What’s next on show scene?

As the dog show season nears its close, I have been having a ponder as to what might keep you all interested during the forthcoming late evenings, weekends, festive period etc. Of course, the usual shopping frenzy will certainly apply as we all rush around like the proverbial headless chickens, looking for Christmas pressies for our families and friends, hoping to see that great big smile of joy and happiness upon the opening of our gifts. Our dog showing determination in general starts to wane at this time of year and we almost all start to relish the Saturdays free. If truth be told the dogs themselves probably like the time off too, much preferring to gallop the fields and have free time without all the chaos involved in rushing up and down our motorways to aid our own ‘next fix’.

Having discussed with Ian, my idea for some new and interesting content for Show Scene, I hope to welcome over the next few months the addition of a number of experts of various guises to whet your appetite for knowledge and learning, whilst also keeping our readers reliably informed of new and developing canine topics of general interest.

I know there is a thirst for knowledge with many, and the internet can of course provide us all with the tools if we choose to wade through all the positive and negative takes on our chosen subject. My aim is to bring some topics of interests to our readers, available at the click of a button, and all collated here on bardonhill.com/showscene

We each have our own level on expertise on certain subjects. We come from a great cross section within the wider community, having many diverse profesions within our Irish Setter family. I’m hoping to tap into the knowledge of a number of canine experts to bring you more information, other opinions and hopefully give you another level of canine interest at your fingertips.

The first topic I’ve chosen to bring to you is called ‘ ILLNESS IN NEONATAL PUPPIES’.

Keep watching…………. bardonhill.com !

Diane Stewart-Ritchie


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