Critique - Bitches: Mrs Lynn Morris

It was an honour and a pleasure to judge such a lovely entry. Thank you to all the exhibitors for bringing your girls and well done to both dogs and exhibitors for coping with the heat so well.

I found a good depth of quality in the entry. I was hoping to find the right balance of soundness and elegance, and overall was more than pleased with the class winners and main placements. Temperament was consistently good with lots of examples of ‘demonstratively affectionate’ behaviour and movement was generally sound especially given the hot conditions. However, I did see a trend in poor front construction with a significant number of bitches displaying faults including lack of angulation at the shoulder, lack of fore-chest, looseness at elbow and weak pasterns. I was also somewhat disappointed in the number of heads lacking in refinement and length and without the chiselling which is needed to produce a true Irish expression.

Minor Puppy Entries 7 Absentee 1

1. Wilkin’s Margretwoods C’est La Vie

The most balanced and mature puppy in a very diverse class. A well-made substantial bitch built on elegant lines. . Good balance in head, dark eye with quizzical expression.

Excellent body properties, good bone, straight front, well-angulated front and rear with good broad croup although she carried her tail rather high on the move.

2. Morriss-Begg’s Thendara Chasing Boys to Sumaric

A promising baby also built on elegant lines with good reach of neck, flowing into a good firm topline. Soundly constructed, with good depth of chest and straight front. Pleasing lean, feminine head with kind expression. Shorter coupled than 1 and just needs time to drop behind to present a balanced picture.

3. Trevor & Fountain’s Cataluna Me and My Girl

Puppy Entries 13 Absentee 3

1 Longbottom and Stewart-Ritchie’s Gwendariff The Catz Whiskers

A feminine and well-constructed young lady with a lovely clean outline and no exaggerations. Well-angulated at the shoulder, good depth of chest, straight front, well-filled in the loin and good over croup. Lean and feminine in head and although I would prefer more length, she has a pleasing soft expression. Moved steadily. BPB

2 Borthwick’s Northamber Runs Riot at Lotushill

An elegant youngster with good reach and arch of neck set onto well-laid back shoulders. Well-constructed with good body properties and sloping topline. Lean, pretty head, refined over skull with sweet expression. Not as balanced in hindquarters as 1 but this young lady has much promise.

3 Tapper and Mugford’s Lynwood Airs ‘n Graces at Kedalita

Junior Entries 14 Absentee 0

1 Holley’s Wynjill Well Known

Winner of a superb class. This young lady is beautifully balanced. She is elegant, refined and full of quality. Pretty head, lean, refined with raised brows and just the right amount of stop, low set ears and the sweetest expression. Slightly arched neck set cleanly on to well laid back shoulders and straight front. Mature in body with good depth of chest, firm gently sloping topline, good width over croup and correct tailset. Strong well-angulated hindquarters, moved freely with true action. She showed to perfection all day and I was pleased to award her RCC.

2 Swainston’s Glenvarna Dora the Explorer JW

Another high quality elegant youngster, with a super clean outline. Soundly constructed with straight front, neat feet and good fore and rear angulation. Good fore-chest and spring of rib, strong coupling and well developed hindquarters. Pretty head, with soft expression. Moved true with good driving action.

3 Gisby’s Suteresett Once Upon a Dream

Yearling Entries 11 Absentee 1

1 Stevenson’s Lochlorien Scully Foxes Andley

This young lady has matured into an elegant, racy bitch with good topline flowing into well-set tail. Lean, feminine head, low-set ears and soft expression. Straight front, well-angulated fore and hindquarters , good bone and body properties. Super dark coat, presented in excellent condition and moved soundly with style.

2 Wilkins Bardonhill Hetty Bayliss among Margaretwoods JW

Another quality young bitch built on a more compact style than 1. Super clean outline with no exaggerations. Pretty, balanced head with dark eye, raised brows and a very sweet expression. Very well constructed, with good body properties, straight front, good angulation front and rear. Good true movement.

3 Griffin’s Danaway Love Song for Corriebran

Novice Entries 12 Absentee 2

1 Holley’s Wynjill Well Known

2 Gisby’s Suteresett Once Upon a Dream

3rd in exceptionally strong Junior class. An elegant dark coated young lady with a good outline. Pleasing balanced, lean, feminine head with soft expression. Soundly made with good bone, straight in front, clean over neck and shoulders and well-angulated hindquarters. Moved soundly.

3 Muir’s Romarne One Night Only

Debutant Entries 7 Absentee 0

1 Holley’s Wynjill Well Known

2 Gisby’s Suteresett Once Upon a dream

3 Tapper and Mugford’s Lynwood Airs ‘n Graces at Kedalita

Graduate Entries 12 Absentee 4

1 Russell’s Melmara Minervois

An elegant bitch with a racy outline. This young lady is so well-constructed with a slightly arched and well-muscled neck fitting cleanly into the shoulder. Good angulation front and rear with strong, well-muscled hindquarters. Straight in front with neat feet and good depth of chest. Balanced head with kind expression. Moved true with drive and style.

