Critique - Judges: Dogs - Mrs J Kniveton

It is always an honour to judge your own breed, I but especially so at Crufts. I would like to thank the Kennel Club for my invitation and the exhibitors for a quality entry, I had a wonderful day.

Veteran 7

1st Milligan-Bott, Bott, & Lauwers Sh Ch/Multi/IntCh Sumaric Shadow of Mr. Jingles just short of his 9th birthday this boy is a super veteran and a credit to his owners who keep him in such superb condition. He is a quality Irish from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail, has the most handsome head and lovely expression, muscular neck, excellent body, good front and strong hindquarters in the most super coat and condition, moved soundly and with verve and I was delighted to award him the res. CC

2nd McNeil & Boyd McNeil Sh Ch Glencarron Shakatak 8 years old, this boy moved soundly and with enthusiasam. His head is of correct shape, pleasing expression with low set ears, good length of neck set well into shoulders, plenty of depth and rib, good bone and feet shown in lovely coat and condition.

3rd Cox Jsy Ch. Tiroen Taylormade PD'H Sh pleasing dog who was shown in hard muscular condition, in good coat but had left some of his furnishings at home, a balanced outline with attractive masculine head and gentle expression, reachy neck into well laid shoulder, good depth of chest, when he steadied down he moved soundly.

Special Puppy 14 (1)

1st Naylor Anlory Keltic Blue Sky Well constructed, confident, young boy, very eye catching both on the move and standing, thick dark coat of lovely texture, pleasing head with dark eye and kind expression, very well balanced body, strong bone and neat well padded feet, will watch his progress with interest. BP dog

2nd Danks-Kemish GlennaraTwist'N'Shout Alofran slightly rangier boy than 1 but also very promising, balanced head with good eye giving typical expression, correct neck set well into shoulder, ample rib, good front, well set on tail, shown in good coat, moved steadily sympathetically shown by his young handler, well done

3rd Boutell & Hunphrey Ixia All Being Well, medium sized puppy, beautiful head of correct shape with dark eye giving soft expression, well balanced throughout, good angulated rear quarters and well let down hocks, gleaming coat, moved soundly and happily. A lovely trio of babies.

Junior 12

1st Stewart-Ritchie Gwendariff Whipersnapper JW Striking, well balanced youngster who strode around the ring soundly and with such style, refined head, super neck and shoulder placement, ample rib and depth, strong well angulated rear quarters, good croup and tail set, in great coat and condition, an exciting prospect.

2nd Gratton Bardonhill Moon River flows into Glenlaine lovely type, upstanding quality dog, balanced outline with handsome head and desired expression, good front, deep chest and correct amount of bone, clean through the shoulders, strong quarters in lovely bloom, moved positively and soundly

3rd Anthony & Stuart Cordarragh Upper Class medium sized boy, well balanced throughout, masculine head with kind expression, correct angulation front and rear, plenty of bone ,well padded feet, in good coat and muscular condition, moved soundly and steadily for his young handler, well done.

Yearling 19 (2)

1st Cohen Caispern Lorenzo with Shushana an attractive yearling who has the most gorgeous head and expression with raised brow and low ear set, has a super coat which was gleaming, good body properties, deep chest and well sprung rib, strong rear quarters, good bone and feet, moving well.

2nd Cuddy Aoibheannes Quite the Rebel by Balbriggan JW well constructed boy, correct gently sloping topline, good forechest, neck and shoulder placement, pleasing head with soft expression, well muscled quarters, good croup and tail set, moved soundly and happily

3rd Burkes Lanstara Soul Seduction, balanced attractive boy, developing along the right lines, handsome refined head with desired expression, good body properties, correctly angulated front and rear, good bone and feet, moving steadily

Undergraduate 8 (1)

1st Swainston Togipoto Ice God of Glenvarna appealing youngster who covered the ground well on the move, striking outline and in good coat and condition, sound throughout, super length of neck into fine well laid shoulder, ample rib and depth, muscled hindquarters, attractive head.

2nd Cox Kedalita Appollo well proportioned throughout, balanced head, straight front and good feet, flowing top line and tail set, in lovely bloom, moved well

3rd Vincent & Spencer Lynwood What a Lark at Caervista medium sized boy, good body properties, plenty of depth and well sprung ribs, well developed rear quarters, plenty of bone, moved okay but without the enthusiasm of the two above.

Graduate 20 (2)

1st Pollard & Cook Grayrigge Benedict loved this boy for his super breed type, the most handsome head, super expression raised brow and low set ears, reacy neck and the best of shoulders, deep chest and well ribbed, sound strong quarters, good bone and neat feet, covered the ground easily, shown in lovely coat and condition.

2nd Boutell and Humphrey Ixia Joseph another lovely boy close up to one but not quite as confident on the move but he was sound and free moving, beautiful head, balanced all through, correct front and rear angulation, well let down hocks, neat feet. In super condition

3rd Williamson Keljaru Lovely Jubbly super outline very eye catching, well constructed, attractive head shape and correct eye giving kindly expression, good front, chest and bone, strong neck and fine shoulders, well muscled quarters, in good bloom, moving well.

Post Graduate 18

1st Griffin Corriebran Diagem attractive slightly finer head but still masculine, much to like about this boy, sound and stylish on the move, good front, chest, neck and topline, well developed quarters,
In excellent condition but just needs a little more coat to complete the picture.

2nd Richardson Kirkavagh Hernando Sh Ch liked this boy for make and shape, well angulated front and rear with good legs and feet, lovely head and soft expression with low set ears, well bodied and in good coat.

3rd Smith Reddins Keifer This boy is as sound as a pound, medium sized, so well put together, well bodied with good quarters, excellent bone, pleasing head and eye, moving soundly but not with the enthusiasm of the two above.

