It was an honour to be asked to judge at this club’s 44th championship show and I have been looking forward to it with great anticipation.

It was somewhat of a disappointment to find dirty dogs amongst the entry. I cannot understand why exhibitors go to the trouble of spending money on a championship show and then travelling a good distance without putting their lovely dog through a bath enabling them to do themselves justice in the show ring.

Heads need attention, many were coarse and heavy in the skull and lacked work. The soft gentle Irish expression was also missing in many.

All that said, I was delighted with my winners and in some classes I was really spoiled for choice - in Limit I could have done with a second set of cards.

Minor Puppy 8 (1 abs)

Barking dogs on the benches right next to the ring upset many of the babies at the start of this class as they moved round the ring and exhibitors had to work hard to gain their confidence again.

1. Smith’s Reddins Gethin

This 7 mth old baby stole my heart. He has a gorgeous head, refined with plenty of work and a soft gentle expression. Lovely balance with nicely arched neck leading into well placed shoulders, well sprung ribs, straight front and neat feet. Moved steadily. BPD

2. Carr’s The Great Bear at Laumidorn.

 A little overwhelmed by the noise, especially on the move, but patient compassionate handling by his owner earned him his place. Pleasant refined head which needs to break more yet. Good neck and shoulder, well set on tail, nicely angulated at rear. Promising.

3.Venables’s  Deevonville Conquistador

Puppy  4

1. Tuite’s  Riverwood Kazatchok with Porschet (imp Bel) 

11mth old mature puppy, dark chestnut coat , pleasing head and expression good neck and shoulder,well balanced with gently sloping topline & nicely bent stifles. Moved soundly. Should have a good future.

2. Gratton’s Bardonhill Moon River Flows into Glenlaine

Good head and expression with nice dark eye. Straight front .Well sprung ribs, deep brisket, well angulated hindquarters. A little erratic on the move today giving his handler a hard time.

3. Anthony & Stuart’s Cordarragh Upper Class

Junior 9 ( 1)

1. Ciechonska’s Aoibheanne’s Quite by Design

Classic head with raised brows and melting eyes giving kind intelligent expression. Dark coat with depth and good furnishings. Well balanced. Straight front. Gently sloping topline leading into correctly set on tail. Tight feet . Moved well.

2. Stewart & Ritchie-Smith’s Gwendariff  Whippersnapper

I preferred the head of 1 but little between these two boys.  Good coat with depth..correct neck leading into well laid shoulders, good spring of rib . Gently sloping topline flowing into nicely set on tail. Strong quarters. Moved soundly.

3. Cuddy’s Aoibheanne Quite the Rebel by Balbriggan

Yearling 9 (2)

1. Nicholls’s Delsanto Snow Storm 

Nicely balanced boy with gentle head and expression.  Well sprung ribs, good depth of chest. Straight front. Hocks well let down into neat tight feet. Good presentation. Moved very well.

2. Gisbys’ Suttersett  Mr Cool 

More rangy dog who needs time to grow into himself.  I preferred his head to that of the winner as it has a little more work and balance. Well presented. Free flowing movement. One to watch and wait for.

3. Anthony & Stuart’s Cordarragh Solitaire

 Special Beginners  4

1. Vincent & Spencer’s Lynwood

What a Lark at Caervista  Also reserve in strong junior class. Lovely headed dog with raised brows and gentle soft expression straight front, correct moderate length of neck leading into gently sloping topline. Good depth of brisket. Well presented in good coat. Moved well holding tail nicely.

2. Corless’s Bardonhill Swift Eagle  

Well balanced boy,  presented in good condition. Good reach of neck but not overdone. lovely shoulders . Flowing topline into well set on tail. Hocks well let down. Moved well, just a little proud of his tail today.

 3. Childs’sTredura Clandestine Affair.

Maiden 6 (1)

1. Gratton’s Bardonhill Moon River Flows into Glenlaine
2. Carr’s The Great Bear at Laumidorn.
3. Bridgewater’s Bardonhill Bertie Bott by Bridgella

 Novice 11 (3)

1. Tuite’s  Riverwood Kazatchok with Porschet (imp Bel)
2. Gratton’s Bardonhill Moon River Flows into Glenlaine
3. Ebb’s Jonola Spirit of Adventure

Undergraduate  6 (2)

1. Gwilliam & Bozier’s Millcroft Poachers Moon of Victoriaview

Nice head and expression. Scored in shoulder placement  and topline. Straight front. Neat feet. Hocks well let down. Good bend of stifle. Moved soundly.

