berry (Brinara) assessed the bitches. There were 86 dogs entered, making an entry of 103 for Lynda to work through whilst Brenda's entry totalled at 108 bitches, making an entry of 124.  A decent days work for any judge. Both ladies took to the task in hand, completing judging  well before Best In Show was underway.  Setter and Pointer always has a policy of a mandatory lunch break for judges, so all in all including lunch break these experienced ladies were super efficient in their appraisals.

reddins justin
Sh Ch Reddins Justin of Stylersetts

Lynda Macauley has been involved with Irish Setters since 1983, making up Sh Ch Reddins Justin of Stylersetts (6 CC's, 6 RCC’s), and Sh Ch Stylersetts Appollonia (3CC’s) during her early time in the breed. Appollonia interestingly won her first CC aged 6 years, from Des McGarry.  The other two followed very quickly.  Just goes to show how times have changed – many folk nowadays would have lost all faith waiting till their bitch was 6 to get on the CC ladder.  This slow maturing breed really are only peaking in these mid years and so many look a million dollars as they progress through into the Veteran classes.   Lynda has also had a keen interest in Gordon Setters, selecting the Lourdace kennel as her ideal to work from.  Lynda’s Gordon Setter Lordace Megan won 2 CCs, then unfortunately illness struck, so she was unable to complete her title. Another girl Birchgarth April Fool of Stylersetts won a CC and a RCC before the MacAuley family moved to Spain for 4 years. Currently Linda is campaigning a Caskeys male, Caskeys Mischief of Stylersetts JW, who has 1 RCC.  Lynda first judged the breed in 2006 at National Gundog, topping the entry on the day she tells me with 160 each for her and her co-judge Pat Harris (Konakakela). This was Lynda’s fifth time awarding CC’s to the breed.

The bitch judge, Brenda Berry has great longevity within the breed, having been devoted to the Irish Setter since purchasing her first pet bitch in 1965. Brenda dabbled at showing her, then acquired her litter sister 18 months later whom she felt was the better specimen - that was it; she was really taking to this dog showing game. Brenda registered her Brinara affix in 1974. Her foundation bitch Brenrue Moselle of Brinara, a reserve CC winner, is behind all of the Brinara stock. The affix is shared with close friend Lynn Morris. Lynn contacted Brenda to use her Sh Ch Brinara Inula at stud, and so their friendship grew. The ladies decided to purchase Shenanagin Statesman (2RCC's), in partnership, then Lynn joined the affix. Brenda has judged Irish Setters at Championship Show level 17 times. These appointments include the senior Clubs ISAE, ISC Scotland, ISBC, ISC Wales as well as Setter and Pointer, LKA and Crufts. Brendas first appointment was at LKA in 1984 where she judged Bitches. She awarded the Bitch CC to Fondador Charlene owned by Mrs Follows and handled by Lynn Muir. This was Charlene's first CC after a run of 8 Reserves. She was also BOB that day. Charlene went on to win a total of 21 CC's and 15 RCC's. Brenda's Crufts appointment came in 2002, when she judged dogs. She found her CC winner in Marita Botts Sh Ch Shenanagin Some Might Say Its Bardonhill winning number 6 of his eventual 14 CC's and 7 Reserve CC's.

brinara backseat driverSh Ch Brinara Backstreet Driver

brinara inula
Sh Ch Brinara Inula

The Brinara affix with Brenda at the helm has owned Sh Ch Brinara Inula 4CC's, 3RCC's and a Group Winner at Belfast in 1979. Sh Ch Brinara Backstreet Driver (pictured above) 3 CC's, 2 RCC's who was the first UK Show Champion bitch of the partnership and Israeli and International Ch Brinara Minervois. Currently, Brinara Vanity Fair is being campaigned, delighting Brenda with her 2 CC's and 1 RCC so far. Brenda has extended her breeding knowledge to cats over the years too, breeding and owning Champion and Grand Champions Abysynian and British Short Haired along the way. This lady is another with a wealth of knowledge of the breed who has watched its development over the years. To judge at this prestigious show is another 'special' to add to Brendas extensive judging CV.

Reserve CC's at the show were awarded to Teresa and Gemma Gisby and Rita Pikes boy,  Sh Ch Suteresett Milky Way JW, who also clinched the Best Veteran In Breed award on the day too, whilst Richard Bott, Anthony Allen and Angela Morgans top winning girl Sh Ch Bardonhill Please Don't Tease Quensha JW won in bitches. Best Puppy in Breed, coming originally from the Puppy Bitch class was Gerald and Kate Condrons girl Covarney Lil'Pickle.  Congratulations to all!

