Critique - Judge: Becky Box (Fernstart)

Thank you to the Three Counties committee for the invitation to judge their show and my very efficient stewards on the day.  We were fortunate that the weather was almost perfect for dog showing, dry, bright and sunny but with a breeze that kept it manageable for dogs and owners.  I was thrilled with the overall quality of this entry and found that the higher classes in both sexes were of the highest order, with some close decisions on the day. Of course, this is exactly how it should be and it bodes well for the future as the next generation comes largely from within these classes.  All dogs were well presented and clearly exhibitors had put much time and effort into preparing their dogs for the day. Although I have spent my whole life with Irish Setters I never tire of admiring beautiful examples of the breed and so judging this entry today was a joy.

Minor Puppy Dog (4, 0 abs)

1st Longbottom and Stewart-Ritchie’s Gwendariff Unknown Soldier seven month old youngster who already presents quite a stunning outline which really draws the eye. Super neck and shoulders, firm topline which he holds well on the move, good coat and in super condition. Classic head with a kind eye. Moved well.

2nd Wharton’s Jennison Trouble made his patient handler work for his prize but when he did decide to stand still presented a balanced outline. Pleasing head and expression, good bone and body, lovely glossy coat. Moved steadily using his tail.

3rd Byard’s Shelindair Ginger Fizz

Puppy Dog (9, 0 abs)

1st Nicholl’s Romarne Under Orders, mature boy with super bone and body, good front and forechest with neat feet, good front assembly with deep chest and well ribbed, strong loin and hindquarters. Balanced, handsome head, with lovely dark eyes and raised brows. Best mover in this class. Best puppy dog.

2nd Naylor and Morrison’s Romarne Clark Gable Joints Anlory, interesting to compare and contrast with 1, similar in some ways, different in others. Slightly more racy but not as ‘together’ as 1 and made his handler work hard. Another well made boy with lots to like, balanced throughout and moved steadily. These two will no doubt change places many times.

3rd Coopers Gwendariff On A Roll

Junior Dog (13, 3 abs)

This was a good class of dogs at different stages of their development, with some promising boys who just need more time.

1st Willis’ Gwendariff Thyme Bomb at Jacwilins, very eye catching young dog, mature for his age with good bone and well bodied, straight front and good forechest, super front assembly, strong well arched neck and gently sloping topline. Strong hindquarters which helped him drive round the ring. Balanced head, not quite the expression of 2, but hopefully this will come with time. Presented with a fabulous dark gleaming coat.

2nd Kniveton’s Hot Sensation’s Orstone Cowboy (Imp), loved the style of this dog, a more racy outline than 1, but not the body and maturity and not looking as good today as I have seen him on other occasions. Pleasing, balanced head with soft expression. Good reach of neck and good front assembly, firm topline which he held well on the move.

3rd Limpus’ Karidell Prince Charming

Yearling Dog (10, 2 abs)

1st Muir’s Romarne Tattinger JW this young dog has enjoyed a super show career thus far and judging him only confirms why. Presents a super picture and going over does not disappoint. Handsome, balanced head with raised brows, dark eyes and soft melting expression. Good body proportions with good front and rear assembly, deep chest, strong loin, good tailset. Best mover in the class and handled to advantage. Just needs the feathering and maturity that will come with time to complete the picture.

2nd Wilkin’s Margretwoods Gobstopper, yet another promising youngster, this dog has the most lovely head and expression, with raised brows and dark, quizzical eyes. Good make and shape overall, deep chest and strong arched neck, firm topline and good tailset. Just not the overall balance and finish of 1 at this point.

3rd Heron’s Caskey’s Maestro

Graduate Dog (6, 0 abs)

1st Mitchell’s Amblin Sweet William, this young dog is slowly fulfilling his early potential. Not a big boy but a lovely balanced shape, with super coat and a good amount of feathering to complete an overall very pleasing picture. Good front and nice tight feet. Handsome, balanced head with kind eye and lovely soft expression. Deep chest and strong hindquarters. Moved well.

