I wish to thank the Irish setter club for inviting me to judge their championship show. I consider it a great honour as it is the home club of the Irish Setter throughout the world ,and was very much looking forward to the appointment. The club made me feel very welcome. There were 40 Irish entered which was the same as last year. I was particularly pleased that there were a number of field trial exhibits entered.

As it had rained the previous day it was decided to hold the show undercover as the outside rings were waterlogged. The indoor accommodation was very spacious and I had a large ring. The committee provided a sumptuous lunch with many differing salads followed by one of the best selections of deserts I have ever encountered!

I was pleased with the quality of the class winners which were sound and of nice type. Most exhibits had nice Irish heads and expressions. I was looking for a certain refinement which I associate with an Irish setter with a moderately square finish to foreface. Most importantly I was looking for a racy built Irish setter which I found with my best in show and reserve best in show, which I was very pleased with. In England I have been dismayed with the coat colour of some of the working Irish as they appear light golden and sometimes even yellowish ! i would hope that field trial breeders would also select for coat colour should they find this unfortunate trait creeping into their stock. After all the Irish setter’s coat colour is its unique feature which sets it apart from any other breed of dog and needs to be preserved.

The field trial dogs here today impressed me with their calm temperments. They seemed equally at home at the show, and their field trial results speak volumes to what they must be like in the field. Thanks for bringing them!

Thanks to my two stewards Bernie Ladd and Marc Ruymbeke for keeping me on track. Finally thanks to the exhibitors for bringing their dogs for me to assess. I am very grateful and thoroughly enjoyed my day!

Puppy dog> 2 (1abs) Very promising 1st Puppy Dog Hughes’ Corradadeelish Pheasant at Cloonminda Well boned 9 month pup of pleasing type. He has a well balanced masculine head and kind dark eye and square finish of muzzle and low placed ears. He has adequate forechest, a good spring of rib and well angulated rear end. He has a good topline which he kept on the move and moved well lashing his tail, which was carried level with his back. He would benefit from a little more trimming. I will watch his progress with interest. Best Puppy in show.

Junior dog 2> excellent !st Sterritts’ Riversett Revolution. 15 month lovely type of dog. He owns a very attractive head and expression, oval skull and low placed ears. He has a good depth of chest. nice turn of stifle and strong clean topline with good croup and well set tail placement. I would prefer more forechest.

Excellent 2nd O’Neils’ Currowhill Mr Cracker Jack. Another very nice 14 month dog. He too has a nice head with a pronounced occiput and dark eye. He has a racy outline, nice depth of brisket, good turn of stifles. He moved well carrying his tail nicely. I preferred the balance of winners head.

Intermediate 1> excellent 1st Quinn and McNamara’s Clannrua Lord Henry at Kilnacourt. I liked this well made free moving dog. He owns a nicely balanced head with a kindly expression. He was true in the front, and had good neck to shoulder placement, good forechest and depth of brisket. He has a good topline and strong well made hindquarters which he used effectively to power around the ring ,lashing his tail in the process.

Open 7 (1 abs) excellent 1st Cahill’s Currowhill Grey Guy Jun Ch . Overall a lovely racy built irish setter. He has a beautiful head and expression. Nice crest to the back of his neck. True front and good depth of brisket. Excellent topline and good croup and tail set. Well developed hind quarters ,good turn of stifles and strong hocks enabled him to move effortlessly around the ring. I was pleased to award him the green star and BIS.

Excellent 2nd McLaron;s Glenavna Journey South Jw Lots to like about this beautiful headed boy who is lovely to look at. His handsome head flowed smoothly into well placed shoulders continuing along his strong topline to a good croup and well set tail and nice feet. He moved well but was proud of his tail on the day which was a pity.

Excellent 3rd Martin’s Carrue Dewline Straight Blue Junior Ch

Champion 4 (1 abs) excellent 1st Loughlins’SHCH Rohanmor It’s All About Alfie Jun Ch JD A darkly coated strongly made handsome dog. His well developed stop and dark eye gave him a nice gentle expression despite his skull being a little strong for my taste. He is soundly made in all departments.His well muscled long neck flows smoothly into his correct topline. He is true in front and has very well developed hind quarters which he utilises to motor soundly around the ring. He was presented in sparkling condition with his rich dark chestnut flat coat gleaming like a shiny conker. I was pleased to give him the reserve green star dog.

