Critique - Judges: Diana Heppell

ISBC Special Awards  April 2018 - Critique

I wish to give the Committee Members of the ISBC a big thank you for inviting me to judge the Special Awards classes for the ISBC on 7 April. I had a truly enjoyable time going over so many lovely Irish Setters. Also, thank you to all the exhibitors and their beautiful dogs for entering the classes.

Special Awards Junior D/B (15,4)

1st Mugford's Lynwood Abracadabra

This beautiful and elegant 10 month old young lady caught my eye immediately, with such quality and presence about her. I loved her pretty head with dark brown melting eyes, her elegant neck fitting smoothly into well laid back shoulders, a gently sloping topline and good tail set. Well balanced throughout , this young girl moved really well with purpose and grace.

2nd Hart's Gwendariff in the Limelight with Gilliegrae

This handsome 14 month young boy, again took my eye with well balanced head, quizzical dark eyes  and neat ears. He had correct length of neck and good angulation both fore and aft and a good body with spring of rib. While on the stance he looked racy and on the move he kept his topline, covering the ground with reach and drive.

3rd Hall's Glennara Cilleigne Dervla (1KC) JW

I liked this pretty young lady, who, with her many attributes showed a lot of class with soft dark eyes and balanced head. A good length of neck fitted well into lay of shoulders, hindquarters  were strong and well muscled and her small neat feet carried her well on the move.

Special Awards Post Graduate (9)

1st Naylor and Morrison's Anlory Carignan JW

I liked this young lady when I first saw her some time ago, and liked her just as much this time around, she stood out among a lovely class. This pretty headed bitch had dark appealing eyes and low set ears. An elegant neck fitted well into sloping shoulders and a strong body with a deep chest, good sternum, spring of rib, gently sloping topline, correct tail set and strong well muscled hind quarters contributed to the elegant outline  of this young girl. Her coat was a rich chestnut and her movement was free flowing.

2nd Watt's Shenanigan Sweet Sixteen JW

Again, another lovely lady with a super outline, lovely feminine head  and appealing eye. Well constructed throughout with good strong body, correct front and hind angulation with well muscled hind quarters with good bend of stifle. A luxurious dark coat and excellent movement completed this pleasing picture.

3rd Drinkwater's Brabrook Rosealee

A very attractive type of girl, feminine head and elegant neck fitting well into shoulders. With a good body she  kept her topline whilst on the move. Moved very well with hind drive and forward reach.

Special Award Challenge Certificate winners (6,1)

A lovely , strongly contested class of dogs

1st Bott's SH CH Gwendariff D'ya Know My Name by Bardonhill JW

What a lovely, racy, masculine, handsome boy, being well boned and balanced throughout. Eyes were dark, kind and intelligent. He had a correct length of neck, lay of shoulder and a  deep chested body with well sprung ribs. In lovely coat and condition, this boy moved well with hocks well under him, creating good hind drive and forward reach.

2nd Stockton's Riverbrue Alchemist Amidst Kespas JW

In appearance, another racy looking boy with a lovely head and dark kind eyes. His elegant neck fitted well into well laid back shoulders. Had well angled fore quarters and hind quarters had a good bend of stifle. Lighter in build than 1, he moved well, with free flowing movement.

3rd Sturrock's SH CH Forfararian I'm Sexy an I Know it JW

Lovely quality boy with good looking masculine head that wore a kind, soft expression. Well boned, this dog was well balanced throughout. Moved well, showing true co-ordination.

Diana Heppell

Irish Setter Breeders Club
7 April 2018

Judges: Dogs: Maureen Mitchell; Bitches: Sandra Nevitt
Referee: Lynne Dale  Special Awards Classes: Diana Heppell
Entry: 194 Dogs making 278 Entries

Winning the Bitch Challenge Certificate,
followed by Best in Show and Best Veteran in Show
Congratulations to Neita, owned by Laura Kolbach
NEITA BIS small 002

 Ch Copper’s Wine’N Roses

Photo kindly supplied by Laura Kolbach
The Reserve Bitch CC and Reserve Best in Show
was awarded to Debs Armitage and Elsie

Sh.Ch. Gwendariff Coco Nut Cream

The Dog Challenge Certificate was awarded to Gustav
owned by Julia Herbst
ISBC CH 2018 BG 5412b

Ger.Ch (VDH) Gwendariff Nutty Professor GJCH

Photo: Barbara Gladwish
The Reserve Dog CC was awarded to Peanut
owned by Christine McLarnon

Sh.Ch/Ir.Sh.Ch. Gwendariff Nuts Aboutu Glenavna JW

Photo: Catherine Pil
Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy in Show was awarded to Mrs L J Dewar with
ISBC CH 2018 BG 5075b

  Gwendariff Willy Wont He

Photo: Barbara Gladwish
Best Puppy Bitch was awarded to
Jane and Roger Mugford with

Lynwood Abracadabra

Best Veteran Dog  was awarded to
Richard Bott, Anthony Allen and Angela Morgan with Tom
ISBC CH 2018 BG 5444b

 Sh.Ch. Ember Red Hot Chili Pepper of Quensha (IMP SWE)

Photo: Barbara Gladwish
We will be pleased to add photos of any of the above dogs if
the owners would like to send them in to us
Congratulations to all the winners

Slideshow Photos kindly supplied by
Barbara Gladwish, Laura Kolbach and Ian Newsham

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