Mid Limit 17 (1)

1st Stubbs Riverbrue Zeus liked the style of this boy, in good coat, well presented and in hard condition, pleasing masculine head with kindly expression, correct length of neck and well placed shoulders, good topline and quarters, his sound free striding movement won him the class.

2nd Wood Reddins Falcon this boy has matured over the last few months, well made with no exaggeration all through, correct head shape pleasing expression, lovely legs and feet, well placed shoulders, ample ribs and depth, good coat, hard muscular condition, moved soundly and happily.

3rd Gratton Bardonhill Floating Moon into Glenlaine JW Sh Cm I like this boy, well angled front and rear, super arched neck into well placed shoulders, good depth and rib, has the most handsome head and was in full coat. Moved true and sound but was not concentrating on his job in hand which cost him a higher place.

Limit 22

Lovely class of quality dogs many going unplaced.

1st Lauwer Thendara Frozen Asset NL JW Eye catching, balanced attractive head with low ear set, liked his overall conformation and shape, strong gently sloping topline, arched neck leading into well placed shoulder, good body properties, in super coat and condition, moved with purpose and verve.

2nd Ciechonska Coppers Champagne on Ice at Aoibheanne (imp Swe) JW close up to 1, very close between these two lovely boys, smaller boy but has so much to like about him, glorious head, just my cup of tea, good front, well developed quarters and correct stifle, strong bone, good feet, moved well, rich dark coat in lovely bloom.

3rd Hogarth Avect Snowdrift 2 and 3 both by the same sire and similar remarks apply, slightly more of this boy overall, have admired him from the ringside, he too has a handsome head with dark eye , raised brow giving him a beautiful expression, reachy neck and well laid shoulders, deep chest and well ribbed, strong quarters, well let down hocks, in great coat, moves soundly but didn't give his all.

Open 28 (3)

What a class, made decisions hard, some super quality dogs that I admire had to go cardless

1st McLarnon Sh Ch Northamber Just Cause for Glenavna JW WOW! my star of the day, he didn't put a foot wrong both standing and on the move, when he drove round the ring with great flair and style. Has a most handsome head, well constructed throughout, showing lots of breed qualities, presented in fabulous coat and condition. Loved him, delighted to award him the CC and was BOB on the referee's decision over a lovely bitch.

2nd Hill-Decoster Ch Vicary's Just Magic (ATC AL00855BEL) super conformation, lovely type of the highest quality, excellent head with kindly expression, very balanced outline, good front and bone, correct topline and strong quarters, in gleaming coat and condition, lovely easy flowing effortless movement, at only just 3 years old when he fully matures sure he will add to his CC's.

3rd Edden & Crocker Sh Ch Medway Morrisey appealing boy, not overdone in anyway, lovely handsome head, fits the standard well, arched neck let into well laid shoulders, straight front, good bone and neat well padded feet, ample rib, wide strong quarters and correctly turned stifles, was in gleaming condition, moved around the ring soundly and with precision.

Field Trial 1

1st Stone Amport Int Ch (CIB) Coppersheen Coalville Lad (ATC AK00247CHE) medium sized boy who was well put together, pleasing head and eye, correct neck and shoulders, great spring of rib and depth, strong well turned quarters, neat well padded feet, in super hard condition, moved soundly.

Special Working Gundog

1st Wigfull & Hartley, Anlory Goldfinger confident dog, well balanced, correct front angulation, ribs and quarters, good bone and feet, balanced head with pleasing head, well muscled, moved soundly.

2nd Duhant-Ketelears Bel/Lux/VDH Ch Fletcher of McBirdy( ATC AK00952Bel) good head type, well proportioned throughout, good length of neck , well bodied, plenty of depth and rib, moved well

3rd Sacco HR CH Romarne Stevie Wonder lovely headed boy longer cast than the two above, appealing head, low ear set, good front and rear, well set on tail, good coat, not quite as positive on the move.

Good Citizen Dog Scheme

1st Rourke Cataluna Captivation to Zakhan what a happy boy this is, his tail never stopped wagging, slightly greying handsome face, good rib, depth and length of neck, plenty of bone, coat in good condition.

2nd Buchan Loskeran Dream Maker Sh CM slightly larger boy, balanced all through, pleasing head, good body properties, plenty of coat, moved well but not the same animation as above.

3rd Ross Kettlehills Star Trouper Sh Cm pleasing head of correct shape, good length of neck, straight front, angulation front and rear good, in good condition, moved steadily.

Judge Joan Kniveton

Crufts 2013

9 March 2013

Bardonhill Slide Show

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Judges: Dogs: Mrs J Kniveton Bitches: Mrs P Jeffries

Entry: Dogs:165 Bitches:186 Total:351

Dog CC and Best of Breed: Christine McLarnon's
Sh.Ch./Ir.Sh.Ch. Northamber Just Cause for Glenavna JW

Bitch CC: June Walsh Millcroft Ballad of the Moon JW

Res.Dog CC: Milligan Bott & Bott & Lauwers
Sh.Ch./Multi/Int.Ch. Sumaric Shadow of Mr Jingles

Res.Bitch CC: Condron & Mortimer Covarney Lill'Madam

Best Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy in Breed: Ciechonska
Millcroft Moon and Stars at Aoibheanne

Also we must remember we have the Juniors


Abigail Lavene and Logan

They came second in the YKC 6-11yrs Gundog handling finals


Congratulations to all the winners

Full results on: Here



  The History of Crufts By Vet-Medic


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Finally a note from Sandra Corless.  Her video camera went missing from the benches at Crufts. It was believed to have been stolen but in the vain hope that it may have been dropped and someone has found it please contact Sandra as the camera contains a lot of film that is irreplacable.



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