Excellent 2nd Kennedys’ MNE Ch Glennara Sagittare CJW12 Lovely headed dog of very nice breed type. He was sound in front and had good pasterns. He had a good topline, croup and tail set and moved very well I felt he was carrying too much weight on the day.

excellent 3rd Kennedys’ UK IRE INT SHCH Glennara Coer de Lion AN CH10 JW CW10 11

Field Trial 3 excellent 1st Bradys’ INT FTCH Ballydavid Aodh He is an unexaggerated handsome irish setter who possesses a kindly dark eye which gave him a nice expression .I liked the white on his well balanced head. He has shorter ears than his show cousins. He was sound in the front, had an adequate length of neck and a good topline. He has a well turned stifle and although he slightly dropped in croup was able to move soundly around the ring. As a show prospect I would like a little more of him all over. Thank you for bringing him. I hope to see him in the field some day!

Excellent 2nd Bradys’ INT FTCH Ballydavid Airforce Litter brother to the winner and similar in many ways. He too has a kindly alert expression although I would prefer more depth of foreface. He had shorter higher set ears than the standard show dog which I think contributes to the intelligent expression shared by many field trial bred irish I have encountered. He slightly dropped in croup but moved very well.

Excellent 3rd O’Neil’s Gleannseain Finn

Junior 2 (1 abs) excellent 1st Walshs’ Ardbraccan SprIng Melody

What a beautiful 13 month irish. She has a lovely feminine balanced head, and low placed ears, good neck to shoulder placement,topline and well developed 2nd thigh. Her flat coat was presented in shiny gleaming condition. Although she stood alone today could hold her own in any company. I was pleased to hear that this win made her a junior champion today!

Intermediate 3 excellent 1st Murphys’ Clannrua Teelin

There is a lot to like about this very sound girl. She has a feminine head with kindly expression. Her well muscled neck flows into well laid shoulders and she is sound in the front. She has a good topline, a well fringed tail and strong well developed hind quarters, allowing her to move very well.

Excellent 2nd Loughlins’ Rohanmor Jorja on my mind Jun Ch JD

A heavier built dark coated bitch in excellent condition. I would prefer a more feminine head nevertheless she had a nice eye and expression and good ear placement. She had excellent body properties, strong topline leading to a good croup, to her small neet feet and was very sound on the move.

Excellent 3rd Cahills’Winter Sky of Currowhill

Open 6 (2 abs) This class had quite an assortment of animals at various stages of maturity

excellent 1st Coulter,McKelvey and Cummings Lurgavon Kerry Mist JCH

Mature well balanced girl whose outline and top line I liked. She has a lovely feminine head , her body combines elegance with substance. I found her to be sound in the front, also having a well sprung rib cage. Gently sloping topline , good croup. Her quarters are well made having a good width of second thigh and strong hocks so it was no surprise that she moved soundly.

excellent 2nd Walsh’s Ardbraccan Russet Glory

I just loved this beautiful two year old girl. She has an exceptionally pretty head with nice finish to muzzle and low placed ears. She is slightly shorter coupled than the winner . She has a good spring of rib and strong quarters with good second thigh and had excellent free flowing movement complimented by her rich dark coat which was in beautiful condition. Just lost out on maturity to the winner who presented a more complete picture on the day. Her time will come!

Excellent 3rd Murphy,s Clannrua Loughowel

Champion 5 (2 abs) I liked all three bitches in this class.

Excellent 1st Donnellys’ SHCH Millcroft Whispering Moon Jun Ch 13

This three year old Irish looked superb on the day! I was so pleased to be able to judge her looking so good. Closer inspection revealed a pretty feminine well balanced head with sweet expression complete with low placed ears. Lovely length of neck leading into well laid back shoulders. Good depth of brisket and length of back, good spring of rib and tail well set on a strong croup. Her well developed hindquarters had good width to first and second thigh and she had neet tight feet . Her strong driving movement was accurate and sound as she moved freely around the ring. She presents an image of elegance combined with substance and completed the picture with a sparkling shiny rich coat complete with feathering. A very worthy show champion. For best in show I chose the dog whose head I marginally preferred, but a very close decision.

excellent 2nd Sterritts’ IR SHCH Riversett Best Kept Secret Jun Ch

I liked this seven year old worthy show champion. She too has a lovely feminine head with nice dark eye , low placed ears, straight front and strong quarters with good width of first and second thigh. Her tail is well set on her back. She moved very well but could not match the winner for overall condition today .I was pleased to award her the reserve Green Star.

excellent 3rd Loughlins’ SHCH and INT SHCH Discovery’s Let the Heart Beat For Rohanmor Imp SWE AN CH 14 JD JUN CH CJW12

Veteran 1

Excellent 1st Cummings and McKelveys IR SHCH Edenaveys Holly’s Pride

Very nice fully coated 10 year old of good breed type. She did’nt look her age! She has a sweet nicely balanced head with dark eyes giving a kindly expression. Low placed ears. She is sound in the front and has an excellent topline and tail set. Her well developed first and second thigh enabled her to move with drive around the ring. I was pleased to award her best veteran.

