Critique - Bitches: Mr Leith Lewis


Many thanks to those who chose to bring their Setters under  me on this occasion and for their forbearance on such a blisteringly hot day, certainly the  hottest I have personally experienced as a judge. Thank you also to my two excellent  stewards. Fortunately, the Committee had again provided an in/out tenting facility which  provided some respite from the prevailing conditions for both the Handlers and their  dogs and my, was it needed! In any event, I made some allowance for the prevailing  conditions though the sometimes very high and hooked-over tail carriages could not be  overlooked. Such instances detract fully from the breed standard's requirement for tails  to be carried "as nearly as possible on a level with or below th-e back!" I was however,
pleased to report today on a near total absence of ill-fitting teeth though was  disappointed at the surprising absence of good muscle-tone in some of the middle-order  classes!

MPO. (2, 1).

1. Sturrock's Forfarian I'm Sexy An I Know It. Stood alone today but this  8 month old boy well-merited his first place spot anyway!. Having already admired him  from the ringside at a previous show I was pleased to get my hands on him today and he  did not disappoint! Presented an altogether well-balanced outline both when stacked,  and on the move. Pleasing head and foreface, on a lovely sweep of neck into well-laid  shoulders. Excellent topline. Good depth and spring of rib. Strong over loin with well-  bent stifles and showing good muscle-tone. Tail set on well and used to pleasing  effect. Just needs time, but BP today with the agreement of my co-judge, and one to  watch I think!

PD. (6, 1).

1. Sturrock's Forfarian I'm Sexy An I Know It.

2. Miller &  Wollbraaten'Caemgen's Element Of Truth At Feorlig (Imp Swe).

Close up to my winner  whose topline and overall balance I just preferred today. This 10 month boy also owns a  masculine head with pleasing, expressive eyes and a well-defined occiput. Responding  here to his excellent handler, he moved here with drive and some precision. He owns a  deep, well-ribbed chest, good bone and nicely-bent stifles. 3. Axon's Brinara Private  Eye.

JO. (6, 1). Close contest between the first two here.

1. Venables Deevonville Conquistador.

Promising youngster with all the essentials and, at 15 months, maturing  nicely. Excellent well- sculpted head with pleasing expression and low-set ears. Good  length of correct-arched and well-muscled neck into correct lay of shoulder. Satisfactory  depth of well-ribbed chest.. Shows excellent balance fore and aft both when stacked and  in his positive movement, the latter giving him the decisive edge today in this class.  Lightly-textured coat coming along nicely. He used his tail to pleasing effect on the  move. Just needs to body up a little more but time is clearly on his side.

2. Holley's  Wynjill Well I Am.

Another pleasing specimen, at just twelve months, progressing nicely and, at this stage, a little finer than my winner in both head and build, and not quite  matching the precision and drive today of the first-placed youngster but again, a very  well-balanced dog showing plenty of promise.

3. Cuddy's Suteresett Rebel Rouser In  Balbriggan.

YD. (5). Close contest here between the first two in this class.

1. Venables  Deevonville. Conquistador.

2. Gratton's Bardonhill Moon River Flows Into Glenlaine JW.  Thought initially that this boy would be my first choice here but his rear movement was  somewhat untidy, spoiling an altogether pleasing picture for a boy who, at 19 months,  has much to commend him, notably a super, well-balanced outline, good depth, an  excellent textured coat and good bone. Hopefully it was just the heat getting to him on  the day!

3. Heppell's Deevonville Santana.

NO. (7, 3).

1. Holley's Wynjill Well I Am.
2. Cuddy's Rebel Rouser In Balbriggan. 12 month old well-balanced dog who was  placed 3rd in the earlier Junior Class. Good head, neck and shoulder qualities but a little lacking in animation when asked to move today,

3. Heppell's Deevonville Santana.

DD. (6,4).

1. Holley's Wynjill Well I Am.
2. Cuddy's Rebel Rouser In Balbriggan.
3.  Davis' Brinara New Statesman At Corribeg.

GO. (12, 1). A very competitive class.

1. Williamson's Keljaru Lovely Jubbly. 2 year old boy new to me who, though not as dark  coated as some, met most of the qualities I seek in an Irish Setter. Lovely well-chiselled  and clearly masculine head. Good reach of well-muscled and gently arched neck into a  good layback of shoulder.. Good body properties and sound construction both fore and  aft. Well-settled whether stacked or on the move where his positive and correct use of  the tail completed an altogether very pleasing picture..

2. Stocker's Kirkavagh Xakala.  
Nice boy, just short of his third birthday and dripping in coat. Another whose type I very  much like but, today, he was not showing quite the all-round panache and enthusiasm  of my class winner.