2nd Lorrimer’s Danaway Distinguished, different type to 1 but equally lots to like. A very elegant boy, classic handsome head, strong arched neck flowing into well laid shoulders and firm topline. Moved well and with style. Not the overall balance of 1 at this stage.

3rd Vincent and Spencer’s Lynwood What A Lark At Caervista

Post Graduate Dog (13, 2 abs)

1st Gratton’s Bardonhill Moon River Flows into Glenlaine JW I have admired this lovely dog since he was a puppy and he is now starting to fulfill all his early promise and, for me, an easy winner of this good class. Presents a stunning outline and I love the way he flows from nose to tail. Carries a good amount of coat and underneath is a very well made dog, super neck, good front and rear angulation, deep chest, good spring of rib, firm topline and good tailset. Handsome head with lovely dark eyes carrying a look of mischief that together with the wagging tail indicates a lively and outgoing personality, which for me only adds to his appeal. Presented in fabulous condition and moved soundly and with style. I consider this boy worthy of higher honours and he was unlucky that the dogs from the higher classes were in such top form today.

2nd Pollard’s Grayrigge Benedict JW, a lovely quality dog presenting balanced outline and in good coat and condition. Lovely head with raised brows, lots of chiseling, dark eyes and kind expression. Good front and nice tight feet, good front assembly and strong hindquarters.

3rd Kniveton’s Bardonhill Top Gun at Orstone

Limit Dog (14, 1 abs)

1st Crocker & Siddle’s Copper’s War of Roses (Swe Imp), this stunning dog caught my eye on entering the ring and going over him only confirmed all my hopes. He is simply lovely viewed from every angle. Has the perfect combination of quality, elegance and refinement and all at only just over two years of age. Most gorgeous head and expression, with such lovely dark eyes and super ear set. Everything balanced and each part flows into the next, correct reach of neck, super shoulders and correct gently sloping topline, good forechest, strong hindquarters, good tailset and strong hocks. Presented in immaculate condition with his coat gleaming in the sunshine. Moved soundly and with drive and style. Pleased to award him the CC, his third and so his well deserved crown. He went on to take BOB and G3. Congratulations to his owners and breeder.

2nd Holley’s Wynjill Well I Am JW, this dog was my best puppy last time and boy how he has fulfilled his early promise. Another presenting a fabulous outline and again, does not disappoint on going over. He is so very well made and appeals in every aspect. Most handsome, refined head, with lots of work in it. Super body proportions and so balanced throughout. A very stylish dog, with an outgoing personality and he really strides out positively on the move. Again still a youngster and I feel his best is still to come. Unlucky to meet 1 today, I was pleased to award him the RCC and hope he too goes on to gain his crown.

3rd Mugford’s Lynwood Lark in the Dark JW – another lovely dog, I was disappointed that I could only award him 3rd place today as he has many qualities that I admire.

Open Dog (4)

1st Stewart & Ritchie Smith’s Sh Ch Gwendariff Whippersnapper JW, the latest big winner from this successful kennel and the one that has appealed to me the most from the ringside. He has already enjoyed a glittering show career despite still being young, and I have no doubt there is more to come. Tremendous ring presence and going over he does not disappoint. Balanced, handsome head, masculine without coarseness. Combines elegance with substance. Presented immaculately, as we have come to expect from his breeder/handler. Today in the challenge he had to give way to two dogs that were at the peak of their game.

2nd Gratton’s Sh Ch Bardonhill Floating Moon into Glenlaine JW, a lovely dog who again was presented in super coat and condition. Balanced outline with good reach of neck, good shoulders, super head and expression, very typical of his breeding. Moved soundly. A most worthy show champion.

