Manchester Championship Show  Show Report January 2018

Manchester Championship Show is steeped in history, actually predating the Kennel Club! And for us Irish Setter enthusiasts we can even lay claim to one of its Presidents, Sir Humphrey de Trafford. President Val Foss enthused this little gem with me as she recalled his affix, 'Barton' and keenly talked about one of his famous stud dogs, Punchestown. Rather than delve through limitless google etchings I thought I would share with you the written word from President Val Foss, who penned this script for Our Dogs and has kindly given permission for its reproduction here.

The Beginnings. Article on Manchester Dog Show Society.

It started in a Manchester hostelry in 1860 when a group of sporting gentlemen agreed to organise a gathering of pedigree dogs and to have them judged by some knowledgeable gentlemen. At this first competition there was only one judge and the exhibits were all of sporting breeds, i.e. terriers and gundogs. The event was held at the Zoological Gardens, Belle Vue, where but for a short break and the war years it was held annually. Other venues for short periods of time were the Pomona Palace, St. James’s Hall, Oxford Road, Heaton Park, Haydock Racecourse, G-Mex and now the Stafford Show ground. From that first 1860 meeting came the Manchester Dog Show of today.


 Those early Manchester shows were held in conjunction with poultry shows like the first dog show at Newcastle, and at the Pomona Palace was also an International Horse Show. The Pomona Palace was demolished when the Manchester Ship Canal was built. The Kennel Club has marked up catalogues from 1882 for Manchester. The Puppy Lincoln or Puppy Stakes has been scheduled since 1880. It is interesting to look at the account in Our Dogs of the show in 1895. The President Sir Humphrey de Trafford was a great breeder and exhibiter whose Barton kennels were famous. The Vice-Presidents were a list of the great and the good. Right Hon. Arthur J Balfour, M P. Lord Egerton of Tatton, Lord Newton, Lieut-Col. Cornwall Leigh, S E Shirley Esq, Thomas Statter Esq are amongst the 22.

Manchester, March 26,27,28 1895. Held under Kennel Club Rules, in St. James Hall. President Sir Humphrey Trafford, Bart. Mr. A. H. Megson, Chairman and a committee of 34 men including: Hon. Solicitor Mr. W. T. Rylance; Hon Veterinary Surgeon Mr. W. A. Taylor; F. R. C. V. S. Hon. Auctioneer Mr. H. Dunn; Hon. Treasurer Mr. R. P. Gill; Secretary Mr. Jas. Taylor and Show Manager Mr W Tatham. Thirty breeds, twenty-two judges, names I recognise such as Tom Steadman English Setters and Francis Redmond, Fox Terriers Wire and Smooth. The following describes the show and dinner. The description of the eighth annual show of the Manchester Dog Show Society states that “it has been an exceedingly satisfactory one, both as regards entries, quality of exhibits and show attendance, which is, we understand, considerably in advance of last year, the hall at times being uncomfortably packed with dogs and public. The benching was well done by Mr. Penketh, the board being that of Spratt’s patent which was equally satisfactory. Jeyes disinfected. The management of the show, was all that could be wished; Manchester has such a galaxy of hard working committee men that the position of manager is little more than a sinecure. The rings, which were distributed at the end of the hall, in an annexe and again in the bijou theatre, were well served by selected stewards, the whole of the arrangements, which left the secretary to his secretarial duties purely, being carried out with clock like regularity. The veterinary inspection, so carefully and ably conducted by Mr. A. W. Taylor, F. R. C. V. S., assisted by Mr. Scent. Resulted, we learnt, in only five dogs failing to show a clean bill of health, viz., three St. Bernards and two Pointers”.

The dinner took place at the Grand Hotel, the headquarters of the society, on the evening of the first day. It was well attended, Mr. A. H. Megson, the chairman, ably presided, with Mr. Board as his vice, being supported by most of the judges, committee, press, prominent exhibitors, and friends. After the toasts of The Queen and T. R. H. the Prince and Princess of Wales and the rest of the Royal Family, the speeches started. They covered many aspects of dogdom.