2. Stocker’s Kirkavagh Xakala

Preferred his head to that of the winner. Ribs well sprung and good depth of brisket, strong over loin. Moved ok but I would have liked a little more enthusiasm  Shown in good coat well presented

3. Pallister’s Penwyn Red Admiral

Graduate 10 (2)

1.Torpy’s Follidown Meadow Pipit

Lovely typy dog with gentle head and dark melting eye.  Well balanced with good ribs and strong quarters. Straight front. Moved soundly with good tail carriage. I would have preferred a straighter coat.

2 Pollard & Cook’s Grayridgge Benedict

Handsome head with soft intelligent expression, raised brows and correctly defined occiput. Good forehand. Well balanced . Rich coat, well feathered.  Moved well.

3 Corless Bardonhill Swift Eagle

Post Graduate 23 (5)

1.Richardson ‘s Kirkavagh Hernando

Beautifully balanced head with soft expression, refined skull and fine neat ears set on low. Lovely affectionate nature. Neck slightly arched leading into good shoulder placement. Deep chest. Well presented in good coat. Moved soundly

2. Bott’s Bardonhill Tom Foolery

 Lovely dog pushed the winner.hard but I preferred his head. Very well balanced with correctly sloping topline . Excellent presentation . Well angulated behind with muscular quarters which gave driving movement.

3.Bott& Allen’s Ember Red Hot Chili Pepper of Quensha (imp Swe)

Minor Limit 6 (1)

1. Gratton’s Bardonhill Floating Moon into Glenlaine JW Sh CM

A lovely boy who has not yet reached his best. He won this class on his lovely gentle refined head, beautiful balance and sound movement. He was well presented in good coat. Just needs a little more time to challenge for top honours.

2 Wood’s Reddins Falcon

This dog pushed hard and is of similar type . Pleasant head. Lovely coat with depth and plenty of furnishings. Correctly sloping topline. Good depth of chest.  Well let down in hock, I would prefer a little more strength in 2nd thigh but time is on his side. Moved well.

3. Buchan’s LOSKERAN Dream Maker Sh CM

Mid Limit 5

1.Mclarnon’s Glenavna Journey South JW

Gorgeous boy, handsome, elegant and full of quality. Refined head with melting gentle expression, nicely chiselled with  parallel planes and raised brows. Strong neck of correct moderate length nicely arched leading into well laid shoulders. Excellent presentation. Lovely balance. Good ribs and depth of brisket. Powerful hindquarters with well developed second thigh. Moved with drive.I was delighted to award him the Res CC and with agreement from my co-judge see him go Res BIS.

2.Pullen and Atkin’s Harvancourt Harlem at Jacingail

I have admired this dog many times from the ringside and it was a pleasure to be able to see him at such close quarters. He is half brother to the class winner and was so unlucky to meet him today. Most of the same remarks apply. I just preferred the head and eye of the winner and would have liked to see him show a little more drive on the move today. His day will come I am sure.

3.Richardson ‘s Kirkavagh Intermezzo

Limit 16(1)

Lovely class in which many beautiful dogs had to go down the line or cardless.

1. Bott’s Bardonhill Storm Moon

This boy has certainly taken his time coming to maturity but he now looks fabulous. He has a classic head, well proportioned with a soft expression and raised brows. Ears set on low lying in a neat fold down his neck which flows cleanly into his shoulders. His top line descends gently to his well set on tail.  Good spring of rib and depth of brisket. Straight front, tight feet. Good rear angulation and strong quarters. Moved well.

