Critique - Judge: Ken Stockton (Kespas)

Thanks to the officers and committee for the opportunity to judge at this well run show and to my two stewards for their efficiency in the ring.

I was very pleased with the overall quality of both sexes although I found the dogs superior to the bitches. Movement on the whole was better than I was expecting and I found only one untidy mouth. Some worthy exhibits were unplaced.

One comment is that some exhibitors do not get the best out of their dogs. It is your responsibility to show your dog to best effect, not for the judge to search past what is presented.An exhibitor can easily make a good dog look wanting. There are some consummate handlers in our breed at the moment, I can only recommend taking the time to watch and learn.

VD (4,1)

1st Edwards Gwendariff Rockin Robin JW

Quality dog of 7 years put down in excellent condition. Good shape to skull with nice chiselling. Moderate length to neck, good spring of ribs, pleasing rear quarters. It is on the move that he excels, going forward with propulsion and drive. A competently handled , worthy champion.

2nd Ashley-Turner’s Baibreeze Fred Astaire

Well made 10 year old dog, pleasing in head and expression, straight front, well angulated at the rear, good tailset. Could not match the winner on movement.

3rd Carter’s Kerrimere Just Rumours

MPD (2,0)

1st Fagan’s Kerrydown on Cue

Chunky well grown pup. Appealing head and eye, low set on ears, good neck and lay back of shoulders. Correct topline and tailset. At the ‘legs and wings’ stage, but shows promise.

2nd Carter’s Anacardium Farou Finer all through and also at the leggy stage. Sleek dark coat, pleasant head, firm topline and moved well for a baby

PD (2,0)

1st Milligan-Bott & Bott’s Thendara Commitment

Very much liked the head on this 8 month old, already balanced and showing stop, lovely raised brows and good eye. At present he has a lot of growing to do to make his frame, but he has nicely angled front, good topline and tailset. Well off for bone with a luxuriant coat beginning to come through. Gave his handler a hard time on the move – but rather this than a little canine robot at this age. Will look forward to seeing him mature. BPD and BPIB

2 Rorke’s Zakhan’s Leading Man

Different type to 1 but is well made all through, nice in head with lovely low earset and flow of neck into shoulders. Good depth to ribbing, active mover with good rear action.

JD (10,2)

1st Macaulay’s Caskeys Mischief of Stylersetts

I just loved this boy’s head, balanced and with a most lovely eye, square finish to muzzle. Strong front construction, good legs and tight at the elbow and super tight feet. Moved out with enthusiasm, although a little erratic in parts.

2nd Prangle’s Heathclare Old Glory

Very close up to 1st. Slightly stronger in head than 1 but also appealing with good eye shape and dark eye. Shapely backskull leads into a reachy neck and well laid shoulder construction. Nice depth to the ribs and loin. Moved out well

3rd Bailey’s Danaway Dallas

YD (9,3)

This was a very nice class with strong competition for the places

1st Hemmings’ Orlanset The Rocker JW

This is a very smart dog put down in excellent order. Proportionate construction and balanced all through from his masculine head to his well set on tail. Smooth over the withers into a firm correctly sloping topline. Good spring and depth to ribs, presented in glowing coat and condition. Really eyecatching on the move, travelling with great propulsion and style.

2nd Meadows Gwendariff The Big Attraction JW

Another lovely dog of a type that appeals. Delightful head and expression, lovely low set ears, good layback of shoulder, correct topline. Good oval bone and very neat padded feet. Again excelled on the move. Just not the condition of the winner, but close up.

3rd Edwards Gwendariff The Pink Panther

GD (5,0)

1st Holley’s Wynjill Well I Am JW

This is a very stylish dog from all angles with little to fault. Masculine head without any coarseness, proportionate and balanced skull, beautifully angled forequarters, sweeping in stifle. Stylish mover with ground covering stride. He is still only young and still has some body maturity to achieve in his scopy frame. A dog with a future.

