Critique - Judge: Mrs Diane Stewart-Ritchie (Gwendariff)

I judged the breed just over a week ago and decided to take some time to contemplate my thoughts before actually attacking the keyboard.  I also reflected upon the critiques of others to evaluate their thoughts on the breed in comparison to my own – not individual dogs, as each judge has their own desires and process of evaluating the dogs being examined and of course each judge interprets the standard differently, albeit the words are the same for each of us to read. The one critique and most importantly preamble to the critique I found most interesting, having now read it for the fourth or fifth time, is that of Mrs Sue Oakley (Caspians) after her judging appointment of Irish Setter Bitches at Crufts in 2014.  It is educational, informative and deeply knowledgable.  Many of todays newer exhibitors and the potential future show judges of the next era would do well to read and study what has been written.  Also there are various articles written by other long established breeders and successful exhibitors which are very useful and full of detailed breed points which it would be a shame to loose in these modern times of rushing to get the next Champion. The written word of Mr W J Rasbridge, Mr J S F Smith and Mrs R Bryden are a few which spring to mind which I regularly read and re-read in order to remain focused about what I personally am trying to achieve.

When I write a critique following an appointment I have a few things to consider.  Firstly, I wish to show each dogs virtues.  I believe that is what I am there to do.  It is easy to find fault and of course even easier to write it but the master script writer will find a way to be kind in the appraisal of the exhibitors dogs whilst still remaining professional and explaining why the resulting positions turned out to be that way. Secondly, I wish to help and encourage where I can.  If I find something in a dog which I think can be worked on in order to improve that exhibits chances another time, then I will say it – always believing that the owner will take heed to my advice which is given freely and which will, perhaps, take them to another level if they have the desire and passion within them.  Thirdly, when I write I find it easy to be kind to those who have paid for my opinion of their dogs. To have ones opinion sought after is an honour. I believe one should continue to be respectful to those who have paid for that opinion, not just in the show ring but until the appointment is complete which is after the show reports have been published as per ones contract with the Society. This expensive hobby has us all running around the country week in, week out.  As I have proven above, it is not hard to find other judges critiques and their opinion of each exhibit.  I believe it is each judges job to find the virtues and failings in the exhibits in front of them, that is, not just what has been said in print before nor what the latest rumour has going about such and such dog nor what ones best friend or fellow travelling companion thinks.  Judging is on the day, on the class and furthermore on the 2 minute assessment.  What has gone before win or lose is over.  Judge the dog in front of you not its reputation, not its owner/handler and certainly not what another judge has said personally to you or indeed written in print.

Now to the job in hand…….. in the main a decent dog showing day weather wise.  The ring was not ideal but at least it was big enough. I wish to thank my stewards Jan and Pedro for their smooth and efficient secretarial skills, thus making my job easier just assessing the dogs.  Thanks to the Society for this invitation.  It reminds me of fond and happy memories as an exhibitor.
Most dogs were well presented which is always a pleasure when judging and in this day and age I feel is a very easy thing to prepare for.  I found a few suspect mouths and of course my biggest disappointment was, far too many dogs lacking any type of muscle tone.  My prize winners in the main were the exception to this.  A beauty competition it sure is but when did one ever see a beauty queen with a pretty face and saggy muscles? To enable ones posture to be straight and true it is an essential to have the correct skeletal-muscular system. Correct bone, definition of muscle and correct tightness of tendons and ligaments.  If any of these are lacking so will the condition of the animal and this will definitely reflect whence moving.  I always say, “ you’ve got 2 minutes to shine.”  A correctly conditioned dog will not need his 2 minutes to catch the eye of the judge.
One observation I feel we should bear in mind as breeders and which was quite evident in this entry was the number of exhibits with shorter forefaces than the standard calls for. Long and lean, two bricks, from occiput to stop and from stop to tip of nose to be parallel and of EQUAL length. Please don’t let us lose this very valued head trait. Short squat forefaces are undesirable, untypical and now I believe a consideration to be so very mindful of in our breeding programmes for the future.

My winners pleased me immensely and certainly this bitch entry was teemed with quality. In many cases it was down to hair splitting decisions and just personal preference for size or type. I commend you breeders and exhibitors.  This appointment uplifted my spirits as to the position of the breed.  Strong quality girls for the future and a number of potential sound quality stud dogs on the horizon. MPD (2,1) 1 Walls HAZELBECK GHILLIE Good size, build and muscle for this youngster.  In super bloom and with a deep thick shiny coat which is of correct depth and texture. Correct eye colour and shape with good pigmentation.  Pleasing head planes and raised brows.  Reachy neck and decent shoulder lay. Correct straight true front and good prosternum. Correct bone and tidy feet.  Lovely deep chest and good shape to ribcage and correct length.  Good through loin and with plenty of width to first and second thigh areas.  Still a baby and needs some more schooling to get his head around it all but moved soundly enough.

