Critique - Judges:  Mrs Vivien Blackshaw (Lanstara

It was a real honour  to be given the opportunity to judge this show and I have been looking forward to it with great  anticipation .  It is a show I have personally enjoyed attending for  over 40 years and so it was a very special day for me.

The entry was excellent . Thank you to everyone for entering and supporting the club  and for coming along for my  opinion of your beautiful  dogs.

The quality overall was very good  but as breeders we must always be vigilant for changes in the breed especially those that veer away from the breed standard and try to rectify these.   I was sad to see many  round and/or light eyes which seem to have crept in since the last time I judged a show. When I look into an Irish setter’s eyes I expect them to be the shape of an unshelled almond under raised brows. The eye itself should be dark hazel or brown to match the coat. The expression melting  kind and intelligent. 

Thank you to my stewards for the day Don McCullough and Sandra Sturrock  who worked so hard to keep everything running smoothly, to the committee who were so kind and looked after my every need  and to everyone for the very sporting way my decisions were accepted and winners applauded.

 Minor Puppy Dog  1

1. Vallance’s Braidmount Bring him Home to Corcencone .

 Stood alone. 6mth old baby who has potential . Deep chest and nicely sprung ribs . Moved happily.

Puppy Dog  5 (1 abs)

1. Dewar’s Gwendariff Willy Wont He

Refined head with dark expressive eye .  Well balanced and elegant with correct moderate neck leading into flowing topline  . Well sprung ribs and good  depth of chest. Moved very well BPD

2. Stewart’s Gwendariff Weekend Warrior

Litter brother to 1 and close up.  Stronger through than his brother and not quite as clean in topline  at this stage  but lovely depth of brisket , good ribs carried well back into a strong loin. Good width to hindquarters . Moved well

3. Tupper and Rosie’s Staratlanta Shankly’s Fire

Junior Dog  5

1.Naylor’s Anlory Duncan

What a lovely boy this is . I am sure he will go far   Beautifully balanced with no exaggerations. Handsome head with kind expression. Ears set low hanging neatly down his neck. Strong fore-chest . Good  upper arm and lay back of shoulders.  Well bodied , strong quarters,  moved with drive.

2. Hill Decoster’s Vicary’s Part Time Lover (ATC No AUD01729 Bel)

 Another promising boy for the future who was unlucky to meet the winner today. Gorgeous head with lots of work and nice depth to the muzzle. Gently  sloping topline from his occiput to the end of his tail. Rugged hindquarters.  Well  co-ordinated on the move .

3  Gisby’s Sutterset  King of Hearts JW

Yearling Dog 7. (2)

1.Schellings’  Marklland Zo Irish and Handsome (ATCNo AU01484NLD)

This young dog has a name that suits him.  Gorgeous head with plenty of chiselling , correct stop and nice depth to his muzzle. Expressive soft gentle dark eyes. Strong neck of correct moderate length leading down to well set shoulders and strong ribs carried well back. Good fore-hand and strong backend  with tail set on slightly below the level of his back, carried  well .  Moved soundly.

2.Stockton’s Riverbrue Alchemist Amidst Kespas JW

Nice head and expression,  gently arched neck leading into well placed shoulders , a little longer in loin than 1 and a little stronger through . Good depth of chest and well sprung ribs.  Moved well.

3.Lorrimer’s Kerrimere Classique JW

Maiden  Dog 5 (2)

1.Naylor’s Anlory Duncan

2. Stewart’s Gwendariff Weekend Warrior 3. Tupper and Rosie’s Staratlanta Shankly’s Fire

Novice 4(2)

1.Naylor’s Anlory Duncan

2.Boyce’s  Forfarians Secret Admirer

Promising young dog with nice head good outline nicely set on tail and  beautiful tight feet . Needs to settle on the move

Undergraduate 7 (2)

1.Naylor’s Anlory Duncan

2   McNeil and Boyd- McNeil’s Gwendariff Gonna Go for Gold at Glenlokhen

Lovely dog , nice head  but I just preferred head of 1. Well balanced with strong topline,  good fore -chest , strong neat feet. A little unsettled on the move today

3. Kolbach’s Pawsword Preacher Man

Graduate 5(1)

1. Chorley & Chorley-Newton’s Pawsword Priceless to Kerry fair

I like this young dog  very much and think he has an excellent future ahead with a little more maturity. His profile is beautiful  with no exaggerations . Gentle head with kind expression and plenty of work in it. Good depth to the muzzle. He has depth to his chest and lovely width though his hind quarters giving him power on the move.