2nd Cuddy’s Suteresett Rebel Rouser In Balbriggan

This is a darker coated more compact dog than my winner, but also appealed greatly for his overall construction. Balanced head properties with a lovely soft expression, slightly arched neck leading into well laid shoulder and return of upper arm. Moved soundly.

3rd Mitchell’s Amblin’s Sweet William

PGD (7,0)

1st Boutell & Burbridge’s Ixia Josiah At Merryborne

Another dog I have previously admired. Very well balanced medium sized dog, with sound construction. Well worked head with typical Irish expression and the correct angles in front were matched by those in his rear quarters. Good spring and depth to ribs, happy boy which reflected in his true free movement.

2nd Rutherford’s Clonageera Kinross Love Barolo (Imp)

This dog pushed the winner hard. A dog of great stature and presence, there is no doubting he is all male. Eyecatching in profile he is well angulated in both front and rear quarters and he moved out with style. Presented in excellent coat .Close decision but just preferred the head properties of my winner.

3rd Hyslop & Ritchie’s Gwendariff The Specialist

LD (10,2)

1st Needs Thendara Joe Le Taxi for Stourford JW

A most attractive head on this dog, parallel planes, balanced foreface, lots of work, coupled with a lovely eye and delightful expression. All parts flow neatly into the next with no exaggerations. Top this off with accurate sound movement and a well presented coat and you have my winner of this very nice class.

2nd Farndell’s Cordarragh Rembrandt

Another masculine dog with similar head properties to my winner. Balanced and appealing in head and expression. Well boned, super topline and tailset. Moved on a balanced stride. Not the coat condition of the winner.

3rd Wood Reddins Falcon Sh.CM

OD (7,1)

What a super class this was to judge. Thank you all for bringing your lovely dogs for my assessment. I would have been more than happy to give any of the champions here today a CC

1st Stewart & Ritchie-Smith’s Sh Ch Gwendariff Whippersnapper JW

One of the top dogs of the moment and it was a pleasure to go over him. A real stallion of an Irish with that indefinable ring presence. Fabulous in head and eye and his neck and shoulder placement are admirable. Topline sloping down to correct croup and tailset. Lovely sinewy oval bone and the best of feet. As ever from this exhibitor, presentation is second to none and he pulled out all the stops on the move with his forward reaching, ground covering stride. CC, BOB and I was very pleased to see him take Group 3. Well done

2nd Ostman’s Int Ch Copper’s Magiska Under

The decisions were so close between my first three in this class and I was pleased to have the opportunity to judge this boy. Sire of my CC winner, he has passed on many of his qualities. Presented to perfection, his head is an absolute delight, refined and elegant with low set on ear placement and lovely expression. Very attractive in topline and profile and this, coupled with his fluid and lively gait, earned him the placing over a favourite of mine. RCC

3rd Milligan-Bott & Bott’s Sh Ch Thendara Pot Noodle JW

VB (6,0)

1st Rutherford’s Am Ch Witchbrooke Clonagerra Corot (Imp)

This is an ultra-feminine bitch all through, she has the most exquisite head and expression and super almond shaped eyes. Well angulated both fore and aft, she moved out on strong limbs with a free stride and with evident enjoyment. Her obvious bond with her handler was displayed by her attentiveness. I liked her very much and she was close for top honours.

2nd Boutell & Boutell’s Sh Ch Ixia Genevieve

This is a bitch that I have long admired. Another with a most lovely head. Low set ears with fine leathers, strong neck leading into a correct front assembly and good angulation to her rear quarters. A worthy champion, but today did not match the exuberance and style of my winner.