1895 was the date of the founding of Our Dogs. Theo Marples the founder/ editor of Our Dogs was one of the most famous judges of the time and very involved with Manchester Dog Show Society. The following describes how Manchester got the magnificent BIS trophy, the Theo Marples Perpetual Challenge Trophy, subscribed for by dog owners throughout the United Kingdom and Abroad. It was presented to Theo Marples Esq F.Z.S (Editor of "Our Dogs") by Her Grace The Duchess of Newcastle at a dinner organised in his honour at the Midland Hotel, Manchester on March 24th 1926, as a tribute to the great service he rendered to dogdom during a period extending over half a century.  This trophy was subsequently presented by Mr. Marples to the Manchester Dog Show Society for competition annually for Best Dog or Bitch in the show. It is still proudly displayed at the show and in the photographs of the Manchester BIS winner.


Into the 1930’s the show was now held at the Belle Vue gardens. The President was Col H M Wilson, Chairman of a local brewery and a judge of Field Trials, also a member of the KC General Committee, as was the Vice President C A Phillips. Manchester had a large committee of 30 men, with Hon Secretary Mr A E Taylor and Mr H Turner as Secretary and Manager. No shows took place during the war, the Secretary W C Cunningham c/o Westminster Bank Birmingham saw the Championship shows re-commence in 1946 with W C Cunningham still Secretary, then in 1948 John Owen who became one of the best-known secretaries of Manchester. He retired in 1975, after 29 years in office. RT (Dick) Keenan became the next Secretary. There were no lady members of Manchester Dog Show Society or lady committee members.

At the end of the 60’s HF Mumford Smith became President. He was involved with Manchester for many years but his main interest was horses, not show dogs. Dick Keenan died in office in 1988 and Les Lund took over in1989, a hard-working popular secretary. Then Manchester entered one of the most difficult stages of its existence, not helped by Belle Vue being demolished and in quick succession going to Heaton Park, Haydock Racecourse and GMEX. Problems emerged and it was thought with all its history that Manchester dog Show Society would be no more. Two men saved it John MacDougall, Chairman of the KC and Peter Mann on the General Committee. Peter became first the Chairman and then President and sorted out all the problems, with the help and support of the Secretary and Committee.

Manchester was turned into a democratic and successful Society. Women were invited onto the committee, the first two myself and Vera Hutchinson, whose husband Alf had served on the committee before his death. Anybody now could join Manchester Dog Show Society, with their names brought before the committee to be voted on, then for them to be members for five years before they could go on to the committee. Bob Gregory became Chairman, a position he held with dedication until his death in 2016. The Chairman is now Steve Atkinson. He has been on the committee since 1993. I became President as Peter Mann retired. Les Lund retired after a job well done. David Christian took over as Secretary but only served for a short period then sadly died, taken before his time, and then Paul Harding became Secretary in 2007. He has continued to take Manchester forward. The venue GMEX in the middle of a large city with bad parking was strangling us and haemorrhaging our money away. We put the case to the KC to allow us to go just out of our area to the Stafford County Showground. The KC listened to our case and allowed us to move in 2004. Our first show there was in February, with subsequent shows in January.

Manchester has gone from strength to strength, a hard-working team of officers and committee, not forgetting wives and partners. An innovative committee when at GMEX, Eric Broadhurst and myself visited local schools in our catchment area to give talks on dog ownership, taking with us a couple of Eric’s well-trained Border Collies who did more good than all our words. Sponsored by Pedigree, children from the schools we visited had a day at the show. Norma Gregory then joined the helpers and the Pedigree link was Rev Bill King. The Secretary, Treasurer and committee came up with new financial ideas that worked and helped the exhibitor and the society, while always aiming to keep our mantra, ‘an exhibitor’s show’.

In 2011, to celebrate our 150-year foundation, Manchester Dog Show Society donated £6,500 to the KC Genetic Centre based at the AHT Newmarket to buy a piece of equipment which was of benefit to the Molecular Genetics Group, to streamline their analytical procedures. Dr Desiree Scott was commissioned to write the book from original archives Manchester Memories 1861-2011. A copy can be found in the Kennel Club library and a copy can be viewed at the Manchester Dog Show.

With reference to Manchester’s innovative ideas, how about this: At Manchester Dog Show Society in 1889, Mary Ann Foster, Britain’s first Lady Judge to judge in the modern way as we do today, stepped into the ring to judge. She was a success, and invited back the following year.

