Critique - Judges: Dogs: Ms Mona Hunter  (Braidmount)

I would like to thank the Committee for the opportunity to judge this show which I felt was a great honour, the show was held in conjunction with Southern Counties, the principal worked well once a few hiccups were ironed out. Thanks to the hard working Committee for making this possible. Thank you also to my stewards for their efficient help in keeping the classes running smoothly.

I would also like to thank Mrs Eve Gardner for her kind hospitality towards Will and myself and a very pleasant stay.

I was pleased with the dogs but unfortunately found a few with suspect mouths, some that I liked had to go cardless.

MPD 3, (2)

1st Greenan’s Anlory Aidan, lovely well bodied puppy has a beautiful rich coat in lovely condition, good front and rear quarters, nice outline, lovely masculine head with soft expression and low earset, won this on his good steady movement.

2nd Bailey & Condron’s Covarney Lil’Rascal, another well bodied youngster with good outline, preferred head of 1 although nice profile, good depth and presented in lovely coat and condition, moved ok.

3rd Dufrat’s Lynwood Love Potion for Haverley.

PD 5, (1)

1st Cox’s Tireon Too Darn Hot, Elegant dog presented in lovely rich dark coat, good strong quarters, attractive head with low earset, good outline from head to well set tail, moved well from rear, just a little loose in front but still only a baby.

2nd Russells Strathmead Huckleberry, Nice strong puppy with good outline when seen through his extremely wavy coat, nice masculine head with soft expression, good strong quarters to enable him to move well.

3rd Greenan’s Anlory Aidan

JD 13

1st Lucas’ Bardonhill Eternal Flame Among Amberlight JW, really liked this young man of good type and clean lines, well made all through with nice masculine head with dark eye and low earset, in good coat and condition, neat feet and moved well to win this strong class.

2nd Gratton’s Bardonhill Snow Wolf with Glenlaine, close decision with 1, another good masculine young man with lovely head and nice expression, presented in tip top condition, good strong quarters, another youngster who moved well.

3rd Ciechonska’s Aoibheannnes’s Spoilt For Choice

YD 9

1st Longbottom & Stewart-Ritchie’s Gwendarrif Unknown Soldier, have admired this young boy before and was pleased to go over him, not a big dog but of good type, very sound on the move, good depth of chest, lovely outline, good fore and aft, pleasing in head with lovely expression.

2nd Gratton’s Bardonhill Snow Wolf with Glenlaine

3rd Edward’s Gwendarrif PS I Love You Bonhomie JW

Maiden 6 (1, 1 W/D)

1st Milligan-Bott & Bott’s Thendara Tick Tock. He was 4th in strong junior class and while he is lovely stacked and quite a mature boy with a beautiful coat and good strong quarters he was not so positive on the move and tended to fly his tail (could just be at that age).

2nd Williamson’s Caskeys Solar Eclipse at Bluesprings, unplaced in Junior but still a nice young man, smaller sized dog with good front and width over his quarters, pleasant head and moved ok.

3rd Brown’s Gwendariff D’Ya Wanabawinna.

Novice 7 (2 W/D)

1st Milligan-Bott & Bott’s Thendara Tick Tock.

2nd Williamson’s Caskeys Solar Eclipse at Bluesprings

3rd Brown’s Gwendariff D’Ya Wanabawinna.

UD 11 (4 W/D)

1st Gratton’s Bardonhill Snow Wolf with Glenlaine

2nd Hoskins’ Sandstream Just A Breeze, Nice size & type of dog, good balanced head with soft expression and low earset, good outline, nice width over his quarters and short hocks, good front angulation, moved ok.

3rd Cox’s Tireon Too Darn Hot

GD 9

I felt the first 3 placings could change places on another day!

1st Muir’s Romarne Taitinger JW, well put together young dog with lovely outline, good front, and good width over his quarters, lovely rich dark coat in lovely condition, but do hope he gets his feathers to complete his picture, lovely masculine head, his movement is very true but would just prefer a little more animation.

2nd Armstrong’s Meadway Makenzey JW,close up and of similar shape although lighter in coat and prefer the head of 1, moved out well from strong quarters, good front and rear angulation, in good coat and condition, nice profile head.

3rd Kniveton’s Hot Sensation’s Orstone Cowboy (Imp Swe) JW.

PG 15 (2)

1st Condron’s Covarney Flapjack, Really like this young dog, not a big one but so rugged, lovely dark rich coat in excellent condition, lovely outline, good reach of neck into shoulders, stands on a good front and lovely rear quarters, stands on neat feet and moved out well, I’m sure he has a bright future.

