Critique - Judges: Dogs:  Mrs Elizabeth Laidlaw

It was such a great honour to be invited to judge dogs at this lovely show, I enjoyed every minute of the day. Many thanks to all the exhibitors who brought all their beautiful and well presented dogs.

Minor Puppy (9)

Good start to the day with a very impressive class of puppies.

1st  Naylor & Morrison's  Romarne Clark Gable joins Anlory
Beautiful outline, lovely head and expression, strong neck and  well placed shoulders. Perfect angulation front and rear,   excelled in movement. Just breathtaking to watch.BP

2nd  Edward's Gwendariff PS I Love You
Different type to 1st, but very eye catching puppy. Very nicely  balanced, good head, nice low set ears, lovely expression,   strong neck flowing into well set back shoulders. Good spring  of rib, strong hinduarters. Moved well for one so young.

3rd  Luca's Harreds Hassle with Amberlight

Puppy (9)

1st  Naylor & Morrison's  Romarne Clark Gable joins Anlory

2nd  Nicholl's Romarne Under Orders
Another lovely puppy, lovely head and expression, good front,  good deep chest. Nice angulation front and rear. A bit   erratic on the move.
3rd  Cooper's Gwendariff's on a Roll

Junior (14 3)

1st  Muir's Romarne Taittinger JW
Very impressive young dog, nice masculine head with a lovely  soft expression, good strong neck flowing smoothly into well  set shoulders. Good spring of ribs, correct front, strong   hindquarters, correct tail set, beautiful dark coat. Moved with  drive, should go far.

2nd  McLarnon's Gwendariff Nuts about Glenavna JW
Another very impressive young dog, well presented. Good  head strong neck, well placed shoulders. Lovely top line,   correct front, deep chest, great angulation front and rear.   Moved very well, another young dog who will go far.

3rd  Sandle & Farndel's   Cordarragh We will Rock You

Yearling  Strong Class (22 3)

1st  Condron, Pullen & Atkin's Covarney Flapjack
Youngster in this class at only 19 months. Just loved this   young dog, not a big boy, but so nicely constructed, lovely top  line. Beautiful head and soft expression, straight front with  good angulation, nice depth of chest, good bend of stifle,   correct tail set. Moved very soundly.

2nd  Cohen's Aoibheanne's Rough Diamond at Shushana JW
Another nice dog, different type from 1st. Beautifully presented  in good coat, good top line. Masculine head with soft   expression, strong neck flowing into well set shoulders, well  sprung ribs, correct front. Good bend of stifle. Moved well.

3rd  Tupper & Anthony's  Staratlanta Elliott

Maiden (16 5)

1st    Kniveton's  Hot Sensations Orstone Cowboy
Age 14 months, nice young dog,beautifully presented, pleasing head  and expression. Good outline, correct angulation front and rear, good  depth of chest, good bend of stifle. Moved well.

2nd   Nicholl's  Romarne Under Orders
3rd  Limpus's  Karidell Prince Charming

Novice (15 6)

1st  Byard's Cataluna Some Like it Hot
Nice young boy, pleasing head with soft expression, good neck and  shoulders, good spring of rib. Correct front , moved well, keeping his  top line on the move.

2nd  Kniveton's  Hot Sensations Orstone Cowboy

3rd  Nicholl's   Romarne Under Orders

Under Graduate (12 3)

1st    Cohen's  Aoibheanne's Rough Diamond with Shushana JW

2nd    Hopewell's  Anlory Keltic Spirit over Daveset
Lovely boy presented in good coat, well balanced, nice head, good  neck and shoulders. Correct front, good bend of stifle. Moved well.

3rd  Bridgewater's Bardonhill Bertie Bott by Bridgella

Graduate (12 3)

1st  Edward's Gwendariff The Pink Panther
Lovely 2 year old in good coat, nice head, good neck and   shoulders. Correct top line, good angulation front and rear.  Moved with drive.

2nd  Hogarth's Redclyst Flash at Halingswood
Very attractive young dog. Beautiful head and expression,   good neck and shoulders. Lovely top line,in good coat. Moved  well.

3rd  Hepple's Deevonville Santana

Post Graduate (22 3) A very strong class

1st  Sturrock's  Forfarian I'm Sexy and I Know It
I have watched this boy in the ring from a puppy and seen him grow  into the beautiful young dog he is now. He is so well balanced with a  lovely head and soft expression. Well set shoulders flowing into a  beautiful top line, great depth of chest, correct front with perfect feet,  well sprung ribs and nice bend of stifle. Moved well, keeping his top line and carrying his tail at just the right level. I see a great future  ahead of him.