Excellent 2nd Bradys INT FTCH Remkilens T-Ebba

Having read about her numerous field trial awards it was nice to see this Scandinavian working import in the flesh. She has a fine feminine head with a kindly expression. Her ear set is higher than the typical show dog. I was pleasantly surprised at how good her construction was. She was true in the front , had a good topline and was good on the croup. She moved very soundly around the ring taking it all in her stride. She carries her 10 years very well although she was a little devoid of coat feathering on the day. I would like a little more of her all over for the show ring.

Field Trial 4

Excellent 1st Bradys INT FTCH Remkilens T-Ebba

As above

Excellent 2nd McGillycuddy’s FTCH AND GB FTCH Creg Rena INT

I liked the head and intelligent expression of this girl. She is smaller and Iighter coated than I would prefer.

Excellent 3rd McGillycuddy’s FTCH Balldavid Starjet of the Kingdom

Children ‘s Handling 4 (1abs)

I found this class the most difficult to judge as all three junior handlers were so professional in the handling of their charges.

1st Erica Cahill handling Currowhill Grey Guy

Erica was attentive to what I required from her dog and made good contact with the dog at all times.

2nd Leah Cahill handling Winters Sky of Currowhill

Leah handled her charge very well for a young girl

3rd Marcella Cahill handling CH Montenergo Lynwood up with the Larks Jun Ch

Team Stakes 2 (1 abs)

1st Brady,s team INT FT FT CH Ballydavid Airforce with INT FT CH REMKILENS T-EBBA

Well matched team who moved very well.

Progeny 4

1st Kennedys’ MNE Ch Glennara Sagittare CJW12 and UK IRE INT SHCH Glennara Coer de Lion AN CH10 JW CW10 11

These two boys are making their prescence felt as the BIS was sired by Sagittare and Cour de Lion is putting his stamp siring beautiful headed offspring.

2nd McGillycuddy’s FTCH AND GB FTCH Creg Rena INT FTCH with Ballydavid Storm

3rd Bradys’ INT FTCH Ballydavid Aodh with INT FTCH Ballydavid Airforce

Brace 5 (1 abs)

1st Quinn and McNamara’s Clannrua Lord Henry at Kilnacourt

This brace were a well matched pair who strode out well keeping the same pace as each other.

2nd Walshs’ Ardbraccan Russet Glory

This duo had the most beautiful of heads and were a well matched pair having rich gleaming flat coats and moved well together.

3rd Murphys’ Clannrua Teelin

BIS GREEN STAR DOG:- Cahill’s Currowhill Grey Guy Jun Ch

RES BIS GREEN STAR BITCH:- Donnellys’ SHCH Millcroft Whispering Moon Jun Ch 13

RES GREEN STAR DOG :- Loughlins’SHCH Rohanmor It’s All About Alfie Jun Ch JD

RES GREEN STAR BITCH :- Sterritts’ IR SHCH Riversett Best Kept Secret Jun Ch

BEST VETERAN :- Cummings and McKelveys IR SHCH Edenaveys Holly’s Pride

BEST PUPPY :- >Hughes’ Corradadeelish Pheasant at Cloonminda

BEST FIELD TRIAL :- Bradys INT FTCH Remkilens T-Ebba

BEST PROGENY :- Kennedys’ UK IRE INT SHCH Glennara Coer de Lion AN CH10 JW CW10 11

BEST BRACE :- Quinn and McNamara’s Clannrua Lord Henry at Kilnacourt

BEST TEAM:- Hugh Brady


Judge Colette Tuite


Judge Colette Tuite


Irish Red Setter Club Ch Show
9 May 2015

Judge; Miss Collette Tuite (UK).
Dog Green Star Reserve

Dog Green Star & Best in Show Cahill’s
Currowhill Grey Guy Jun Ch.(L)
Res Green Star Dog:  Loughlin’s
Sh Ch Rohanmor It’s All About Alfie Jun Ch, JD.(R)
Bitch Green Star Reserve
Green Star Bitch & Reserve Best in Show Donnelly’s
Sh Ch Millcroft Whispering Moon Jun Ch.(L)
 Res Green Star Bitch Sterritts
Sh Ch Riversett Best Kept Secret (R)
Best Puppy
Best Puppy Hughes’
Corradeelish Pheasant at Cloonminda.
Best Veteran

Best Veteran Cummings & McKelvey’s
Sh Ch Edenaveys Holly’s Pride
Best Field Trial
Best Field Trial Brady,s
Int Ft Ch Remkilens T-Ebba.

Other Main Awards:
Junior Handling Erica Cahill.
Brace Walsh, Ardbraccan.
Team  Brady, Ballydavid
Ir, UK & Int Ch Glennara Coer de Lion An Ch’10, JW, CW’10 & ’11.

Results kindly supplied by Sheila Hughes


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