2   McNeil and Boyd- McNeil’s Gwendariff Gonna Go for Gold at Glenlokhen

3  Northend’s Aoibheannes Single Malt

Post Graduate Dog 8 (1)

1.Greenan’s Anlory Aidan

Lovely boy  with good head and dark eye. Nicely arched neck of moderate length Well sprung ribs and strong loin, tail set on well . Good strength to hindquarters . Neat feet.  Moved soundly.

2.Hoskins’ Sandstream Just a Breeze with Ralphski

Handsome head with gentle expression , straight front,  good depth of brisket  and strong hindquarters. Shown in good coat. Moved very well

3.Bridgewater’s Bardonhill Bertie Bott by Bridgella

Limit Dog 14 (3)

1.Macaulay ‘s  Caskeys Mischief of Stylersetts JW

I love the balance and elegance  of this boy . He  has a gentle head and expression, lots of work and a soft expressive eye . He  is well put together without exaggeration ,  his neck of  correct moderate length   leads into his withers with no lumps and bumps . He has good spring to his ribs which are carried well  back . Strong over the loin . His coat is thick glossy.  Tail set on well and moved nicely on the move.  His front is straight and he has tight compact feet . His hindquarters are rugged and his stifles are nicely bent with short hocks. He moved soundly. I was pleased to award him the RCC

2.Longbottom  & Stewart-Ritchie‘s  Gwendariff Unknown Soldier JW 

A handsome boy with beautiful head and expression . Good depth of chest and well   sprung ribs . Good  topline and tail is set on correctly .  Well presented in good coat .Not as good at the rear as 1 for  me or as collected on the move .

3. Hemmings’ Orlanset The Rocker JW

Open Dog 6 (2)

 4 lovely boys

1 Mclarnon’s ShCh & Ir Sh Ch  Gwendariff Nuts About U Glenavna JW

  I have admired this dog from the ringside since he was a puppy and was delighted to be given the opportunity to judge him .  He is beautifully balanced free from exaggerations. He has a very handsome head  with lots of work and expressive soft gentle eyes. His topline is as an Irish setter  should be with a gentle slope down the back of his neck which is slightly arched, smooth over the withers and down to his rump where his tail is set on and carried correctly. His front is straight his shoulders slope well back and he has  a good upper arm which he uses well on the move. Well sprung ribs. Strong rugged hindquarters , good bend of stifle but not excessive . Hocks let down well. His coat is flat without curls but is thick and full of life which would keep him protected in inclement weather.  On the move he showed drive and used his tail well. He filled my eye winning this lovely class and going onto win the dog CC and Best in show. Well done to his owner and his breeder.

2 Bott’s  Sh Ch Gwendariff D’Ya Know My Name by Bardonhill JW

Another striking show champion . Handsome head with raised brows , soft expression  strong top line. Ribs well sprung and great depth of brisket. Good fore-hand . Shown in excellent condition and coat presented beautifully as always.

3.Sturrocks’s Sh Ch Forfarian  I’m Sexy An I Know it JW

Veteran Dog 4(1)

1. Allen, Bott & Morgan’s Sh Ch Ember Red Hot Chilipepper of Quensha ( Imp Swe)

Beautifully balanced with  no exaggerations. Gorgeous head with plenty of work and soft gentle expressive eyes under raised brows.  Strong neck nicely fitting into his shoulders with no lumps and bumps at the withers. Shoulders well laid back .Gently sloping topline.   Straight  front with good fore-chest. Rugged hindquarters  which helped him to drive round the ring with a nicely lashing tail carried correctly. BVIS

2.Wood’s Reddins Falcon SH CM

Lovely dog   with  handsome head and kindly expression,  a splattering of grey hairs now added.   Good topline , deep in brisket  straight front and strong hindquarters. Shown in lovely coat well presented. Moved well.

3.Williamson’s Keljaru Lovely Jubbly

Minor Puppy Bitch 6 (1)

 1.Richardson’s Brabrook True Violet for Montgreenan NAF

 Well balanced baby  of 7 months all fits together nicely . Pretty head and expression  good chest        and spring of rib .Tight feet . Just needs to drop into her stifles now. Moved very well.