The Show Committee had given permission for a party to be held allowing exhibitors from each of the five breeds  to join the hostess Sharon Littlechild of Ravensett English Setter fame, in celebrating the 18th Birthday of Miss Olivia Danks-Kemish.  Olivia is a keen Irish exhibitor, sharing the Alolfrana affix with her mum Becky. Both Becky and Olivia have an interest in English Setters and Gordon Setters too, so this was a great place to have the celebrations as the show is always so warm and friendly and does take on a more personal role than those of the bigger champ shows through the year. I'm told there was lots of cake and nibbles and quite a few bottles of fizz to accompany it - I'm so sorry I missed it.  These type of events held during the lunch break are a great idea, giving everyone the opportunity to relax, wind down and get a chance to socialise and enjoy the company of fellow exhibitors without the frenzy of rushing to ensure one doesn't miss a class! Sounds like a good time was had by all. Olivia it seems had both arms full of birthday cards and presents - oh to be 18 again!

The Setter and Pointer Club Show is one of those on the calendar that I know many are very fond of.  From the sub group perspective, it certainly has a great deal of prestige about it. To win here is always considered to be such an honour and is a win that many hold dear to their hearts.  Setter and Pointer has a very interesting history which can be viewed directly on the Clubs website at Founded in 1924 this is one of the oldest Clubs around and has had strong Irish Setter dog men at the helm over the years including W J Rasbridge, Geoff Coupe who was Secretary for 28 years and not forgetting David Bell who was Secretary too for a number of years up until recently.

 The Club always offer super rosettes for the main awards through the day.  The very top awards receiving rosettes somewhat larger but with a real touch of class about them.  These are on display throughout the day alongside the many beautiful trophies the Club has had donated over the years. One such trophy about which I'd like to share with you is, the Best In Show trophy.  The Shannas Daimler Memorial Trophy, called 'Take The Wind', was gifted to the Club by Ronnie and Bonnie Scougall after the untimely death of their big winning Gordon Setter Bentley, Sh Ch Shannas Daimler.  It was to be awarded instead of the previous Best In Show trophy, The Presidents 100 Guinea Challenge Cup which had gone to be held on display at The Kennel Club as it had become so valuable. Daimler had won his 4th CC at Setter and Pointer in 2000 under Frank Kane, then going on to Best In Show under judge Cecily Robertshaw.  He was only the second Gordon Setter to win this award. The first being Jeannete and 'Pop' Allans Ch Swanley Strathbeg in 1978. Daimler was whelped on 27th September 1998. For a young Gordon to win such a prestigious award was quite unheard of, but this was no average boy.  In his short career he amassed 26 CC's, 23 of which were with Best of Breed, 13 Reserve CC's, he was Top Puppy, Top Gordon Setter twice, he was a Championship Group, Best In Show and Reserve Best in Show winner and very tragically he died in January 2003 aged just four and a half.
shannas daimlerThe Scougall family were devastated but in time decided they would like to offer a memorial trophy to the Setter and Pointer Club to commemorate his success, most especially the wonderful win he had achieved for the breed at Setter and Pointer in 2000. The Committee accepted this kind offer and so 'Take The Wind' became the new Best in Show Trophy. There are only two of these trophies in existence, the sculptor having broken the mould after this one was commissioned.  Bath Canine Society hold the other one.
SP trophy

The first recipient of this gorgeous trophy was an Irish Setter,  and Dee Milligan-Bott and Jeremy Bott's Sh Ch Thendara the Tourist was the first to have his name engraved around the base of the piece.
I have compiled below a list of the Irish Setter winners of the trophy to date:

2003  Sh Ch Thendara The Tourist                       owned by Dee Milligan Bott & Jeremy Bott
2005  Sh Ch & Ir Sh Ch Gwendariff Pop My Cork                  owned by Diane Stewart-Ritchie
2011  Sh Ch Coppers Undercover at Lynwood JW                owned by  Roger & Jane Mugford
2016  Sh Ch & Ir Sh Ch Gwendariff Whippersnapper JW        owned by Alec Stewart & Danielle Ritchie-Smith

Once again, the Committee of Setter and Pointer have done an excellent job in bringing this lovely show to us. Bingley Hall at Stafford is an excellent venue, reasonably central, super car parking facilities and a spacious warm hall with plenty of exercise areas outside for the dogs. Congratulations to the Committee, to the Sturrock family on a super day in our own breed, and of course to this years Best in Show winner Sam Dyers Sh Ch Sharnphilly Juicy Cuture JW (Pointer). Juicy has won the award twice now in four years. This year with owner/handler Sam carrying a new baby on board, and due in only 9 weeks time! It seems us gundog folk are made of strong stuff!

Diane Stewart-Ritchie


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