Critique - Judges: Dogs Julie Humphreys (Henaleas)


Thanks to you all for showing your lovely dogs under me;I had such a quality entry and thoroughly enjoyed my day. Thank you also to my two stewards who looked after me well throughout the day.

Most of the boys were clean and beautifully presented - it is such a shame that some very nice exhibits were let down by their owners by being unprepared for the show ring. I found 2 suspect mouths in the younger classes. I felt very pleased and excited when I looked around at my final line-up - there were certainly some very close decisions on the day.

MPD 9 (2 Abs)

1. Kniveton’s - Hot Sensations Orstone Cowboy.   What a sweetheart, liked him a lot, very balanced for one so young. Dark eyes, raised brow and a cheeky expression, super bone and body; moved well once settled, as quite a handful.

2. Chorley Newton & Chorley’s – Kerryfair Home James. Similar comments on this younger puppy. A somewhat taller boy, sweet head and expression, loved his thick dark coat; he too was naughty but nice on the move, well handled.

3. Fryer’s - Jonola Dream Lover at Redchester

PD 9 (2 Abs)

1. Muir’s – Romarne Taittinger. Super, mature puppy, loved the way he looked at me with such a sweet expression and raised brow, clean neck into shoulders and gentle sloping topline, rugged quarters, thick dark coat, strong bone and wonderful feet; so steady and very eye catching on the move. BPD and later BPIS

2. Kniveton’s - Hot Sensations Orstone Cowboy

3. McLarnon’s - Gwendariff Nuts AboutU Glenavna, another lovely chunky boy with a beautiful head

VD 3

1. Cohen’s - Caispern Vilette with Shushana . What a lovely gent he is; wise, kindly expressive eyes and raised brow, deep in body and well sprung ribs, in great coat and condition, moved out well from strong limbs. Nearly 9 years old and appeared to be really enjoying himself.

2. Cox’s – Jsy Ch. Tiroen True Blue. This boy is built on a lighter frame. Kind eyes and a slight greying to good square muzzle, elegant in profile, he was in full coat, standing on neatest feet and moved enthusiastically around ring.

3. Carter’s - Kerrimere Just Rumours

JD 10 (2) Three lovely boys

1. Armstrong’s - Meadway Makenzey. Handsome, chunky boy, who is well boned and coated. Liked his head shape and expressive smiling eyes, good finish to muzzle, strong, well arched neck, plenty depth at brisket and well sprung ribs. Such a character on the move - really drives out with good action coming and going and lashing his tail; made me smile out loud!

2. Macaulay’s - Caskeys Mischief of Stylersetts . What a handsome head this young dog has; raised brow and dark appealing eyes, impressive shape stood, good in shoulder and topline, with short hocks, between coats, in good hard condition. Seemed distracted on the move today, but moved ok.

3. Smith’s - Carlotties Clever Cookie, being very difficult today – shame, as very nice boy of good type.

YD 11 (1 )

1. Cox’s – Jsy Sh Ch Tiroen Too Hot To Handle. Hard to believe this young man is not yet 2.  He is well balanced and has a lovely head, kind eye, longish well arched neck into clean shoulders, a good spring of rib and well muscled up; short driving hocks and a good tail set. Very mature in coat and feathering and has that “look at me” attitude that I really like.

2. Hogarth’s – Redclyst Flash. He has a beautiful head piece, soft expression and eye with correct finish to foreface, arched neck into well placed shoulder, good rib cage and front assembly; he needs to mature a little more behind still and that will come with time as only just out of Junior. Good driving movement on neat short hocks and tight feet

3.   Macaulay’s - Caskeys Mischief of Stylersetts

MD 10 (5)

1.   Armstrong’s - Meadway Makenzey

2.   Muir’s – Romarne Taittinger

3.   McLarnon’s - Gwendariff Nuts AboutU Glenavna

ND 12 (6)

1.   Armstrong’s - Meadway Makenzey

2.   Muir’s – Romarne Taittinger

3.   McLarnon’s - Gwendariff Nuts AboutU Glenavna

U/GD 8

1 Macaulay’s - Caskeys Mischief of Stylersetts, 2nd in JD

2. Hopewell’s - Anlory Keltic Spirit at Davset . Wonderful rugged type, excellent in forehand, with a kindly expression and dark eye, mature dark coat. Today he decided to give his dad a very hard time, shame.  

3. Tupper’s - Staratlanta Elliott

GD 7  

Really enjoyed judging this hotly contested class and loved all placed.

1. Sturrock’s - Forfarian I’m Sexy An I Know It. Really liked this well-known young man - was delighted to get my hands on him and was not disappointed; my eye was drawn towards him. So appealing in head, eye and muzzle, good profile and head plains, clean reachy neck, deep chested and well ribbed back, strong in loin, excellent angulation fore and aft and can really move too, really sound and positive, he flows from nose to tail; all of this topped off with a well-conditioned, dark coat.

2. Cuddy’s – Suteresett Rebel Rouser in Balbriggan. He is a similar make and shape, but smoother lines and coat, kind, trusting expression, super reach of neck, straight front, deep at brisket and wellsprung rib, gently sloping topline, neat feet and good turn of stifle. Really maturing on nicely and knows how to move out too.

3. Mitchell’s - Suteresett Go The Distance to Staxyll. Another super young man, loved his cheeky expression and ring presence.