2nd  Nichol's Delsanta Snow Storm SHCM
Lovely 4 year old with a very pleasing head and good reach of neck,  nicely set shoulders, good top line and tail set. Presented in lovely  condition.

3rd  Holley's Wynjill Will I Am

Mid Limit (18  2)

1st  Tuite's Riverwood Kazatchok with Porschet JW (IMP BEL)
Lovely 3 year old, caught my eye in this class. Nicely balanced, with a  lovely head, presented in beautiful condition, correct front. Nicely  arched neck, good depth of chest and well sprung ribs. Good bend of  stifle, moved well.

2nd  Mugford's  Lynwood Lark in the Dark
Very close to 1st, he is also well balanced, in good coat, correct front,  well angulated front and rear. Good top line, lovely head and soft  expression. Moved well.

3rd  Greenan's  Anlory The Living Daylights over Juleset JW

Limit (11  3)

1st  Farndell's  Corarrach Rembrant
Stood out in this class, presented in good coat. Lovely outline, nice  head, good neck and shoulders. Correct front, good bend of stifle.  Moved well.

2nd    Luca's Kerryfair Gets Lucky Over Amberlight JW
Another well balanced dog. Presented in good condition. Beautiful  head with lovely soft expression, good reach of neck and well set  shoulders. Good angulation front and rear. Moved soundly.

3rd  O'Connor's  Caispern Polonius

Open (8  1)

1st  Hogath's SH.CH Avacet Snowdrift
One I have long admired, beautifully constructed dog, well presented  in good coat. Lovely head and expression, strong neck flowing into  well set shoulders, correct front, good spring of ribs and strong  hindquarters. Moved well, keeping his top line. Delighted to award  him CC

2nd  Gratton's  SH.CH Bardonhill Floating Moon into Glenlaiwe JW
A very close second, I admire both these lovely dogs. Beautifully  presented in lovely condition. Love his head and expression, nicely  arched neck, good shoulders and front. Good depth of chest and strong  hindquarters. Moved soundly, just lost his top line a bit. Could change  places with 1st anytime, it was a very close decision. R.C.C

3rd  Milligan, Bott & Bott SH.CH Thendara Pot Noodle JW

Special Veteran  7  9 years (8)

1st  Edward's  Sh.CH Gwendariff Rocking Robin JW
Looking fit and well, in great condition, everything to like in this dog.  Pleasing head, good neck and shoulders. Correct front, good  angulation front and rear. Strong hindquarters, still moved with drive.

2nd  Gardner's  Rigitta Authentic
A very close 2nd, another fit and good looking dog for his age.  Beautiful head and expression, lovely outline, correct front, good  angulation front and rear. Moved well.

3rd  Buchan's Loskeran Dream Maker

Special Veteran 10years plus (2)

1st  Bott's Bardonhill Storn Moon
Very eye catching dog, enjoying his day out and looking great. Lovely  head and well balanced body in good coat. Moved soundly and  happily round the ring.

2nd  Whitelock's  Viana Red Ciara
Looking great for 12 years old, it's so nice to see these veteran dogs  enjoying themselves in the ring.

Special Beginners

1st  Berry's Brinara Independent
Lovely dog, nice outline, pleasing head. Good neck, well set  shoulders, correct front and nice depth of chest. Good bend of stifle.  Moved well.

Betty Laidlaw



Irish Setter Breeders Club
28 March 2015

Judges: Dogs:  Mrs Elizabeth Laidlaw Bitches Mrs Rita Pickersgill
Entry: 245 Dogs making 316 Entries

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slideshow photos kindly supplied by Barbara Gladwish and Laura Kolbach
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Winning her 3rd Challenge Certificate,
Best Veteran in Show and
Best in Show
Congratulations to Sky owned by Nigel Naylor & Jane Morrison
Sh.Ch. Bardonhill Singing Skies over Anlory JW
Winning the Reserve Bitch Certificate and Reserve Best in Show
Congratulations to Paige, owned by
Richard Bott Anthony Allen and Angela Morgan
Bardonhill Please Don't Tease Quensha JW
Winning the Dog Challenge Certificate was
Mike and Tricia Hogarth's boy Louis
Sh.Ch. Avacet Snow Drift
The Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate was awarded to
Woody, owned by Elaine and Andy Gratton
Sh.Ch. Bardonhill Floating Moon into Glenlaine JW Sh.CM
Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy in Show
Romarne Clark Gable Joins Anlory
owned by Nigel Naylor and Jane Morrison
Best Puppy Bitch
Anlory Corbieres
owned by Nigel Naylor and Jane Morrison
Best Veteran Dog
Bardonhill Storm Moon
owned by Marita Bott


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