Critique - Judges: Dogs: Joan Northend (Joben)

My thanks to the club for their hospitality, my stewards on the day for keeping the ring flowing

to the exhibitors for a quality entry and finally to my Co Judge Mona Hunter for agreeing to my DCC SH CH Coppers War of Roses going BIS and my puppy Gwendariff Dya Know My Name by Bardonhill Best Puppy.

MP 2

1 Ashley-Turner Jonola Moonshine …. Rangy boy of 8mths decent depth for one so young , long arched neck ,sloping topline steady on the move .

2 Sargent Danaway My Sweet Lord ….A handful for his owner. Has a lovely shaped head good body properties hopefully he will settle down as only 7mths so has lots of time. Keep trying

P 13 (2)

1 Bott Gwendariff Dya Know My Name by Bardonhill ….Solid little man. I loved his head planes oval skull without any coarseness ,ears set on low topline, delightful expression, topline sloping just enough to balance, ample rib with good depth, strong wide quarters used to advantage on the move .

2 Lorrimer Kerrimere Charismatic ….Just a little longer in loin so didnt appear quite as balanced as first. Has great substance, tremendous bone, great depth and spring of rib, thick rich coat, moved well.

3 Stockton Gwendariff Dya Think Im Fab

J 13 (1)

1 Lucas Bardonhill Eternal flame Among Amberlight….V sound boy. Pleasing head nothing overdone ,correct finish to muzzle ,oval skull , low set on ears hanging close to head. Long neck leading to straight front. Well ribbed with depth, moved well just needs to get more action into his tail to keep it level. Pleased to hear this win gave him his JW.

2 Longbottom & Stewart Richie Gwendariff Unkown Soldier JW ….loved his head and expression. Longer cast than first and so exaggerated when stretched out which he doesnt need. Not the rib of first at the moment and I feel more body will balance him out which I am sure will come with age. Stands on good legs of oval bone and moved well

3 Gratton Bardonhill Snow Wolf with Glenlaine.

Y 8(1)

1 Lucas Harreds Hassle with Amberlight JW….Correct head planes with pleasing expression, deep chest well sprung rib, wide quarters, long and muscular thigh, straight from hock to floor. Would like a slightly firmer topline which he may get from being stretched out a little more as he has it on the move .

2 Willis Gwendariff Thyme Bomb at Jacwilins JW …. Boy in full coat. Flowing firm topline, deep chest well ribbed back would have liked him a little more up on his toes .Presented in full shining rich coat.

3 Edwards Gwendariff PS I Love You Bonhomie

M 12(4)

1 Lucas Bardonhill EternalFlame

2 Lorrimer Kerrimere Charism

3 Stockton Gwendariff Dya Think Im Fab

N 13(3)

1Lucas Bardonhill Eternal Flame

2 Lorrimer Kerrimere Charismatic

3 Stockton Gwendariff Dya Think Im Fab


1Condron Pullen & Atkin Covarney Flapjack….V appealing just the shape I was looking for . I loved his head soft expression ,oval skull,corect ear set ,good front, best feet , well sprung chest ribbed back to short loin ,well bent stifle good set on of tail, lovely dark coat.I hope he is shown more.I see he is sire of best pup and can see him in him.

2Gratton Bardonhill Snow Wolf with Glenlaine… giving a lot away to older boy in this class. Correct shaped head , ample rib ,wide upper thigh,lovely coat and condition.

3Wheeldon Bardonhill Jealous Guy for Colemist


1 Condron Covarney Macaroon ….I see he is litter brother to UG winner and so v similar remarks apply. Well balanced, beautiful outline ,sweetest of heads , strong without coarseness throughout, well ribbed with arched loin ,again best feet and stood up on his toes . Well handled .

2 Muir Romarne Tattinger JW....Dark gleaming coat,gently arched neck, longer cast so would have liked him more ribbed back to balance loin. Has depth and spring of rib, strong wide quarters and he drove off from behind.

