Critique - Judge: Dogs: Mrs L Murray-Hogsflesh

This was my first time officiating at this level and I was honoured to be invited to do so.  I thank both my very competent stewards for looking after me so well, and the exhibitors for entering & undertaking the journey in less than salubrious weather conditions & ultimately for turning their dogs out so well; it was a pleasure to judge them.

Minor Puppy 9, 1

1. Naylor & Morrison’s Anlory Keltic Blue Sky

Couldn’t have asked for a better start to my day; what a little beauty this baby is. His ancestry is so apparent in his type, everything about him is in the right place, and he is well made from tip to stern.  Took everything in his stride and breezed round the ring with amazing composure for one so young, I loved him. BPIB

2. Boutell & Humphrey’s Ixia All Being Well

A more mature puppy, lovely head with soft, expressive features, good depth & breadth to chest with pronounced sternum, which was sadly lacking in many here today.  Well angulated fore & aft.  Dense oval bone, tight feet & strong topline, very positive on the move.

3. Condron’s Special Brew for Covarney

Puppy 4, 0

1. Tuite’s Riverwood Kazatchok with Porschet Imp

Mature, well muscled boy, lovely head with dark, kind eye, good deep brisket and pronounced forechest leading back into well ribbed up body and strong couplings, good rear angulation.  Generously pigmented coat with texture and volume to it, moved out well.

2. Gratton’s Bardonhill Moon River flows into Glenlaine

Another promising baby liked the proportions of his head, lovely length, depth & finish to muzzle, well arched neck leading into clean shoulders, good depth of chest and ample spring of rib, firm, strong topline with good set on of tail, but such a naughty one.  Played his handler up from start to finish, certainly has plenty of setter spirit.

3. Smith’s Reddins Gethin

Junior 6, 3

1. Ciechonska’s Aoibheane’s Quite By Design

Yet another youngster teeming with promise, loved his head which was both masculine and melting with most expressive dark eye, lovely body proportions with each part flowing correctly into the next, ending in excellent hindquarters with great angulation and well let down hocks, strong topline & tailset which he maintained on the move. Richly pigmented coat, gleaming and well textured.

2. Mazan’s Trawricka Klever Kid with Haremach (Imp Bel)

Different type of dog, built on finer, leaner lines and will take longer to mature, good head with correct planes and has good body properties, unfortunately his handler persistently pushed his head & neck back into his shoulders which did nothing for his topline & gave the illusion that he was very upright in front, which he isn’t; with just a bit more forward stretch the picture would be so different as was apparent on the move.

3. Drinkwater & Watt’s Brabrook Danny Boy

Yearling 10, 1

1.  Ciechonska’s A. Quite By Design

2.  Boutell & Humphrey’s Ixia Joseph JW

What an impressive outline this young man possesses, the eye moves over him seamlessly, lovely head with such a gentle expression just a glint of naughtiness in his eye, lovely chest properties, well ribbed up and strong loin, excellent angulation at rear end and short, strong hocks, simply flowed round the ring, well handled.

3. Hyslop’s Gwendariff the Specialist

Novice 7, 0

1. Tuite’s R. Kazatchok with Porschet Imp
2. Gratton’s Bardonhill Moon River flows into Glenlaine
3. Alolfran Quickstep to Lavansands

Undergraduate 2, 0

1.  Luto’s Rappatty Excalibur JW

Well grown, upstanding dog with good bone and sound body properties, pleasing head, good depth & breadth of chest, nicely ribbed and ample angulation at rear, excellent muscle tone and well developed second thigh, moved soundly.

2.  Gwilliam & Bozier’s Millcroft Poacher’s Moon of Victoriaview

Preferred this dog’s well chiselled head to my winner’s as he had a better finish to his muzzle & deeper stop, smaller dog all through, his body properties were correct and in balance and he moved well, unfortunately his coat was very dry and brittle on the day which let him down; however once this is sorted the picture will change.

Graduate Dog 7, 1

1.  Needs’s Thendara Joe Le Taxi for Stourford JW

Now we start to move on to the serious contenders, just loved this dog’s character which was apparent from the minute he came into the ring, his tail wagged from start to finish; most refined head with low set ears & beautiful skull, well arched neck set cleanly into a strong, angulated body with such good ribs and strong loin, moved with energy and presence and was put down and handled to perfection.

2.  Milligan-Bott & Bott’s Thendara Pot Noodle JW

Another impressive dog from the same kennel as my winner and also turned out in tip top presentation.  This boy is rangier, yet another with a well worked head and expressive eye, great depth to him and nicely angulated all through.  Just would have liked to see a tad more animation on the move.