PD (2,0) 1 & BPIB Bailey & Condrons COVARNEY LIL’RASCAL. My notes say ‘hard to fault’ and ‘loved him’. So pretty straightforward then.  This young man was a real pleasure to go over. He has super construction all through with the very best of front assemblies and standing on strong bone and good feet.  He is deep in chest and with correct rib shape, length and spring.  Super quarters and so nicely muscled.  He is pleasing in head with correct amount of stop, raised brow and enough chiselling already. Kind dark eye with lovely expression. Super crested neck and continuous sloping topline into correct tailset and croup. He is beautifully presented and in correct condition for his age.  His handler makes a good job of him but tends to be a little nervous with him which I’m sure goes down the lead.  If I had this boy on the end of my lead I would not be nervous, I would embrace it.  You’ve got a good one there – I have no doubt you will have much fun and happy times campaigning him. Good luck. 2. Walls H GILLIE.

JUNIOR DOG (10,1) A pleasing class with some nice exhibits but as is usual, all at varying levels of maturity. Two litter mates headed this class and both have plenty of maturity and good construction.
Lorrimers KERRIMERE CHARISMATIC. This 13 month old male is put down and handled to absolute perfection.  He is definitely one of the most mature looking boys in this class albeit he is at the bottom end of the age classification. He presents an appealing outline and has a good quality coat with plenty of feathering already. He has a pleasing head with kind eye of the correct shape and colour and also good pigment.  Good length of foreface, good shape to back skull and enough chiselling throughout.  Good stop and raised brow, clean in foreface and correct ear set and length. Super front assembly, good topline and tailset and really strong hindquarters.  Good width to first and second thigh and stands on excellent bone and neat tidy feet.  Deep chest with super ribcage.  Initially one could think he is ‘too much’ but he is so well put together and is just on another level of maturity to the rest. If he continues in this vain I have no hesitation in saying he will go all the way. 2. Sharmans KERRIMERE INDISCREET Not just as mature as his brother and build on a smaller frame but he too has all the essentials of construction. Sound coming and going and with good reach and drive.  In good coat and lovely condition and well schooled.  Good topline and tailset and another with a super front assembly.  Good in hindquarter, and well muscled.  Short from hock to heel and strong in rear pastern.  Another quality boy. 3. Grattons SNOW WOLF WITH GLENLAINE.

SPECIAL YEARLING DOG (9,3) 1. Ciechonska’s AOIBHEANNE’S SPOILT F’CHOICE. It is no secret that this boys breeding would make me look twice at him. But that said, that in itself makes it more challenging to assess him without fear or favour and in many cases it means he has to be even more correct in order to win the class.  I have absolutely no hesitation in saying that my notes say ‘Absolutely love him, top drawer, fab head’.  There is little to fault on this very dark coated boy who stands over a good amount of ground.  His coat is thick and plentiful for this age.  He has strong bone and good feet.  Super construction in front and with deep wide hindquarter.  Short strong pasterns.  His chest is deep and with correct ribbing.  Short and strong through the loins and sound on the move.  His headpiece is all male with not one hint of exaggeration.  It is clean and well chiselled already.  His dark expressive eyes just melt you. Super.  A worthy winner. 2. Grattons BARDONHILL SNOW WOLF WITH GLENLAINE. Different in type to my winner but yet again another quality exhibit from this kennel. Pleasing head with correct eye colour and shape. Good eye rim pigmentation too.  Good topline and tailset.  Strong wide powerful quarters.  In good bloom and with plenty of feathering.  Stands over a good amount of ground and covers the ground well on the move. Clean through neck and shoulder but would prefer a little more return of upper arm.  3. Horrocks WYLDFIRE DECLAN FOR ITCHENWYCH


DEBUTANT DOG (8,0) 1. Bailey & Condrons COVARNEY LIL’RASCAL 2. Horrocks WYLDEFIRE DECLAN FOR ITCHENWYCH.  Boy of good type who is maturing at the correct rate for his age.  Good eye shape and colour and has a very tidy front assembly.  Straight and true and with good amount of prosternum.  Clean through neck and shoulder and with deep chest and good coat. A little shorter in foreface than I prefer. 3. Northends AOIBHEANNES SINGLE MALT