3rd Cardwell’s Kirkavagh the Wizard JW

Minor Puppy Bitch (3, 0 abs)

1st Hinslea’s Northamber Shabby Chic, fulfills my idea of a minor puppy bitch, lovely clean balanced outline, good reach of neck, deep chest, good width of thigh and strong hindquarters. Lovely rich chestnut coat in super condition. Pretty head with kind eye under raised brows. Moved steadily using her tail.

2nd Crocker & Siddle’s Meadway Morag, another pretty puppy presenting a balanced outline. An elegant girl who carries herself well, and well made throughout. Pleasing head and expression although not quite the expression of 1 at this stage.

3rd Milby & Stewart-Ritchie’s Gwendariff We’ll Rememberu

Puppy Bitch (6, 0 abs)

1st Mugford’s Sangarah Skyline Over Lynwood (Imp), have admired this stunning puppy bitch over recent months so great to get the chance to go over her. Now 9 months old she is growing in portion, retaining her excellent overall shape and balance. She has the look and feel of quality all over and the prettiest of heads with a sweet expression.   She moves so steadily using her tail and holding her topline. Best puppy bitch and best puppy in breed.

2nd Berry & Morris’ Brinara Lowri, larger frame than 1 and now coming towards the end of her puppy career she has many of the qualities I like in a bitch of this age. Again balanced, with good reach of neck, good body proportions, firm topline and strong hind quarters. Plenty of glossy coat to complete the picture, she should cope well with the move into junior.

3rd Holehan’s Loganrish Jacquart

Junior Bitch (14, 4 abs)

1st Bott’s Gwendariff Such A Carry On At Bardonhill, love the overall elegance of this bitch, so feminine and balanced throughout, she is maturing with great promise for the future. She has a pretty head, with a lovely expression and kind eyes. Good body proportions, deep chest, firm topline and good tailset. Superbly presented and really strode out on the move to win this class.

2nd Henderson’s Sametsuz Mak’n Honey, this sweet bitch has only just moved into junior and was giving away much to 1 in age but couldn’t be denied a high placing in this good class based on her overall qualities. Again very feminine and elegant. Super reach of neck, good front assembly and firm topline. Strong loin and well developed hindquarters. Super coat and condition. Will be interested to see how she progresses.

3rd Blackshaw’s Lanstara Spring Star

Yearling Bitch (9, 3 abs)

1st Holehan’s Ferasheen Primrose Lass, a bitch I have admired since she was a baby puppy. I have watched her grow into the beautiful girl she is today and hope she continues to fulfil her early potential. Just the right size and carrying the right amount of weight and coat to present her to advantage. Very feminine she flows from nose to tail. I love her head and sweet expression, plenty of work and such lovely expressive eyes. Moved steadily using her tail to advantage.

2nd Bott’s Gwendariff Such A Carry On At Bardonhill

3rd Muir’s Romarne Tickled JW

Graduate Bitch (6, 1 abs)

1st Brady’s Amberlight Guinevere, although numerically small this was a good class to win as all five bitches were of good quality. This girl is very well made, with a striking outline, good neck and shoulders with firm topline. Balanced head with dark eyes, raised brows and pretty expression. Presented in good coat and condition. Moved well.

2nd Ciechonska’s Aoibheanne’s Rough N’ Tumble, another pretty girl, with an eye catching outline. Well made throughout she has a good front assembly and strong hindquarters. Balanced head with pretty expression and dark eye. Not the finish to her coat of 1 but close up.

3rd Borthwick’s Northamber Runs Riot At Lotushill

Post Graduate Bitch (13, 1 abs)

1st Wilikins’ Bardonhill Hetty Bayliss Among Margretwoods JW, one I have done well before but I was surprised at just how much this girl had come on. A lovely, feminine bitch with the prettiest of heads and soft melting expression and good ear set. Well proportioned body, and slightly longer cast 2 which gave her a touch more elegance overall. Good depth of chest, good front and rear assembly, firm topline and good tailset. Presented in good coat and condition

2nd Bayne’s Corranroo Rainbow Kisses, not a bitch that I had really come across in the past but she certainly made a big impression today. An eye catching girl with a glamorous, glossy coat and underneath it she is very well made. Stylish mover. Pretty head but not quite the sweetness of expression of 1, although she pushed 1 very hard for top spot.

