Critique - Judges: Bitches: Chris Sheldon

Having bred several Show Champion bitches, I always enjoy judging the girls and today did not disappoint. I was particularly pleased to see that that there are many promising babies just starting their show career and I wish them well. Also, some of the high classes (PG, ML, L ) had more worthy exhibits than I had prize cards for. This is another good sign of the quality that we have in our breed. My overall CC winner (BIS & BVIS) was aged 8 and her movement was a joy to watch. For newcomers in our breed, this should be noted as Irish Setters often reach their pinnacle later in life. I think sometimes this is forgotten.

Many thanks to the Committee and my Stewards for their hard work on the day


1st. Naylor & Morrison’s Anlory Corbieres. This 6 month old baby stole my heart. She has a beautiful feminine head, dark eyes, perfect occiput and brow, well finished muzzle, low set ears of good length. Loved her reach of neck, her topline and tailset.
She has very well-proportioned overall body properties giving a balanced profile and her movement was a joy to watch, sound both ways, lashing her tail, enjoying every moment of her debut. BPB & RBP

2nd. Bott’s Gwendariff Such A Carry On At Bardonhill. Another promising youngster. Pretty girl, dark eye, low set ears, good neck and shoulders and topline. Good quarters and bend of stifle and she moved steadily. Gleaming dark chestnut coat and her furnishings are coming on nicely.

3rd. Chorley Newton & Chorley’s Kerryfair Hattie


1st. Naylor & Morrisons Anlory Corbieres

2nd. Box’s Bardonhill Afternoon D’Lite At Fernstart. For 11 months, this young lady is maturing well, appealing head and expression, super low set ears. Loved her front placement with good reach of neck into her shoulder, strong topline and hind quarters, nice tight feet. She has a fabulous coat, deep chestnut , and her featherings are coming on well. Moved steadily.  

3rd. Waterton’s Sandstream Welcome Breeze


1st. Hillocks Jonola Love and Liberty Quality bitch with very pleasing outline , super deep chest, good topline and tailset. Feminine well balanced head with true Irish expression. Well feathered, dark mahogany coat . Movement OK

2nd. Stevenson’s Lochlorien Prime Suspect for Andley JW Sh CM Mature lady with super head, appealing dark eyes and expression, neck with plenty of reach into good shoulders, straight front, nice bend of stifle and a very sound mover, just a little lacking in coat today

3rd. Russells’ Melmara Mezza Luna


1st. Holehan’s Ferasheen Primrose Lass 1st. & 2nd. are litter sisters and the same comments apply to both as they are very similar young ladies. Well balanced with deep chest, good bone, pretty head with balance and finish, good front angulation and strong topline. Good bend of stifle, no exaggerations, tailset   Ok and moved steadily. Shown in lovely coat and condition. Difficult to choose between these two but decisions had to be made and my winner appealed to me more in expression. These two will change places many times I am sure.

2nd. Sloane & Sloanes Ferasheen Pavanna. Another lovely girl and same comments as above apply.

3rd. Ciechonska’s Aoibheanne’s Rough an Tumble


1st. Sloane & Sloane’s Ferasheen Pavanna

2nd. Ciechonska’s Aoibheanne’s Rough an Tumble This young lady is full of potential, she has a lovely clean outline when standing, excellent body properties & a beautiful mahogany coat. She is only 17 months old and still has plenty of maturing to do. I liked her type and she is a quality bitch.

3rd. Driver’s Caskeys Mystique at Stearnwood


1st. Box’s Bardonhill Afternoon D’Lite At Fernstart.

2nd. Box & Box’s Fernstart Golden Charm At Blackborough This was a lively young lady, sweet head with nice expression, lovely low set ears, good front angulation and topline, nice overall shape but not helping herself, deep chestnut colour, could just do with a bit more feathering.