3. Gardiner’s Blaysdell Kieran

Post Graduate 14, 2

1. Gratton’s Bardonhill Floating Moon into Glenlaine JW SH CM

Yet another dog who has it all going for him, have watched him mature from a leggy youngster into the finished article.  Masculine all through from his so well balanced head, arched neck, clean shoulders, and deep powerful chest through to his well let down rugged hindquarters.  Lovely pigment and coat condition, like a well polished chestnut. But what a fidget! Never gave his handler a restful moment, naughty but nice, good extension on the go.

2.  Cohen’s Brabrook Mastercraftsman with Shushana

Different type to winner but so appealed to me as well, liked the length and elegance of him from his beautiful head through to his well set on tail,  everything as it should be and in bang on condition. Possesses such a dark rich coat which felt like cashmere, so soft but this overlay musculature in grand hard condition, plenty of toned bulk there; unfortunately the carpet did not suit him, as it didn’t so many today, & his back feet struggled to find purchase when stacked, moved out well.

3.  Richardson’s Kirkavagh Hernando

Mid Limit 7, 2

1.  Cuddy’s Suteresett Royal Ripple with Balbriggan

For me this boy had one of the best heads of the day, classical with flared nostrils, raised eyebrows, chiselling and quizzical expression which just screamed ‘Irish’ to me, strong arched neck, good front, bone & tight arched feet, strong through rib & couplings and solid rear end; moved with pace and panache using his tail to advantage.

2.  Pullen & Atkin’s Harvancourt Harlem at Jacingail

Thought this would be my winner in this class as it is no secret that I have been a fan of this young man since he was a youngster, and fan I remain as his body properties are numerous, love the type, shape and length of him and he was presented in good, hard condition today as always but he was entirely unenthusiastic on the move and persisted in flagging his tail so had to pay the price.

3.  Stubb’s Riverbrue Zeus JW

Limit 13, 1

1.  Ciechonska’s Copper’s Champagne On Ice at Aoibheanne (Imp SWE) JW

Smaller dog than my other winners but he just so appealed to me, has a head to die for, so refined, long, low set ears, excellent neck, shoulders and brisket and in outline is all setter, well angulated rear & let down hocks, short & straight, the eye glides easily over him from head to tail uninterrupted by unsightly lumps & bumps, would just like to see more animation from him on the move.

2.  Partridge’s Kerrydown My Guy JW SH CM

For drive and animation on the go, this was my man, boy does he strut his stuff, such extension on his forehand & showed a clean pair of heels at his rear, super.  Another boy with a beautifully worked head, parallel planes; strong balanced body properties & presented to advantage, very well muscled & hard tone, lost out because he too was a bit proud of his tail on occasion but so much to like here.

3.  Harvey’s Jubliana Murphy Midnight Star

Open 6, 2

1.  Gisby & Pike’s Sh Ch Suteresett Milky Way with Scarletti JW

How to find words I haven’t used before….easy, because this boy just oozes class!  He was not the flashiest dog here today nor did he carry the biggest coat but what he has in abundance is sheer Irishness, the most classical of heads from wide nostrils, well finished muzzle, correct depth of flew, long, low set ear leathers, strong arched neck, close set shoulders & correct body proportions all through & whenever asked, he gave; he moves out effortlessly with great drive and showed as much animation the last time he moved in the challenge as he first did in his class.  No doubting why he is a champion, he was mine today! CC

2.  McLarnon’s Sh/Ir Sh Ch Northamber Just Cause for Glenavna JW

Here is yet another boy who has champion stamped all through him; despite there being lots of young promising dogs coming up behind him, he held them off today with ease and just had to be rewarded.  His successes are legion and his attributes already well documented, it was a privilege to judge him, he is quality all through and another who strides round the ring with presence and panache, I loved him but my heart was stolen by my winner. RCC

3.  Lewis’s Deaconara Danse De Bleu Avec Dotcomsetter JW SH CM

Veteran 2, 0

1. Milligan-Bott, Bott & Lauwer’s Sh Ch/Multi/Int Ch Sumaric Shadow of Mr


Another dog whose legend goes before him, super type and well made all through from his beautiful head to his well set on tail with everything in between as it should be, a very worthy champion who still commands the ring but lost out to the younger dogs today on movement and their sheer effervescence. Best veteran

2.  Mazan’s Haremach Gilpatrick

Another grand Irishman enjoying his day out, much to like about him also and he too possesses such a kindly head and soft eye, sound body properties but just left his coat at home today.

Lynne Murray Hogsflesh


Gundog Society Wales 17 October 2012

Judge: Dogs: Mrs L Murray-Hogsflesh  Bitches: Mr M Armstrong

Bitch Challenge Certificate (her 2nd) and Best of Breed
Sametsuz Call Girl J.W2.  

Sametsuz Call Girl JW

Congratulations to Belle and her owner/breeder Magi Henderson

Photo: Barbara Gladwish 



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