3rd Watt’s Shenanagin Scrumptious

Limit Bitch (16, 3 abs)

This was a fabulous class, I would have been happy to award 1st prize to any of the five placed and am certain they will all have successful days ahead of them. Many other lovely girls went cardless.

1st Bott, Allen and Morgan’s Bardonhill Please Don’t Tease Quensha JW, for me this girl has to be seen on the move to really appreciate her at her best, she is such a showgirl and on the move her personality really shines through – she is a joy to watch. So much about her is exactly what I look for in a bitch. She has a super outline, particularly when freestanding and is totally balanced. So very feminine she possesses the sweetest head and expression with such lovely dark, quizzical eyes. Glossy coat and just the right amount of feathering to complete a very pleasing picture. She is in great form and on a good run - I hope it continues. RCC.

2nd Walter’s Dreamerlis Regal Jodie From Deneil, this young lady has been steadily moving through the classes, deservedly gaining many compliments along the way. She is a lovely bitch, with many of the qualities I look for and has femininity and elegance in an understated way that draws you back for another look. She was a little unsettled on the move at first but on moving again had a lovely flowing action that placed her just ahead of a real favourite of mine.

3rd Watt’s Shenanagin Softly Softly JW

Open Bitch (5)

1st Limpus’ Sh Ch Shenanagin She’s The One For Karidell JW, this girl was my RCC winner last time and since then she has gone on to gain her crown and have a litter, returning to the ring earlier this year she now has the maturity which enhances all the qualities she had before. Presented in lovely coat and condition she has super overall confirmation and is a beautiful ‘make and shape’. Balanced head with lovely soft expression. Dark coat and presented in super condition. Moved well. Pleased to award her the CC.

2nd Holley’s Sh Ch Wynjill Well Known JW, again one I have done well before, as a puppy she showed great potential and since then she has deservedly progressed through the classes quickly gaining her crown along the way. She is a top quality bitch, feminine throughout and like her brother, has real style both standing and on the move. Beautiful balanced head, good foreface and sweet expression. Such an elegant outline with all parts flowing. Lost out only on overall maturity today and am sure she has many more successful days ahead.

3rd Kolbach’s Copper’s Wine ‘n Roses (Swed Imp) Jun Ch

Becky Box

Three Counties Championship Show
7 June 2015

Judge: Becky Box (Fernstart)
Entry: 141 Dogs making 147 Entries
Winning his 3rd Challenge Certificate and Show Title Crown
Best of Breed and Gundog Group 3
Congratulations to Arthur, owned by Blake Crocker and Amelia Siddle
Sh.Ch. Copper's War of Roses
Photo kindly supplied by Blake Crocker
winning the Bitch Challenge Certificate
was Brian and Norma Limpus with Gracie
Sh.Ch.Shenanagin She's The One For Karidell JW
The Res.CC in Dogs was awarded to Jill Holley with
Wynjill Well I Am JW
The Res. CC in Bitches was awarded to Paige
owned by Richard Bott, Anthony Allen and Angela Morgan
paige 3cts 070615 newsham MG 9313
Bardonhill Please Don't Tease Quensha JW
Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Breed
was Jane and Roger Mugford's
Sangarah Skyline Over Lynwood
Photos hopefully to follow
Congratulations to all the Winners


Full Results

BOB - CROCKER, - Mr B A & SIDDLE - Miss A Copper's War Of Roses (Swed Imp)
DCC - CROCKER, - Mr B A & SIDDLE - Miss A Copper's War Of Roses (Swed Imp)
RDCC - HOLLEY - Mrs J E Wynjill Well I Am JW
BCC - LIMPUS - Mr & - Mrs B & N Sh Ch Shenanagin She's The One For Karidell JW
RBCC - BOTT, - Mr R P & ALLEN, - Mr A C & MORGAN - Mrs A Bardonhill Please Don't Tease Quensha JW
BP - MUGFORD - Mr R C & - Mrs J Sangarah Skyline Over LynwooD(Imp)