3rd Morgan’s Kerrsienna A Paige In History for Deaconara JW Sh.CM

MPB (6,1)

1st Roffey’s Araki Coz I’m Happy

This 6 month baby completely bowled me over. Pretty head, slightly arched neck and lovely front angulation and return of upper arm, great forechest, firm topline and croup, sweeping hindquarters. Moved with such confidence and style at what must have been her first show. A credit to the work her handler must have put in. She will surely have a bright future if she retains this form. Good luck. BP bitch

2nd Leach’s Gwendariff Nutty But Nice

Another pretty bitch of similar breeding to my winner, but built on a taller sturdier frame. She has a lovely head showing stop and chiselling under the eyes, good finish to muzzle, firm topline, well boned. Not so settled on the move as 1

3rd Morgan’s Hazelbeck Blue Phoenix Rises from Deaconara

PB (4,1)

1st Morgan’s Hazelbeck Blue Phoenix Rises from Deaconara

Stood third in the previous class, this puppy has a pleasing outline and is good through her neck and shoulder structure. Nice depth of body, with ample bone and neat feet. Moved steadily.

2nd Andrews Zakhan’s Scarlett Ribbons

At 12 months was more mature than my winner and had a proportionate head and with fine work beneath the eyes, pleasing topline and well muscled rear quarters which she used to move out well. I just preferred the outline of 1

3rd Mentiply-Johnson’s Lanstara Spring Blossom

JB (13,1)

This was a good quality class, hotly contested

1st Ciechonska’s Aoibheanne’s Rough N’ Tumble

This bitch has a most eye catching outline, flowing cleanly from nose to tail. Charming in head and expression, nicely constructed all through with good reach to neck, pleasing shoulder assembly, correct slope to topline and beautifully angulated rear quarters. Moved with enthusiasm and drive, albeit a little distracted by the change of handler.

2nd King’s Kirkavagh Zenyatta

Somewhat different in type to my winner, this young bitch also appealed greatly. Slightly stronger in head but nonetheless still very attractive with kind dark eye. Clean and balanced in outline, good depth and spring of ribbing and tidy hindquarters. A typical quality exhibit from this kennel. Moved with accuracy and purpose.

3rd Prangle Heathclare Que Sera Sera

YB (9,1)

1st Stewart & Ritchie-Smith’s Gwendariff Hidden Rainbow

Surprised myself with this result as this girl had never really appealed to me, but on going over her I found a well constructed bitch. To be hypercritical would prefer a little more work in head, but she is feminine and has a pleasing expression. Clean over the shoulders, good width to croup and well muscled second thigh. Came into her own on the move, looking lovely in profile with strong driving balanced action.

2nd Jones Gwendariff Powder Puff

Similarly bred to 1st, taller all through and needs time to come together. Preferred her head to that of the winner. Good neck, smooth over the withers, well made hind quarters, moved soundly

3rd Walker’s Gwendariff The Bees Nees

GB (8,1)

1st Boutell & Boutell’s Ixia Ever Hopeful

Pretty bitch shown in good hard condition. Balanced all through with excellent unexaggerated angulation. Extremely nice in head and expression with lovely almond shaped eyes. Straight front and nicely boned. Excellent on the move, driving from short hocks and neat feet.

2nd Tapper’s Kedalita Aeracura

Different type to the winner, being heavier all through, but well worthy of her place here. Pleasing head with good length to her foreface and dark eye. She appealed very much for her lovely front angulation and forechest. Moved soundly.

3rd Walker’s Gwendariff The Drama Queen Plays Wroxham

PGB (7,0)

1st Humphreys Suteresett Miss Curious About Henaleas JW

This is a more substantial bitch than I usually prefer, but I found her appealing for her overall outline and correct construction. Lovely head with oval skull, raised brows and balanced foreface. Super angles between shoulder and upper arm, good strength in thigh and over the loin. Moved out with drive really using her hocks.

2nd Stevenson’s Lochlorien Scully Foxes Andley

This bitch has a classical clean outline, flowing smoothly from her nose to her tail. Pretty balanced head fitting smoothly into strong neck and strong firm topline. Shows strength over croup. Moves easily on a balanced stride. Unlucky to meet winner today.

