Critique - Judge: Miss Becky Box

Border Union is one of my favourite general championship shows, so I was delighted to accept this appointment. My thanks to the Committee for their hospitality, both before and on the day of the show.

Unusually for our breed, we were scheduled second in the ring and unfortunately judging of the breed before us was delayed (and was taking place in the wet weather accommodation).  Thanks must therefore go to Pat Butler-Holley who kindly volunteered to steward until the scheduled stewards were available, so that I could commence judging in the corresponding outside ring.  This meant that our judging had to take place outside despite the changeable weather.  We endured one or two short spells of rain but I was reluctant to move indoors as we had a good sized outside ring and the bursts of rain were short lived.  Thanks must therefore also go to the exhibitors for their understanding in these circumstances.  Luckily the weather improved greatly in the afternoon.

Overall I found the quality of my entry good, with strong competition for the top spot in the majority of classes.  

Minor Puppy Dog (4, 1 abs)

1st Sturrock’s Forfarian I’m Sexy An I Know It.  Mature puppy with a striking outline and a confident and outgoing personality.  Very well made with super bone and body. Lovely dark coat.  Moved with real purpose.  Balanced, level head with sweet expression and low set ears.  Very promising.

2nd Riddell’s Thendara Chasing Girls Around Trunorth.  Nice puppy with a racy outline, who moved steadily.  Pleasing head and expression, good reach of neck and strong topline.  Not the overall balance and finish of 1 at this stage.

3rd Vallance’s Lynwood His Grace at Corcencone

Puppy Dog (7, 3 abs)

1st Holley’s Wynjill Well I Am. This young man really stood out in this class.  So much to like about him it is easy to see why he has been on such a fabulous winning run.  Very balanced and composed for his 11 months. Super front, deep chest, clean neck, neat feet and well laid shoulders. Firm topline which he held on the move.  Well developed hindquarters and strong hocks which helped him to move so well.  Handsome head for one so young with lovely raised brows.  Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy in Breed. Am sure he has a very bright future.

2nd Cuddy’s Suteresett Rebel Rouser in Balbriggan.  Slightly bigger frame than 1 but still balanced.  An attractive dog with a pleasing outline. Quite mature in body, with good depth of chest and well developed hindquarters.  In good coat and condition. Balanced head with pleasing expression and soft eyes although not the work of 1. Moved steadily.  

3rd Forfarian I’m Sexy An I Know It

Junior Dog (4, 2 abs)

1. Suteresett Rebel Rouser in Balbriggan

2nd McNeil & Boyd-McNeil’s Gwendariff I’m A Showoff. This young dog was unsettled by the windy weather conditions and a tannoy announcement that was made at just the wrong time.  His handler handled him sensitively to try to get the best out of him but he was not inclined to respond, which was a shame.  He presented a nice outline and was shown in good coat and condition.

Yearling Dog (5, 2 abs)

1st Burke’s Lanstara Soul Seduction.  Well made dog, attractive outline, balanced head with low set ears, although preferred the expression of 2.  Deep chest, straight front, good bend of stifle.  In good coat with plenty of feathering. Moved steadily.

2nd Bridgewater’s Bardonhill Bertie Bott at Bridgella.  Pleasing dog all round, with good body proportions, correct angulations and firm topline.  Lovely head with a sweet expression. Not the maturity and furnishings of 1 at this stage but he has plenty of time to develop these.

3rd Gwendariff I’m A Showoff

Graduate Dog (7, 1 abs)

A nice class with some promising young dogs.

1st Stockers Kirkavagh Xakala.  One I have watched with interest from the ringside.  He has the ‘stamp’ of quality that comes from this kennel.  A beautiful dog, balanced from head to toe with good bone and shown in super coat and condition.  Lovely neck and shoulders, flowing into firm topline. Super head and expression with lots of ‘work’ and raised brows over lovely eyes.  Moved very well.

2nd Cohen’s Caispern Lorenzo with Sushana JW.  Another attractive dog with lots to like about him. Well made throughout, medium size, good body proportions, deep chest and good front.  Super dark glossy coat.  Very handsome head, super dark eyes and good stop.  Moved soundly but not with the drive of 1.  Only just two so will watch how he develops with interest.

3rd Pollard and Cook’s Grayrigge Benedict JW

Post Graduate Dog (8)

1st Bott’s Bardonhill Gamblin Willie JW.  Such a stylish dog, drew my eye from the start of the class.  Faultless performance both moving and standing, and he moves so freely and effortlessly with it.  Super head, so typical of this kennel, handsome and with plenty of work but also a softness that I find very appealing.  Everything put together so well with no exaggeration or coarseness. Good front and feet, deep chest, well laid shoulders, well ribbed and with strong loin and hind quarters.  Presented in tip top condition. Has many successful days ahead of him I’m sure.

2nd Dingle’s Shenanagin Storyteller.  Another young dog that I have watched from the ringside and he is maturing into a lovely boy.  Slightly heavier than 1 but still balanced and with a clean outline. Good bone and deep chest, well sprung ribs and strong hindquarters.  Not quite the reach of neck of 1.  Handsome head but 1 had that bit more work.  Moved very well.