  2.Green’s Braidmount Dreamed a Dream for Glencarron

Just 6mths old has all the basic essentials but a little unbalanced at the moment good depth of brisket , well bodied . Good width through hindquarters. Happy mover.

3. Hunter & Brown’s Braidmount In My Life

Puppy Bitch 5

  1 Stewart’s  Gwendariff Wonder Woman

Gorgeous puppy who has it all ahead of her. Lovely clean outline , nicely laid back shoulders, good depth of brisket, straight front , tight feet . Unexaggerated strong hind quarters for her age . Rich coat . Moved with style to win this class, BPB and BPIS.

  2 Taylor’s Alchriset Taste of Honey.

Beautiful head and expression,  strong neck  and firm topline, well bodied, ribs carried well back into strong loin. Tail set on correctly . Straight front . Moved  well.

  3 Davie’s Lochfrae Nina Simone

Junior Bitch 15 ( 1)

What a lovely class this was, I was really spoiled for choice and hair-splitting decisions were made. Some beautiful bitches sadly went card-less today.

1 Box’s Fernstart Galway girl

Gorgeous head with soft gentle eyes , clean strong neck . Very good fore-hand , plenty of fore-chest. Strong ribs carried well back into a firm loin . Nicely angulated at the rear. Moved very well lashing her tail.

2  Hill Decoster’s Vicary’s Pearl’s a Singer

 Very close up with little to chose between 1 and 2 . I like the elegance of this girl . Beautiful head and expression with lots of work and good finish to her muzzle. Gently sloping topline, straight front, strong hindquarters. Moved soundly.

 3 Corless’s  Swiftlark Second Nature

Yearling Bitch  7

1 Humphrey’s Crimpington Flirtini to Henaleas

Stylish young lady with a very pretty head and soft eye under beautifully raised brows. Strong clean gently arched neck flows into good shoulders and gently sloping topline. Deep chest strong body , Good bend of stifle moved with drive

2 Bridgewater’s  Blazing Bronze Eye Candy

I preferred the head of the winner . Well balanced in body with good topline and tailset .  Great depth and well sprung ribs, straight front . Moved happily and soundly.

3 Hemmings’ Orlanset Foxy Lady

Maiden Bitch 9 (1)

1 Box’s Fernstart Galway girl

2 Stewart’s  Gwendariff Wonder Woman

3 Frampton’s Strathmead Noella

Novice Bitch 10 (2)

1 1 Box’s Fernstart Galway girl

2 Corless’s  Swiftlark Second Nature

Pretty girl with soft head and expressive eyes. Good balance and depth well angulated hindquarters moved very well using her tail.

3 Frampton’s Strathmead Noella

Undergraduate Bitch 12

1 Dow’s Shenanagin Stolen Kiss

Quality bitch as I would expect from her breeding. Pretty and elegant, good body with depth and strength. Flat coat with life and depth. Moved very well with her head held high and her tail lashing

2 Kolbach’s Pawsword Potpourri

Melting expression and lots of work in her head . Well balanced, nicely bent stifles, rugged quarters. Moved well.

3 Bridgewater’s  Blazing Bronze Eye Candy

Graduate Bitch 9

1 Allen, Bott & Morgan’s Quensha Tumble and Twirl JW

This  girl  is really coming into her own now. She is racy,  elegant and yet has great strength throughout her body. Her head is soft and expressive , she has good stop and a refined skull. Her ears hang neatly following the line of her clean neck. No lumps or bumps over the withers Gently sloping top -line that leads to a tail set on well. Rugged hindquarters with good muscle and strong second thigh. Her front is straight and her fore-chest well  defined. Neat feet. Lovely flat coat with movement and depth. She strode round the ring with drive using her tail which was carried correctly.  RCC

2 Hall’s Riverbrue Ophelia at Glennara JW

Beautiful girl unlucky to meet the winner in such great form today but went on to win a strong  PG class. She is very pretty,  elegant and is not exaggerated. Good fore-hand and hindquarters , tail is set on correctly and carried very well on the move. 

