Critique - Judges: Dogs: Mrs June Henderson

I was honoured and delighted to be invited to judge at this club show, and both my co-judge and myself were made most welcome by all members of the committee. I would like to thank both my stewards for their able assistance in making a very enjoyable day run very smoothly. I found some really lovely exhibits, and was very pleased with all my placings. On the minus side, several heads were untypical, wide, flat skulls, bland expressions, and lacking the raised brows, and roguish eye so desirable in our breed. Sternums in particular were wanting, and lack of “fill in” behind the elbow, resulting in narrow, slab-sided ribs. In some cases,front movement was hard to assess due to an excessive amount of chest furnishings, and some dogs which I found very pleasing stacked, performed some disappointing action both fore and aft – hackneyed, and/or wide in front and narrow, lacking in power behind. “Acceptable or OK” movement are not the descriptions we want to be using for future generations. The flooring did cause some problems and was quite slippy underfoot to stack exhibits.

Both my co-judge and myself were in full agreement with the Dog CC winner, Harvancourt Harlem at Jacingail, being awarded BIS, and the Bitch CC winner Millcroft Ballad of the Moon RBIS. BP was the male, Forfarian I’m Sexy An I Know It. BV was the male, Sh.Ch/Int.Ch Sumaric Shadow of Mr Jingles.

MP. 9.

1st. Sturrock’s Forfarian I’m Sexy An I Know It. At 6 months I found this little fellow quite delightful – so beautifully balanced throughout. Lovely refined head, good balance between skull and foreface, low set ears, and wistful, expressive eye. Correct gun barrel front and tight elbow. Good length of neck, flowing smoothly into excellent lay-back of shoulder and return of upper arm. Pronounced sternum, deep brisket, well ribbed back. Strong, wide quarters and correct tailset. Excellent bone and neat, well padded feet. Moved out soundly and with attitude holding his topline well for one so young. Just loved him! BP and BPIS.

2nd. Kniveton’s Bardonhill Top Gun. Another sound, stylish youngster, exhibiting many similar attributes to my winner. Just preferred the head of 1, and he wasn’t as collected on the move. Nevertheless much to like about him – two lovely babies.

3rd. Hemming’s Orlanset The Rocker.

P. (9)  

1ST. Holley’s Wynjill Well I Am. This boy is both masculine yet refined, with beautifully balanced head, raised brow, sweet, melting expression. Lovely angulation both fore and aft, and stands squarely on the best of bone, and neat small feet. Good depth of brisket, strong sound quarters, well let down hocks, and good tailset. Moved out with style and enthusiasm.

2nd. Abbott’s Suteresett Casey Junior. Different in type to my winner, and stronger in head. More rugged in build. Shorter coupled, and could lose some weight to advantage, which detracted from his movement. Good front assembly and depth of brisket. Strong quarters and well let down hocks. Correct bone and well arched feet. Presented in good bloom.

3rd. Axon’s Brinara Private Eye.


V. (8)

1st. Milligan-Bott & Bott & Lauwers Sh.Ch.Multi Int.Ch. Sumaric Shadow of Mr Jingles. Immaculately presented as always, and in gleaming full coat, at 9 years he is truly a credit to our breed. It was a pleasure to go over him. He displays such quality from his handsome, refined head to the tip of his tail. Strongly, arched neck, fitting smoothly into fine, well laid back shoulders, excellent front, and super angulation both fore and aft. Great depth of rib, firm, gently sloping topline, short, strong hocks, which drove him effortlessly around the ring soundly, with lashing tail and great enthusiasm! BV

2nd. Crosswell’s Riqitta Shear Gold. Pleasing head, good finish to foreface. Clean over neck and shoulders. Pronounced sternum and good depth to chest. Correctly sloping topline, strong, sound quarters. Moved out well.

3rd. Davis’ Moyna Summer Breeze At Corribeg.

J. (9)

1st. Naylor & Morrison’s Anlory Keltic Blue Sky. Presents a completely balanced outline throughout. Classical head, well shaped, dark, expressive eye. Good front assembly with excellent angulation both fore and aft. Strong bone, and standing on neat, well arched feet. Gently sloping topline finishing in correct set of tail. Short, strong hocks. Moved out confidently , with reach and drive. His rich, dark coat completed a lovely overall picture.

2nd. Rutherford’s Clonageera Kinross Love Brolo. Close decision here between two quality youngsters- just preferred the stronger topline of 1 today. Again, he has a lovely refined head and raised brow, revealing an appealing expression. Good straight front, lovely depth to brisket and well ribbed back. In lovely bloom and condition. Moved enthusiastically with ground covering stride.

3rd. Condron’s Special Brew For Covarney.

