Critique - Dogs:  Judge - Mrs Lynn Morris(Minsterlands/Brinara)

It was a pleasure and an honour to judge a fantastic entry at this popular Breed Club show. In most classes, there was depth of quality with some outstanding dogs which made decisions difficult and some very nice dogs had to leave the ring card-less.

I did find some heads which lacked typical refinement having domed skull shapes and heavy cheekbones. Front construction was variable with some upright shoulders which tended to make for a heavy appearance over the neck and shoulders and poor front action on the move. Others tended to lack width and angulation in the hindquarters which inhibited drive in rear movement. That said, there was plenty to like!

The floor appeared to present a challenge to movement in some dogs who were either cautious to avoid slipping or determined to jump the line markings. However, many dogs coped well and demonstrated their ability to move soundly with enthusiasm and style.

I would like to thank the exhibitors, my excellent stewards, Gaye O’Connor and Sally Cooper, and all the committee for a very enjoyable day.

Minor Puppy. 6,5

1. Rutherford, Judge and Brend’s Devacott Temptation to Clonageera

This boy caught my eye in a very nice class of promising babies with his super outline and balance. He has a lean, masculine head, nicely chiselled and good dark eye with soft expression. Nicely textured coat. Well-constructed, good depth of body, well-ribbed back with lovely straight front and neat feet. Correct angulation front and rear, good width and bend of stifle with short hocks which he used to advantage on the move with good length of stride and a true driving action. Good to see such collected movement in a youngster. Best Puppy Dog and close decision for Best Puppy in Show.

2. Naylor and Morrison’s Romarne Clark Gable Joins Anlory

Another eye-catching, dark coated baby with a pleasing outline. Masculine head, still developing. Well-constructed with well-angulated shoulders, good depth of chest, firm topline and good tailset. Strong hindquarters but longer in hock and not quite so well bent as winner at this moment. He moved very soundly with drive and style and was also very collected for a baby.

3. Pike’s Redclyst The Piper

Puppy.. 10,9

1. Naylor and Morrison’s Romarne Clark Gable Joins Anlory

2. Limpus’s Karidell Prince Charming

A promising substantial youngster with a super dark coat and a masculine head with good dark eye and typical expression. Good depth of brisket and spring of rib, strong rear quarters, lovely flat croup and good tailset. Still developing and needs to drop behind to give a sloping topline. Moved steadily.

3. Hyslop’s Gwendariff Justin Thyme

Veteran.   9,8

A high quality class, clearly demonstrating all the wonderful attributes and longevity of the breed. These boys were all a credit to their breeders/owners and handlers.

1. Edward’s Sh. Ch. Gwendariff Rockin Robin JW

I have admired this dog since I first saw him in the ring over 7 years ago. I like his elegance, refinement and excellent topline and he did not disappoint on the day. Balanced, long lean head, nicely chiselled and soft expression. Well arched neck set cleanly onto well angulated shoulders. Super body properties, straight front, neat feet, strong hindquarters with good bend of stifle. Very well presented in lovely coat and condition. He covered the ground well and moved soundly with style.

2. Gardner’s Sh. Ch. Riquitta Authentic

Another high quality dog with a striking outline and excellent dark coat. Classic head with melting expression, good body properties, strong hindquarters with good width and bend of stifle. Very good wide, flat croup and good tailset. Moved soundly. Close decision but just preferred the overall elegance of winner.

3. Lippett and Rutherford’s Am. Ch. Witchbrooke Cassini at Clonageera (Imp USA)

Junior. 19,15

1. Milligan Bott and Bott’s Thendara Commitment

An upstanding, mature, elegant boy with a stunning racy outline who stood out in this very strong class of promising youngsters. Long, lean head with low set ears and dark eye with soft expression, good arched neck set cleanly onto well-laid back shoulders and good straight front. Strong topline flowing into strong wide croup and good tailset. Wide and powerful hindquarters, well bent at the stifle and hock joints and short from hock to heel. A rich dark coat with generous feathering completed the overall picture. Moved true from front and rear with a pleasing driving rear action. I am sure he will achieve great success in the future.

2. Kniveton’s Hot Sensation’s Orstone Cowboy (Imp Swe)

A lovely well- balanced young dog with no exaggerations and a clean, racy outline. Smaller in build and lacking the maturity of winner but full of quality and promise. Well-constructed, and refined in head, with low set ears, raised brows, dark eye and soft expression. Well angulated forequarters with a straight front and good depth of body. Good angulation at the rear. Moved soundly.