GRADUATE DOG (10, 2) I said to the exhibitors on completion of the class that this was the best graduate class I had judged.  I found it a super class and decisions were hair splitting. These decisions were head over heart and I was torn on different things with each of my first three boys. In the end it came down to ‘on the day’ and my winner was a young dog who is more advanced than the others in coat finish and was truly ‘sound as a bell’.  1. Rowbottoms LANSTARA SPRING MOON One I have watched before and wondered what he was all about.  I am delighted he came.  This team are unassuming.  The handler is quietly working his dog and gets the very best from him. His charge is not a flashy dog but very honest.  He is not exaggerated in any way and is very well made and in full coat already.  He is well muscled and in excellent condition.  Correct angulations fore and aft with good prosternum and good bend of stifle.  Wide quarters, short from hock to heel and has a clean topline and tailset.  Pleasing in head and with good expression.  He pleased me enough in the challenge to bring him to the front with the other more mature males to consider for the reserve top honour. 2. Muirs ROMARNE TAITTINGER JW Another who has all the essentials.  Everything gently flows neatly into the next part without hiccup.  Clean throughout, well muscled and expertly handled.  Classic head with super eye shape and colour.  Excellent pigmentation.  Wonderful topline and tailset.  Wide and powerful rear and straight and true in front.  His angles are correct. His movement was precise and true coming, going and on the around.  A very honest boy who just needs to coat up to complete this elegant streamlined picture. I liked him very much.  3.  I feel I must mention this boy as he was my ‘heart’ dog. Condron, Pullen & Atkins COVARNEY FLAPJACK I first noticed this dog at his first breed club show and he immediately appealed.  I later used him at stud.  I feel he is an excellent sire when put to the right bitch and he has many qualities to give. He has the most lovely outline and a super head and what a lovely type.  He is a slow maturer too and also needs to coat up.  He was sound going away and reached out well on the around.  Deep chested and well ribbed.  Short loins and well angulated hindquarters.  Super topline and tailset.  A firm favourite of mine for type and style.

POST GRADUATE D0G (10.3) 1. Condrons COVARNEY MACAROON. Super for type and quite a commanding outline when on the stack.  Handled sympathetically but with precision.  He responds well. Very well made with correct front and rear assemblies and plenty of depth in brisket.  Strong in ribs and short strong loin.  Well muscled and deep in first and second thighs.  Good bone, neat feet and stands over enough ground.  I loved his make and shape and his true positive movement.  He has a very pleasing head with good expression and plenty of work, raised brows and correct amount of stop.  Good ear set and carriage.  Carrys himself well and is at one with his handler.  A very pleasurable dog to go over.  Liked him a lot. 2. Hemmings ORLANSET THE ROCKER JW Presented beautifully and in full bloom.  In good muscle and good conditioning throughout.  Sloping topline and good tailset.  Good width to first and second thighs.  Pleasant enough in head with good eye colour and shape and correct pigmentation.  3. Tupper & Rosie STARATLANTA ELLIOTT

LIMIT DOG (6,2) 1. O’Connors CAISPERN POLONIUS A dog I did well for as a minor puppy and he is maturing well now.  I have seen him on occasion of incorrect weight but not today. He was spot on.  In good coat and feather and at one with his very experienced handler who definitely gets the best from him. Of a good type and a sound mover.  Really good in front with super prosternum and deep wide powerful hindquarters.  His big asset is his width and length of croup. Correct and true in tailset.  Deep chested.  He has a kind eye and good planes to his head.  Just a little too strong in stop for my personal preference but nonetheless his expression is good and he works his well raised brows. Good ear set and length. Moved well going and coming and had good reach in front.  Just a little soft in topline at times. 2. Mitchells AMBLIN SWEET WILLIAM A lovely style of dog with much to commend. Very typical of his sire in outline and shape and of that same deep rich coat.  Stands on good bone and feet and has a super topline and tailset.  Another with a good front.  He also has strong wide quarters.  Deep chested and well ribbed back.  Good planes to his head and with good finish to foreface and correct head proportions. Would prefer him more animated on the move if he is to trouble the very best in higher level competitive classes. 3 Cuddys AOIBHEANNES QUITE THE REBEL BY BALBRIGGAN JW

OPEN DOG (2,0) 1 & CC, BOB & GROUP 4.  Crocker & Siddles SH CH COPPERS WAR OF ROSES. Another quality exhibit from this well known kennel.  This breeder has certainly put a stamp on her type and this dog is one of the best I feel she has produced.  He is much like his sire, another favourite of mine but with that little bit of extra showmanship.  He has a very pleasing head and kind expressive eye.  His stop is correct and with raised brows.  His head planes are clean and without exaggeration. He stands over a good amount of ground and presents an eye catching topline. He is elegant and refined and so very racy but without losing substance.  He is totally well conditioned and presented in the peak of condition.  His handler is at one with him and they work well as a team.  He is well made throughout and has all the essentials of a true Champion.  To compete at this very top level takes hours of hard work and dedication, not just a few moments stolen here and there when one has the free time available.  This dog speaks for himself – his quality is without question.  His movement was correct in all departments, coming going and in profile. I was pleased to assess him and to award him todays CC and later BOB. 2. Cox’s JSY CH TIROEN TOO HOT TO HANDLE JW This boy has a pleasing head, with correct planes, dark eye and good stop and raised brows. Correct ear set and length and enough chiselling throughout.  He is wide in hindquarter and has a very dark coloured coat which is profuse.  One of the few on the day who had a super big nose – a must in any air scenting dog. He is of a good size and stands over a lot of ground. Moved with full animation and pushing of his rear as he went.

