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Thank you to the committee for giving me my first championship appointment which I really enjoyed. Thank you also to Joan and Adrienne for doing such a competent job of stewarding.


1.Crocker & Evans Copper’s War of Roses What a beautiful puppy he is, so well balanced with

the ideal angulation. Long, lean head, with a kind expression, correct earset and arched neck. Lovely outline. Showed so well for one so young, never stopped wagging his tail. Could have taken him home BPD and BPIS

2 McLarnon’s Gwendariff Paddy Power Glenavna Another lovely puppy with a good shape, angulation and depth. Appealing head, good reach of neck and sloping topline. Neat feet and upright pasterns. Liked his naughty personality.

3 Powis Amberwave Fantabulous

PUPPY 6 (2)

1 Crocker & Evans Copper’s War of Roses

2 McLarnons Gwendariff Paddy Power Glenavna

3 Powis

Amberwave Fantabulous


1 McNeil & Boyd McNeil’s Glencarron Shakatak Have always admired this dog from the ringside. A very handsome boy who still looks good, shown in beautiful condition. Has a good shape with the desired gently sloping topline, reach of neck and good depth throughout. Just unlucky to meet such a nice bitch in the challenge for BV.

2 Holehan’s Sh Ch Erinade Starwars JW Similar in age to 1 and similar remarks apply. Presented a striking outline, good quarters, well developed second thigh . Lovely head with gentle expression

3 Carter’s Kerrimere Just Rumours


1 Sturrock’s Forfarian I’m Sexy an I Know It Standing this dog stood out in the class for his quality and appeal. Dark coated and in excellent condition. Eye catching in outline, good neck into clean shoulders. Angulation and depth good throughout. Balanced head, dark eye and raised brow. Shall watch his development with interest.

2 Stewart & Ritchie’s Gwendariff The Big Atraxion Nicely balanced young dog. Low ear set, arched neck with good reach into shoulders. Well angulated with nice tight feet. Moved and presented well.

3 Kniveton’s Bardonhill Top Gun


1 Naylor & Morrison’s Anlory Keltic Blue Sky (JW) A young dog who again stood out in this class. Rich dark coat. Good clean outline and very eye catching. Liked his masculine head, a very handsome boy. Good bone and spring of rib, correct croup and tailset. Short from hock to heel and moved really well with lashing tail carried correctly. Another one to watch in the future.

2 Bott’s Bardonhill Just One Look   Pleasing young dog of medium build with ample bone. Good straight front, neat feet, moved steady.

3 Mitchell’s Sutersett Go The Distance to Staxyll


1 Stewart & Ritchie’s Gwendariff The Big Atraxion

2 Kniveton’s Bardonhill Top Gun Compact dog with ample bone. Gently sloping topline which he kept on the move and correct tailset. Lovely tight feet

3 Drew & Smyth’s Northamber Red Riot


1 Stewart & Ritchie’s Gwendariff The Big Atraxion

2 Kniveton’s Bardonhill Top Gun

3 Drew & Smyth’s Northamber Red Riot


1 Wheeldon’s Glenlaine Bugatti into Colemist Impressive well coated young dog, with good bone. Lovely topline and good straight front. Sweeping stifle leading to well defined hocks. Losing a couple of pounds would be to his advantage

2 Stewart & Ritchie’s Gwendariff The Big Atraxion

3 Mitchell’s Sutersett Go The Distance to Staxyll


1 Cuddy’s Aoibheannes Quite the Rebel by Balbriggan Medium sized dog with dark coat. Lovely outline with nice body proportions. Well balanced throughout. Liked his head, correct shaped eye and ear set, arched neck and flowing topline. Stands well on strong quarters and held topline on move.

2 Burke’s Lanstara Soul Seduction Upstanding dog shown in beautiful condition. Head of equal proportions with raised brow. Rear angulation good

3 Collins Fearnley Veuve


1 Stewart & Ritchie’s Gwendariff Whippersnapper (JW) An eyecatching young dog balanced in every way. Kind expression and raised brow with low set sears. Good reach of neck leading into clean shoulders. Correct rear angulation showing well defined hocks. As expected from this kennel he was shown in immaculate condition. Really showed himself off, I’m sure he will have a very bright future

2 Cohen’s Caispern Lorenzo with Shushana (JW) Nice type of dog, rugged dark coat in lovely condition. Good depth and bone. Well developed second thigh, good muscular condition. Played his handler up today.

3 O’Connor’s Caispern Polonius


1 Cuddy’s Sutersett Royal Ripple with Balbriggan Another dog with lovely dark rugged coat, liked his mischevious expression. Good front assembly and well ribbed back. Good outline

2 Buchan’s Loskeran Dream Maker Sh.Cm Well coated dog, presented a lovely outline with firm topline which he held on the move. Good muscular condition and moved with lashing tail

3 Rance’s Mayfred Mr Magnifico


1 Kniveton’s Serrula Playaround at Orstone Nice sized boy with balanced proportions. Deep chested with a straight front. Well developed second thigh and good muscle tone. Shown in superb condition. A really happy boy, his personality shone through. Moved soundly with lashing tail carried correctly to win this class.

2 McLarnon’s Glenavna Journey South (JW) A dog who demands attention. Head long and lean with raised brow. Good Setter shape and good substance throughout. Short well defined hocks and well bent stifles. A close decision between 1 and 2

3 Wood’s Reddins Falcon Sh.Cm

OPEN DOG 6 (1)

1 Edden & Crocker’s Sh Ch Meadway Morrisey , So balanced and full of quality. He looked a picture, flowed from tip to toe. Appealing in head and has such a gentle, intelligent expression. Neck gently arched and of moderate length set cleanly into shoulders. Well angulated both fore and rear and good sternum. Tail correctly set on and he never stopped using it, presented to perfection, he was a joy to watch going round the ring. I loved him. CC and BIS

2 Ciechonska’s Copper’s Champagne on Ice at Aoibheanne (JW) Very similar in type to 1 and similar remarks apply. Eye catching dog who is well constructed with lovely bone and angulation. Rich dark coat and in super condition. RCC

3 Gisby & Pike’s Sh Ch Sutersett Milky Way with Scarletti (JW)





North East of England Irish Setter Club
19 October 2013

Judges: Dogs: Mrs S Nevitt
Bitches: Mrs C O'Callaghan (Merryborne)
Entry: 146 Dogs

Dog Challenge Certificate and Best in Show
was awarded to Morris
Owned by Blake Crocker and Jan Edden

Sh.Ch. Meadway Morrisey
with judges: Mrs C O'Callaghan & Mrs S Nevitt

Bitch Challenge Certificate and Reserve Best in Show
was awarded to Blanche owned by Sandy Waterton
NEEISC bitchcc
Sh.Ch. Lynwood Kissed by an Angel at Sandstream JW Sh.CM

Other Main Awards
Res.Dog CC: Ciechonska Sh.Ch. Copper's Champagne on Ice at Aoibheanne JW
Res. Bitch CC: Dale Anlory Dreams
Best Puppy Dog & BPIS: Evans & Crocker Copper's War of Roses
Best Veteran Dog:  McNeil & Boyd McNeil Sh.Ch. Glencarron Shakatak
Best Veteran Bitch & BVIS: Chorley-Newton & Chorley Sh.Ch. Outfoxed by Kerryfair JW
Congratulations to all the Winners





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