Critique - Judge: Mrs Brenda Berry (Brinara)

Many thanks to the Bournemouth Canine Association for inviting me to judge at their prestigious show on a beautiful summer’s day. Thank you to exhibitors for the lovely entry that awaited me. I found some promising youngsters, and the higher classes were quite strong; I had some difficult decisions to make, and I’m sure my placings could change on another day. I did however find a few untidy mouths, and some untypical plain heads in both sexes, lacking the quality one looks for in an Irish. All exhibits were clean and well-presented.


Minor Puppy (6). 1. Longbottom: Gwendariff Unknown Soldier. Eye-catching puppy with excellent bone & good substance. Lovely head, not overdone in any way. Pleasing outline & excellent croup. Moved steadily. Best puppy. 2. Gratton: Bardonhill Snow Wolf With Glenlaine. Not as forward as my winner and more loosely constructed. He has an appealing head with dark eyes & soft expression. Sound front & good quarters. Moved well. 3. Jarvis: Lowdon Toby Larone.

Puppy (8, 1A). 1. Torpy: Fernstart Songwriter. An appealing baby with good conformation & attractive outline. He has a good head, with refined skull & soft expression. Good straight front, well-ribbed & nice croup with well-set tail. Moved soundly. 2. Lucas: Harreds Hassle With Amberlight. Another nice puppy. Appealing head with kind expression. Good body proportions with good depth of brisket, excellent croup & well-set tail. Sound in front & strong quarters. 3. Roberts & Cormack: Sangarah Shared Romance With Polmennor (Imp).

Junior (6). 1. Willis: Gwendariff Thyme Bomb At Jacwilins JW. An eye-catching youngster in full coat. Masculine head, oval skull, and low set ears, and appealing expression. Well off for bone. Sound in front with good feet. Clean over the shoulder with good body proportions & excellent quarters. Presented a balanced picture and moved soundly. 2. Hoskins: Sandstream Just A Breeze. An attractive dog built on elegant lines. Refined head with soft expression. Good lay of shoulder, straight front & neat feet. Well-proportioned body & well-angulated quarters. Giving his handler a hard time, more schooling needed. 3. Harris: Siochanna Celtic Lord Of Konakakela

Yearling (9, 2A). 1. Wilkins: Margretwoods Gobstopper. Lovely boy, with a balanced outline & dark shiny coat. Masculine head with kind expression, not overdone. Good body properties, with well-sprung ribs & good depth of brisket. Well-laid shoulders & correct tailset. Stylish on the move. 2. Sandstream Just A Breeze. 3. Partridge: Kerrydown One Man.

Novice (6, 1A). 1. Fernstart Songwriter. 2. Sandstream Just A Breeze. 3. Sangarah Shared Romance With Polmennor (Imp).

Graduate (8). 1. Hogarth: Redclyst Flash At Hallingswood JW. Handsome boy in full coat, with a pleasing head, clean over the skull & good finish of muzzle. Excellent body properties, with well-sprung ribs & good depth of brisket. Sound front & neat feet. Well-angulated quarters & short hocks. Wide over the croup with well-set tail & super on the move. 2. Macaulay: Caskeys Mischief Of Stylersetts JW. Similar type to my winner. Another well-made boy, with an attractive head & clean outline. Well-laid shoulders, sound front & good rear angulation. Moved soundly, close up to my winner. 3. Hemmings: Orlanset The Rocker JW.

Post Graduate (10, 1A). 1. Cuddy: Suteresett Rebel Rouser In Balbriggan JW. I’ve placed this boy before & he is maturing nicely. Good length of head, with dark eyes & soft expression. Presenting a balanced outline with well-laid shoulders, good rib, wide croup & well-set tail. Sound front & tight feet. Moved freely & in super condition with a dark shiny coat. 2. Mitchell: Amblin’s Sweet William. Another lovely boy & close up to my winner. Attractive head, with kind expression & good ear set. Mature in body with good depth. Sound front & good forechest. Slightly longer-cast than 1. Wide croup & well-set tail. In super condition & stylish on the move. 3. Pollard: Grayrigge Benedict JW.