VETERAN DOG (5,1) Two absolutely super Champion males headed this class.  These veteran boys today were in excellent muscle tone regardless of their age which is great to see. 1 & RCC Pullen & Atkins SH CH HARVANCOURT HARLEM AT JACINGAIL Super headed dog of lovely type.  Racy and elegant and in full feather.  Good prosternum, deep chest and enough return of upper arm.  Good topline and tailset. Good bone and neat and very tidy feet.  Very clean in backskull and no exaggeration at all.  Head planes are correct and true.  He was another with a super big nose and great pigmentation.  Well muscled wide hindquarters.  He is elegant and racy and not overdone anywhere.  I was pleased to award him the Res CC. 2. Grattons BARDONHILL FLOATING MOON INTO GLENLAINE JW.  On the stack this dog pushed my winner hard all the way.  He is of a different type than the winner but once again he is elegant and racy and put down in first class order.  He too has all the essentials and is a very worthy Champion.  Liked so much about him but he just wasn’t co-operating when on the move.  I prefer more animation and showmanship at this top level.

MINOR PUPPY BITCH (6,1) Both 1 and 2 in this class appealed very much and similar remarks in this report apply to both. 1 impressed me very much on the move.1. Pallisters PENWYN RAINBOWS END. Pretty headed little girl with dark eye of correct unshelled almond shape and good pigment.  Lovely little face with such a soft expression. Really nice outline and already good in quarters.  Happy disposition and so true and precise in movement.  Big open effortless gait. Her little tail never stopped lashing. I liked her a lot. 2. Naylor & Morrisons ANLORY CARMINA Super little front with good bone and neat tidy feet.  Good topline and tailset and so well balanced already.  Moved well. 3. Haills SMOKEYWATER LADY IN RED

PUPPY BITCH (3,1) 1 & BPB O’Connors ROMARNE LADY CHATTERLEY OF CAISPERN. Quite a mature puppy and another good mover.  In tremendous puppy coat and with super condition.  Good front and rear and presents an appealing picture when stacked.  Good bone and super feet and such a pleasant headpiece.  Dark expressive eye and clean in lip, good stop and raised brows.  Good ear set and length. Already quite developed in prosternum.  Moved a treat. 2. Condrons COVARNEY LIL’MINX.  Of the colour and type I like but today she did not match the maturity of the winner.  Judging really is on the day and development is different in them all.  I felt this girl to have a good outline. Good bone, deep enough in chest.  Good ribbing and short loins.  She excels over the quarters.  She is very elegant and has a dark eye. Still needs to learn her job a bit more but her handler did have good enough co-operation from her.

JUNIOR BITCH (10,3) 1. Nevitts AOIBHEANNES STAY WITH ME A very racy elegant bitch with a pretty head.  She is deep chested and well ribbed.  She has good muscle and is nicely presented.  She is very light on her feet on the move and her footfalls are good.  Straight and true going away and sound coming toward. She has a good outline and has a very pleasing front assembly. In good coat for her age.  Developing at a good rate.   2.Stevensons LOCHLORIEN TRUE DETECTIVE IS ANDLEY. Of a different mould than the winner and I really thought highly of her. Another quality bitch with all the major components to be of the top level.  She is beautifully presented and is in hard musculature.  She stands over a good amount of ground and has a super topline and tailset.  Good eye shape, colour and pigment.  Good brows and correct ear set.  Good lay of shoulder and enough prosternum.  Tidy feet and good bone. Deep chested with excellent ribbing.  Wide quarters.  Moved well.  3. Carters BARDONHILL UPTOWN GIRL

SPECIAL YEARLING BITCH (7,0) A super class of young ladies with close decisions having to be made.  1. Ciechonskas AOIBHEANNES SAY NO MORE. Like her litter brother she totally appeals for type, style and sheer presence. And yes like her brother she possesses a most lovely head.  Her body proportions are nigh on perfect and I truly believe she will go on to great things. She completely fills ones hand as she is examined, each part flowing neatly into the next.  Totally correct in front and with a super development of hindquarter already.  She is well muscled and comes together nicely when on the move.  Her ribs are deep and full and well back to her short strong loin.  Super feet and quality bone.  She has an excellent topline and tailset. She is totally balanced and although still young I was pleased to shortlist her in the challenge, giving a nod to her overall quality already. 2. Box’s FERNSTART BIRDSONG. Different type to my winner but one I was really taken by.  Ive never seen this one before and she had immediate appeal for me.  There was just something so very familiar about her – that look in her head that tugs at your heart and you don’t know why. My notes say gorgeous twice! Her head is most delicious.  Raised brows correct stop, good work and clean in lip.  Correct head planes and good ear set and length. She is very well made throughout and moved straight and true.  She presents a picture of total balance, elegance and raciness.  She too is from the top drawer.  It is plain to see she is of a lighter shade but when one has hands on her this pales into insignificance.  I liked her very much.  She is right up my street. 3. Stevensons LOCHLORIEN TRUE DETECTIVE IS ANDLEY

NOVICE BITCH (6,3) 1. Carters BARDONHILL UPTOWN GIRL. Pleasing head and eye.  Good finish to foreface.  Correct raised brows.  Straight true front with good bone and neat feet.  Good width to first and second thigh and moved with style and animation. 2. Gardners TIROEN TEARDROPS EXPLODES DANWISH.  Good body proportions.  Dark coated with straight true front.  Good bone, neat feet.  Wide hindquarters.  Moved ok.