Minor Puppy - Dog

Entries. 4 Absentees. 0

1. LONGBOTTOM, Mesdames C R & A & STEWART-RITCHIE D Gwendariff Unknown Soldier
2. WHARTON - Mr T D & - Mrs B A Jennison Trouble
3. BYARD - Mrs S Shelindair Ginger Fizz
Res. BURKE - Mr & - Mrs J & S Meadway Morgan

Puppy - Dog

Entries. 9 Absentees. 0

1. NICHOLLS - Mr S & - Mrs J Romarne Under Orders
2. NAYLOR, - Mr & MORRISON - Miss Romarne Clark Gable Joins Anlory
3. COOPER - Mrs C S Gwendariffs On A Roll
Res. LUCAS - Mrs P & - Mr P Harreds Hassle With Amberlight
VHC- ROBERTS, - Mrs A & CORMACK - Mrs T Sangarah Shared Romance With Polmennor (Imp)

Junior - Dog

Entries. 13 Absentees. 3

1. WILLIS - Mr W & - Mrs J Gwendariff Thyme Bomb At Jacwilins
2. KNIVETON - Mr P F & - Mrs J Hot Sensation's Orstone Cowboy (Imp)
3. LIMPUS - Mr & - Mrs B & N Karidell Prince Charming
Res. COOPER - Mrs C S Gwendariffs On A Roll
VHC- PARTRIDGE - Mrs G R Kerrydown One Man

Yearling - Dog

Entries. 10 Absentees. 2

1. MUIR - Mrs L Romarne Taittinger JW
2. WILKINS - Mrs J Margretwoods Gobstopper
3. HERON - Mr, - Mrs & - Miss Caskeys Maestro
Res. HOLEHAN - Miss W Ferasheen Portadown
VHC- TORPY - Mrs C E Bardonhill Jive Talkin

Graduate - Dog

Entries. 6 Absentees. 0

1. MITCHELL - Mrs P Amblin 's Sweet William
2. LORRIMER - Mrs J M Danaway Distinguished
3. VINCENT, - Miss T M & SPENCER - Mr N J Lynwood What A Lark At Caervista
Res. SAVAGE - Mrs L C Gwendariff The Ringmaster
VHC- HERON, - Mrs C & BROWN - Miss D Caskeys Chico

Post Graduate - Dog

Entries. 13 Absentees. 2

1. GRATTON - Mr & - Mrs A P & E C Bardonhill Moon River Flows Into Glenlaine JW
2. POLLARD - Mrs P M Grayrigge Benedict JW
3. KNIVETON - Mr P F & - Mrs J Bardonhill Top Gun At Orstone
Res. NICHOLLS - Mr S & - Mrs J Delsanto Snowstorm Sh.CM
VHC- GILKS - Mrs L A Suteresett - Mr Uppity

Limit - Dog

Entries. 14 Absentees. 1

1. CROCKER, - Mr B A & SIDDLE - Miss A Copper's War Of Roses (wed Imp)
2. HOLLEY - Mrs J E Wynjill Well I Am JW
3. MUGFORD - Mr R C & - Mrs J Lynwood Lark In The Dark JW
Res. BOUTTELL, - Miss H K & BURBRIDGE - Mr J A Ixia Josiah At Merryborne
VHC- RICHARDSON - Mrs L A Kirkavagh Hernando Sh.CM

Open - Dog

Entries. 4 Absentees. 0

1. STEWART, - Mr A & RITCHIE-SMITH - Miss D Sh Ch Gwendariff Whippersnapper JW
2. GRATTON - Mr & - Mrs A P & E C Sh Ch Bardonhill Floating Moon Into Glenlaine JW S
3. CARDWELL - Mrs D B Kirkavagh The Wizard JW
Res. LAKE - Mrs B Caskeys Checkmate