Limit (13, 2A). A quality class. 1. Mugford: Lynwood Lark In The Dark. Quality boy with a masculine lean head with soft expression, good reach of neck & well-laid shoulders. Deep chest, sloping topline & strong quarters. Presented in good condition with gleaming coat. Moved soundly. Res CC. I thought he just lacked the sparkle of my CC winner in the challenge. 2. Bouttell & Burbridge: Ixia Josiah At Merryborne. Well-balanced dog with a masculine head, raised brows & soft expression. Well-bodied with sloping topline. Good bone, sound fore & aft. Attractive coat & moved well. 3. Cuddy: Aoibheanne Quite The Rebel By Balbriggan JW.

Open (9). 1. Crocker & Siddle: Sh Ch Copper’s War Of Roses (Swed Imp). What a lovely boy, there is nothing I would want to change in this dog. Masculine head with raised brows & dark eyes. Clean over the skull & low-set ears. Well-laid shoulders, strong neck, good depth of chest & spring of rib. Wide croup, good tailset & well-angulated quarters. Super outline & presented in gleaming condition. A sound powerful mover. CC & BOB. 2. Oei: Chase Cinammon’s. Handsome dog built on elegant lines. Appealing head, good reach of neck & well-laid shoulders. Soundly constructed fore & aft, with good depth of chest & well-angulated quarters. Slightly longer in loin than winner & not as finished. Moved well with drive. 3. Cox: Jsy Ch Tiroen Too Hot To Handle JW Sh.CM.

Veteran (1). 1. Lake: Caskeys Checkmate. Lovely boy, carrying his 11 yrs lightly with hardly any grey. Nice head with kind expression. Sound front & clean over the shoulder. Nicely bodied with good rib & well-angulated quarters. Well-set tail. Gently sloping topline & can still move soundly.


Minor Puppy (7, 1A). 1. Bayne & Randle: Irish Melody Kiss Her To Bits (Imp). Pretty baby who won this class for her overall soundness & good movement. Dark-coated with a feminine head & sweet expression. Mature in body with good forechest, good depth of brisket & correct topline. 2. Corless: Swiftlark First Lady. A very raw baby, but has the essentials. Pretty head, clean lines, sound front and good rear angulation. Just needs to body up & not as settled on the move. 3. Corless: Swiftlark First Edition.

Puppy (8, 1A). 1. Mugford: Sangarah Skyline Over Lynwood. A well-known baby who has never gone through a “legs & wings” stage as so many setter puppies do. She presents a balanced picture with the sweetest head. Good reach of neck & straight front. Well-bodied with deep chest & strong quarters. Good croup & well-set tail. Steady, stylish mover. 2. Crocker & Siddle: Meadway Morag. Another promising baby. Not quite as balanced as the winner, but with a feminine head & exquisite expression. Lovely neck & shoulders, & good body properties. In lovely condition, just losing her puppy coat. Sound on the move. 3. Curtis: Wyldfire Derina.

Junior (12, 4A). 1. Blackshaw: Lanstara Spring Star. A strong well-made bitch. Balanced head with a feminine expression. Good reach of neck fitting into well-laid shoulders. Straight front & tight feet. Well-bodied with good depth of brisket. Well-angulated quarters. Nicely presented & a pretty coat. Sound mover. 2. Waterton: Sandstream Summer Breeze. Another lovely young bitch. Pleasing head with kind expression. Good reach of neck, clean lines with good angulation fore & aft. Shiny dark coat, not as settled on the move as winner. 3. Hall: Glennara Never Can Tell.

Yearling (13, 3A). 1. Lanstara Spring Star. 2. Chalupa: Way To Go Diervilla. A pretty bitch, not as mature as the winner, but presented an elegant outline. Lovely reach of neck, straight front, good depth of chest & well-bent stifles. In lovely hard condition & moved soundly with good tail carriage. 3. Sandstream Summer Breeze.

Novice (9, 1A). 1. Sangarah Skyline Over Lynwood. 2. Glennara Never Can Tell. 3. Wyldfire Derina.

Graduate (10, 3A). 1. Lucas: Amberlight Guinevere. Quality bitch with a feminine head, dark eyes & raised brows. Well-constructed with a super racy outline, good neck and shoulders, & sound legs and feet. In lovely coat and condition & moved soundly. 2. Morgan & Schofield: Jubliana Eternal Flame For Cwsscwn. Different type from my winner, being smaller & more compact, but none the less an appealing bitch. Lovely feminine head with sweet expression. Well-bodied with good forechest & depth. Straight front & sound quarters. Pretty coat & moved soundly. 3. Cove-Print: Scotselaw Manhattan Moon Over Colourbox.

