Critique - Judges: Bitches Penny Jeffries

Thank you for such a high quality entry which meant that many worthy exhibits were unplaced. Also thanks to my two wonderful stewards, Stef and Dave, for making my task so much easier and more enjoyable. My main concern was with flat feet, lack of bone, over-fine heads and upright shoulders. Poor hind movement was also rife in some classes. However, it was a very interesting and enjoyable day and I was delighted with all my winners in each class.

Sp. Veteran (19, 4ab)

  1. Watt’s SH CH SHENANAGIN SHOOTING STAR, very glamorous lady in her prime, beautiful head and expression, dark gleaming coat, elegant neck, good topline and tail, plenty of substance, strong quarters, moved very well, her handler got the best out of her.
  2. Russell’s MARKSWAY MEZZA LUNA, unassuming lady with many qualities, who won her place here on her excellent movement and good overall balance. Sweet head, well made all through, firm sloping topline and well muscled quarters.
  3. Gisby’s BALBRIGGAN ACE OF HEARTS BY SUTERSETT, another gorgeous girl, lovely outline and balance, in good coat and condition, excellent conformation, another who moved really well.

Sp. Puppy (18, 3 abs) a good class.

  1. Ciechonska’s MILLCROFT MOON AND STARS AT AOIBHEANNE, a glorious youngster who caught my eye immediately. She possesses a well shaped, delightful head and expression, good neck flowing into well laid shoulders, good bone and front, firm sloping topline, good bend of stifles and good tailset. Well handled, she moved with drive and accuracy. Best Puppy in breed with both judges in full agreement.
  2. Swainston’s GLENVARNA DORA THE EXPLORER, not much between these two, this one has an attractive head, straight, dark gleaming coat which enhanced her beautiful conformation. Elegant arched neck, flowing topline, correct bone, well developed quarters, and moved extremely well.
  3. Smith’s REDDINS GARBO, in a smaller mould, well made all through, particularly good feet which were hard to find in many otherwise quality bitches, and really good on the move.

Sp. Jun (18, 0 abs) another lovely class.

  1. Lauwers OAKDENE KILBY,   quality bitch, so well balanced with an attractive head,   arched neck flowing into well laid shoulders, good bone (lacking in more than a few), firm topline, good depth of body and well bent stifles. Moved well in all directions.
  2. Wheeldon’s BARDONHILL CARRIE ANNE FOR COLEMIST, elegant and well balanced, this girl has a lovely head and expression, good neck and topline, well ribbed back with good spring of rib, and good balance. Moved with drive and precision.
  3. Godart’s RIVERWOOD KUMBAYAH LUX JR CH, stunning bitch, so glamorous with her smooth, dark gleamingCould have been higher but looked to have a lumpy shoulder which marred the whole picture, but this miraculously came right when being stacked for the critique; too late! She has a gorgeous head and expression, well made all through and will have better days.

Yearling (19, 5abs)

  1. Wilkins’ BARDONHILL HETTY BAYLISS AMONG MARGRETWOODS JW, this bitch excelled in head and expression, beautifully balanced with good length of neck flowing into shoulders with no lumps and bumps or exaggeration. Good shoulder angulation, excellent front, topline and another who went really well.
  2. Frampton’s STRATHMEAD PENNY WHISTLE JW, close up to 1st, quality all through, so well put together showing a flowing line from her lovely arched neck along her firm topline to her excellent croup, tailset and strong quarters.
  3. Lippett’s NEATHAMILL ISABELLA AT CLONAGEERA, well presented and handled, her coat is long and straight, showing her clean outline to perfection. Well angulated fore and aft, firm sloping topline, good tail set, just needs time to fill in that lovely outline.

Undergrad (19, 5abs)

  1. Evans’ NEATHAMILL NERISSA, sister to 3rd in Yearling. Looked outstanding in this class with a stunning outline. Lovely head, good length of neck, well angulated both fore and aft, good front and depth of chest, in superb condition and so well handled. Loved her on the move too.
  2. Lorrimer’s OAKCHASE ALEXIS (AI), daughter of the late, great Sh Ch Caspians Intrepid, and very worthy of him. She is elegant and upstanding, well balanced, with a firm, gently sloping topline, good bone and front and well angulated quarters. Close decision, just lacking a little in feathering on the day.
  3. Farndell’s CORDARRAGH SOPHIE, dark, glamorous bitch with an attractive head, well made all through, lovely outline, ribs and depth. Good coat and condition.

Grad (17, 1 abs)

  1. Harvey’s JUBLIANA SORRAIA, quality bitch who won this difficult class on her movement. She has a beautiful head, excellent neck, shoulders and topline, well muscled and angulated hindquarters, good bone, substance, and in lovely coat and condition.
  2. Danks-Kemish’s ALOLFRAN COPACABANA, this gorgeous girl was close up, just preferred winners head. Beautiful arched neck flowing into good shoulders and firm sloping topline, nice depth and strong quarters. Also moved very well.
  3. Sketchley’s OAKCHASE GIULETTA (AI), sister to 2nd in previous class. Well balanced, attractive head and expression, good bone, well bodied , lovely topline, depth of brisket and spring of rib, in good coat and condition.