GRADUATE BITCH (6,0) 1. Roffeys ARAKI COZ IM HAPPY. Her free easy gait is so appealing.  In fact she is one of the few that really showed her temperament as she moved and like her name she obviously is a ‘happy’ girl. She has a dark eye with excellent eye rim pigmentation.  Clean in lip and correct ear set and length.  Good arch to her neck and straight and true in front.  She has a good prosternum.  Good ribs, carried well back.  Strong and wide in hindquarter.  Good feet.  Very stylish. Totally in unison with her handler. 2. Naylor & Morrisons ANLORY CORBIERES JW Another quality bitch from this kennel.  I have done this exhibitor well on many an occasion and I am happy to have found another whom I liked very much. Once again she is a super mover, well put together with deep chest, strong rib cage and excellent length of loin.  Good in front assembly and wide in quarter. Excellent topline and tailset. Preferred this ones jacket over the winner. 3. Davies JONOLA SECRET LOVE AT LOCHFRAE

POST GRADUATE BITCH (12,2) Another strong class with good, quality bitches of differing styles. 1. Griffins DANAWAY LOVESONG FOR CORRIEBRAN JW This girl has to be gone over to be appreciated.  From the ringside she can be overlooked if her handler just has not got her quite right.  But she was one of my surprises of the day. From the moment when I assessed her individually she was firmly placed in my mind.  She has the most glorious head. Totally balanced, correct planes, good amount of chiselling and the most melting expression.  She is clean in lip and devoid of exaggeration anywhere.  Good layback of shoulder, good return of upper arm and enough prosternum.  Deep in chest, well ribbed back to short strong loins.  She is wide in hindquarter with correct amount of muscle and good bend of stifle.  She is so elegant and racy and of definite quality.  Today she wasn’t carrying as much coat as some others but her sheer style and quality allowed me to award her this top placing in such a strong class. She had gotten right under my skin.  She is super to go over. 2. Horthius KERRYFAIR MY GIRL. Ever so pretty.  Such a melting expression.  She is of a lovely type and her front is very pleasing. She has a very good prosternum, good lay of shoulder and enough return of upper arm.  She is racy and moves well.  She has plenty of coat and stands over a good amount of ground. I liked her body proportions and her super feet, as always from this breeder.  Wide in hindquarters.  Deep chested and well ribbed. 3. Box’s BARDONHILL AFTERNOON D’LITE AT FERNSTART

MID LIMIT BITCH (9,2) Excellent class.  Some super bitches. Once again difficult decisions, but great to see the strength in quality of these bitches the breed has available for the future.  1 & CC. Botts BARDONHILL GUILTY PLEASURE.  This girl headed the class when I first began my initial overview of the class.  Standing to perfection over a good amount of ground and demanding to be noticed above all others. At that point she had presented an imposing picture of balance, raciness and quality. She had already got me interested in her! When I did my individual assessment she totally filled my eye.  She is totally unexaggerated, feminine, racy and is in full coat and in tip top condition and the peak of fitness.  That’s what it takes to win at this top level, especially when there are so many others around also vying for the top spot and being equally capable of taking it. She has a very pretty head as one would expect from this well established breeder.  Her eye colour is dark and she has a very soft expression.  Good head planes and not a hint of exaggeration.  Correctly chiselled and good finish to foreface.  Clean in neck and with good shoulder and upper arm.  Good prosternum, deep in rib and carried well back to strong loin.  Super wide quarters, good bend of stifle and enough second thigh.  Correct bone and neat tight feet.  Her footfalls were excellent and she moved with precision and drive. She was at the very top of her game and had to be to beat one of my all time favourites in the Veteran Bitch winning the Reserve to her. 2. Stevensons LOCHLORIEN SCULLY FOXES ANDLEY Super quality bitch once again from this kennel and one to trouble the best.  This owner/handler has really upped her game and her girls are beautifully presented and in excellent order.  This lady was no exception – well muscled and in the very best of coat and feather. Well made throughout, excellent angulation fore and aft.  Deep chest, super ribs and excellent topline.  A very honest girl, with few failings. Just a tad stronger made than is my personal preference but she can go far with construction like this.  3. Muirs ROMARNE ONE NIGHT ONLY JW