3rd Walters Dreamerlis Regal Jodie From Deneil

LB (13,1)

1st Mugford’s Lynwood Happy As A Lark JW

One of my stars of the day. A bitch who has recently gained her title and it is easy to see why. Very balanced outline standing firmly on good bone and neat feet. Lovely head with oval skull, raised brows, clean throat, good ribs well let down, tight elbows, strong hindquarters. All topped off with accurate ground covering movement accompanied by a slashing tail action. RCC

2nd Holley’s Wynjill Well Known JW

I found much to admire in this young bitch who just lost out on maturity today. So eye catching in outline and built on rangier lines than my winner. Most feminine in head and countenance with sweet expression and good finish to foreface. Reachy neck into firm sloping topline and sweeping stifles. Moved very well with a ground eating stride. Narrowly beat another nice bitch in 3rd

3rd Lippett Neathamill Isabella At Clonageera

OB (5,0)

1st Evans & Crocker’s Sh Ch Neathamill Nerissa

This is a quality bitch from any angle. Most gorgeous lean head, lovely chiselling, dark expressive eye. Her outline is stunning with a lovely clean line from her back skull to her croup and good set on of tail. Her nicely sprung ribs are complemented by a strong loin and well constructed rear quarters.

Perhaps not in full coat , but I could find no other girl to beat her today. Free moving with accurate footfalls, expert handled to secure her this class and the CC

2nd King’s Kirkavagh Ebadiyla JW

This was another top quality bitch built on slightly different lines, being slightly more compact in body. Attractive head and expression, low ear set, strong straight front and good forechest. She is firm in topline and shows a well balanced outline. Another sound accurate mover.

3rd Meadows Gwendariff Miss Whiplash JW

Ken Stockton

Richmond Championship Show
7 September 2014

Judge: Ken Stockton (Kespas)
Entry: 115 Dogs making 127 Entries
Winning the Dog Challenge Certificate, Best of Breed and Gundog Group 3,
was Nilsson owned by Alec Stewart and Daniel Ritchie-Smith
wippersnapper kay woodward richmond2014
Sh Ch Gwendariff Whippersnapper JW
Photo kindly supplied by Kay Woodward
Winner of the Bitch Challenge Certificate was Robyn,
owned by Jennie Evans and Blake Crocker
DSC 4977a
 Sh Ch Neathamill Nerissa
Photo kindly supplied by Barbara Gladwish

Sh Ch Gwendariff Whippersnapper JW (L)
 Sh Ch Neathamill Nerissa (R) 
with Judge Ken Stockton
Photo kindly supplied by Ken Stockton
The Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate
was awarded to Muscot, owned by Camilla Ostman
DSC 4787a 
Sh.Ch./Int Ch Copper's Magiska Under
Photo kindly supplied by Barbara Gladwish
The Reserve Bitch Challenge Certificate Certificate
was awarded to Lark owned by Jane and Roger Mugford's
DSC 4940a
 Sh.Ch.Lynwood Happy As A Lark JW
Photo kindly supplied by Barbara Gladwish
Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy in Breed
was awarded to Mike owned by
Dee Milligan Bott & Jeremy Bott
DSC 4646a
 Thendara Commitment
Photo kindly supplied by Barbara Gladwish

Congratulations to all the Winners

Full Results

BOB - STEWART, - Mr A & RITCHIE-SMITH - Miss D Sh Ch Gwendariff Whippersnapper JW
DCC - STEWART, - Mr A & RITCHIE-SMITH - Miss D Sh Ch Gwendariff Whippersnapper JW
RDCC - OSTMAN - Ms C M Int Ch Copper's Magiska Under
BCC - EVANS, - Ms J E & CROCKER - Mr B A Sh Ch Neathamill Nerissa
RBCC - MUGFORD - Mr R C & - Mrs J Lynwood Happy As A Lark JW
BP - MILLIGAN-BOTT, - Mrs D & BOTT - Mr J N Thendara Commitment

Veteran - Dog

Entries. 4 Absentees. 1

1. EDWARDS - Mrs S E Sh Ch Gwendariff Rockin Robin JW
2. ASHLEY-TURNER - Ms A Baibreeze Fred Astaire
3. CARTER - Mr & - Mrs C H Kerrimere Just Rumours