2 Bott, Allen and Morgan’s Bardonhill Please Don’t Tease Quensha JW

Close up to 1. Another quality bitch of lovely type with very good conformation. Pretty, feminine head with kind expression. Clean outline with lovely dark, gleaming coat. Good shoulder angulation and depth of chest. Straight in front with tight feet. Not quite the rear angulation of 1 but moved soundly with drive. I liked her style. She did well to gain her place above 3, a quality bitch I have admired from the ringside who has a beautiful head with the most wistful expression.

3 Pollard’s Grayrigge Beatrice JW

Postgraduate Entries 11 Absentee 2

1 Sturrock’s Forfarian Caught You Lookin JW

An eye-catching dark coated bitch with a lovely outline presenting an overall balanced and stylish picture. Refined head with a hint of mischief in her expression. Soundly constructed with good bone and body properties. Super straight front and the neatest feet. Good tailset. Moved soundly with drive. Well-handled and presented.

2 Morgan’s Deaconara Blue Sonata

A well-constructed dark coated bitch with very good body properties. Good angulation front and rear and straight in front. Not quite the topline of 1 but nevertheless presenting an elegant picture. Pleasing balanced and feminine head with soft expression. Moved soundly.

3 Watt’s Shenanagin Softly Softly JW

Mid Limit Entries 10 Absentee 0

1 Henson’s Millcroft Papermoon Makes Tatsbro

A lovely feminine bitch, presented well in good coat and condition; well-constructed throughout with no exaggerations. Pretty head, with dark eye and soft expression. Strong, slightly arched neck set cleanly into the shoulder and flowing into gently sloping topline with good croup and tailset. Good angulation in front with good depth of chest and well-angulated hindquarters. Straight in front, with neat feet. She moved well with an accurate gait and good co-ordination. In the challenge, she couldn’t quite maintain her topline –maybe due to the very hot conditions at the end of the day.

2 Muir’s Romarne Savannah JW

Close decision between 1 and 2 in a very strong class. Another high quality, dark-coated bitch with excellent body properties and a striking outline. Lean, feminine head with typical Irish expression. Good spring of rib and depth of body. Firm topline, strong hindquarters, flat over croup and good tailset. Not quite as positive on the move as 1 on the day.

3 Mutch’s Astley View Summer Fox

Limit Entries 9 Absentee 2

1 Hunter and Brown’s Fairhaven Louise Mountbatten at Braidmount

An outstanding bitch is full of quality and style and the star of the day. This young lady has good substance but is elegant and refined throughout and her conformation is superb . Feminine and balanced in head , with soft, typical expression and a well- arched neck flowing smoothly into well-laid back shoulders. Firm topline, excellent croup and tailset. Wide and well-angulated hindquarters, short from hock to heel. She moved stylishly with drive and true front and rear action. Pleased to award her CC (her third) and in agreement with my co-judge, B.O.B.

2 Limpus’s Shenanagin She’s The One for Karidell JW

A top-quality bitch with a striking outline built on elegant lines. She is soundly constructed with good bone and body properties. Well-balanced feminine head with kind expression. Good angulation front and rear with wide, powerful hindquarters. Straight front, good croup and tailset. Moved soundly with drive.

3 Stevenson’s Lochlorien Prime Suspect for Andley JW SHCM

Open Entries 11 Absentee 2

1 Waterton’s Sh Ch Lynwood Kissed by an Angel at Sandstream JW SHCM

A lovely refined and elegant bitch whom I have placed well previously. She has matured into a top quality bitch, well-deserving of her Sh Ch status. Feminine throughout, with good body properties. Long, lean head with low set ears and sweet expression. Good reach of neck set cleanly on to well laid back shoulders which flowed into gently sloping topline and good tailset. Well angulated front and rear and good, true co-ordinated movement.

2. Hinslea’s Sh Ch. Northamber Causin a Riot JW

A super quality bitch with true Irish elegance and style, a striking outline and loads of ring presence.   Balanced in head, well laid back shoulders, firm topline and strong, well-angulated rear quarters. Excellent body properties, lovely dark, pretty coat. She covered the ground well on the move. Close decision in a very strong class but I just preferred the head and expression of 1.

3 Lennox’s Harsbourne Hyacinth

Judge Lynn Morris (Brinara/Minsterlands)


East of England 7 July 2013

Judges: Dogs: Mr Keith Lewis Bitches: Mrs Lynn Morris
Entry 152 Dogs making 206 Entries
ee 2013 newsham IMG 3902
Winning her 3rd Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed
Sh.Ch. Fairhaven Louise Mountbatten at Braidmount (R)
owned by Mona hunter & Will Brown
& handled by Mona
Winning his 2nd Challenge Certificate was:
Brabrook Flash Harry at Montgreenan (L)
owned by Mr J, Mrs L & Miss L Richardson
& handled by Linzie Richardson
IMG 3937
Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy in Breed was
awarded to:
Forfarian I'm Sexy An I Know It (L)
owned by Sandra,  Nicola and Jenna Sturrock
Best Puppy Bitch
Gwendariff The Catz Wiskers (R)
Owned by Mesdames Longbottom & Stewart-Ritchie
Other Main Awards
Reserve Dog CC: Lauwers, Milligan-Bott & Bott JCH Thendara Frozen Asset
Res.Bitch CC: Mrs J Holley Wynjill Well Known
Congratulations to all the winners
Photos: Ian Newsham      Full Results



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