Critique - Bitches: Mrs Lynn Muir (Romarne) 

Minor Puppy

1st – Russells – Melmara Georgia

Such a lot to like about this minor puppy. A Lovely head with a very soft expression, good reach of neck, straight front, well-bodied for one so young, good angulation and moved very well.

2nd – Framptons – Strathmead Mulberry

Just six months but a lovely shape to mature into. Pretty head and good eye shape. Moved steadily shows a lot of promise.

3rd – Hillocks – Jonola Too Hot To Tango


1st – Stewart- Richies – Aoibheannes Smart Move Gwendariff

Eye-catching puppy with a beautiful head and expression. Excellent neck, firm topline, very good croup, well angulated front and rear, lovely sound mover in excellent coat and condition. Best puppy bitch and Best puppy in show.

2nd – Melmara Georgia

3rd – Humphreys – Anlory Corvinone of Henaleas


1st - Watertons – ShCh Lynwood Kissed by and Angel at Sandstream JW

Feminine, elegant and beautifully balanced. Pretty head, excellent body, lovely angulation fore and aft, so sound on the move in lovely coat and condition.

2nd – Stevensons – Lochlorien Prime Suspect is Andley JW

Very sound bitch in excellent condition, lovely coat, attractive head, strong neck, well ribbed body, very good mover.

3rd – Walsh – ShCh Millcroft Ballad of the Moon JW


1st – Mugfords – Sangarah Skyline over Lynwood JW

Not a big bitch but completely in proportion, loveliest head and expression, excellent front, strong topline and good croup, good spring of rib, well angulated hind quarters, excellent movement.

2nd – Grattons – Bardonhill Ice Diamond with Glenlaine

Lovely head and expression, straight front, good neck firm topline, well angulated, used to advantage on the move.

3rd – Milby & Stewart-Ritchie – Gwendariff We’ll Rememberu


1st – Naylor & Morrisons – Anlory Corbiers JW

Beautiful free moving bitch, so sound and well-constructed, pretty head and expression, very good sternum, depth and angulation, in lovely condition.

2nd – Jones – Kerryfair Rhosyn

Beautiful type of bitch, lovely head and expression, excellent front, good neck, well ribbed body, excellent croup, moved well, lovely coat and condition.

3rd – Botts – Gwendarriff Such a Carry On at Bardonhill JW


1st - Aoibheannes Smart Move Gwendariff

2nd – Bardonhill Ice Diamond with Glenlaine

3rd – Nevitts – Aoibheannes Stay With Me


1st - Aoibheannes Smart Move Gwendariff

2nd – Kerryfair Rhosyn

3rd- Bardonhill Ice Diamond with Glenlaine


1st – Jones – Gwendariff Nutmeg

An absolute lovely bitch, beautiful type, loved her size, very pretty head and expression, sound all through, moved steadily, would benefit from losing a little weight.

2nd – Taylors – Danaway Goody Two Shoes

Attractive head, well arched neck, straight front, well angulated, moved soundly.

3rd – Tapper & Mugfords – Lynwood Airs N Graces at Kedalita


1st – Boxes – Bardonhill Afternoon D’lite at Fernstart

Beautiful head and expression, lovely raised brows, strong neck, firm topline leading to good croup, straight front, very good spring of rib, good hind quarters, moved very soundly.

2nd – Griffins – Danoway Love Song for Corribran

Elegant feminine bitch, good reach of neck, straight front, and good depth, very good rear angulation, moved very well.

3rd - Danaway Goody Two Shoes

Post Graduate

1st – Partridges – Kerrydown Octavia

Excellent type of bitch, very attractive head and expression, well arched neck leading into good topline, good sternum, well ribbed with good depth, strong hind quarters, moved very well.

2nd – Morriss-Begg – Thendara Chasing Boys to Slimaric

Different type of bitch but much to like about her, good head and expression, straight front, good neck with very firm topline, good croup, moved very soundly.

3rd – Wilkins – Bardonhill Hetty Bayliss Among Margretswood JW

Mid Limit

1st – Sturrocks – Forfarian Hey Sexy Lady JW

Absolutely loved her, has everything I would look for in an Irish Setter. Beautiful head and expression, flows from head to the tip of her tail, excellent sternum, lovely rib and depth, so well angulated, sound effortless movement. Very pleased to award her the Bitch CC.

2nd – Stewart-Richie, Ritchie-Smith & Siddles – Coppers Comin up Roses (imp swe)

A bitch I have always loved, but unfortunately she left her coat at home today. Beautiful head with lovely raised brows, so sound all through, her movement is a joy to watch so free flowing.

3rd – Stephensons – Lochlorien Scully Foxes Andley


1st – Boutells – Ixia Ever Hopeful

Beautiful feminine bitch, so pretty in head, excellent neck, strong firm topline and croup, super front, well ribbed body, very good rear angulation, lovely sound movement. Close decision today but just lacked the maturity of the CC winner but very pleased to award her the Bitch RCC.

2nd – Hendersons – Sametsuz in a Frankle

Lovely bitch in the most beautiful coat and condition, pretty head, lovely body properties, very good hind quarters which she used well on the move.

3rd - Taylors – Wynjill Well Done


1st – Holleys – Gwendariff Soda Pop with Wynjill

Another lovely type, so sound, very pretty head and expression, lovely front, good rib and depth, moved very well.

2nd – Humphreys – ShCh Henaleas Carry On Flirting JW

Lovely type, beautiful head and expression. In excellent coat and condition, so sound all through, I felt she just lacked a little enthusiasm today on the move.

3rd – Limpus – ShCh Shenanagin Shes The One for Karideill JW

Midlands Irish Setter Society
14 February 2016

Judges: Dogs: Mr Gerry Condron (Covarney) Bitches: Mrs Lynn Muir (Romarne)  
Unfortunately, Mr David Pike was unable to judge the bitches at this show
because of sudden illness.
On behalf of you all  we would like to wish him a speedy recovery. 
Get well soon David
Entry: 215 Dogs making 282 Entries

SlideShow on Smugmug

Photo's Barbara Gladwish

Veiw at Bardonhill at Smugmug

Congratulations to Nilsson, owned by
Alec Stewart and Danielle Ritchie-Smith
Sh.Ch./Ir/Sh/Ch. Gwendariff Whippersnapper JW CW'15
Winner of the Dog Challenge Certificate and Best in Show
Winning her 2nd Challenge Certificate and Reserve Best in Show
was Nancy, owned by Sandra, Nicola and Jenna Sturrock - Congratulations
Forfarian Hey Sexy Lady JW
The Res.Dog CC Winner was Kevin Pullen and Jacquie Atkin with Jackson
Sh.Ch. Harvancourt Harlem at Jacingail
The Res.Bitch CC Winner was
Hannah Bouttell with
Ixia Ever Hopeful
Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Show was awarded to Smartie
owned by Diane Ritchie
Aoibheanne's Smart Move Gwendariff
Best Puppy Dog was awarded to Ken and Pat Stockton with
Gwendariff D'ya Think I'm Fab
Best Veteran Dog and Best Veteran in Show was
awarded to Daniel owned by Sue Edwards
Sh.Ch. Gwendariff Rockin Robin JW
Best Veteran bitch was awarded to Sandy Waterton's Blanche
Sh.Ch. Lynwood Kissed By an Angel at Sandstream JW Sh.CM
Slideshow photos kindly supplied by Barbara Gladwish
Congratulations to all the Winners
View Catalogue pages kindly supplied by Viv Blackshaw  here



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