Minor Puppy - Dog

Entries. 2 Absentees. 0

1. FAGAN - Mr & - Mrs T Kerrydown On Cue
2. CARTER - Mrs C Anacardium Farou

Puppy - Dog

Entries. 2 Absentees. 0

1. MILLIGAN-BOTT, - Mrs D & BOTT - Mr J N Thendara Commitment
2. RORKE - Mrs J C Zakhan's Leading Man

Junior - Dog

Entries. 10 Absentees. 2

1. MACAULAY - Mr & - Mrs K& L R Caskeys Mischief Of Stylersetts
2. PRANGLE - Miss C J Heathclare Old Glory
3. BAILEY - Mrs G M Danaway Dallas
Res. HARVEY - Mrs A J & - Mr I G Jubliana Eternal Desire
VHC- TAPPER, - Mr D & - Mrs L & TAPPER - Miss R Kedalita Parsley The Lion

Yearling - Dog

Entries. 9 Absentees. 3

1. HEMMINGS - Mr & - Mrs D & K M Orlanset The Rocker JW
2. MEADOWS - Mr & - Mrs F Gwendariff The Big Atraxion JW
3. EDWARDS - Mrs S E Gwendariff The Pink Panther
VHC- BAILEY - Mrs G M Danaway Dallas

Graduate - Dog

Entries. 5 Absentees. 0

1. HOLLEY - Mrs J E Wynjill Well I Am JW
2. CUDDY - Mr & - Mrs J V & S E Suteresett Rebel Rouser In Balbriggan
3. MITCHELL - Mrs P Amblin 's Sweet William
Res. ASHLEY-TURNER - Ms A Glenlaine Mclaren
VHC- PINE - Mrs G H Seowns Biscuit

Post Graduate - Dog

Entries. 7 Absentees. 0

1. BOUTTELL, - Miss H K & BURBRIDGE - Mr J A Ixia Josiah At Merryborne
2. RUTHERFORD - Mrs P Clonageera Kinross Love Barolo (Imp)
3. HYSLOP, - Mrs G & RITCHIE - Miss D Gwendariff The Specialist
Res. GRINHAM, - Miss S J & GRINHAM - Mr E P Amblin Affiniti
VHC- STOCKER - Mrs S Kirkavagh Xakala

Limit - Dog

Entries. 10 Absentees. 2

1. NEEDS - Mr & - Mrs W & A Thendara Joe Le Taxi For Stourford JW
2. FARNDELL - Mr M R & - Mrs D A Cordarragh Rembrandt
3. WOOD - Mrs S C & - Mr S A Reddins Falcon Sh.CM
Res. RICHARDSON - Mrs L A Kirkavagh Hernando Sh.CM
VHC- STUBBS - Mrs M Riverbrue Zeus JW

Open - Dog

Entries. 7 Absentees. 1

1. STEWART, - Mr A & RITCHIE-SMITH - Miss D Sh Ch Gwendariff Whippersnapper JW
2. OSTMAN - Ms C M Int Ch Copper's Magiska Under
3. MILLIGAN-BOTT, - Mrs D & BOTT - Mr J N Sh Ch Thendara Pot Noodle JW
Res. CROSSWELL - Mrs H & - Mr C H G Sh Ch Gwendariff - Mr Noticeme JW
VHC- HARVEY - Mrs A J & - Mr I G Sh Ch Jubliana Murphy Midnight Star Sh.CM

Veteran - Bitch

Entries. 6 Absentees. 0

1. RUTHERFORD - Mrs P Am Ch Witchbrooke Clonageera Corot (Imp)
2. BOUTTELL, - Mr R & - Mrs D & BOUTTELL - Ms H Sh Ch Ixia Genevieve
3. MORGAN - Mr R D & - Mrs P R Kerrsienna A Paige In History For Deaconara JW Sh.
Res. FOX - Mr D & - Mrs J Satlas Bleau Eyes
VHC- STEPHENSON - Mrs H R Drumwhaur Heart Of Gold

