Citique - Judge Mrs Diane Cardwell (Casperosso)

Front movement in some cases was a bit sloppy. Some lovely dogs could have done with better muscle tone.
 MP Dog No entries
 PD        No entries
 Junior Dog. 5 (2a)
 1st Bott,    Gwendariff D'Ya Know My Name By Bardonhill. Lovely dog, mature for his age, good angulation fore and aft. Lovely elegant neck. Masculine but refined. I will watch his future progress with interest.
 2  Gawn I & Sterritt G.   Tullardan V D Wester-Huy (Imp). Lovely coat and presentation. Elegant dog. Finer all through than 1, gave handler a hard time on the move. Low set hocks and good fore chest.
 3  Murphy,   Clannrua Chestnut

Yearling Dog 7(1a)
 1st   Bott Gwendariff D'Ya Know My Name by Bardonhill 
2nd. Longbottom C&A & Stewart- Ritchie, D. Gwendariff Unknown Soldier JW.  Maturing nicely, good overall balance and well off for bone. Good spring of ribs, low set ears and sweeping bend of stifle.
3rd.  Byard,  Shelindair Ginger Fizz at Purley Rose,

1st.  Byard, Shelindair Ginger Fizz at Purley Rose,  third in previous class, finer dog with elegant neck flowing into shoulders. Low set hocks and good tail set.
2nd.  Booth,  Jennison Tribute,  bigger dog still to fill out and mature into himself. Strong front, kind eye, masculine head.

1st. Gwendariff D'Ya Know My Name By Bardonhill.

Post Grad. 6 (1a).
1st. Hogarth,  Redclyst Flash at Halingswood JW, Beautifully coated dog, slightly loose front movement but drove from strong hindquarters. Good angulation front and rear. Head stronger than I prefer but in no way coarse. Well presented.
2nd. Wood,   Danaway Goodness Me, Darker Coat than 1, straight front, neck flows  nicely into shoulders. Longer in loin than winner so not quite the balance overall.
3rd.  Holehan,  Ferasheen Portadown.

Limit. 4 (1a)
1st,   McLarnon,  Gwendariff Nuts Aboutu Glenavna JW, Beautiful well balanced dog. Moved well. Lovely sweeping bend of stifle, front and rear angulation very good and straight front. Lovely head with kind expression in eyes. Pleased to award him the RCC and RBIS
2nd,  Sloane,  Ferasheen Patriot Game, Darker coat and longer in loin. Stifle not quite so well bent. Low set hocks and straight pasterns. Head heavier than 1 with low set ears.
3rd, Byard,  Cataluna Some Like it Hot at Purley Rose.

Open Dog, 6 (1a)
1st, Stewart, A & Ritchie -Smith, D, Sh Ch Gwendariff Whipper Snapper
 JW, Well known dog and a deserving champion. Beautiful presentation as always from this kennel. Correct head planes, elegant neck fitting smoothly into gently sloping top line and good tail set. Moved well, driving from well bent stifles and low set hocks. CC and BIS. Well done.
2nd, Loughlin, C, IR Sh Ch Rohanmor It's All About Alfie JD Jun Ch,
 Straighter coat. Well angled front, elegant neck and smoothly sloping top line. Just not the bend of stifle as 1, good tail set, movement steady.
3rd, Richardson, J,L,&L, Sh Ch Brabrook Flash Harry at Montgreenan Sh CM.

Veteran Dog, 2,
1st, Hogarth P, Sh Ch Avacet Snowdrift, wearing his years well. Well presented with good angulation front and rear. Nice head and moved steadily with drive. BVIS.
2nd, Booth, Kirwilldale Beethoven, Lovely 10 year old. Bad luck to come up against 1 and give three years away in age. Kind eye and expression, good spring of ribs, low set hocks. Moved very steadily.

MPB, 1,
1st Nicolson, R & M, Gwendariff Rainbow Goddess at Lochindorb,  lovely baby, so balanced for age. Very feminine with such a pretty face. Movement exuberant my notes say. I look forward to watching her future show career with interest. BPIS.

PB, 1,
1st Walsh, Arobraccan Toffee Nose, another very pretty 10 month bitch. Good forehand angulation and reach of neck with gently sloping top line. Moved well.

Junior B, 4,
 1st, Stewart-Ritchie, D, Aoibheanne Smart Move Gwendariff, lovely bitch. Pretty face and expression. So balanced and moved well as usual from this kennel.
2nd, Arobraccan Toffee Nose.
3rd, O'Neill Gilkybrow Luck be a Lady

Yearling B, 5,
1st, Aoibheanne Smart Move Gwendariff
2nd, Hinslea, Northamber Shabby Chic, JW, bigger bitch, well angulated front and rear. Gently sloping top line. Drove well from low set hocks. Pretty face and good straight front.
3rd, Milby, P & Stewart- Ritchie, Gwendariff We'll Remember U JW.