3. Luto's Rappatty Excalibur JW.

PGO. (10,1).

1. Richardson's Brabrook Flash Harry At Montgreenan.

Unquestionably, the best mover of the day for  me, showing total enthusiasm with head held proudly high and showing real drive from
his strong, well-muscled quarters; all fully complimented by that rarity today of a level  and lashing tail and such a luxuriant deep rich textured coat for a dog of under 3 years of age. He showed good depth, excellent balance and great muscle-tone. Heat or no  heat, he was at one with his young handler - both were clearly out to enjoy themselves and it showed! Delighted to award him the CC, his 2nd I believe.

2. Richardson's
Kirkavagh Hernando ShCM, I liked the head, shoulders and general good all-round  confirmation of this dog.,ln particular its angulation at both front and rear and its overall  balance but felt in particular, that he just lacked the sheer vitality of the winner.

3. Griffin's Corriebran Diagem.

MLO. (7).

Very close contest between two quality dogs I  have witnessed at close hand during much of their show careers.

1. Gratton's  Bardonhill Floating Moon Into Glenlaine JW, ShCM.

This boy has good upper arm  angulation and has really matured in body and coat over the past year or so and, with so  little to choose between him and his contemporary my final choice for placings today  was influenced by the more positive movement demonstrated by the winner today. A  real case of nit-picking though!

2. Wood's Reddins Falcon ShCM. As has been said"  

there was very little to choose between this dog and my winner. On balance, I just prefer  Falcon's outline but today, but this aspect was more than counter-balanced by Falcon's  fractional inability to match the added verve of the winner. So close though!

3. Rose-  Hay's Cataluna Wayward Wind.

LO. (9, 1).

1. Millan's Landscot Going For Gold.

Upstanding 5 year-old, whose handler brought the very best out of this now very  mature and deep-chested dog. He owns a well-worked head on a good length of slightly  arched neck into well-laid shoulders. Good ribbing and depth to chest. Well-muscled  quarters, strong across loin, stifles well let down. Good tail fit and used very effectively  today.

2. Tapper's Kedalita The Merry Tyler.

7-year old fella overcoming the heat and  showing movement today befitting a much younger dog though his tail carriage was a  little on the high side. Nicely-worked head with close ear set and well-pronounced  occiput. .Good angulation fore and aft, though showing a tendency to fidget when  stacked..

3. Cuddy's Suteresett Royal Ripple With Balbriggan Jw.

00. (4).

Class headed by two lovely specimens from the same Anglo-Belgian breeding partnership with  the top spot going to the older one.

1. Lauwers, Milligan-Bott & Bott's JCh Thendara

Frozen Asset.. Eye-catching boy presented in lovely condition. He could not be ignored  when stacked and initial impressions regarding his quality were quickly confirmed with  everything much as it should be, though his tail carriage on the move could have been  more on a level with his back. Pleased nevertheless to award him the RCCas his good  points far outweighed this weakness ..

2. Lauwers, Milligan-Bott & Bott's Lux Ch

Thendara Satisfaction JW. 2 year-old boy, again beautifully presented but not on the  day exhibiting quite the same free -flowing movement as my winner. Again, very well-  constructed from the tip of his well-sculpted head, through his pleasing length of gently-  arched neck and sound shoulders to his strong hindquarters ..

3. Danks-Kemish's  Tiroen Time After Time For Alolfran JW, ShCM ..

Keith Lewis (Judge)


East of England 7 July 2013

Judges: Dogs: Mr Keith Lewis Bitches: Mrs Lynn Morris
Entry 152 Dogs making 206 Entries
ee 2013 newsham IMG 3902
Winning her 3rd Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed
Sh.Ch. Fairhaven Louise Mountbatten at Braidmount (R)
owned by Mona hunter & Will Brown
& handled by Mona
Winning his 2nd Challenge Certificate was:
Brabrook Flash Harry at Montgreenan (L)
owned by Mr J, Mrs L & Miss L Richardson
& handled by Linzie Richardson
IMG 3937
Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy in Breed was
awarded to:
Forfarian I'm Sexy An I Know It (L)
owned by Sandra,  Nicola and Jenna Sturrock
Best Puppy Bitch
Gwendariff The Catz Wiskers (R)
Owned by Mesdames Longbottom & Stewart-Ritchie
Other Main Awards
Reserve Dog CC: Lauwers, Milligan-Bott & Bott JCH Thendara Frozen Asset
Res.Bitch CC: Mrs J Holley Wynjill Well Known
Congratulations to all the winners
Photos: Ian Newsham      Full Results



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