Minor Puppy - Bitch

Entries. 6 Absentees. 1

1. ROFFEY - Miss S Araki Coz I'm Happy
2. LEACH - Mrs L Gwendariff Nutty But Nice
3. MORGAN - Mr R D & - Mrs P R Hazelbeck Blue Phoenix Rises From Deaconara
Res. CARTER - Mrs C Anacardium Foehn
VHC- MENTIPLY-JOHNSON - Mrs K L & - Mr C Lanstara Spring Blossom

Puppy - Bitch

Entries. 4 Absentees. 1

1. MORGAN - Mr R D & - Mrs P R Hazelbeck Blue Phoenix Rises From Deaconara
2. ANDREWS - Mrs A S Zakhan's Scarlett Ribbons
3. MENTIPLY-JOHNSON - Mrs K L & - Mr C Lanstara Spring Blossom

Junior - Bitch

Entries. 13 Absentees. 1

1. CIECHONSKA - Miss E S Aoibheanne's Rough N' Tumble
2. KING - Mr S C & - Mrs L M Kirkavagh Zenyatta
3. PRANGLE - Miss C J Heathclare Que Sera Sera
Res. PIKE - Mr & - Mrs D G & P A Redclyst Aura
VHC- MORGAN, - Mr A & SCHOFIELD - Mr D Jubliana Eternal Flame For Cwsscwn

Yearling - Bitch

Entries. 9 Absentees. 3

1. STEWART, - Mr A & RITCHIE-SMITH - Miss D Gwendariff Hidden Rainbow
2. JONES - Mrs L Gwendariff Powder Puff
3. WALKER - Mr S Gwendariff The Bees Nees
Res. CATLING - Mrs P A M Shandwick Love In A Mist For Teleri
VHC- PIKE - Mr & - Mrs D G & P A Orlanset Sarah At Glenury

Graduate - Bitch

Entries. 8 Absentees. 1

1. BOUTTELL, - Mr R & - Mrs D & BOUTTELL - Ms H Ixia Ever Hopeful
2. TAPPER - Mr D & - Mrs L K Kedalita Aeracura
3. WALKER - Mrs E E Gwendariff The Drama Queen Plays Wroxham
Res. KENNEDY-SLOANE - Mrs G Twoacres Luck Be A Lady
VHC- HARRISON - Mrs D Lochlorien New Tricks

Post Graduate - Bitch

Entries. 7 Absentees. 0

1. HUMPHREYS - Mrs J A & - Mr P J Suteresett - Miss Curious About Henaleas JW
2. STEVENSON - Mr & - Mrs G & C Lochlorien Scully Foxes Andley
3. WALTERS - Mrs J Dreamerlis Regal Jodie From Deneil
Res. ADAMS - Mr A R & - Mrs P A Deaconara Rhapsody In Blue At Danbryeli
VHC- HARRISON - Mrs D Lochlorien New Tricks

Limit - Bitch

Entries. 13 Absentees. 1

1. MUGFORD - Mr R C & - Mrs J Lynwood Happy As A Lark JW
2. HOLLEY - Mrs J E Wynjill Well Known JW
3. LIPPETT - Mrs J & - Mr J Neathamill Isabella At Clonageera
Res. KOLBACH - Ms L Copper's Wine'n Roses (Swed Imp) Jun Ch
VHC- ELKINS - Mrs M Avacet Snowbird

Open - Bitch

Entries. 5 Absentees. 0

1. EVANS, - Ms J E & CROCKER - Mr B A Sh Ch Neathamill Nerissa
2. KING - Mr S C & - Mrs L M Kirkavagh Ebadiyla JW
3. MEADOWS - Mr & - Mrs F Sh Ch Gwendariff - Miss Whiplash JW
Res. STEVENSON - Mr & - Mrs G & C Lochlorien Prime Suspect For Andley JW Sh.CM
VHC- WATERTON - Miss S Sh Ch Lynwood Kissed By An Angel At Sandstream JW


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