Novice B, 1,
1st, Aoibheanne Smart Move Gwendariff

Graduate B, 5 (1a)
Movement somewhat erratic in this class.
1st, Davie, Jonola Secret Love at Lochfrae, Pretty bitch, good reach of neck, shoulder set good. Longer in loin.
2nd, Northamber Shabby Chic, JW.
3rd, Gwendariff On a Tic Ett to Lochindorb.

Post Grad Bitch, 5 (1a)
1st, Stewart, A & Ritchie, D, Gwendariff Carries it Off. Lovely coat and condition. Pretty and refined head and low set ears. Slightly longer in loin but well ribbed back. Moved steadily.
2nd, Richardson, J, L & L, Montgreenan Charlie's Angel, this bitch was not living up to her name and refused to stand still for too long! Neck flowed  smoothly into top line. Pretty head and expression.
 3rd, Jonola Secret Love at Lochfrae.

Mid Limit Bitch, 4,
1st, Bott, Gwendariff Such a Carry On At Bardonhill, Bigger bitch but well put together. Well off for bone,strong straight front. Pretty face with expressive eyes. Well sprung ribs.
2nd, Antony, M & Stuart R, Staratlantas Fire Queen JW. Pretty face, moved well once settled. Possibly carrying a little too much weight. Drove off low set hocks.
3rd, Sloane, K & G, Ferasheen Pavanna JW.

Limit Bitch, 3 (1a),
1st, Longbottom, C&A & Stewart-Ritchie, D,  Gwendariff The Catz Wiskas JW,  lovely little bitch. So pretty and feminine. Arched neck fitting well into shoulders, low set ears. Well bent stifle. Movement slightly erratic at first but settled well enough to take this class. RCC.
2nd, Hinslea, Northamber Riot in Rio, Bigger bitch than 1, pretty face and eyes, not quite so good as 1 over shoulders and movement less steady. Well off for bone.

Open Bitch, 5 (1a),
1st, Stewart A, & Ritchie- Smith, D,  Sh Ch/ Ir Sh Ch Gwendariff Fizzy Pop JW, Just what I look for in a mature bitch. Everything in the right place and moved well. Delightful. CC.
2nd, Boal, M&E, Sabrejill Spirit Dancer, Bigger bitch, prettier head than 3 & 4. Well let down hocks and good balance. Straight front and moved ok.
3rd, Donnelly, K, Ir Sh Ch Millcroft Whispering Moon An Ch 15/ Cw 16/Jun Ch,

Veteran Bitch, 6 (1a),
1st, Murphy, C, Clannrua Loughowel, Eight year old bitch, wearing her
years well, pretty head, gently sloping top line. Missed out on Best Veteran to a dog on form. RBVIS
2nd, Sh Ch, Ir Sh Ch Gwendariff Rock Diva JW.  Very pretty bitch, moved very well. Just dropped top line at the end of the class. Well angled shoulders and stifle.
3rd, Borthwick, Lotushill Misdemeanor.

Brace, 2 (1a),
1st, Quinn, M & McNamara, F, these two boys flowed around the ring very happily together. Well done, I know how hard it can be to persuade two Irish to move as one and with eight legs to trip up the handler is a bit hazardous also!

Diane Cardwell

Belfast and District Irish Setter Club
11 June 2016
Championship Show

Judge Mrs Diane Cardwell (Casperosso)
Entry: 59 Dogs
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Congratulations to the Dog Challenge Certificate Winner and Best in Show:
Alec Stewart and Danielle Ritchie-Smith with Nilsson
  Sh.Ch./Ir/Sh/Ch.Gwendariff Whippersnapper JW (L)

The Res Dog CC and Reserve Best in Show
was awarded to Christine McLarnon with Peanut
Gwendariff Nuts Aboutu Glenavna JW    (R)
13523806 1136270966414515 1493394964 o
The Bitch Challenge Certificate was awarded to Diane Stewart-Ritchie with
   SH CH/IR SH CH Gwendariff Fizzy Pop JW (L)

The Res Bitch CC was awarded to Ruth Longbottom
and Diane Stewart Ritchie with Lou Lou
Gwendariff The Catz Wiskers JW (R)
Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Show was Nicholson's
   Gwendariff Rainbow Goddess At Lochindorb
Best Veteran Dog & Best Veteran in Show:
Trish Hogarth's
Sh.Ch. Avacet Snowdrift
Res. Best Veteran in Show
was Carmel Murphy's
Clannrua Loughowel

Congratulations to all the Winners
Photos To follow
Thank you to Sarah McCleave for sending in the full results HERE




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