LIMIT BITCH (5,0) 1. Gardners THENDARA JOCASTA JW. Put down in excellent order and very well handled. I have always liked this bitch.  She has a very nice head with lovely proportions over her back skull and foreface – excellent.  Good eye shape, brow and good amount of stop.  Very clean in lip and enough underjaw.  Correct ear set.  Good length of neck into nice front.  Correct gentle slope to her topline.  Correct oval bone and neat tight cat like feet.  Deep chested and good length of ribbing.  Wide in hindquarter and good bend of stifle.  Good width to first and second thighs.  Moved well.  Just a little on the larger frame than I personally prefer, however a bitch of definite quality.  Thank you for bringing her. 2. Mutchs ASTLEYVIEW SUMMER FOX.  I have previously awarded this bitch a reserve CC and it is no secret that I’ve liked her.  She has a super front and good wide powerful rear.  She has always been a very true open mover and one who needed the feathering to complete the picture.  Today she had all her furnishings and I particularly like her ear feathering which has grown and frames her gentle face well.  She has a soft expression and good stop and raised brows. She has good bone and neat tidy feet.  As I said before judging is on the day – and this bitch just was not in the condition of the winner.  She was also unaided by the many handlers who moved her but I did at least get to see her true footfalls which is why I rewarded her so highly.  I would have preferred more animation on the move.  This bitch is worth it, she just needs some work. 3. Baynes CORRANROO RAINBOW KISSES. This girl is nicely put together with good front, rear and presents a very nice outline.  She is in good muscle but I felt she was carrying too much weight today which aided her lack of raciness. If she were fined down I believe she could give some real trouble to those in her peer group. (A little food for thought).  She is sound and moves with style.

OPEN BITCH (1,0) 1. Howatsons RIVERMAN ROYAL ROSA AT VANDERS JW.  In full coat and with profuse feathering.  Good eye colour and nicely raised brows. Correct ear set and length.  Good skull shape and nicely arched neck.  Good in prosternum with decent angulation in front.  Wide strong hindquarters.  Deep chested and well ribbed back.  Moved with animation and some style.  Would like to see her with less furnishings as I feel it detracts from her overall shape.

VETERAN BITCH (2,1) A delightful class of super quality ladies, both of whom have many virtues and both of whom were presented in good muscle. 1 & RCC & BVIB Naylor & Morrisons SH CH BARDONHILL SINGING SKIES OVER ANLORY JW This girl has always been a firm favourite of mine.  She is one whom I have championed many times from outside the ring and one whom I have quite happily been beaten by on other occasions. She is total quality from her head to her tail.  She is wonderfully constructed and of such style and elegance – she just cannot be ignored.  I cannot speak highly enough of this girl, and she is quite exceptional constructionally.  Her footfalls are nigh on perfect and she really puts on a performance when on the move. She has a correct well balanced head with a few shades of age just making their presence felt.  This in no way detracts from this divine example of quality and sheer longevity of the breed.  I rate this girl amongst my all time favourites, I just wish I had been able to judge her in her prime. Nonetheless she is a thing of beauty – a credit to her owner and breeder.  Today she had to give way to the younger mid limit bitch whose condition was outstanding. 2. Stevensons LOCHLORIEN PRIME SUSPECT FOR ANDLEY JW That old cliché – unlucky to meet… applies here. It’s hard enough to get past a good one but an all time favourite makes it harder still but both owner and handler gave it their all.  I have watched this bitch on many occasions and rate her very highly.  In super condition and very well made, she has a good head with correct eye colour and shape.  Good front and strong well developed hindquarters.  Deep in chest and very well ribbed.  Correct bone and neat tidy feet.  She moves with precision and great style.  She is presented in full coat of great condition. This exhibitor should be justly proud.  Having judged all their girls today I can see a real depth to the work ethic involved and all the placings were high.  Just goes to show what a bit of hard graft can achieve.  I thank you for bringing your girls.
I came away from this appointment delighted to have judged some super dogs and in particular some top of the range bitches.  We have something good to build on.  I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to assess your dogs. May I take this opportunity to wish you all well.  Be sporting, be kind and above all enjoy your hobby without damage or hurtfulness to others. You are the future of this lovely breed – the dogs lead by example …….’demonstratively affectionate ‘ could serve us all well.

Diane Stewart-Ritchie


East of England Agricultural Society
10 July 2016

Judge: Mrs Diane Stewart-Ritchie (Gwendariff)
Entry: 114 Dogs making 150 entries
A fabulous day for Arthur, winning the Dog Challenge Certificate, his 11th,
Best of Breed and Gundog Group 4 for his owners
Blake Crocker and Amelia Siddle - Congratulations
arthur eoE 100716 gladwishDSC 2110a
Sh.Ch. Copper's War of Roses
Photo: Barbara Gladwish
Winning the Bitch Challenge Certificate, her 2nd, was Tabitha
owned by Marita Bott
bardonhill guilty pleasure EoE 100716 gladwishDSC 2269a
Bardonhill Guilty Pleasure
Photo: Barbara Gladwish
The Res. Dog CC was awarded to Kevin Pullen and Jacquie Atkin with
harvancourt eoe 100716 gladwish DSC 2130a
Sh.Ch. Harvancourt Harlem at Jacingail
Photo: Barbara Gladwish
The Res. Bitch CC and Best Veteran in Breed was awarded to
Nigel Naylor and Jane Morrison with Sky
B singingskies eoe 100716 gladwishDSC 2340a
Sh.Ch. Bardonhill Singing Skies over Anlory JW
Photo: Barbara Gladwish
Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy in Breed was awarded to
Carole and John Bailey and Gerry and Kate Condron with
covarney lil rascal eoe 100716 gladwishDSC 1927a
Covarney Lil'Rascal
Photo: Barbara Gladwish


