Critique - Judges: Dogs: Ms Magi Henderson (Sametsuz)

It was an honour and privilege to be invited to judge Irish Setter dogs by this, our oldest Breed Club.

My thanks to the Committee for their hospitality and to my two efficient stewards who made such a difference to the running of my ring. I found feet to be much better in the younger classes than the last time I judged with fewer hare feet around. However, I feel I do have mention that I found a number of dogs to have much to much definition of stop. This then changes the angle of the skull giving a heavy forward placed forehead much more like a Pointer than an Irish Setter. I was pleased with my final line up and felt they all had the breed characteristics I feel so strongly about, moderate, with balanced height for body length with mischievous wistful expressions and above all else “Racy”.


As with all puppies they will all look different next week!!!

1st - McLarnon GWENDARIFF PADDY POWER GLENAVNA: Rangy baby but all the essentials in place. Sweet head and expression. Good front with deep chest, well sprung ribs. Wide hindquarters with good finish to croup. Well boned and correct feet. Moved cleanly.

2nd – Sketchley GWENDARIFF PRAKTILY PERFEK : Brother to 1 and similar remarks apply. Both have the style I was looking for. ,This young man has a well proportioned head, good length of neck clean into shoulders, deep chested and good bone and correct feet. At this point in his development not quite so wide in hindquarters as 1. Moved soundly.

3rd: Hogarth: REDCLYST FLASH.

PUPPY DOG: (7:0)

1st Cox TIROEN TO HOT TO HANDLE: Very mature boy at 10 months. Well grown for his age. Pleasing head and expression, clean neck into decent front, well sprung ribs carried back to good length of loin, Wide hindquarters with moderate angulation. Moved soundly. Best Puppy in Show.


3rd: Wigful & Hartley: ANLORY GAMEKEEPER

JUNIOR DOG (12: 1)

1st; Holley WYNJILL WELL I AM: Lovely young man with a bright future ahead of him I’m sure. Lovely shaping to head proportions with correct finish to foreface, melting expression. Racy outline, unexaggerated and balanced. Crested neck,cleanly fitted. Good prosternum caused by good depth to well sprung ribs behind his correct front angulations. Strong loin into wide quarter. Well bent stifles. Great feet! Given his breeding I should like him for type but he still had to fulfil the qualities I will not compromise on. I did not find him wanting.   Moved happily enjoying himself but soundly.

2nd; Kniveton BARDONHILL TOP GUN; Another of lovely type. Not overdone in anyway. Very correct in head proportions,with mischievous look! Crested neck fitting cleanly into shoulders, good return of upper arm, defined prosternum, deep well sprung ribs, strong loin, wide hindquarters, with correct angulation to stifle joint, great feet. Moved soundly



1st Gratton BARDONHILL MOON RIVER FLOW INTO GLENLAINE J.W.: A most exciting prospect for the future. Such well balanced body proportions topped with a quite lovely Irish Setter head. He exudes breed type for me. He is blessed with sweetest head correct finish to foreface, well shaped dark eye, raised brows giving perfect expression. Crested cleanly fitting neck into well laid shoulders and correct return of upper arm, well sprung ribs carried deeply which together with front angulations gives him good prosternum. Moved well with lashing tail showing reach and drive. He filled my eye and only his youth under my hands stopped him being a contender for top honours. I wish he were mine!

2nd. McNeil/Boyd-McNeil: GWENDARIFF IM A SHOWOFF.   Well presented, this young man has a pleasing head and expression, clean neck into well laid shoulders, deep ribs carried well back to strong loin, good bone and feet, would like a little more length through his body for his height. Moved soundly.

3rd. Weir: Deevonville El Condor Passa.


1st.Gilks SUTERESETT MR UPPITY; Quality dog of lovely type and balance of outline. Well proportioned head with expressive eyes and brows!. Lovely crested neck into nicely laid back shoulders, deep ribs carried well back to good loin and well angled croup with excellent hindquarters.Correct feet. Moved well.

2nd.Byard CATALUNA SOME LIKE IT HOT: 6th in a strong Puppy class, This young man has a racy outline and is of good size. Head proportions are balanced. Dark eye of correct shape, moderate neck fitting cleanly into shoulders, deep ribs carried back to strong loin and good width to hindquarters. Moved cleanly.




2ND: Savage: GWENDARIFF THE RINGMASTER : Pleasing outline. Good head and expression although I would prefer more work in his foreface. Good front angulations giving correct prosternum, well muscled loin, balanced hindquarters, good feet. Moved soundly.




2nd Mitchell AMBLIN’S SWEET WILLIAM: Placed well in previous classes. Lovely head and expression, raised brows and well shaped eye, crested neck cleanly fitting into nicely angulated front assembly, deep well sprung ribs, a little long through his loin and I would like more length to his croup, wide well angulated hindquarters. Moved soundly.