P.Grad (19, 3 abs) Movement was disappointing in this class.                                                                                                        

  1. Condron and Mortimer’s COVARNEY LILL’ MADAM, What a beauty! She is full of quality, combining elegance with balance and substance. I loved her gorgeous, well defined head and dark, expressive eyes, arched neck, well laid shoulders, good topline, croup and strong quarters. She looked a picture on the move, covering lots of ground, and also accurate fore and aft. Delighted to award her the res cc.  
  2. Gisby’s SUTERESETT BLACK MAGIC, another top quality girl, who was so well handled. She has a sweet head with raised brows and quizzical expression, lovely clean outline from neck to tip of her well set-on tail. So well balanced and presented, and moved well.
  3. Smith’s REDDINS KEPPEL, this bitch has a delightful head and expression. I liked everything about her in show stance. She is well balanced with good angulation both ends, good bone and feet, shown in good bloom. Unfortunately not moving her best today.

Mid Limit (23, 6 abs) A good class

  1. Brouwne’s KAYLEE OF THE TRAV’LIN STAR,   very close decision between first 3. This girl won on her superb movement, but I liked everything about her, including her lovely head, good bone, front and feet, super angulation and balance, well muscled and firm topline. Her handler got the best out of her, well done.
  2. Mutch’s ASTLEY VIEW SUMMER FOX, another with great quality, also moving very well, lovely clean lines, attractive head and expression, well balanced, good depth of chest, well angulated hind quarters, just lacking a bit of feathering under her chest.
  3. Douthwaite and Wharfe’s GRACEWOOD SHANNON JW, classically built, refined and elegant, well balanced and sympathetically handled, excellent all through but for me, she is a little too fine in the muzzle. Also moved very well.

Limit (25, 3 abs)

  1. CC, Walsh’s MILLCROFT BALLAD OF THE MOON JW, what can I say except that she made my day! An outstanding, elegant bitch who is blessed with the most beautiful head and expression, lovely neck, shoulders and topline, perfect tailset and carriage, and that is only the start! So balanced with good bone, well angulated hindquarters, in lovely coat and condition, and in complete sympathy with her handler. It was a joy to watch her flowing effortlessly around the ring, obviously enjoying every moment, and it gave me great pleasure to award her her 2nd ticket. I found later that she is the dam of my Puppy winner.
  2. Hillocks JONOLA LOVE AND LIBERTY, upstanding quality bitch, lovely neck and well laid shoulders, good bone with excellent feet (lacking in so many nice bitches), firm topline, good ribs and depth, well bent stifles, in lovely bloom, and moved very well.
  3. Limpus’s SHENANAGIN SHE’S THE ONE FOR KARIDELL JW, close decision between 2 and 3, this one has a beautiful head, arched neck, and clean, flowing lines. Well balanced with just the right amount of weight, and strong well angulated hindquarters.

Open (21, abs 5)

  1. Henderson’s SH CH SAMETSUZ A TASTE OF HONEY, most elegant bitch, beautifully presented and handled, possessing an attractive head with sweet expression, good neck, spring of rib and depth of chest, well made all through, in lovely coat and condition. She won this class on her excellent, steady, accurate movement, which was sadly lacking in many of the exhibits in this class.
  2. Backman’INT CH COPPER’S MAGICAL BUBBLE, gorgeous bitch who looked a picture when stacked and moving around the ring.   I loved her head and expression and clean, flowing lines. Well balanced with excellent angulation.
  3. Rutherford Judge’s AM CH WITCHBROOKE CONAGEERA COROT, upstanding lady with clean outline, attractive head, good angulation and in good coat and condition. Nicely balanced and well handled.

Sp Working Gundog (4, 2 abs)

  1. Turrichia’s IT CH CORDARRAGH RHUMBABA, big and beautiful, nice head, good neck, well laid shoulders, good ribs and depth of brisket, well bent stifles, moved well..
  2. Duhant-Ketelaers’ IDGIE OF MCBIRDY, close decision, feminine girl, lovely neck and topline, good front and feet, also good on the move.

Good Citizen (10, 2 abs)

  1. Davie’s LOCHFRAE AFFINITY, lovely girl, gorgeous head, wistful expression, very feminine, good outline, moved very well.
  2. Heppel’DEEVONVILLE SANTA LUCIA, good head, neck and firm topline, excellent bone and feet, good depth of brisket, close up to 1.
  3. Williamson’s BLUESPRINGS ATLANTIS, pretty dark girl, well balanced with good neck and outline, good hindquarters, another of quality


 Penny Jeffries

Crufts 2013

9 March 2013

Bardonhill Slide Show

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Judges: Dogs: Mrs J Kniveton Bitches: Mrs P Jeffries

Entry: Dogs:165 Bitches:186 Total:351

Dog CC and Best of Breed: Christine McLarnon's
Sh.Ch./Ir.Sh.Ch. Northamber Just Cause for Glenavna JW

Bitch CC: June Walsh Millcroft Ballad of the Moon JW

Res.Dog CC: Milligan Bott & Bott & Lauwers
Sh.Ch./Multi/Int.Ch. Sumaric Shadow of Mr Jingles

Res.Bitch CC: Condron & Mortimer Covarney Lill'Madam

Best Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy in Breed: Ciechonska
Millcroft Moon and Stars at Aoibheanne

Also we must remember we have the Juniors


Abigail Lavene and Logan

They came second in the YKC 6-11yrs Gundog handling finals


Congratulations to all the winners

Full results on: Here



  The History of Crufts By Vet-Medic


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Finally a note from Sandra Corless.  Her video camera went missing from the benches at Crufts. It was believed to have been stolen but in the vain hope that it may have been dropped and someone has found it please contact Sandra as the camera contains a lot of film that is irreplacable.



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