Critique - Judges: Dogs: Julie Wilkins (Margretwoods)

A big thank you to the committee and exhibitors for a fantastic show aided by the lovely weather and the opportunity to judge outside in a big grass ring where the dogs could be showed to their advantage with the sun on their coats and striding out on the move. I thought the quality of the dogs present on the day was excellent.

However, my one criticism is I don’t like this latest fashion of American ear trimming. In my opinion it unbalances the head and the UK breed standard asks for feathers on upper portion of ears to be long and silky and for the coat on the tips of ears to be short and fine. We are required to judge and present our dogs in the UK in accordance with our standard and I am bemused by those who think the opposite should be done.

Minor Puppy:

What a super bumper class of baby puppies, what a good future for the breed. There were some real baby baby puppies who were so nice but sooo naughty and I will watch their progress with interest.

1. Hopewell & Kay’s Berfield Kalif . A well schooled puppy who moves very steadily. Excels in forehand angulation for one so young showing return of upper arm not seen in many of the adults. Nicely balanced, just hope his head breaks a little more.

2.Danks- Kemish’s Alolfran Pure Showvanist . Very promising baby puppy. Best head of class, straight front on neat feet, strong topline but preferred croup of winner.

3. Pallister’s Penwyn Travelin Boy . Rangier puppy with straight front and sweeping stifle. Pleasing head with dark eye and very low ears.


1. Macauley’s Caskey’s Mischief of Stylersetts. Lovely type of puppy, completed unexaggerated showing balance, good front, moderate angulation, super head with good eye shape. Moves very well. Pleased he was awarded BPIS in agreement with my co-judge..

2. Cohen’s Aoibheanne’s Rough diamond with Sushana. Giving his handler such a hard time. Taller pup at that leggy stage but showing a really promising outline with good body length and topline and tremendous hindquarter angulation. .

3. Lorrimer’s Danaway Distinguished. Different type but so sound and well muscled. Good depth and width to hindquarters which he used to advantage on the move.


1. Gilbert, Willis, Milligan-Bott & Bott’s Thendara Chasing Cars. Beautiful expressive head with raised brow and dark eye, although I must be critical about the ear trim which does not do his head justice! Shorter coupled in body with plenty of depth and substance, good rear angulation.

2. Savage’s Gwendariff the Ringmaster. Also shorter coupled with good topline and angulation, also has a good head. Nice type, needs to settle down a bit more.

3. Powis’ Amberwave Fantabulous. Longer cast boy with clean neck and shoulders, straight front and firm topline.


Class headed by 3 lovely dogs who I am sure will change places on another day

1. Kniveton’s Bardonhill Top Gun . Shorter coupled boy showing a good sloping topline. Compact muscled hindquarters with short hocks which he used well on the move. Scored for me today on his body depth particularly through the loin.  

2. Mitchell’s Suteresett Go the Distance to Staxyll. Excellent racy outline with flowing topline and good finish to croup. Good head with dark pigment and nicely balanced ears. Straight front with good shoulder placement. One I also think will have a bright future.

3. Holley’s Wynjill Well I am JW . Thought this young man would be my winner on first impressions but he really was unsettled today particularly on the move. Love his correctly balanced lean head with raised brows, quizzical expression, good finish to the flews and muzzle and super low set ears. Super angulation all through, will watch his progress on a more settled day!


1. Gwendariff The Ringmaster
2. Amberwave Fantabulous


1. Bridgewater’s Bardonhill Bertie Bott by Bridgella . Maturing slowly as a setter should this young man has the sweetest of heads with a soft expression. He has a superb straight front on strong pasterns and neat feet. Moderately angulated and not overdone in anyway. His sound true movement won him the class.

2. Thendara Chasing Cars .
3. Amberwave Fantabulous

Under Grad:

1. Vincent & Spencer’s Lynwood What a Lark at Caervista Not a big dog but has all the qualities. Most lovely soft head expression and so well balanced on a good body with excellent topline and good rear angulation.

2. Bardonhill Bertie Bott by Bridgella

3. Wood & Kurring’s Atron Limited Design at Lymish. Similar in type to 1.Georgous head with plenty of work and good eye shape and neat low set ears Nicely arched neck into good topline. Loved his dark coat but I would prefer a little less weight on him.


What a nice class, all lovely examples of the breed

1. Mugford’s Lynwood Lark in the Dark JW . One I have admired from the ringside and who did not disappoint on closer inspection and I see is brother to the undergrad winner. Gorgeous type with gleaming dark coat. Wonderful head with correct eye shape, he has a really striking outline and super rear angulation. If I may say so a very pretty dog.

2. Lynwood What A Lark at Caervista .
3. Atron Limited Design at Lymish

Post Grad:

An absolutely superb class

1. Bott’s Bardonhill Tom Foolery .Oh my, what a topline, good reach of neck flowing over well laid back shoulders through to excellent croup and onto the end of his tail without a lump or bump in sight. Add to that to the tremendous width of thigh and this boy presents a fantastic picture. I am sure he will have a bright future.

2. Lucas’ Kerryfair Gets Lucky over Amberlight JW, really impressed me how he’s matured on since I last judged him as a puppy. Refined head with neat ears, love his type and body balance with good shoulder placement, sloping topline and rear angulation.