3rd Cole’s Gwendariff Pellegrino

Limit Dog (12, 5abs)

1st Hogarth’s Avacet Snowdrift.  A beautiful dog with the most lovely head and soft expression, which he is become well known for and I can see why.  Very balanced, with good reach of neck, well constructed front and strong, powerful hind quarters, deep chest and well ribbed.  Shown in full bloom and moved with drive and style. Makes his handler work hard the whole time and unfortunately in the challenge he did not show to advantage.  He undoubtedly has the qualities to achieve his title and I wish his owners every success in gaining his third CC.

2nd Wood’s Reddins Falcon.  This dog must now be coming to his best, and was unlucky to meet 1 in such top form.  He is a very honest dog, of good size and soundly made with good bone, well muscled and carrying the correct amount of weight.  Has a pleasing head, balanced with good stop and well set ears.  Moved well but unfortunately did flag his tail a little.

3rd Cuddy’s Suteresett Royal Ripple with Balbriggan JW

Open Dog (4)

1st Gardner’s Sh Ch Riqitta Authentic.  I judged this dog before when he was at that awkward stage moving from yearling into graduate.  Since then everything has come together and he has developed into a lovely example of our breed.  He must be at his peak now, and has so many of the qualities that a fully mature dog in top form should possess, with none of the exaggerations.  He has a classic, racy outline, totally balanced and all parts flowing together.  Clean, well arched neck, excellent front and shoulders, deep chest and well ribbed, firm, gently sloping topline and strong, well developed hindquarters with correct bend of stifle and strong hocks.  Moved soundly and with drive and presented immaculately.  Pleased to award him the CC and BOB.

2nd Hunter and Brown’s Sh Ch Shenanagin Scholoar with Braidmount.  It is no secret that this dog is a favourite of mine. He does his best to throw his chances away but his qualities cannot be denied.  A very attractive, racy and refined dog built on flowing lines.  Excellent forequarters with deep chest, good spring of rib, strong loin and strong hindquarters.  Love his head and expression, has raised brows, kind eyes and that melting expression that is so prized.  Presented in tip top condition. RCC.

3rd Van Hal’s NL/LU/VDH Ch Houston of the Trav’lin Star

Minor Puppy Bitch (10, 2abs)

A super class of promising puppies, at a range of stages as one would expect.

1st Borthwick’s Northamber Runs Riot at Lotushill.  Super racy outline for such a young lady.  Balanced fore and hind quarters with good body proportions, clean slightly arched neck, good shoulders flowing into firm topline.  Pretty head and expression. Moved very well.

2.Longbottom and Stewart-Ritchie’s Gwendariff The Catz Wiskers.  Make and shape very typical of her breeding. Good bone, clean outline, good lay of shoulders and well developed hindquarters for her age.  Nice neat feet. Pretty, balanced head.  Moved steadily.

3rd Bott’s Bardonhill Guilty Pleasure

Puppy Bitch (13, 1abs)

1. Holley’s Wynjill Well Known.  When I have seen this bitch exhibited previously she did not give her best but today she was composed and performed to perfection and as a result her many qualities shone through.  Litter sister to the puppy dog winner and similar comments apply. Very feminine yet has the required substance.  Super outline topped by a classic feminine headpiece. Quality throughout and like her brother, one to watch for the future.  Best puppy bitch.

2nd Northamber Runs Riot at Lotushill

3rd Gwendariff The Catz Wiskers

Junior Bitch(3)

1st Watt’s Shenanagin Scrumptious.   A mature young lady for her 14 months of age and she won this class with ease. Balanced outline and built on flowing lines. Good front, deep chest, correct front and rear angulation. Strong topline which she held on the move. Balanced head with good stop and raised brows.  Moved well using her tail.

2nd Harvey’s Shenanagin Sensational at Barntallock.  Litter sister to 1 and the resemblance is there to see. Pleasing outline, again all parts fitting together well but not the overall balance or ring presence of her sister.  Pleasing head and expression.

3rd Rance’s Suteresett Mine Mine Mine at Mayfred

Yearling Bitch (8, 2 abs)

1st Henderson’s Sametsuz In A Fankle.  I was surprised with at much I liked this bitch.  She is quite an upstanding young lady but she combines femininity and elegance with substance and style.  Super neck and shoulders. Good front and neat feet.  Kept her shape on the move and moved soundly with real style.  Very attractive head and pretty expression.

2nd Wilkins Bardonhill Hetty Bayliss Among Margretwoods JW.  A lovely bitch who I have admired on previous occasions. Well bodied with good spring of rib and depth of chest.  Lovely dark coat, Balanced head with pretty expression. Moved well.  Close decision with 1, this girl was more “my type” but 1 couldn’t be denied based on her overall elegance and performance on the day.