Post Graduate (11). A strong class. 1. Bouttell: Ixia Ever Hopeful. I just loved this pretty girl. She has a feminine head with refined skull, raised brows & low-set ears, giving her that typical Irish expression. Good body proportions, with good depth of chest, straight front & tidy feet. Striking topline, strong quarters & wide croup. Moved soundly with drive & a pretty coat to complete the picture. Unfortunately, when it came to the challenge, something had obviously spooked her. 2. Bayne: Corranroo Rainbow Kisses. Lovely quality bitch. Pretty head and dark eyes. Clean outline with sloping topline. Good neck and shoulders, & good rear angulation. A sound well-made bitch with nice movement. 3. Gisby: Suteresett Once Upon A Dream.

Limit (9, 4A). 1. Elkins: Avacet Snowbird. A lovely elegant bitch. Good length of head with dark eyes, good finish of muzzle & low set ears. Arched neck, well-laid shoulders & deep chest. Strong backline & well-muscled quarters. In super condition & a sound, powerful mover. 2. Catling: Shandwick Love In A Mist For Teleri. Bigger bitch than the winner. Upstanding & well-off for bone. Lovely outline with good neck & shoulders. Good depth of chest & well-angulated quarters. Balanced head with raised brows & a gentle expression. Sound on the move. Just needed a little more coat to complete the picture. 3. Gisby: Suteresett Black Magic.

Open (6, 2A). 1. Holley: SH CH Wynjill Well Known JW. A top quality bitch who has always caught my eye. Feminine head with appealing expression. True in front, with neat feet. Strong neck & clean over the shoulders. Stylish outline & sound throughout. Well-muscled quarters, and short hocks. Moves around the ring with real driving action. In beautiful coat & lovely condition. I was pleased to award her the CC. 2. Parsons: Sh Ch Suteresett Miss Splendid At Bransett. Stylish girl constructed on sound lines. Pretty head with expressive eyes and raised brows. Good length of neck and well laid shoulders. Sloping topline , mature body with good depth of chest. Good rear angulation and well set tail. In lovely condition and in full coat which completed the picture. A sound happy mover, enjoying her day out, she never stopped wagging her tail. Res. CC. 3. Lippett: Sh Ch Neathamill Isabella At Clonageera.

Veteran (5, 3A). 1. Blomme-Lefebvre: Dutch Bel VDH Int Ch Balintyne A Kiss For Luck. A feminine bitch. In lovely condition, presenting a balanced picture with her sound front, good shoulder placement, strong backline and well-angulated quarters. She has an appealing head, with an oval skull and well-placed ears and soft expression. Pretty coat, and moved well. BV. 2. Fox: Satlas Bleau Eyes. 10 yrs. Nice type with a feminine head. Now going grey, but with a sweet expression. Good body properties, and has kept her firm topline . Sound fore and aft, and moving well in the hot weather.

 Brenda Berry

Bournemouth Canine Association
8 August 2015

Judge: Mrs Brenda Berry (Brinara)
Entry 140 Dogs making 166 Entries
Congratulations to Arthur on winning the Dog Challenge Certificate
and Best of Breed for owners Blake Crocker & Amelia Siddle
ArthurcropRCad 1 of 1
Sh.Ch. Copper's War of Roses
Photo: Chris Wilson
Winning the Bitch Challenge Certificate was Ginger
Owned by Jill Holley - Congratulations
Sh.Ch.Wynjill Well Known JW
The Res.Dog CC was awarded to Jane & Roger Mugford's
Lynwood Lark in the Dark JW
The Res Bitch CC was awarded to Diane and Joanne Parson's
Sh.Ch. Suteresett Miss Splendid at Bransett
Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy in Breed and shortlisted in the Puppy Group
Ruth Longbottom and Diane Stewart-Ritchie's
Gwendariff Unknown Soldier
Best Veteran Ronny and Carine Blomme-Lefebvre's
Dutch.Ch.Bel VDH Int Ch. Balintyne A Kiss for Luck
We will be pleased to add photographs of any of the above winners
if anyone would like to send them in

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