3 Chorley, Chorley- Newton and Flinders’ Pawsword Peppermint for Kerryfair

Post Graduate Bitch 14 (4)

1 Hall’s Riverbrue Ophelia at Glennara JW

2 Stevenson’s Lochlorien True Detective is Andley

I have admired this bitch from the ringside and she did not disappoint as I went over her. She has a lovely head with  soft eyes, correct stop and  good finish to her foreface.  Flowing top-line , good neck and layback of shoulder.  Straight front.  Good bend of stifle and short hocks . Moved soundly

3 Taylor’s Danaway Goody Two Shoes

Limit Bitch 18 (4)

1  Nevitt’s Aoibheanne’s Stay With Me

Very pretty girl with  so much to like about her.  She has a lovely outline which shows her elegance. Good spring of rib and depth of brisket. She is ribbed well back into a strong loin. Straight front , well angulated behind . Moved well .

2     Henderson’s Sametsuz Mak’n Honey JW

Different in style to winner. Nice head , strong neck leading into good shoulders, strong back ,good set on of tail. Well sprung ribs, straight front, short hocks. Shown in good coat , beautifully presented.

3 Naylor’s Anlory Corbieres JW

Open Bitch 7 (2)

1 Sturrocks‘s  Sh Ch Forfarian Hey Sexy Lady JW

I have loved this bitch since I first judged her as a puppy and my opinion of her has not changed. She is not dripping in coat but I do not feel an Irish setter needs to be. Many are overdone in my opinion.

She screams quality right through. She is elegant and shows off the breed’s raciness that puts it apart from the other setter breeds. Her head is pretty and her eyes are soft and gentle. Strong clean neck  into nicely sloping shoulders . Good upper arm and straight front. She has sprung ribs carried well back into a strong loin. Rugged hindquarters with nicely bent stifles and  short hocks . Neat tight feet. She moved with grace and power , head held high as she reached out and strode round the ring tail lashing and carried straight, absolutely at one with her handler. I was delighted to award her the CC.

2 Armitage’s Sh Ch Gwendarrif Coconut Cream

Another gorgeous show champion, who is very well constructed. She has a pretty head with good stop .Good top-line flowing into a well set on tail. Nicely angulated , strong hind quarters, good fore- hand. Shown in good coat , well presented as always. Neat feet. Moved soundly.

3 Donnelly’s  Int Ir Ch Millcroft Whispering Moon Jun Ch

Veteran Bitch 11(4)

What a lovely class. Many old favourites and not enough cards

1 Naylor’s Sh Ch Anlory Carinena

This  bitch was a clear winner though today . She absolutely asked for the red card and I had to give it to her. Soft gentle head with raised brows , enhanced now with “a sprinkling of salt”. Strong but  so elegant . Straight front , neat feet. Good depth of chest and spring of rib. She powered round the ring with drive showing  her pads certainly showing the youngsters how it is done BVB

2 Humphreys’s Suteresett Miss Curious about Henaleas JW

An old favourite who had to give way today. Lovely head and expresson  Gently arched neck of correct moderate length. Good upper arm and layback of shoulder, strong back, tail set on correctly  moved soundly.

3 Stevenson’s Lochlorien Prime Suspect For Andley  JW Sh CM

Vivien Blackshaw

The Irish Setter Club of Scotland
14 April 2018

Judges:  Mrs Vivien Blackshaw (Lanstara)
Special Awards Classes: Mrs Carol Gill
Entry: 154 Dogs

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Winning the Dog Challenge Certificate and Best in Show
Congratulations to Peanut owned by Christine McLarnon

Sh Ch & Ir.Sh.Ch.Gwendariff Nuts Aboutu Glenavna JW

The Bitch Challenge Certificate and Reserve Best in Show
was awarded to Nancy, owned by Sandra, Nicola and Jenna Sturrock

Sh.Ch. Forfarian Hey Sexy Lady  JW

The Res Dog CC was awarded to Jenson
owned by Lyn and K Macaulay

Caskey’s Mischief of Stylersetts JW

The Res.Bitch CC was awarded to
Richard Bott, Anthony Allen and Angela Morgan
with Bree

Quensha Tumble & Twirl JW

Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Show
was awarded to Alec Stewart with

Gwendariff Wonder Woman

Best Veteran Dog and Best Veteran in Show was awarded to
Richard Bott, Anthony Allen  and Angela Morgan with Tom

Sh.Ch. Ember Red Hot Chilipepper of Quensha

Congratulations to all the Winners

We will be pleased to add photos of any of the above dogs if the
owners would like to send them in to us




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