Valerie Foss


What Val did share with me was that she finds her Committee to be truly democratic with those on Committee who share in a breed given the opportunity to nominate the forthcoming judges. Entry numbers have, over recent years, been well above the years average, regardless of the fact that the show is held in early January. Manchester show is also the last show on the calendar where one gets the final opportunity to qualify a dog for Crufts, held some eight weeks later. Manchester has a very forward thinking Secretary in Paul Harding. It was an innovative idea of his to introduce the 'smart catalogue'. Paying a reduced fee to have your breed catalogue on your phone on the morning of the show is in my opinion, a super idea and less paper so kind to our environment in a tiny way too.

This years Manchester appointment saw Mr Bruno Fauvrelle stepping into the ring to judge at this level for the first time. As has now become customary in this section, I like to add a few lines about each judge who officiates. Herewith is what Bruno supplied:

Bruno Fauvrelle - Fionnlugh

Desiré Bruneau Joclyn Fauvrelle is my full name but generally known as Bruno.

Born in Mauritius, my first language is French – Creole to be precise – and my second is English which was mandatory at school in Port Louis where my father worked for the Royal Navy.

I followed my family to London in 1974 and after finishing my education here, soon took up employment in banking in the City.

I have been involved with Irish Setters since 1980 when Lynda and I acquired our first Red, Willkier Solomons Seal. Bred by the late Eileen and Jim Rumsey out of a granddaughter of Sh Ch Twoacres Trolius and sired by Roy and Jacky Rout’s Sh Ch Shaytell Goldfinch, Liam was initially intended as a pet but we were persuaded to show him and have been hooked ever since. He was surely a character, nobody could have prepared us for the mischief he would get up to - never a dull moment, he was surely a challenge -and as a novice exhibitor he was showing me more than me showing him. Over the years we have acquired a few more with ‘Sparkle’ by Sh Ch Brendower Bronze Champagne, Barleydale Golden Rambler & Goldings Mavourneen bred by the late Shelagh Vant and Biddy Evans respectively, plus other Shaytell’s bred by Jacky and Roy Rout and we could not ever forget our Nuala – Hunnicote Bracken Sweetie bred by Jennie Jones and going back to Goldings breeding – she really was Sweetie by name and Sweetie by nature. She loved working the birds in the surrounding countryside and it remains my regret that she was not trained for trialling. Such a loving girl and another taken suddenly much too young and soon after winning her first RCC. Our latest acquisition is Clonageera Walk In The Sun bred by Jon and Jean Lippett. Due to work commitments, numbers only once rose to five at one time for a brief period.

Having continued showing with a certain amount of success, the highlight was the making up to Show Champion of our Shaytell Andante at Southern Counties under Pat Brigden in 2007 with, among other highlights, him winning the CC and Reserve Best In Show at Belfast the same month; the CC and Best in Show at ISAE 2007 under Jackie Lorrimer; the RCC at Crufts 2008 under Jeremy Bott and the CC and RBIS at M.I.S.S. 2009. After accumulating seven CCs plus several RCCs, it was a travesty that a year later we had to say goodbye to our Faolan after a short illness.
Faolan BIS at ISAE Oct 2007   IMG 8236BIS2007 002Faolan Southern Counties 2007 IMG 6283Br 002
Sh.Ch. Shaytell Andante

Photos (kindly supplied by Bruno) by Colin Waddell

I have always had an interest in the working side of the breed, enjoying attending field trials as a spectator and very much enjoying meeting up with the late Mrs Marjorie Jarosz who always made me feel welcome and was pleased to see the dog show fraternity attending the field trial events. I first judged the breed in January 2000; take great interest in the welfare of dogs in general; have attended various health seminars as well as judging workshops organised by the Breed clubs and gained the requisite certificates to reach the level of awarding KC Challenge Certificates.

Whilst in Essex, then London, I assisted with home checking/re-homing of Irish Setters and I served on the Irish Setter Breeders Club South East Region for six years, the latter three as Secretary. I feel it is important to contribute in whatever way I can to the breed that has given me so much loyalty, love, pleasure – and heartbreak in between - and played a significant role in my life and the friends I have made over the years. I am currently a committee member of three West Country canine societies, one of which is a gundog club and two are all-breed.

