Critique -Brace - Junior - Judge - Lynn Morris Brinara/Minsterlands

Brace 5,2

1  Broadgate.  A very well matched pair of refined, elegant, dark- coated bitches, well -presented in immaculate condition. They were in sparkling form as they moved soundly around the ring with their tails lashing and in perfect synchronisation with each other and their handler. A pleasure to watch and judge.

2. Fox. Another well- matched pair of bitches both with the sweetest of expressions. They moved happily and soundly together with good co-ordination and in harmony with their handler. Very well presented in good condition.

3 Russell. A well-matched pair of soundly constructed bitches with typical heads and soft expressions. One of the pair decided to exhibit her free spirit and do her own thing on the move today, despite the best efforts of her handler.

Junior Handling Class 6-11 years 1,1

Junior Handling Class 12 -16 years 1,0

1 C.Webb. A very confident, calm and assured performance of exemplar handling. This young handler set the highest of standards with her sensitive and highly competent handling of a young bitch who was rather unsettled on the day. Despite the challenge presented, the handler persisted to stand her exhibit in just the right position to show off her attributes to advantage. Handler and dog moved together in harmony to complete a perfect triangle and demonstrated well-co- ordinated movement in a straight line. This young lady should be very proud of her achievements in the ring and we should all be thankful and proud to see such up and coming young talent in our breed. Well done, Catherine.

Lynn Morris, Brinara/Minsterlands



Irish Setter Club of Wales
19 April 2015

Judges: Dogs Mr Peter Armstrong    Bitches: Mrs Cheryl Stevenson
Referee:Lynn Morris
Entry: 210 Dogs making 276 Entries
Catalogue Pages - kindly supplied by Viv Blackshaw
Winning the Bitch Challenge Certificate and Best in Show:
iscw 190415 gladwish 2
Jean Walters with Jodie
Dreamerlis Regal Jodie from Deneil
iscw 190415 gladwish 9
Winning her first Challenge Certificate and Best in Show
Congratulations to Jodie
owned by Jean Walters
Dreamerlis Regal Jodie from Deneil (L)
Winning the Res.Bitch Challenge Certificate and Res.Best in Show
Sh.Ch. Wynjill Well Known JW (R)
with judge of bitches Cheryl Stevenson
DSC 0227
Sh.Ch. Wynjill Well Known JW
owned by Jill Holley
Winning the Dog Challenge Certificate, his third,
congratulations to Casey
owned by Colette Tuite
iscw 190415 gladwish 4
Sh.Ch. Riverwood Kazatchok with Porchet JW
The Res. Dog CC was awarded to:
Jacque Atkin and Kevin Pullen
with Jackson
iscw 190415 gladwish 5
Sh.Ch. Harvancourt Harlem at Jacingail
Best Puppy dog and Best Puppy in Show
was awarded to Julie Nicholls with:
iscw 190415 gladwish 6
Romarne Under Orders
Best Puppy Bitch was owned by Magi Henderson
iscw 190415 gladwish 1
Sametsuz Mak'n Honey
Best Veteran Bitch and Best Veteran in Show~
belonged to Carolyn Hogsflesh
iscw 190415 gladwish 7
Sh.Ch. Lyngor Living Water JW
Best Veteran Dog was Tania Gardner's
iscw 190415 gladwish 8
Sh.Ch. Riqitta Authentic
Sincere thanks to Barbara Gladwish for providing the lovely photographs
and to Laura Kolbach for completing the results for us.
Congratulations to all the Winners