3. Muir’s Romarne Taittinger JW

Yearling. 17,16

1. Crocker and Siddle’s Copper’s War of Roses (Imp Swe)

This handsome dog immediately caught my eye in a great class. I liked his refinement and clean outline. Beautiful head – masculine but refined, with low set ears, just the right amount of work in skull and a good dark eye with a quizzical typical expression. Well-constructed with good depth of chest, well-ribbed back with straight front and neat feet. Excellent topline, croup and tailset. Attractive dark coat and well-presented in excellent condition. Moved steadily in the class but would prefer to see a smoother action and this cost him a further award in a strong final challenge.

     2. Hogarth’s Redclyst Flash at Halingswood JW

A quality dog with a striking racy outline. Very well-constructed with good bone and body properties. Balanced, masculine head with a soft expression, well-angulated front and rear, good depth of chest and a super topline. He moved well with a true action from front and rear. Not quite as balanced and mature in body as winner but I liked him very much and he did well to just gain the edge over another very nice boy in third place.

3   Maccauley’s Caskey’s Mischief at Stylersetts JW

Maiden. 14,11

1. Kniveton’s Orstone Hot Sensation’s Orstone Cowboy (Imp Swe)

2. Henson’s Dazycutter Trick or Treat Tatsboro

A promising youngster of elegant type and with a pleasing clean outline - VHC in a strong Junior class. Refined, lean head with a good dark eye and gentle expression. Well- constructed with good depth of body and well-laid back shoulders. Good width in rear quarters and bend of stifle but would prefer more angulation at the hock – needs more time. When he settled in the Junior class, he moved soundly, however he gave his handler a hard time standing in this class and this nearly cost him his place to another very promising dog.

3. Torpy’s Bardonhill Jive Talkin

Novice. 13,11

1. Milligan- Bott and Bott’s Thendara Commitment

2. Kniveton’s Hot Sensation’s Orstone Cowboy (Imp Swe)

3. Henson’s Dazycutter Trick or Treat Tatsboro

Undergraduate. 12,8

1. Milligan-Bott and Bott’s Thendara Commitment

2. Prangle’s Heathclare Old Glory

A promising, dark-coated youngster built on elegant lines with a lean masculine head set on a well- arched neck, however I would prefer to see a softer expression. Well- constructed, good spring of rib and straight front. Still at a raw stage and needing more time to develop overall balance. He moved soundly with good driving rear action.

3. Partridge’s Kerrydown One Man

Graduate. 9,8

1. Sturrock’s Forfarian I’m Sexy An I Know It JW

This handsome dark-coated boy with a super racy outline stood out in this very good class. He has the right mix of masculinity and refinement with a balanced lean head, nicely chiselled, raised brows and a soft expression. Good fore-chest, very good depth of body, wide flat croup and good tailset. Wide, powerful hindquarters, well bent at the stifle and hock. Moved soundly front and rear with drive and pushed hard for top honours.

2. Mitchell’s Suteresett Go the Distance to Staxyll

Elegant, handsome boy with a racy outline. Refined in head with good eye and kind expression. Good body properties with well- laid back shoulders and good angulation in the rear quarters. He moved soundly. Close decision between 2 and 3 but just preferred the topline of 2 in the final line-up.

3. Mitchell’s Amblin’s Sweet William

Postgraduate. 14,12

1. Holley’s Wynjill Well I Am JW

An outstanding youngster who has matured into a high quality dog. A classic, elegant, racy type with a super topline and just the right mix of masculinity and refinement. Attractive deep chestnut coat with good furnishings. Most appealing refined and balanced head, nicely chiselled with low set ears and raised brows and a melting expression. Strong arched neck set cleanly into well-laid back shoulders, deep chest, well-ribbed back, straight front and lovely tight feet. Excellent hindquarters with well-angulated stifles and short from hock to heel. He moved effortlessly with a true front and rear action and covered the ground with ease. Pleased to award him his first CC in a strong challenge and in agreement with my co-judge, Reserve Best In Show.