Full Results

DCC - Sh Ch Copper's War Of Roses - Mr B A & Miss A S Crocker & Siddle
RDCC - Sh Ch Harvancourt Harlem At Jacingail - Mr K & Miss J Pullen & Atkin
BCC - Bardonhill Guilty Pleasure - Mrs M Bott
RBCC - Sh Ch Bardonhill Singing Skies Over Anlory JW - Mr N & Miss J Naylor & Morrison
BOB - Sh Ch Copper's War Of Roses - Mr B A & Miss A S Crocker & Siddle
BP - Covarney Lil' Rascal - Mr J, Mrs C, Mr G & Mrs K Bailey & Condron
Bv Sh Ch Bardonhill Singing Skies Over Anlory JW - Mr N & Miss J Naylor & Morrison

Minor Puppy - Dog

Entries. 2 Absentees. 1

1. Hazelbeck Ghillie - Mr G R & Mrs E J Wall

Puppy - Dog

Entries. 2 Absentees. 0

1. Covarney Lil' Rascal - Mr J, Mrs C, Mr G & Mrs K Bailey & Condron
2. Hazelbeck Ghillie - Mr G R & Mrs E J Wall

Junior - Dog

Entries. 10 Absentees. 1

1. Kerrimere Charismatic - Mrs J M Lorrimer
2. Kerrimere Indiscreet - Mr J Sharman
3. Bardonhill Snow Wolf With Glenlaine - Mr A & Mrs E Gratton
Res. Tiroen Too Darn Hot - Mrs R E & Mr N S Cox
VHC. Aoibheannes Single Malt - Miss J Northend

Yearling - Dog

Entries. 9 Absentees. 3

1. Aoibheanne's Spoilt F'choice - Miss Es Ciechonska
2. Bardonhill Snow Wolf With Glenlaine - Mr A & Mrs E Gratton
3. Wyldfire Declan For Itchenwych - Mrs G J Horrocks
Res. Swiftlark First Knight - Mrs S S Corless
VHC. Lowdon Toby Larone - Miss V Jarvis

Novice - Dog

Entries. 6 Absentees. 0

1. Covarney Lil' Rascal - Mr J, Mrs C, Mr G & Mrs K Bailey & Condron
2. Kerrimere Indiscreet - Mr J Sharman
3. Swiftlark First Knight - Mrs S S Corless
Res. Jonola Moonshine - Ms A Ashley-turner

Debutant - Dog

Entries. 8 Absentees. 0

1. Covarney Lil' Rascal - Mr J, Mrs C, Mr G & Mrs K Bailey & Condron
2. Wyldfire Declan For Itchenwych - Mrs G J Horrocks
3. Aoibheannes Single Malt - Miss J Northend
Res. Shelindair Ginger Fizz At Purleyrose - Mrs S M Byard
VHC. Anacardium Farou - Mrs C Carter

Graduate - Dog

Entries. 10 Absentees. 2

1. Lanstara Spring Moon - Mr G & Mrs D Rowbottom
2. Romarne Taittinger JW - Mrs L Muir
3. Covarney Flapjack - Mr & Mrs, Mr & Miss Condron, Pullen & Atkin
Res. Sandstream Just A Breeze - Miss B Hoskins
VHC. Tagamagos Great Gadsby - Ms M Savage

Post Graduate - Dog

Entries. 10 Absentees. 3

1. Covarney Macaroon - Mr D G & Mrs H C Condron
2. Orlanset The Rocker JW - Mr D & Mrs K M Hemmings
3. Staratlanta Elliott - Miss S & Miss N A Tupper & Rosie
Res. Cataluna Some Like It Hot At Purleyrose - Mrs S M Byard
VHC. Aoibheanne's Rough Diamond With Shushana JW - Mr & Mrs H A M Cohen

Limit - Dog

Entries. 6 Absentees. 2

1. Caispern Polonius - Mrs G O'connor
2. Amblin's Sweet William - Mrs P Mitchell
3. Aoibheannes Quite The Rebel By Balbriggan JW - Mr J & Mrs S Cuddy
Res. Caispern Lorenzo With Shushana JW Shcm - Mr & Mrs H A M Cohen