2nd Hogarth’s Redclyst Flash At Halingswood JW, this young man has really come on, has a lovely clean outline, pleasing masculine head, he has a good front and rear angulations to enable him to move well although did tend to hold his tail a little high, in lovely coat and in excellent condition.

3rd Hemmings’ Orlanset The Rocker JW

ML 5 (1)

1st Lucas’ Shandwick Magic Moments Via Amberlight, a very unexaggerated dog with everything in the correct place, super outline and moved out very well, good masculine head with low earset, nice dark coat in good condition, nice width over his quarters, a hard dog to fault.

2nd Milligan-Bott & Bott’s Thendara Commitment JW, the opposite end of the spectrum from 1, he is so flashy and full of coat which is in amazing condition a credit to his owner, a hard dog to ignore, good outline, nice masculine head, good front, rear a little exaggerated for me, moved out well.

3rd Cuddy’s Sutersett Rebel Rouser In Balbriggan JW

Limit (10, 2)

1st Sturrock’s Forfarian I’m Sexy An I Know It JW, I have liked this young man through his career and was delighted at the opportunity to judge him today, he is well made all through and has such a strong outline which he held on the move, has a good front and nice width over his strong quarters, lovely balanced masculine head with soft expression, has neat feet, handled and moved with style today and was proud to award him his 1st CC , I’m sure his others will not be too far off. With agreement of co-judge for BIS. Well done.

2nd O’Connor’s Caispern Polonius, this dog has fairly come on but today was carrying just a little too much weight, strongly made dog with everything correct, good strong topline held on the move, excellent width over his quarters, liked his masculine head with dark eye and soft expression, I’m sure he has a bright future.

3rd Mugford’s Lynwood Lark In The Dark JW

Open 4 (1)

1st Milligan-Bott & Bott’s Thendara Pot Noodle JW, Another dog I have long admired and was not disappointed in him, he is well made all through and his coat and condition is put down to perfection, moves out well but when stacked his handler tended to overstretch him, he is a dog that cannot be ignored and was pleased to award him the RCC.

2nd Crocker & Siddle’s Copper’s War Of Roses JW, Good type of dog presented well and in lovely coat and condition, not a big dog but very well balanced, again his handler had a tendancy to over stretch him, strong outline which he holds on the move, pleasant head with soft expression and correct eye shape.

3rd Cox’s JSY Ch Tireon Too Hot To Handle JW ShCM

Veteran 6 (1)

1st Gardner’s Sh Ch Riqitta Authentic, previously awarded this boy a CC and can’t believe he is nearly 9, haven’t changed my opinion of him and still looking well, he has a super shape and still holds his topline on the move, lovely masculine head and just carrying the right amount of weight.

2nd Hogarth’s Sh Ch Avacet Snowdrift, another super veteran put down in wonderful condition, he was just not quite as positive on the move as 1, love his balanced masculine head, stood well and co-operating with his handler today.

3rd Wood’s Reddins Falcon finishing up a trio of lovely veterans.

Mona Hunter

Joint Irish Setter Clubs
5 June 2016

Hosted by the Irish Setter Association, England
Judges: Dogs: Ms Mona Hunter  (Braidmount)      Bitches: Mrs Gail Griffin (Corriebran)
Entry: 80 dogs (making 105 entries), and 89 bitches (making 114 entries)
Winning his first Challenge Certificate and Best in Show
Congratulations to Nolan owned by Sandra, Nicola and Jenna Sturrock
forfarian im Sexy prangle
Forfarian I'm Sexy An I Know It
Photo: Claire Prangle
Winning the Bitch Challenge Certificate, also her first, and Reserve Best in Show
Congratulations to Tania Gardner and Marnie
Thendara Jocasta JW
Photo: Barbara Gladwish
The Res. Dog CC was awarded to Dee Milligan-Bott and Jeremy Bott
with Noodle
Sh.Ch. Thendara Pot Noodle JW
The Res.Bitch CC was awarded to Sandra Nevitt and Katie
aoibheannes nevitt
Aoibheanne's Stay With Me
Photo: Barbara Gladwish
Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Show was awarded to
Judi Frampton with
Strathmead Mulberry
Best Veteran Dog and Best Veteran in Show was awarded to
Tania Gardner with Rafferty
Sh.Ch. Riqitta Authentic
Catalogue pages HERE kindly supplied by Viv Blackshaw

Congratulations to All The Winners
Photos to follow if the owners would like to send them in to us.



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