Minor Puppy - Bitch

Entries. 3 Absentees. 0

1. HINSLEA - Mr & - Mrs B F & E Northamber Shabby Chic
2. CROCKER, - Mr B A & SIDDLE - Miss A Meadway Morag
3. MILBY, - Mr P & STEWART-RITCHIE - Mrs D Gwendariff We'll Rememberu

Puppy - Bitch

Entries. 6 Absentees. 0

1. MUGFORD - Mr R C & - Mrs J Sangarah Skyline Over LynwooD
Entries. Imp)
2. BERRY, - Mrs B & MORRIS - Mrs L Brinara Lowri
3. HOLEHAN - Miss W Loganrish Jacquart
Res. HALL - Mr P Harreds Hilda
VHC- HALL - Mr P Harreds Hettie

Junior - Bitch

Entries. 16 Absentees. 4

1. BOTT - Mrs M Gwendariff Such A Carry On At Bardonhill
2. HENDERSON - Miss M Sametsuz Mak'n Honey
3. BLACKSHAW - Mrs V Lanstara Spring Star
Res. WATERTON - Miss S Sandstream Summer Breeze
VHC- LIMPUS - Mr & - Mrs B & N Karidell Emerald Princess

Yearling - Bitch

Entries. 9 Absentees. 3

1. HOLEHAN - Miss W Ferasheen Primrose Lass
2. BOTT - Mrs M Gwendariff Such A Carry On At Bardonhill
3. MUIR - Mrs L Romarne Tickled JW
Res. TAYLOR - Mr A J & - Mrs C S Danaway Goody Two Shoes
VHC- WATERTON - Miss S Sandstream Summer Breeze

Graduate - Bitch

Entries. 6 Absentees. 0

1. BRADY - Mr & - Mrs M F Amberlight Guinevere
2. CIECHONSKA - Miss E S Aoibheanne's Rough N' Tumble
3. BORTHWICK - Mrs C Northamber Runs Riot At Lotushill
Res. GRIFFIN - Mr & - Mrs T R & G J Danaway Love Song For Corriebran
VHC- TAYLOR - Mr A J & - Mrs C S Danaway Goody Two Shoes

Post Graduate - Bitch

Entries. 13 Absentees. 1

1. WILKINS - Mrs J Bardonhill Hetty Bayliss Among Margretwoods JW
2. BAYNE - Mr G C & - Mrs J J Corranroo Rainbow Kisses
3. WATT - Mr J A Shenanagin Scrumptious
Res. BOUTTELL, - Mr R & - Mrs D & BOUTTELL - Ms H Ixia Ever Hopeful
VHC- POLLARD - Mrs P M Grayrigge Rosalind JW

Limit - Bitch

Entries. 16 Absentees. 3

1. BOTT, - Mr R P & ALLEN, - Mr A C & MORGAN - Mrs A Bardonhill Please Don't Tease Quensha JW
2. WALTERS - Mrs J M Dreamerlis Regal Jodie From Deneil
3. WATT - Mr J A Shenanagin Softly Softly JW
Res. HENDERSON - Miss M Sametsuz In A Fankle
VHC- HERON - Mr, - Mrs & - Miss Caskeys Delphine JW

Open - Bitch

Entries. 5 Absentees. 0

1. LIMPUS - Mr & - Mrs B & N Sh Ch Shenanagin She's The One For Karidell JW
2. HOLLEY - Mrs J E Sh Ch Wynjill Well Known JW
3. KOLBACH - Ms L Copper's Wine'n Roses( Swed Imp) Jun Ch
Res. PARSONS - Mrs & - Miss D & J Sh Ch Suteresett - Miss Splendid At Bransett
VHC- WATERTON - Miss S Sh Ch Lynwood Kissed By An Angel At Sandstream JW


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