Critique - Judges: Bitches: Mrs Frances Curtis (Wyldfire)

It was a great honour and privilege to judge this prestigious show on its Ruby anniversary. Many thanks to my stewards who worked under very hot temperatures.

All bitches were well presented and close decisions had to be made with minor considerations separating the winners.


1 Mugford’s Lynwood Isn’t She Lovely. Yes, very apt! Such a pretty head, good shoulder placement and rear angulation, confident with promise of an exciting future. Moved well. BMP in show. Congratulations.

2 Roberts Polmenor Merry Maidens. Very little separating this one from the winner who was a little more mature.

3 Roberts Polmenor Spinning Moons.

PB (9)

1 Nicolson’s Gwendariff Rainbow Goddess at Lochindorb. At 9 months old what a beautiful and confident young bitch. Sweet expression, lovely head and excellent structure throughout. Moved extremely well for any age let alone a young one. Will watch her future with interest. (BPIS). Congratulations!

2 Mugford’s Lynwood Isn’t She Lovely (BMP)

3 Robert’s Polmenor Merry Maidens

Junior Bitch

1 Russell’s Melmara Georgia. Such a self assured youngster. Pretty head and soft expression, good angulation throughout, moved purposefully with drive. Has a good future.

2 Hunter & Brown’s Braidmount Lady In Waiting – beautiful head and expression, well balanced throughout, shown in top condition. Pushed 1 hard.

Yearling Bitch

1 Hall’s Harreds Hettie. Very feminine and pretty, good should angulation and firm topline. Moved with verve in unison with handler powering from strong hindquarters.

2 Hall’s Glennara Never Can Tell. Another good moving bitch who responds well to handler. Well angulated and turned out to perfection.


1 Nicolsons Gwendariff Rainbow Godess at Lochindorb

2 Lynwood Isn’t She Lovely

3 Framptons Strathmead Mulberry


1 Box’ Fernstart Birdsong. Pretty youngster, very feminine. In lovely coat and condition.

2 Morriss-Begg. Susie Snapshot by Thendara. Very Promising youngster. Close up.

3 Hadfield’s Marzanne China in Your Hands.

Debutant Bitch

1 Hadfield’s Marzanne China In Your Hands. 3rd in Novice Needs a little more practice but pleasing bitch.


1 Stevenson’s Lochlorien True Detective is Andley. 3rd in Junior. Pleasing youngster with well defined head and good angulation. Moved out with ease to win over another pretty girl.

2 Meadows’ Gwendariff D’ya Likeme Best.


1 Fauvrelle’s Clonageera Walk In The Sun. What a beauty. Lovely expression, correct construction throughout and in superb condition. One I am sure will make the headlines. Handled to perfection.

2 Rutherford & Judge & Lippett. Little sister to 1. And same critique applies. Could have done with 2 red cards!

3 Berry & Morris’ Brinara Lowri JW. Another beauty. So Pretty. Good angulation throughout and shown to perfection. Moved beautifully to complete a classy trio.

Excellent class throughout.

Post Graduate

1 Lippett’s Clonageera Born to Run. Born to win too! Little sister to Grad: 1&2. Pretty girl, correct angulation throughout, in perfect coat, and moved out with drive.

2 Drivers Caskey’s Mystique at Stearnwood. Beautiful construction throughout. Compact Bitch, well angulated, neat feet. Moved so well.

3 Brady’s Amberlight Guinevere. Quality bitch. Super outline, good depth of chest and firm topline. Sweet expression. Lovely class.

Minor Limit

1 Stevenson’s Lochlorien Scully Foxes Andley. Beautiful mature lady in lovely coat. Pretty girl, well balanced throughout striding out enthusiastically to win this class.

2 Box’ Bardonhill Afternoon D’Lite at Fernstart. Close up, sweet expression. Good reach of neck and should angulation. Firm hindquarters. Moving with power.

3 Smiths’Reddins Garbo. Another good bitch typical of her breeding. Moved well in difficult weather conditions.

Mid Limit

1 Muir’s Romarne One Night Only. What a beauty. Pretty girl with sweet expression. Lovely outline and good body properties throughout. Enthusiastic on the move such a beauty. Today – my CC winner & RBIS. Well done.