As well as enjoying walking – with or without the dogs – I like to follow the other Reds, Manchester United. It was initially through football banter that the late David Christian and I became footie sparring pals – he being a Liverpool fan. David was instrumental in persuading me to apply for the judging list and it is fitting that my first appointment at this level was Manchester Dog Show Society – The Classic – that David was so proud of and his wife Sandra still serves on the committee. On a personal note, I would like to thank the late Biddy Evans (Goldings) for being my mentor and friend over the years, someone I still dearly miss.

Having spent most of my working life in banking in the City, then in Retail Management, I left The Big Smoke for cleaner, fresher air and moved to Somerset in 2012 and am now semi-retired and ‘living the dream’.  
Manchester Irish Setter ring 21 Jan 18   Alan Walker 002
Manchester 2018 - Irish Setter Ring
Photo: Alan Walker

This years Manchester entry totalled 163 dogs, making 181 entries to get through, culminating in another new Show Champion for the breed - that's two crowned in the first two shows of 2018! Kirsty Miller and new co-owner and handler on the day, Jacquie Bayne must have been absolutely delighted to receive the third and crowning CC on their Swedish import boy, Ture. Sh Ch Caemgens Element of Truth at Feorlig gave new successes to all concerned. A first Irish Setter Show Champion for both Kirsty and Jacquie and for breeder Sjoerd Jobse a first GB title holder. Fabulous too, that Sjoerd was also officiating at the show with a number of other breeds, but sad that he didn't actually get to see 'that special moment'. Ture, a 5 year old boy was whelped in Sweden on 25.08.2012, by Int Ch Pendoric Foggy Perfection out of Int Ch Caemgens Cross Any River.
Sh Ch Caemgens Element of Truth at FeorligSh Ch Caemgens Element of Truth at Feorlig

 pendorric caemgens father
Sire: CIE Pendoric Foggy Perfection NordV-09 WW-12
Photos: Camilla Ostman & Holddog

27994843 1202020999929372 2069684848 n
Dam: CIE Caemgens Cross Any River SEV-10 SEV-11 SEVV-16 VEUW-16 WW-12

I have also included herein some photos of the parents of this new Champion, also now wanting to explain all the various letterings behind and in front of the names of these animals, for our education. CIE is the FCI international award for a Champion, sometimes referred to as International Champion, usually coming from being the CACIB (equivalent to our CC) winner with 4 CACIB's in at least 3 different countries and 3 different judges. CACIB's cannot be won from veteran or in the age group 9-18 months of age. WW means World Winner and I note that both sire and dam of Ture were World Winners in the same year, 2012. SE V means Swedish winner ,winning at the Swedish premier show Stockholm held each December, I suppose Swedens take on our Crufts. If there is an extra V eg SEVV it means Swedish Veteran winner. VEUW means European Veteran winner, NORD V is winning from an amalgamation of countries Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark. Hopefully I've gotten this right folks, it gives you the basic idea of these wins. Going back to Ture and his major wins, his first CC came at East of England in 2015 under Jacquie Bayne. His second came from Carol Coode at the 'Joint' again in 2015. Along the way he also collected a RCC in 2016 at Blackpool under Chris Schofield. Today he won his crown from the Limit class. The Reserve Dog CC was awarded to Aleks and Wim Lauwers, Dee Milligan-Bott and Jeremy Bott's Int Ch Paris Match Thendara JW.  
Manchester 2018 BCC and BOB 2 002Sh Ch Shandwick Love In A Mist for Teleri JW

Paddy Catling's, Sh Ch Shandwick Love In A Mist for Teleri JW, Willow collected her fifth CC on this day as well as Best of Breed. What a lovely day indeed it turned out to be for Paddy. Paddy's breeding from Willow to Sh Ch & Int Ch Coppers Magiska Under, produced new 'Teleri' puppy boy, Teleri Summertime Blues Avec Alolfrana owned by Olivia and Beccy Danks-Kemish making it a mother and son combination for the Best of Breed and Best Puppy in Breed awards. The Reserve Bitch CC was another such award for Sandy Watertons girl, Sandstream Welcome Breeze JW. Well done to all concerned! .........I suppose we are all wanting to know , 'When's the celebration party ladies?' ;-)

Diane Stewart-Ritchie


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