PGD 7 (1)

1.   Cuddy’s – Aiobheanne Quite the Rebel by Balbriggan. I have always like him and, although a little lacking in coat today, could not deny him his first.   Super head and expression with kind eye and raised brow, straight front, well up on toes, good width of thigh and hard muscle tone, moved out positively using his well set on tail correctly.

2.   Holley’s - Wynjill Well I Am. Very handsome boy with a melting expression; correct finish to muzzle, clean in neck, straight front, well ribbed back, strong over loin and well-turned stifles, neat feat and short hocks.

3.   Williamson’s - Keljaru Lovely Jubbly

Mid LD 8 (3)

1.   Bouttell & Burbridge’s - Ixia Josiah at Merryborne. His head and expression are adorable, especially the way he looks at you from under his raisedbrow; lovely balanced skull, arched neck, liked his front assembly and topline, he was well shown and handled to get the very best, especially on the move, driving off his short hocks with his ever wagging tail. Not a big boy but very appealing in all departments.

2.   Mugford’s – Lynwood Lark In The Dark. Another upstanding, handsome young man who stands over more ground than one, kind expression and low earset, for me very correct and appealing in profile with well let down quarters, good angulation throughout and in excellent dark, rich coat. He moved well and was in strong muscular condition.

3.   Lucas’ - Kerryfair Gets lucky Over Amberlight, another whom I liked very much and was close up.

LD 6 (1)

This class gave me quite headache as I really liked all 5

1. Bouttell & Humphrey’s – Ixia Joseph. What a cracking boy, all Irish, so honest and not overdone anywhere. Very similar comments to his brother above but this boy is just a shade taller and rangier; he has a low ear set and well arched neck, lovely in forequarters, deep chested, firm in topline and super sweep to stifle. Shown in hard muscular condition and in good coat.

2. Bott’s – Bardonhill Tom Foolery. Another very nice dog to go over; appealed in outline and went very well. He has a kind expression, good head shape and is square in muzzle with a strong neck, good forehand and limbs and gently sloping topline; he tried his best to throw it standing, but eye catching on the move and in good muscular condition. Sympathetically handled to get the best from him.

3.   Wood’s – Reddins Falcon, close up to 2, lovely dog to go over…

OD 9 (3)

A wonderful class of 6 Champions – so, thank you all for bringing them and making my day. Just “spoilt for choice” as the saying goes.

1.   Hogarth’s – Sh Ch Avacet Snowdrift.   CC and RBIS. He is a cracking, handsome boy and on top form on the day - he had to be to beat a favourite of mine into 2nd. Totally filled my eye from the centre of the ring. His head is adorable, with raised brow and correct stop; clean neck into shoulders, good return of upper arm, deep chested and excellent topline, with rugged wide quarters, well turned stifles, short hocks and good tailset; a lovely balanced shape, standing over plenty of ground, on good feet and with strong bone, plus glowing condition and presentation to complete the picture. He moved freely with a good steady stride.

2.   Gisby & Pike’s – Sh Ch Suteresett Milky Way with Scarletti. RCC. This gorgeous boy has for me the most perfectly chiselled headpiece and kindest expression, just melting – with his smiling eyes and raised brow, he is really handsome – and is all boy! He too is a wonderful shape standing, correct construction and clean lines, a well angulated forehand and good depth, strong bone and very neat feet, plus a dark well-conditioned coat and strong topline held well on the move.

3.   Ciechonska’s - Sh Ch Copper’s Champagne On Ice at Aiobheanne. Love this handsome boy.

Beg D 4 (1)

1. Gilks’ - Suteresett Mr Uppity. He has come on so well in last year and owner is getting the very best from him both standing and on the move. Dripping in dark, well-conditioned coat, he has soft dark eyes and square muzzle, longish neck, good lines and turn of stifle, with an ever wagging tail today on the move which was lovely to see.

2.   Tupper’s - Staratlanta Elliott. A very nice boy, who improved through the classes; both owner and dog need to gain confidence and in time he will do very well, has a very eye catching shape and he can really move too.

3. Mohan’s - Anlory Keltic Legend, Another that improved with each class

 Julie Humphreys

North East of England Irish Setter Club
18 October 2014

Judges: Dogs Julie Humphreys   Bitches: Chris Sheldon
Entry 74 Dogs and 84 bitches = 158 Exhibits

Bardonhill Slide Show

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Slide show photos by Laura Kolbach

Congratulations to:
DSC 0967 crop

Bitch Challenge Certificate, Best in Show and Best Veteran in Show
was awarded to Sky owned by Nigel Naylor and Jane Morrison
Bardonhill Singing Skies over Anlory JW
Dog Challenge Certificate  and Reserve Best in Show
was awarded to Louis, owned by Mike and Tricia Hogarth
Sh.Ch. Avacet Snowdrift (L)
DSC 0972 crop

Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy in Show was Lynn Muirs
Romarne Taittinger  JW (L)
Best Puppy Bitch was Nigel Naylor and Jane Morrisons
Anlory Corbieres (R)
Other Main Awards
Res. Dog CC:  Teresa and Gemma Gisby with Simba
Sh.Ch. Suteresett Milky Way with Scarletti JW
Res.Bitch CC: Roger & Jane Mugford with
Sh.Ch. Lynwood Happy As A Lark JW
Best Veteran Dog: Helen Cohen;s
Caispern Vilette with Shushana JW Sh.CM
Our thanks to Laura Kolbach for again sending us the lovely photos




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