2 Ciechonska’s  Coppers Champagne on Ice at Aoibheanne (imp Swe) JW

Elegant boy, lovely gentle head as I would expect from his breeding. Neck slightly arched leading into well laid shoulders. Correct firm topline. Good forehand. Well balanced. Strong quarters. Neat feet. Well presented in good coat. Moved well

3.Naylor & Morrison’s Anlory Bonarda JW

Open 7 (2)

1. Gisby and Pike’s Sh Ch Suttersett Milky Way with Scarletti JW.

I have admired this dog from the ringside since he was a puppy and was delighted to get the opportunity to judge him today. He did not disappoint in any way. He is racy, full of quality and beautifully balanced, free from all exaggerations.  Gorgeous head which is refined at the skull and has parallel planes with good stop. Brows are raised and the chiselling in the face coupled with a gentle dark eye gives him that softness that melts you from within. Muzzle moderately deep. Ears well placed, fine and hanging neatly close to his gently arched neck. Shoulders laid well back. His topline flows down to his tail which is set on well without any bumps over the croup. Well sprung deep ribs carried back into strong muscular loin.  Shown in hard condition he moved with drive carrying his tail low and using it well.  I was delighted to give him this class, the CC and with the support of Mrs Birch, my co-judge, BIS.

2.Mclarnon’s Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Northamber Just Cause for Glenavna JW 

Gorgeous boy presented beautifully in full coat looking every inch the quality Sh Ch that he is. Well balanced , good forehand, deep chest, strong ribs and neat feet. Tail set on correctly. Moved with strong driving action in harmony with his owner.

3. Buchan’s Loskeran Jitterbug Sh CM

Veteran 4 (1)

1. Milligan –Bott, Bott & Lauwers Sh Ch / Multi/ Int Ch Sumaric

Shadow of Mr Jingles .Top quality Sh Ch. Classic head which is well balanced with raised brows and soft and intelligent  expression. Well constructed body with good depth of brisket and nicely sprung ribs, strong quarters. Beautifully presented as always, in full coat. Moved very soundly with enthusiasm.  Along with my co-judge I was delighted to award him BVIS.

2. Pullen & Atkin ‘s Shanoah Jump to It .

Handsome head & expression, good neck and shoulder. Well sprung ribs, strong loin  Deep chest. Good coat with depth. Strong quarters. Moved ok

3. Levick Corriecas Sulliva

Special Field Trial  1

1. Tapper’s Kedalita The Merry Tyler

I like this boy very much and kept him in the final few to compete for a top award. The fact that he has run in a field  trial is to his owner’s credit. He is well balanced, good topline racy and full of quality. Pleasing head and gentle expression. Strong quarters.Tight feet .Shown in good coat. Moved soundly.

Brace 4 (1)

Jointly judged with Mrs Birch

1 Fox’s Aunty and niece.

Well matched like peas in a pod. Classic gentle heads with soft dark eyes. Well balanced in bodies . Shown in good coat. Moved together in unison.

2 Russell’s Litter sisters 

Very well matched , moved steadily together but had to give way to the harmony of the winners.

3 Middleton’s Mother & son.


Viv  Blackshaw 



Irish Setter Association, England
6 October 2012

Judges:   Dogs: Mrs Viv Blackshaw (Lanstara)  Bitches: Mrs Barbara Birch (Moyna)

Congratulations to Simba, winner of the Dog Challenge Certificate and Best in Show

Sh.Ch. Suteresett Milky Way with Scarletti JW

Congratulations to his owners Teresa and Gemma Gisby and Rita Pike  

Bardonhill Slide Show

View at Bardonhill on Smugmug

Slideshow by Barbara Gladwish and Ian Newsham


 Reserve Dog CC and Reserve Best in Show  was awarded to Christine McLarnon's Glenavna Journey South
Bitch CC (her 3rd): Muir and Ostman Sh.Ch. Copper's Prima Bubblerina (subject to Kennel Club Confirmation)
Res.Bitch CC: Howatson Riverman Royal Rosa at Vanders JW
Best Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy in Show: Bott,Allen & Morgan Bardonhill Please Don't Tease Quensha
Best Puppy Dog: Smith Reddins Gethin
Best Veteran Dog & Best Veteran in Show: Milligan-Bott, Bott & Lauwers Sh.Ch./Multi/Int Ch. Sumaric Shadow of Mr Jingles
Best Veteran Bitch: Russell Melmara Mezza Luna

Many Congratulations to you all



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