Open - Dog

Entries. 2 Absentees. 0

1. Sh Ch Copper's War Of Roses - Mr B A & Miss A S Crocker & Siddle
2. Jsy Ch Tiroen Too Hot To Handle JW Shcm - Mrs R E & Mr N S Cox

Veteran - Dog

Entries. 5 Absentees. 1

1. Sh Ch Harvancourt Harlem At Jacingail - Mr K & Miss J Pullen & Atkin
2. Sh Ch Bardonhill Floating Moon Into Glenlaine JW Shcm - Mr A & Mrs E Gratton
3. Corriebran Diagem - Mr T R & Mrs G J Griffin
Res. Bardonhill Swift Eagle - Mrs S S Corless

Minor Puppy - Bitch

Entries. 6 Absentees. 1

1. Penwyn Rainbows End - Mr I & Mrs P A Pallister
2. Anlory Carmina - Mr N & Miss J Naylor & Morrison
3. Smokeywater Lady In Red - Mr S & Mrs P J Haill
Res. Lynwood Lovestory - Mr C G & Mrs C Durant
VHC. Shenanagin Sophisti Kate At Bluestack - Mr N & Mrs S A Paterson

Puppy - Bitch

Entries. 3 Absentees. 1

1. Romarne Lady Chatterley Of Caispern - Mrs G O'connor
2. Covarney Lil'minx - Mr G T & Mrs K E B Condron

Junior - Bitch

Entries. 10 Absentees. 3

1. Aoibheanne's Stay With Me - Mrs S Nevitt
2. Lochlorien True Detective Is Andley - Mr G & Mrs C Stevenson
3. Bardonhill Uptown Girl - Mr I Carter
Res. Tiroen Teardrops Explodes Danwish - Miss T Gardner
VHC. Swiftlark First Lady - Mrs S S Corless

Yearling - Bitch

Entries. 7 Absentees. 0

1. Aoibheanne's Say No More - Miss Es Ciechonska
2. Fernstart Birdsong - Miss R Box
3. Lochlorien True Detective Is Andley - Mr G & Mrs C Stevenson
Res. Irish Melody Kiss Her To Bits ((imp) Est - Mr G C, Mrs J J & Ms S Bayne & Randle
VHC. Balintyne Just You Just Me (r C & L French

Novice - Bitch

Entries. 6 Absentees. 3

1. Bardonhill Uptown Girl - Mr I Carter
2. Tiroen Teardrops Explodes Danwish - Miss T Gardner
3. Swiftlark First Edition - Mrs S S Corless

Debutant - Bitch

Entries. 9 Absentees. 3

1. Aoibheanne's Stay With Me - Mrs S Nevitt
2. Bardonhill Uptown Girl - Mr I Carter
3. Tiroen Teardrops Explodes Danwish - Miss T Gardner
Res. Corranroo Crystal Falls Between Rionore - Ms S J Randle
VHC. Swiftlark First Edition - Mrs S S Corless

Graduate - Bitch

Entries. 6 Absentees. 0

1. Araki Coz I'm Happy - Miss S Roffey
2. Anlory Corbieres JW - Mr N & Miss J Naylor & Morrison
3. Jonola Secret Love At Lochfrae - Mrs M B Davie
Res. Fernstart Golden Charm At Blackborough - Mr P J & Mrs H M Box
VHC. Anacardium Foehn - Mrs C Carter

Post Graduate - Bitch

Entries. 12 Absentees. 2

1. Danaway Love Song For Corriebran JW - Mr T R & Mrs G J Griffin
2. Kerryfair My Girl - Mrs J A Horsthuis
3. Bardonhill Afternoon D'lite At Fernstart - Miss R Box
Res. Summertime Blues For Covarney - Mr G T & Mrs K E B Condron
VHC. Suteresett Once Upon A Dream - Mrs T & Miss G Gisby

Mid Limit - Bitch

Entries. 9 Absentees. 2

1. Bardonhill Guilty Pleasure - Mrs M Bott
2. Lochlorien Scully Foxes Andley - Mr G & Mrs C Stevenson
3. Romarne One Night Only JW - Mrs L Muir
Res. Dreamerlis Regal Jodie From Deneil - Mrs J Walters
VHC. Northamber Runs Riot At Lotushill - Mrs C Borthwick

Limit - Bitch

Entries. 5 Absentees. 0

1. Thendara Jocasta JW - Miss T Gardner
2. Astley View Summer Fox - Mrs S A Mutch
3. Corranroo Rainbow Kisses - Mr G & Mrs J J Bayne
Res. Seowns Blossom - Mrs G Pine

Open - Bitch

Entries. 1 Absentees. 0

1. Riverman Royal Rosa At Vanders JW - Mrs J C Howatson

Veteran - Bitch

Entries. 2 Absentees. 0

1. Sh Ch Bardonhill Singing Skies Over Anlory JW - Mr N & Miss J Naylor & Morrison
2. Lochlorien Prime Suspect For Andley JW Shcm - Mr G & Mrs C Stevenson


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