1st Gwilliam & Bozier MILLCROFT POACHERS MOON OF VICTORIAVIEW. Correct finish to foreface dark eye, raised brows. Crested neck of moderate length. Would prefer more angulation to front assembly. Deep ribs, well angulated hindquarters. Good feet. Moved soundly

2nd Bell/Barker-Bell AVONFARM THOUGHTS OF CALCUTTA WITH BALINTYNE (Imp). Just a little strong in head for my taste, but good finish to foreface and dark eye, crested neck fitting cleanly into shoulders, well ribbed back, strong loin, good angulation to croup, wide hindquarters, unfortunately very fond of his tail today when on the move.



Shame there was only 2 exhibits in this class and both quality dogs.

1st; Stockton GWENDARIFF DR PEPPER AT KESPAS : Quality dog with racy outline. Pleasing head and expression, dark well shaped eye low set ears, crested neck cleanly running into well angulated front assembly together with his well sprung ribs carried deeply presenting a grand forechest, strong loin and good balance to hindquarter angulations. Correct feet.   Moved well holding his topline. Just felt a little young under my hands when making the jump to the senior classes but time will definitely improve this aspect as all the essentials are there.

2nd Rose-Hay CATALUNA RED BARON:   Another quality dog with good balance through his head proportions and correct finish to foreface. Strong moderate neck cleanly fitting into well developed front angulations, well ribbed back strong loin , good finish to croup and wide well angulated hindquarters good shape to bone and correct feet. Didn’t give his best on the move.


1st. Hyslop: GWENDARIFF THE SPECIALIST: Racy in outline I loved the balance of his body proportions.  Proportionate head with dark well shaped eye, low set ears, Clean, crested neck. Stands well over his front with good lay back of shoulders and return of upper arm giving good forechest and deep well sprung ribs carried well back to strong muscular loin, wide hindquarters well bent stifles complimenting his front angulations. Good feet, moved well showing reach and drive with lashing tail. Very well presented.

2nd. Vatcher & Jones GWENDARIFF VIVA LAS VEGAS JW: Another racy in outline with good balanced proportions though his body lines, Balanced head with correct finish to foreface and dark well shaped eye, just a little broad in skull for my taste. Clean, strong neck into good front assembly , well ribbed up, solid loin , wide hindquarters showing good angulation through stifle joint, good feet and moved well .



1st Needs; THENDARA JOE LE TAXI FOR STOURFORD JW : Racy and balanced in outline, good head proportions, well shaped eye raised brows and mischievous expression! Strong neck into well laid back shoulders, deep ribs carried well back to muscular loin. Wide, well angulated hindquarters, good feet, moved well holding his topline and lashing his tail.

2nd: Vatcher & Jones: WYNJILL FARMERS BOY: Good make and shape and pleasing head and expression, strong neck into good front angulations showing prosternum, strong body properties with wide well angulated hindquarters. Moved cleanly and soundly unfortunately to proud of his tail which just spoiled his outline for me.



1st Gratton BARDONHILL FLOATING MOON INTO GLENLAINE JW ShCM. Racy, balanced and very correct in his overall appearance, with gently sloping topline, what a lovely setter. Head is just so correct for me in its proportions, finish to and work in foreface. Dark well shaped eye with raised brows and oh the mischief in that face! Good front angulations and decent forechest, deep ribs carried firmly through to his loin couplings, good shape and length to croup and wide well angulated hindquarters, short rear pasterns good feet. Moved out well showing reach and drive. He almost blew his winning of this class with his good nature!

2nd Milligan Bott/Bott THENDARA POT NOODLE JW- Another super dog with much to commend him.  |Preferred the head and topline of 1 but otherwise not much to separate these two as this boys body properties are also excellent and his front angulations are a little better than 1 .. Well ribbed back and strong through his couplings, wide hindquarters with good finish to his croup, short strong rear pasterns, carried himself well on the move with lashing tail.



1ST Crosswell GWENDARIFF MR NOTICEME JW. My star today. I was very struck by his racy, correct outline. His leg length to body length appeared so very well balanced to my eye. Our standard says “moderate” more times than any other word and this dog fulfils that expression without losing anything in either angulations or style. Well proportioned head with lovely finish to and work in foreface, well shaped eye and cheeky raised brows, low set ears of good length, crested, strong neck running without break into well laid back shoulders and correctly angulated return of upper arm, missing in many today. Well developed forechest, deep well sprung ribs and strong couplings, good length to croup and wide hindquarters with well bent stifles and sort rear pasterns, his front and rear angulations were mirror images to my eye. Quality bone and correct feet, On the move he showed reach and drive with precision and held the best topline of the day with his lashing tail completing the picture. He was beautifully prepared, in full bloom and quietly and very competently handled allowing him to give of his best. Pleased to award him the C.C. Which I believe gives him his title – well deserved. Congratulations. Just flagged a little in the challenge for BIS but as my co-judge agreed a very worthy RBIS winner.