3. Griffin’s Corriebran Diagem. Impressive outline with superb angulation, loved his super head with oval skull and raised brows. He really needs to be moved faster to show off that stride when given the opportunity of a large ring.

Mid Limit:

1. Cohen’s Caispern Lorenzo with Sushana JW ShCM . Another one I have admired from the ringside and was pleased to have the opportunity to go over him. A more rugged and rangier type of dog. Masculine head with good work and expression. Good depth all through but particularly in the hindquarters. I do like the way he carries himself on the move.

2. Tuite’s Riverwood Kazatchok with Porschett JW Dark coated, more compact shorter coupled boy. Beautiful soft head expression with plenty of skull room.

3. Hill- Decoster’s Vicary’s Keykeeper. Nice type of dog who still has a lot of maturing to do. Loved his head and now I see who his father is I can see why. Excellent angulation and straight front.


1. Gratton’s Bardonhill Floating Moon into Glenlaine JW ShCM. I do love the glamour of this boy and he is presented immaculately. He posses the most beautiful head with melting expression. Good reach of neck into flowing topline. Strong straight front and good hindquarter angulation. Lovely to see a well held tail in line with the back on the move. So close for top honours, his day will come.

2. Wood’s Reddins Falcon ShCM . Such a striking outline which I have always admired, good length to the body with sweeping stifles. He moves so well holding his strong topline. Just preferred head of 1.

3. Lewis’ Deaconara Danse De Bleu Avec Dotcomsetter JW ShCM . More moderately angulated but with good width to the thigh standing on strong hocks, he has a pleasing head with neat ears.


Wow Wow Wow, a dream and a headache of a class. I can’t believe I had to nitpick on the day between these outstanding dogs, all of whom I have admired, would happily give a CC to and would love to own.

1. Gisby & Pike’s Sh Ch Suteresett Milky Way with Scarletti JW. Always been a favourite of mine having judged him at his first ever show taking BPIS that day and the reserve CC last time. Had to be on top form today in the outstanding competition and he was. His stunning head is just one of the best ever. Perfectly balanced body with excellent angulations fore and aft, flowing topline resulting from correct shoulder placement and super croup finish and all sitting on those lovely tight feet. Pleased this time to award his the CC and then take RBIS.

2. Edden & Crocker Sh Ch Meadway Morrisey . First time I have had the opportunity to assess this dog and what a showman he is. The big ring allowed him to show this to the full. Super topline with good croup finish, excellent body proportions, well laid back shoulders, straight front and again those lovely neat feet. Topped off with a lovely head with raised brows. He strode around the ring, tail lashing with beautifully held topline.

3. Hill- Decoster’s Vicary’s Just in Time. I can see his father’s qualities in this boy. Love his head with low set ears and super wide powerful hindquarters which he used so well and enthusiastically on the move .


1. Myers’ Riverbrue Xanthus by Astrazone JW One who is carrying his years well still showing a balanced outline and holding a firm topline. Certainly enjoying his day out.

2. Carter’s Kerrimere Just Rumours . Lovely soft head expression with raised brow which won him this place, nice body length and not overdone in anyway.

3. Cohen’s Caispern Villette with Shusana JW ShCM. A substantial boy with stronger head. Nice shoulder placement and good bed of stifle. In excellent coat and condition.

Sp Beginner:

1. Mohan’s Anlory Keltic Legend. A naughty young man giving his handler a hard time. He scores in topline and angulation. Nice substance for a youngster

2. Fitzmaurice’s Brinara Independant . Maturer boy in good coat. Soft head expression and nice quarters. Just preferred the topline of 1.

3. Harrison’s Anlory Dalmore . Very much the baby of the class. Good body substance and depth with straight front.

Judge : Julie Wilkins


Irish Setter Breeders Club
29 March 2014

Judges: Dogs: Julie Wilkins (Margretwoods) Entry 96 Dogs making 126 Entries
Bitches: Mrs Margaret Gittins (Roftmar) Entry 154 Bitches making 214 Entries
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Congratulations to:
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Best in Show: Mona Hunter & Will Brown's
Sh.Ch./Int Ch. Fairhaven Louise Mountbatten at Braidmount  (L)
Res.BIS: Teresa & Gemma Gisby and Rita Pike's
Sh.Ch. Suteresett Milky Way with Scarletti JW 
With Judges and Committee Members of the ISBC
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Bitch CC & Best in Show:
Mona Hunter & Will Brown's
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Dog CC: Teresa & Gemma Gisby and Rita Pike's
Sh.Ch. Suteresett Milky Way with Scarletti JW (R)
Res.Dog CC: Jan Edden & Blake Crocker's
Sh.Ch. Meadway Morrisey (L)
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Best Puppy Dog  & Best Puppy in Show:
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Caskey's Mischief of Stylersetts
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Best Veteran Bitch and Best Veteran in Show:
Enid & Bruce Hinslea's
 Sh.Ch. Northamber Causin A Riot JW (L)
Best Puppy in Show:
Linda Macaulay's
Caskey's Mischief of Stylersetts
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Wendy Holehan's
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