Y. (3)

1st.  Gratton’s Bardonhill Moon River Flows Into Glenlaine. Pleasing head, oval skull, and gentle expression. Deep chest, well laid back shoulders, and strength over croup and quarters. Good width to second thigh. In good coat. In previous class his handler tended to overstretch him, holding his head high which caused him to both straighten in front and dip his topline, and he was quite tense on the move. He was much more relaxed here, and his outline much improved. He strode out here more soundly and in a happier frame of mind.

2nd. Drinkwater’s Brabrook Danny Boy. Different type to 1. Clean, balanced head, straight front, good depth of brisket, strong bone and well padded feet. In good bloom and finish. Tailset a little high which showed in his movement, although he strode out well.

3rd. Vincent & Spencer’s Lynwood What A Lark At Caervista

M. (7)

1st. Anlory Keltic Blue Sky.   2nd. Wynjill Well I Am.   3rd. Danks-Kemish’s Glennara Twist N Shout Alolfran.

N.(6)   1st. Anlory Keltic Blue Sky.   2nd. Brabrook Danny Boy.   3rd. Lynwood What A Lark At Caervista.

UG (5) 1st. Stocker’s Kirkavagh Xakala. Good balance to correct oval skull and muzzle. Raised brows showing dark, gentle eye. Lovely crested neck leading into clean, well angulated shoulders and good return of upper arm. Deep brisket and well sprung ribs. Good topline, and strength over croup and quarters. Moved well with positive, driving action.

2nd. Bardonhill Moon River Flows Into Glenlaine.  

3rd. Lynwood What A Lark At Caervista.

G. (7)  

1st. Cohen’s Caispern Lorenzo With Shushana. Have seen this young man from adolescence and, at 2yrs, he is maturing along at the correct pace. Seriously considered him in my final line up, but just feels he needs more time to finish, and I think he will be one for the future. He is both rugged and handsome with the most beautiful head, raised brow and quizzical expression. Neat, low set ears, excellent reach of neck flowing smoothly into fine, well angulated shoulders and good return of upper arm. Deep brisket, well sprung ribs, strength over loin and croup, with good topline and correct tail position. Good width through well bent stifles and well let down hocks. Shown in hard, muscled condition. His movement was sound and stylish, showing good reach and drive.

2nd. Stockton’s Gwendariff Dr. Pepper. Presented a very pleasing overall outline. Masculine head but without coarseness, oval skull, correctly in balance with foreface. Kindly , expressive eye. Straight front with desired pronounced sternum allowing plenty of heart and lung room. Good depth and spring of rib. Gently sloping topline, good croup and set of tail. He moved out truly with animation.

3rd. Pollard & Cook’s Grayrigge Benedict.

PG (17)

1st. Milligan-Bott & Bott’s Thendara Pot Noodle. Impressive dog presented in beautiful coat and hard condition.Exhibits strength and masculinity without being overdone in any way. Handsome proportions to his well balanced head, with that lovely wickedness in his eye. Great front assembly, crested, strong neck leading to fine shoulders and gently sloping topline. Deep, well sprung ribs, well coupled, standing on the best of bone and neat feet. Short, strong hocks which propelled him soundly around the ring.

2nd. Bouttell & Burbridge’s Ixia Josiah At Merryborne. Appealed in head and flowing outline. Possesses a classical, refined skull, and dark, kindly eye. Beautifully angulated throughout with lovely depth and spring of rib.Sweeping stifle with good 2nd thigh. Short, strong hocks used well in his sound stylish movement.

3rd. Armstrong-Rodgers & Cooper’s Wickenberry Sirius.

ML. (11).

1st. Wood’s Reddins Falcon. I believe this young man to be just coming into his own, and with maturity really looks the part. Each attribute fits smoothly into its counterpart, and his overall outline is both masculine and balanced without any coarseness or exaggeration. He is well angulated throughout with good forechest and ample depth and spring of rib. Gently sloping topline, rugged quarters, and standing on well let down hocks which he used to effect in his happy, enthusiastic movement.

2nd. Vincent & Spencer’s Lynwood Kiss Chase At Caervista, . Lovely boy excelling in quality and type, and exuding masculinity without coarseness. Balanced head, Straight front, well ribbed back with ample heart and lung room. Excellent bend of stifle, with width and muscletone. Strong,sloping topline, well let down hocks from which he drove soundly with verve and style.

3rd.Hill Decoster’s Vicary’s Key Keeper.

L. (12).  

I found my first 3 placements all presenting excellent attributes, but on the day, and taking all into account, including movement, there was only one winner. No doubt this could change in future competition, but all were a joy to handle, and I believe them to be by the same sire.