2 Botts’ Bardonhill Guilty Pleasure. Close up. Well presented lovely bitch with all the other attributes one expects from this kennel. Wish I had 2 first prizes.

3 Walters’ Dreamerlis Regal Jodie from Deneil. This bitch did not cope well with the hot weather but nevertheless showed a good structure and sweet face. A lovely exhibit.


1 Bouttell’s Ixia Ever Hopeful. Well proportioned, beautiful coat, presented to perfection as usual. Coped well with the heat, moved out smartly with verve and style and firm topline and strong hindquarters. A bitch to be proud of.

2 Meadows’ Gwendariff Whipsa Daisy. Moved very well at the end of this long, hot day. Pretty girl, beautifully constructed which showed in her movement.

3 Gardener’s Thendara Jocasta JW. Another lovely bitch in top form to complete a beautiful trio.


1 Hunter & Brown’s ShCh/IntSh Sc Fairhaven Louise Mountbatten at Braidmont. What a beauty! Really striking bitch who commands attention, beautiful head and expression, so feminine with sweet expression. RCC.

2 Lippett’s ShCh Neathamill Isabella at Clonageera. Elegant, very feminine beauty. Makes an impact at first sight. Quality from head to toe. Stylish mover.

3 Rodda’s Ireleith Conchitta avec Teramour. In her best bib and tucker. Good angulation, well built bitch. Did well in this strong class.


A good class of golden oldies, two of who asked only to be handled and run but not to compete. A lap of honour.

1 Lochlorien Prime Suspect for Andley JW Sh CM (Mr & Mrs G Stevenson) In great form at 9 years old. Pretty girl in beautiful condition, enjoying herself and showing off a lovely profile, and sound, strong movement. Showing off a lovely profile, and sound, strong movement.

2 Brady’s Reddins Frolic Among Amberlight. Another good mover at 7 years old, a tribute to her breeders. Lovely construction throughout. Obviously enjoyed showing herself off!

3 Gardiners Reddins Esther of Blaysdell. Yet another lovely lady of 9 years old moving in excellent style with power. Well done to all the Veterans and their owners for keeping them so fit.

Francis Curtis



South of England Irish Setter Club
18 July 2016

Ruby Anniversary Championship Show
Judges: Dogs: Mr David Pike (Redclyst/Glenury) Bitches: Mrs Frances Curtis (Wyldfire)
Entry: 162 Dogs
seisc bis2
Congratulations to Tricia and Mike Hogarth with Louis
who was awarded the Dog Challenge Certificate, Best Veteran and Best in Show.
Sh.Ch. Avacet Snowdrift (left)
Winning the Res.Dog CC and Reserve Best in Show
Congratulations to Rory owned by
Gordon and Debra Rowbottom
Lanstara Spring Moon (centre)
Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Show was awarded
to Bob and Mairi Nicolson with Freya
Gwendariff Rainbow Goddess at  Lochindorb (Right)
Photo kindly supplied by Mike Hogarth
seisc dogcc2
Dog CC & Best in show:
Sh.Ch. Avacet Snowdrift (left)
 Res.Dog CC and Reserve Best in Show
Lanstara Spring Moon (centre)
Best Puppy Dog:
Special Reserve With Heathclare (right)
With Judge: David Pike            Photo kindly supplied by David Pike

seisc bitchcc

The Bitch Challenge Certificate was awarded to
Lyn Muir with Peggy
Romarne One Night Only JW (Left)
Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Show was awarded
to Bob and Mairi Nicolson with Freya
Gwendariff Rainbow Goddess at  Lochindorb (Right)
The Res.Bitch CC was awarded to Mona Hunter and Will Brown with Royale
Sh./Ch./Int.Ch. Fairhaven Louise Mountbatten at Braidmount (Centre)
With Judge: Frances Curtis                  Photo: Ian Newsham
Best Puppy Dog was awarded to
Claire Prangle and Margaret Cuff with Charley
Special Reserve With Heathclare
Photo kindly supplied by Jackie Willis

Congratulations to All the Winners
Catalogue pages HERE
kindly supplied by Viv Blackshaw




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