Critique - Judge - Mr J Vant (Barleydale)

I would like to thank the officers and committee for asking me to judge this show and my two excellent stewards. It is about a year since I attended a championship show and I was surprised by the size of some of the younger exhibits I hope that some of them do not grow on any more as they looked like adults. Whether it is because we are at the end of the winter and exercise has been less I do not know but for me the majority of exhibits were overweight. I believe that an Irish Setter should have a waistline. Many did not.


MPB (16,0)

1 Kennedy-Sloane Twoacres Luck be a Lady Lovely 8 month old bitch well bodied moved well good neck and shoulders strong quarters. A little short in fore-face Unfortunately flew her tail a little when challenging for BPIS

2 Bye Ireleith Chiquitta at Bluebayou Another well balanced puppy with good spring of rib strong quarters moved well

3 Holley Wynjill Well Known

PB (15,2)

1 Holley Wynjill Well Known Third in previous class where the first three were close. Would like a better head and expression but that may come with time.

2 Muir Romarne One Night Only A little taller than the winner. Good neck and shoulders Shown in beautiful coat

3 Hall Currowhill Tickle Pink with Glennara

VB (7,2)

1 Boutell Sh Ch Ixia Genevieve Only just in veteran. Has a beautiful head and expression. Good neck and shoulders. Well bent stifles excellent topline. Moved well

2 Gisby Balbriggan Ace of Hearts by Sutteresett A little heavier in head. Overall picture was well balanced. Good spring of rib Moved well

3 Waterton Lynwood Strands of Silk at Sandstream JW ShCM

JB (16,3)

1 Meadows Gwendariff Whipsa Daisy Different to the previous winners has a beautiful topline. Excellent neck and shoulders Good bend of stifle. Moved well

2 Wilkins Bardonhill Hetty Bayliss among Margretswood JW Another good bitch with excellent feet and lovely ears. Moved well

3 Walters Dreamerlis Regal Jodie from Deneil

YB (11,3)

1 Lippett Neathamill Isabella at Clonageera This one took my eye especially on the move where she just flowed. Has a beautiful soft expression with excellent ears. Would prefer more spring of rib

2 Parsons Suteresett Miss Splendid at Bransett Same shape as the winner but with better ribs and did not have that grace on the move and was a little heavier

3 Frampton Strathmead Penny Whistle JW

MB (6,0)

1 Hall Currowhill Tickle Pink with Glennara Third in puppy. Very mature but just needs to become more collected. Has a beautiful head as one would expect from this exhibitor

2 Farndell Cordarragh Sophie This bitch has a good outline Moved well but too heavy for me

3 Gisby Suteresett Once Upon a Dream

NB (12,2)

1 Walters Dreamerlis Regal Jodie from Deneil Back to the smaller type. Well balanced . Good neck and shoulders . What stood out for me were her beautiful eyebrows something that is lacking in so many at the present time. Excellent feet

2 Hall Currowhill Tickle Pink with Glenarra

3 Henderson Sutterest Miss Magic

UGB (8,2)

1 Parsons Suttereset Miss Splendid at Bransett

2 Carter Gwendariff Specially Maid Compact bitch good neck and shoulders. Standing a little roachy today

3 Farndell Cordarragh Sophie

GB (11,1)

1 Heron Caskeys Delphine Beautifully balanced young bitch. Excellent head. Moved well. One I could have taken home and with time should trouble the best

2 Drinkwater Brabrook She’s All Style Good topline on this one with a good head Moved well. Just short of furnishings

3 Adams Deaconara Rhapsody in Blue at Danbryeli

PGB (18,2)

1 Howatson Riverman Royal Rosa at Vanders JW Medium sized bitch with good shoulders and strong quarters Moved very well

2 Gisby Suteresett Black Magic For me a better head than the winner. Moved well. Not quite the furnishings to complete the picture

3 Henson Millcroft Papermoon makes Tatsbro

MdLB (10,4)

1 Naylor & Morrison Anlory Carimena JW Lovely clean lines to this young bitch. Standing on excellent feet she moved superbly showing an excellent top line. In immaculate coat.

2 Lohkamp-Sommer Coppers Bubble of Joy A similar overall shape excellent neck and shoulders Moved well but not as well as the winner. More mature but did not have the shine on her coat of the winner

3 Much Astley View Summer Fox

LB (10,1)

1 Waterton Lynwood Kissed by an Angel at Sandstream JW ShCM A beautiful bitch that I have admired for some time. At one time I thought that she was slightly unbalanced but maturity has remedied that. A little light in colour for me but her other attributes overcame that. A most attractive head. Well laid shoulders giving an excellent topline. She moved well on excellent feet. CC and BIS

2 Walsh Millcroft Ballad of the Moon A smaller bitch and slightly longer A beautiful head with a melting expression In excellent coat moved well with her good bend of stifle allowing her to drive out. Res.CC

3 Meadows Gwendariff Miss Whiplash JW

OB (2,0)

1 Naylor & Morrison Sh Ch Anlory Carmenere JW Another bitch with an excellent outline like her half sister. Moved well as one expects from this kennel.

2 Gardiner Reddins Esther of Blaysdell Good head neck on shoulders on this one Carrying a little too much weight for me today

Mr J Vant



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