2. Pollard’s Grayrigge Benedict JW

A most appealing boy with an excellent topline. He is well-constructed with no exaggerations and full of quality and refinement. So handsome and refined in head with good chiselling and an exquisite expression. Clean over the neck and shoulders, good body properties, nice flat croup and good tailset. Strong hindquarters. He moved soundly with a good driving action.

3. Gratton’s Bardonhill Moon River Flows into Glenlaine JW

Mid-Limit. 8,8

1. Mugford’s Lynwood Lark in the Dark JW

This young man stood out in one of the strongest classes of the day. He is truly racy in appearance with classic Irish style and so handsome and refined in head with a wistful expression and just a touch of naughtiness! He is well-constructed with good bone and body properties, well-laid back shoulders, a firm topline and well angulated hindquarters at the stifle and hock joints. Beautiful dark coat and presented in very good condition. He moved soundly and in the challenge just had the edge on other top quality dogs for his classic outline. Reserve CC.

2. Sheldon’s Balintyne Foreign Intrigue at Delsanto JW

Another very elegant, dark-coated racy dog with good bone and substance, and no exaggerations. Balanced, masculine head, deeper in the muzzle than winner, with good dark eye and very kind, affectionate expression. Well-muscled and slightly arched neck set into well-laid back shoulders, a clean outline and powerful hindquarters with a good bend of stifle. He moved soundly, maintaining a good topline and tail carriage.

3. Hill-Decoster’s Vicary’s Keykeeper

Limit. 12,11

1. Stockton’s Gwendariff Dr Pepper at Kespas

An exceptionally well-presented, eye-catching dog in superb coat and condition. He has very good conformation with good angulation fore and aft, a straight front, good topline, strong well-angulated hind quarters. A balanced head with nicely raised brows and a kind expression, although a little stronger in skull than I would prefer. He moved effortlessly with true action at the front and rear. A close decision but his overall finish and ring presence gave him the edge on the day in this very competitive class.

2. Lewis’s Deaconara Danse de Bleu avec Dotcomsetter JW ShCM

A well-presented, elegant dark-coated boy with a clean, racy outline. Well- constructed throughout with no exaggerations. Straight front, neat feet, good angulation fore and aft, excellent croup and tailset. Refined, well- balanced lean head with dark eye and typical gentle expression. He moved well with a good driving action.

3. Glithero and Philo’s Coppershell Cazanovah JW ShCM

Open. 10,7

1. Milligan- Bott and Bott’s Sh Ch Thendara Pot Noodle JW

A very stylish, elegant dog with a super outline – full of quality and refinement. Well- presented in super coat and condition. Lean, attractive head with an appealing expression. Well-angulated at the shoulder and stifle, excellent body properties and good tailset. Moved soundly with good driving rear action. Clearly a strong contender in the challenge but he didn’t quite hold his topline and this was the difficult, deciding factor.

2. Gratton’s Sh Ch Bardonhill Floating Moon into Glenlaine JW ShCM

A very lovely handsome dark coated boy with lean, nicely chiselled, refined head, good dark eye and soft expression. Well-laid back shoulders, good conformation and body properties, strong coupling to powerful hindquarters although not as well angulated at the stifle as the winner. Moved soundly.

3. Cox’s JSY Ch Tiroen Too Hot to Handle JW ShCM

 Lynn Morris (Brinara/Minsterlands)

Midlands Irish Setter Society
21 February 2015

Judges: Dogs: Mrs Lynn Morris (Minsterlands/Brinara)
Bitches: Mrs Enid Hinslea (Northamber)
Entry 244 Dogs making 348 Entries
DSC 0130a
Bitch Challenge Certificate and Best in Show was awarded to
Jane and Roger Mugfords
Sh.Ch. Lynwood Happy As A Lark JW (Left)
Dog Challenge Certificate, his first,  and Reserve Best in Show
was awarded to Jill Holley with
Wynjill Well I Am JW
DSC 0133a
Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Show was
awarded to Nigel Naylor and Jane Morrison with
Anlory Corbieres (L)
Best Veteran Bitch and Best Veteran in show was awarded
to Carolyn Hogsflesh with
Sh.Ch.Lyngor Living Water (R)
Other Main Awards
Res. Bitch CC: Limpus Sh Ch Shenanagin She's The One For Karidell JW
Res. Dog CC: Lynwood Lark in the Dark JW

Photographs kindly supplied by Barbara Gladwish
Congratulations to all the Winners

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