3 Kniveton Hot Sensations Orstone Cowboy JW

PG 16(4)

1 Wilkins Margaretswoods Gobstopper JW….Difficult decisions in this class. Balanced in head with raised brow and low ear placement. Has a long neck ,strong legs showing oval bone, good spring of rib with some depth, wide quarters, correct bend of stifle , shown in lovely bloom.

2 Macaulay Caskeys Mischief of Stylersetts JW ….Liked him as a puppy and now love his head and expression ,clean neck ,short coupled ,upright hock to heel just needs coat to finish .

3 Berry Brinara Independant


1 Mclarnon Gwendariff Nuts About Glenavna JW

2 Mitchell Amblins Sweet William ….. Liked both these boys v much.Slightly preferring head and eye of first. Both have good bodies in depth and substance. First slightly shorter coupled giving the balance I feel a setter should have. Great bone, sweeping stifles and coats on both beautiful finish .

3 Edwards Gwendariff The Pink Panther of Bonhomie

L 14(2)

1 O'Connor Caispern Polonius

2 Mugford Lynwood Lark In The dark JW …. Another two I thought had similarities although first slightly heavier throughout. Both had style and excelled over others in class on their movement. Both had great outlines showing off sloping toplines, depth of chest up to arched loin down to sweeping stifles then upright hock to heel. Colour and coat excellent.

3 Sturrocks Forfarian Im Sexy And I Know It

O 9(1)

What a class… thank you so much for bringing such quality stock

1 Crocker & Siddle SH CH Coppers War Of Roses …. I just loved his head and expression ,so gentle but with that glint of Irishness. Long lean skull, oval from ear to ear which are set on low, correctly raised brow showing stop then down to square muzzle of enough depth. Flowing topline right through to tip of his tail. Muscular neck ,deep chest with ample rib up to loin and down through well bent stifles to upright hocks . Moved steadily looked as though he was really enjoying it and a new handler I understand who did him justice DCC

2 Stewart & Ritchie-Smith SH CH/IRSH CH Gwendariff Whippersnapper JW ….Just so stylish and balanced. Has a flowing topline, deep chest shaped up to loin ,well turned stifle, strong quarters . Presented as ever to perfection . On the day I just preferred winner in head RCC.

3 Stockton SH CH Gwendariff Dr Pepper at Kespas

V 5

1Gardner SH CH Riqitta Authentic… Long lean head with soft expression ,oval from ear to ear, clean neck ,correct in topline showing depth and spring of rib ,arched loin, good angulation to stifle, moved with verve .

2.Edwards SH CH Gwendariff Rockin Robin JW ...Shown in beautiful condition. Another showing a sloping topline and depth under an abundance of coat .great width in quarters, well developed thighs . I just preferred head and eye of first .

3.Griffin Corriebran Diagem

Joan Northend

Irish Setter Breeders Club
26 March 2016

Judges: Dogs: Joan Northend (Joben) Bitches: Mona Hunter (Braidmount)
Entry 210 Dogs making 270 Entries

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Winning the dog Challenge Certificate (his 8th) and Best in Show
Congratulations to Arthur, owned by Blake Crocker and Amelia Siddle
Sh.Ch. Copper’s War Of Roses
Winning the Bitch Challenge Certificate, Best Veteran Bitch,
Best Veteran in Show and Reserve Best In Show
Congratulations to Abbi owned by June Walsh
Sh.Ch. Millcroft Ballad Of The Moon JW
Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy in Show was awarded to Maxim,
owned by Marita Bott
Gwendariff D’Ya Know My Name by Bardonhill
The Res.Dog CC was awarded to Nilsson, owned by Alec Stewart and Danielle Ritchie-Smith
Sh.Ch./Ir,.Sh.Ch Gwendariff Whippersnapper JW
The Res. Bitch CC was awarded to to Julie and Paul Humphreys with
Suteresett Miss Curious about Henaleas JW
Best Puppy Bitch was awarded to David and Pat  Pike’s
Redclyst Glenury Lady Of The Lake
Best Veteran Dog was awarded to Tania Gardner’s
Sh.Ch. Riqitta Authentic
Congratulations to all the winners
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