3rd. Davey’s Jonola Secret Love at Lochfrae


1st. Sloane & Sloane’s Ferasheen Pavanna
2nd. Box’s Bardonhill Afternoon D’Lite At Fernstart.
3rd. Box & Box’s Fernstart Golden Charm At Blackborough


1st. Sloane & Sloane’s Ferasheen Pavanna
2nd. Ciechonska’s Aoibheanne’s Rough an Tumble
3rd. Drivers Caskeys Mystique at Stearnwood


1st. Sturrock’s Forfarian Hey Sexy Lady JW This bitch caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring, she has the most exquisite head with correct shaped skull, nice brow, dark eyes giving a soft, soulful expression. She has a racy outline, super front angulation and strong hind quarters and good bend of stifle. She is in fabulous condition with lovely dark coat and featherings. Moved well

2nd. Bott’s Bardonhill Guilty Pleasure Very attractive bitch, feminine head with nice eye shape, liked her overall shape with good bone and tight feet. Super type and moved steadily

3rd. Harvey’s Shenanagin Sensational At Barntalloch


1st. Wheeldon’s Bardonhill Carrie Anne For Colemist Some lovely bitches in this class. I liked this girl who was carrying a bit of extra weight today but could not be denied her place. Lovely type, sweet expression, had the overall balance and body properties that I was looking for and moved soundly

2nd. Watt’s Shenanagin Scrumptious Dark silky chestnut coat, well-proportioned head with low set ears, good reach of neck flowing into good shoulders, strong topline, good tailset. Very good front angulation , deep chest and nice bend of stifle. Moved OK

3rd. Stevensons Lochlorien Scully Foxes Andley


1st. Naylor & Morrisons Bardonhill Leaping Water Over Anlory Elegant bitch, full of quality, really pretty head with dark eye, low set ears, good neck and shoulders, strong topline with good tailset, quarters and stifle. Moved well

2nd. Gisbys Sutterset Black Magic Pretty girl with appealing expression, lovely, dark colour and a good overall balanced shape. Lacking furnishings today .

3rd. Millington’s Millcroft Moon Gypsy For Tatsbro


1st. Gardner’s Thendara Jocasta JW This was a very nice limit class and the decisions were close. This young lady has no exaggerations, she flows cleanly from her nose to her tail. Very nice head with kind, dark eyes and quizzical expression. Lovely finish to her foreface, good reach of neck into good shoulders, straight front, strong topline and good quarters and stifle. Moved well.

2nd. Kolbach’s Copper’s Wine ‘N Roses   This was a very close decision . A quality bitch of the type you would expect from this kennel. She is very pretty and her excellent body properties finished off with a rich mahogany coat make her appealing to look at. She is a sound mover driving off strong hind quarters.

3rd. Watt’s Shenanagin Softly Softly


1st. Naylor & Morrison’s Bardonhill Singing Skies Over Anlory JW I loved the elegance of this bitch, from head to toe oozing femininity . She has a beautiful refined classic head, with dreamy almond shaped dark eyes, lovely low set ears , excels in neck and shoulder placement, strong topline and a perfect tail set. Strong hind quarters, good bend of stifle and short hocks. She moves so soundly with verve and drive and for an 8 year old bitch, she showed the youngsters how to do it! Pleased to award her the CC and hope her crown follows shortly. BIS & BVIS

2nd. Mugfords Sh Ch Lynwood Happy As A Lark JW Another quality bitch, only 3 years old, who again has super balanced body properties. She is a pretty girl, lovely deep chestnut colour and has fabulous coat and featherings. Sound steady mover. RCC

3rd. Hogsflesh’s Sh Ch Lyngor Living Water JW


1st. Sloane & Sloane’s Ferasheen Pavanna

Chris Sheldon ( Judge)

North East of England Irish Setter Club
18 October 2014

Judges: Dogs Julie Humphreys   Bitches: Chris Sheldon
Entry 74 Dogs and 84 bitches = 158 Exhibits

Bardonhill Slide Show

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Slide show photos by Laura Kolbach

Congratulations to:
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Bitch Challenge Certificate, Best in Show and Best Veteran in Show
was awarded to Sky owned by Nigel Naylor and Jane Morrison
Bardonhill Singing Skies over Anlory JW
Dog Challenge Certificate  and Reserve Best in Show
was awarded to Louis, owned by Mike and Tricia Hogarth
Sh.Ch. Avacet Snowdrift (L)
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Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy in Show was Lynn Muirs
Romarne Taittinger  JW (L)
Best Puppy Bitch was Nigel Naylor and Jane Morrisons
Anlory Corbieres (R)
Other Main Awards
Res. Dog CC:  Teresa and Gemma Gisby with Simba
Sh.Ch. Suteresett Milky Way with Scarletti JW
Res.Bitch CC: Roger & Jane Mugford with
Sh.Ch. Lynwood Happy As A Lark JW
Best Veteran Dog: Helen Cohen;s
Caispern Vilette with Shushana JW Sh.CM
Our thanks to Laura Kolbach for again sending us the lovely photos



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