1st. Pullen & Atkin’s Harvancourt Harlem At Jacingail. This exhibit had the hallmark of quality, as he caught my eye, and he did not disappoint on handling. His head is exquisite, refined oval skull, good stop, and good finish to foreface. He has lovely raised brows beneath which he has a charming, but roguish expression. Correct straight front, with good forechest, and deep well sprung ribs. Strong crested neck leading into fine, sloping shoulders. Sweeping bend of stifle, and good width through 2nd thigh. Standing on well let down hocks and neat, well padded feet. Super topline, gently sloping to strong croup and quarters with correct tailset. In full gleaming coat and muscular condition. He was one of my best movers on the day, driving effortlessly around the ring, with everything propelled in the right direction! CC & BIS. I understand this to be his 3rd CC today – Congratulations!

2nd. Hogarth’s Avacet Snowdrift. Another really eye catching dog who exhibits many of my winners characteristics. Handsome, well proportioned head, clean throat, good reach of neck and well angulated shoulders, with good return of upper arm. Ample spring and depth of rib. Good bend of stifle and strong 2nd thigh. Correct topline and tailset. Presented in lovely full coat and condition. Moved soundly, but unfortunately didn’t really put his heart into it, lacking that sparkle, for which he had to pay the price, both here and in the challenge for RCC.

3rd. Ciechonska’s Coppers Champagne On Ice At Aoibheanne.

O. (7).

1st. Gisby & Pike’s Sh.Ch. Suteresett Milky Way With Scarletti. Most handsome and rugged boy, who exudes maleness, without exaggeration in any part. He has such an impressive outline, and is so well proportioned throughout. Lovely oval skull, perfectly in balance through his stop to his square, neat muzzle. Clean throated with good forechest, and tight elbows. Well ribbed back and deep in body.Strong, oval bone, and standing on well arched feet. Good topline , and displaying strength over loin and his wide, powerful quarters, which drove him with sound reachy action around the ring He may not have the most profuse coat, but he has nothing to hide, displaying his proven qualities. A worthy Sh.Ch who was a pleasure to go over. RCC.

2nd. Gardner’s Sh.Ch. Riqitta Authentic. Presented in full rich coat and furnishings, appealing greatly in his overall outline. He is rugged but racey and not overdone in his masculinity.Good planes to skull and muzzle with a true Irish glint in his eye. Lovely angulated both fore and aft, with true front and great depth to body. Well ribbed back, short, strong loin, and sweeping stifle leading to well let down hocks. Firm topline gently sloping to good tailset. He moved round the ring with verve and style. Another boy well deserving his Sh.Ch. status.

3rd. Milligan-Bott & Bott & Lauwer’s Thendara Frozen Assett.

SB. (4).

1st. Corless’ Bardonhill Swift Eagle. Smaller type boy presented in rich dark coat. Pleasing head and gentle expression. Would prefer more fore angulation, but had a good depth of brisket, correct topline, and well bent stifle with good 2nd thigh. Short hocks, neat feet,moved out well with animation.

2nd. Legge’s Maescartref Tenessee Mood. Nicely balanced head, correctly shaped kindly eye. Firm topline, correct croup and good tailset . Good depth to body, presented in good bloom and finish to coat. Not as positive or enthusiastic on the move as 1.

3rd. Mitchell’s Polmennor Bonfire.

Alan Vanderbilt Memorial Open. (5)

1st. Stockton’s Gwendariff Dr. Pepper.

2nd. Polmennor Bonfire. Very clean outline. Well balanced skull and foreface. Raised brows, dark soft eye. Good depth of chest, but would like better fill in behind elbow. Gently sloping topline. Sweeping bend of stifle. Moved OK.

3rd. Jones’ Hunnicote Heatherman.





Irish Setter Club of Wales
21 April  2013

Judges: Dogs: Mrs June Henderson     Bitches: Miss Debbie Fryer

Entry: 221 Dogs

Two new Show Champions Crowned........

DSC 0397a

Main Awards:
Dog CC & BIS (his 3rd-Congratulations):Pullen & Atkin's
Sh.Ch.Harvancourt Harlem at Jacingail (L)
Bitch CC (her 3rd-Congratulations) & Res BIS: Walsh
Sh.Ch.Millcroft Ballad of the Moon JW (R)
with Judges Debbie Fryer, June Henderson and Margaret Gittins

Res Dog CC: Gisby & Pike Sh.Ch. Suteresett Milky Way with Scarletti JW
Res.Bitch CC: Hillocks Jonola Love and Liberty

DSC 0412a
(above) Best Puppy Dog & BPIS: Sturrocks Forfarian I'm Sexy An I Know it

Best Puppy Bitch: Muir Romarne One Night Only

DSC 0343a
(above) Best Veteran Dog & Best Veteran in Show:
Milligan-Bott, Bott, & Lauwers
Sh Ch/Multi/IntCh Sumaric Shadow of Mr. Jingles

Best Veteran Bitch: Bouttell Sh.Ch. Ixia Genevieve
The photographs were very kindly supplied by Barbara Gladwish
Catalogue Results
kindly supplied by Viv Blackshaw



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