3rd Blackshaw’s Lanstara Cupid’s Boogie

Graduate Bitch (11, 5abs)

1st Bott, Allen and Morgan’s Bardonhill Please Don’t Tease Quensha JW.  Such a showy girl – demands attention and gives her all to her handler.  Moved soundly and with style, using her tail the whole time. Feminine throughout and with the sweetest head and expression. Super neck, well laid shoulders, good depth of chest and well ribbed. Glossy dark coat.  Only 18 months old but on this form must have a very bright future.

2nd Lorrimer’s Oakchase Alexis. I don’t think I had ever seen this bitch before and so she was a nice surprise.  Very elegant, attractive bitch, good size and shape, balanced throughout.  I could really see her sire in her, and she has his style. She was quite difficult for her handler, clearly having a mind of her own, but I liked that her personality came out. Will be interested to see how she progresses.

3rd Pollard’s Grayrigge Beatrice JW

Post Graduate Bitch (14, 5abs)

1st Watt’s Shenanagin Softly Softly JW. I have admired this lovely bitch from the ringside since she was a puppy and was delighted to get the chance to assess her.  She lived up to my expectations!  Eye catching both standing and on the move, she is so very well made, all parts flowing together without exaggeration. Lovely head and expression, good reach of neck, with well laid shoulders, strong hindquarters with good bend of stifle. Presented in great condition.  Not yet 3 so her best is still to come and she must also have some very good days ahead of her. Considered in the challenge.

2nd Laidlaw and Ritchie’s Glencarron Summer Lovin JW.  A very attractive bitch, super outline and feminine throughout.  Well bodied and with good muscle tone. Super feet and good topline and tailset. Balanced head, with pretty, soft expression.  Moved well.  Not the furnishings or bloom of 1 on the day.

3rd Hillock’s Jonola Hot and Sassy

Limit Bitch (12, 4 abs)

A super class.

1st Limpus’s Shenanagin She’s The One For Karidell.  Another top quality bitch from this kennel, I have stood next to her in the ring on many occasions admiring her!  I like her overall confirmation and super shape. Clean neck with well laid back shoulders, good bone, nice feet, firm topline and slightly arched loin. Super hindquarters, strong with correct bend of stifle and short hocks.  Moved very well, holding her topline and using her tail to advantage.  Lovely balanced head and pretty expression.  Dark coat and well presented.  I was pleased to award her the RCC and have no doubt she will go on to gain her crown.

2nd Hunter and Brown’s Fairhaven Louise Mountbatten at Braidmount (Imp Swe). Smaller build and slightly longer cast than 1 but presents a striking outline. Ultra feminine throughout with a fabulous head and expression. Neck, shoulders, topline and tailset define ‘flowing’ in my opinion.  Good lay of shoulder and strong hindquarters.  Presented in super condition.  The first two were, conveniently standing together in the ring and whilst I liked this bitch very much my eye kept going back to 1 as I preferred her overall balance and 1 has the edge of maturity (as she should, being a year older).  That said, it was a close decision.  I am sure she will also easily make up and deservingly so.

3.Hillock’s Jonola Love and Liberty

Open (8, 2abs)

1st King’s Kirkavagh Ebadiyla JW.  Such an elegant bitch, classic, balanced outline with all parts in proportion and balancing substance with feminity.  Prettiest of heads, balanced with raised brow, good stop, lovely dark eyes and low set ears.  Correct reach of neck, good shoulders, strong, slightly arched loin and wide, well developed hindquarters.  Flowed round the ring with her runner, with real enthusiasm and drive.  Gave it all her on the move in the challenge and, although pushed hard by the competition, her overall performance on the day, and the edge she gains from that beautiful headpiece, earned her a well deserved CC.  I hope her third is not far away.  Interestingly she was my best puppy in breed last time I judged, and the RCC winner stood second to her that day – so pleasing to see how they have fulfilled their early promise.

2nd Hogsflesh’s Sh Ch Lyngor Living Water JW. This girl was my post graduate winner last time. At that time I described her as a star in the making and since then I have watched her blossom and deservingly gain her crown. She is every inch a champion, so well made, balanced throughout, lovely head and expression and moves so soundly.  Not in full bloom today and had to make way for the up and coming stars but I still greatly admire her.

3rd Holley’s Gwendariff Whata Wynjill

Becky Box (Judge)



Border Union 15 June 2013

Entry: 114 Dogs making 135 Entries
Judge: Miss Becky Box  (Fernstart)
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Dog Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed
Sh.Ch. Riqitta Authentic
Congratulations to Rafferty and his owner Tania Gardner
Photo, Claire Prangle,  kindly supplied by Tania Gardner

Other Main Awards:
Bitch CC: Mr S C & Mrs L M King Kirkavagh Ebadiyla JW
Res.Dog CC: Ms M Hunter & Mr W Brown Sh.Ch. Shenanagin Scholar with Braidmount JW
Res. Bitch CC: Mr B A & Mrs N.G.Limpus Shenanagin She's The One for Karidell JW
Best Puppy Dog & Best Puppy in Breed: Mrs J. Holley Wynjill Well I Am
Best Puppy Bitch: Mrs J Holley Wynjill Well Known



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