2nd Roffey; GWENDARIFF TOP OF THE POPS; A real favourite of mine and just love so much about his racy balanced outline. I think he has taken his time to develop fully but now has that maturity to his body properties that allow him to fulfil his youthful promise. Today he was very unsettled and not in his best bib and tucker and I’m afraid had to pay the price. However, he has a beautiful head and expression and quite pulls you in with those eyes and brows! Clean strong neck into excellent front assembly correct through his ribs and couplings good length to croup and wide well angulated hindquarters short rear pasterns great feet and lovely bone. Moved with just to much verve making him untidy and losing his topline. I know he can do better shame it wasn’t today.


OPEN DOG (6:0)

1st; Sh.Ch.GWENDARIFF POP THE QUESTION JW. He is a quality, racy, Setter from any angle and a worthy Champion. Today he put a great performance in stiff competition to win this lovely class. Correct head and expression with beautiful wistful eyes and raised brows that have a life of their own! Strong clean neck flows smoothly into his lovely forehand, deep well sprung ribs and body proportions of excellent balance, wide powerful hindquarters well bent stifles and short strong rear pasterns with correct bone and feet. Moved very well with reach and drive and holding his topline Shown in beautiful bloom and condition. Unfortunately in the Challenge decided not to show off the scope and ability he did to win this class but could not be denied the RCC.

2nd Pullen & Atkin SH.CH. HARVANCOURT HARLEM AT JACINGAIL. Another dog worthy of the title he holds. What a delightful head and expression he is blessed with. Well proportioned and correctly finished, dark well shaped eye and raised brows. Lovely crested neck and balanced body outline with good length to height ratios. Good front and rear angulations deep ribs well sprung and carried back to strong mature loin wide hindquarters with short strong rear pasterns and good feet. His lovely reach and drive on the move were a pleasure to watch only spoiled by his tendency to be too proud of his tail. Very well presented in full bloom.



Two of my favourite dogs headed this class, both holding their years so very well.

1ST Milligan Bott & Lauwers: Sh.Ch./Multi/Int Ch SUMARIC SHADOW OF MR JINGLES: A lovely dog most worthy of his many titles. Well proportioned head with correct finish to his foreface and very expressive raised brows!. Strong well crested neck cleanly fitting into a very good front assembly, ribs carried well back to strong loin and excellent angulations to his rear quarters with well proportioned croup. Short strong rear pasterns and good feet Moved soundly with lashing tail. I would just mention, as the Progeny class was jointly judged, that to see him with his many children from a range of different lines he most certainly puts a stamp of quality through them all and has made his contribution to the breed both here and in Europe.

2nd Bott BARDONHILL STORM MOON. A lovely unexaggerated setter, with gently sloping topline and the much desired head and expression , correct in all it’s proportions. Strong neck into decent front and deep ribs well sprung and carried back to a strong loin, wide quarters with good angulation and length to croup. Well bent stifles short strong hocks and correct feet.   Moved soundly but just not showing himself off as well as the winner.

3rd McNeil & Boyd-McNeil :Sh.Ch. GLENCARRON SHAKATAK

Magi Henderson



Irish Setter Association, England 5 October 2013

Judges: Dogs: Ms Magi Henderson (Sametsuz) Bitches Dr Ronald James (Jasmorne)
Entry 200 Dogs making 259 Entries
Full Results
Bitch Challenge Certificate and Best in Show was awarded to Royale
ISAE 2013 00813
Mona Hunter &  Will Brown's 
Sh.Ch. Fairhaven Louise Mountbatten at Braidmount
(Dubliners Mac Mio - Fairhaven Banchee Barracuda)
Photo: Sandra Corless
Winning his 3rd Challenge Certificate was 
a delighted Hillary Crosswell with Bailey
ISAE 2013 0056
Sh.Ch. Gwendariff Mr Noticeme JW
(Sh.Ch./Ir.Ch.Ch. Gwendariff Dom Perignon JW - Sh.Ch./Ir.Sh.Ch. Gwendariff Ms Dynamite)
Photo: Sandra Corless
ISAE 2013 0055
Bailey is owned  by Hillary and Charlie Crosswell
Photo Sandra Corless
Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate was awarded to
ISAE 2013 0054
Jill  Holley and Anna Cheney's
 Sh.Ch.Gwendariff Pop the Question JW
(Sh.Ch. Danaway Lancelot of Autumnwood - Sh.Ch./Ir.Sh.Ch. Gwendariff Pop My Cork)
Photo: Sandra Corless
Reserve Bitch Challenge Certificate was awarded to Diane Stewart-Ritchie's
ISAE 2013 00815
 Sh.Ch.Gwendariff Rock Diva
(Sh.Ch/Ir.Sh.Ch.Gwendariff Dom Perignon - Gwendariff Rock Chick)
Photo: Sandra Corless
Best Puppy Dog & Best Puppy in Show was awarded to Ro Cox and

Tiroen Too Hot to Handle

( Riverbrue Zeus JW - DT/PL/Lux.Ch. Tiroen Top Marks)
Photo: Ro Cox
Best Brace: Peter & Renata Bogucki


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